The Best Grilled Ham and Cheese Ever | SAM THE COOKING GUY

Published on Jan 14, 2017
Pretty sure the title says it all - clearly it needs no more description than this.


  • The chef looks kinda like Jeff from the overwatch team

  • That looks so fucking good 🤣 am so fuck up am mad that I can’t have it 🤣

  • what an ahole.

  • Try to use the mayo where you put the butter on the bread one time then grill it. You can thank me later.

  • 885 pieces of shit here

  • You sir have a likable personality

  • His boyfriend does all the filming

  • Dude, I want that kitchen!! I like this dudes style! Super casual!!

  • That doesn't look like Black Forest ham. Black Forest ham is red and has a white stripe of fat on one side.

    • >>Rexfellis I don't know from which black forest that is supposed to come from, but certainly not from the Schwarzwald, because Schwarzwälder Schinken looks like this:

    • No, Black Forest ham has the distinctive dark bark on the skin, which this obviously had. I think the "Loomis" are getting to ya.

  • Great sandwish you the best

  • If you don’t like it you’re a piece of shit ! Jajajaja love it! I will use this all the time

  • Good job.

  • Damn I just made it and it was so good, way better than I thought. Really moist and crispy. Thanks

  • seiko skx?

  • I finger banged my girl while u cut that grilled cheese ham sandwich ...mmmm 👍

  • naaais ty sirrr. i fuckin loooove that black forrest ham. had it when i was in texas. awesome stuff. made some breadrolls filled with ham for the plainride back. i cant ever find in the netherlanfs

  • I imagine this is one guy that wakes up to a bag of blow in the morning and makes cooking videos

  • What make\model stove do you have?

  • Dude you should realy check your holesterol level...that butter is pure poison...

  • Just made it!!! It was so INSANELY DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for sharing

  • What watch is he wearing? @2:12

  • Lmao they put an AD in the video

  • just made this shit and it hit!!

  • Love watchimg these food making vids because it lets me forget that i cant afford cheese in my grilled cheese for a second. One day though.

  • He's like the chef tony stark lol

  • back up, don't move, back up, back up,

  • man am i the only one that gets a Kevin Spacey vibe from his voice?!

  • Just cause ya got a million dollar kitchen don't mean ya can cook good pal!

  • Black forest gang

  • This guy is a hardass

  • Gay bitch

  • I’ll have a diet cola with mine!

  • Ooohh, shit ass. lol

  • What a fucking arrogant idiotic American right there..

  • Did he say what type of bread he used?

  • i am not sure why this video looks so pornographic

  • Meh. Million dollar kitchen. Bush league sandwich.

  • So where do I get bread like that? They don't sell that in the supermarket where I live.

  • Hmmm... i can't eat bacon what do i do?

  • "If you don't like this you are a piece of shit"XD I think sam is vulgar at times but to be honest this moment got me, so hilarious

  • 8:15 that is literally what the phrase 'you eat with your eyes' means...

  • I would have liked the video but I'd never get full with that bite sized "sandwich" how about next time you cut that loaf of bread into 2 and make a real sandwich. Then you got yourself a like.

  • I realize you're a fairly new channel...or just not that popular yet, but nobody wants to want a fucking advertisement embedded in their entertainment. There's a reason Netflix is the most popular video service. Do you really think a localized ad is going to appeal to the variety of potential subscribers. Way to stunt your own growth, but then appears as though you aren't really hurting monetarily.

  • Someone has a nice buzz going on

  • we go here...we go here...and we go here. You're going alot of places aint ya Sam?

  • The fuck this dude do for a living that he's so loaded and cooks in such a mediocre manner?

  • Stop talking. Your sandwich ain’t all that.

  • No mayo on a grilled cheese, Sam

  • DId people not know this lmao. The swiss is nice. -

  • What's missing are slices of salted tomatoes and grilled paprika.

  • Needs a good punch in the face.

  • Don’t screw it up with mustard. Yuk

  • Say what you like about Kevin Spacey, but boy he can cook a fine grilled cheese.

  • I admit this is the first of Sam's videos Ive watched and it was thoroughly entertaining. The sandwich looks amazing and is easy enough for a child to make. Just had to get the ingredients and technique. Thanks so much, love the work.

  • Freaking awesome but couldnt find the lacy swiss so we used regular........The onions really had as well and the horseradish mustard

  • I like your extras in little info like showing the flame under the onions and turning it up all the way so we could see how low you really had it and then set it and show where you had it for cooking. All of that is all good explanation of processes.

  • Great video

  • 808 piece of shits watched this.

  • I shouldn't have watched this at work. Now I'm hungry!!! Great video!

  • He sounds like a faggot... did you put your dick in the camera boy?

  • can I ask you what appliances you are using? Thought they might be Dacor, but not sure. By the way we've tried several recipies you've shared and they are amazing. Can't wait to try more.....thanks

  • 799 people are pieces of shit

  • you throw everything on the table as if you had contempt you had more respect for food. by the way the sandwich is grate

  • America easily has the worst cheese in the developed world , please sort it out

  • Nice kitchen house appliances. Good ingredients. Kind of a tool, the son seems like his bitch.

  • Holy shit that kitchen is bigger than my house

  • 8:32 I creamed my khakis

  • You are right on brother

  • Man I love your videos.

  • I've seen enough to subscribe, good quality work. Sam is so personable and love the tshirt.

  • That would go so well with a beer

  • Too much butter, not enough cheese, and that store bought Dijon mustard is crap, too much of that good onion, that "Lacey swiss cheese" is as fake as he is.

  • Awesome sandwich!!!! Great job!

  • -Good? Me- um hm

  • As a chef it's natural to throw things around and licking your fingers while prepping the food . nothing shocking to me

  • Scrumdelicious!

  • Made cheese'toasties' as a child....pimped them as a teenager and all but forgot about them.............because i can cook real food!

  • *Cuts 4 slices of bread* "Beautiful"

  • 3:26 MOISTURE is the most important part of a 100% toasted sandwich. So mayonnaise is important folks! Intelligent food science displayed by jew Sam.

  • your like the american nigel slater

  • que trucho, parece que presumiera sus ingredientes

  • Nice work but so long -_- some boring

  • asshole.

  • Looks great but the idea of hot mayo is not for me I’m kinda skittish about mayo as it is but hot I’m sorry man . But it looks awesome hold the mayo

  • Making it tonight. Looks bomb

  • Looks like dinner tonight. Looking for the sausage & alfredo sauce with pasts you once made on TV.

  • Red onions ?🤔 but y

  • i pay for youtube red so that I don't have to watch ads. Dislike.

  • That's me of to the shop to buy the ingredients

  • Maaaan, I have tried it and it was delicious!!! Even my GF who does not like caramelised onion, loved it ! Deffinitely 10/10 points. Well done.

  • Had this for dinner with some home made soup. Best damn grilled cheese that I've ever had! My wife loved it. Thanks!

  • Lost me at horse radish.

  • sorry but that aint a grilled cheese. it's a fukin disgrace


  • I swear all of your live cast vids look like they are directly following a sweet 420 session.

  • You could put caramelized onions on a baboons asshole and it would taste like heaven.

  • Wowww that looks so good

  • Am i the only human on this planet that doesnt like my sandwiches/burgers smothered in fucking mayo or tom ketchup or fucking bbq..... Il never understood it, buy a burger from mc Donald's and all u get is a slice of meat...... Drowning in fucking bbq sauce. Its fuckking horid

  • You guys are fucking stoned

  • Really nice sandwich