The Best Grilled Ham and Cheese Ever | SAM THE COOKING GUY

Published on Jan 14, 2017
Pretty sure the title says it all - clearly it needs no more description than this.


  • Looks great but the idea of hot mayo is not for me I’m kinda skittish about mayo as it is but hot I’m sorry man . But it looks awesome hold the mayo

  • Making it tonight. Looks bomb

  • Looks like dinner tonight. Looking for the sausage & alfredo sauce with pasts you once made on TV.

  • Red onions ?🤔 but y

  • i pay for youtube red so that I don't have to watch ads. Dislike.

  • That's me of to the shop to buy the ingredients

  • Maaaan, I have tried it and it was delicious!!! Even my GF who does not like caramelised onion, loved it ! Deffinitely 10/10 points. Well done.

  • Had this for dinner with some home made soup. Best damn grilled cheese that I've ever had! My wife loved it. Thanks!

  • Lost me at horse radish.

  • sorry but that aint a grilled cheese. it's a fukin disgrace


  • I swear all of your live cast vids look like they are directly following a sweet 420 session.

  • You could put caramelized onions on a baboons asshole and it would taste like heaven.

  • Wowww that looks so good

  • Am i the only human on this planet that doesnt like my sandwiches/burgers smothered in fucking mayo or tom ketchup or fucking bbq..... Il never understood it, buy a burger from mc Donald's and all u get is a slice of meat...... Drowning in fucking bbq sauce. Its fuckking horid

  • You guys are fucking stoned

  • Really nice sandwich

  • I just made one these, though I used wheat bread instead, and WOW!!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! The caramelized onions really made the difference (not only that, they made my apt. smell incredible for hours!).

  • Kind of a douche but yea good samich son.

  • That is definetly not black forest ham and I am from the black forest myself looks very good though

  • Good for you man

  • I hate those mustard squeeze bottles. There's usually 1 or 2 sandwiches worth of mustard left inside that you have to scrape out with a knife.

  • its ok to go grey.....

  • He licked his finger then kept making the sandwiches....

  • I like the T-Shirt ..lmaoo

  • What kinda doodoo does it make

  • My tongue has a large erection!!

  • I love your cabinets

  • The way these guys talk about this sandwich reminds me of the South Park episode where randy gets off to the food channel. “ Oh shit yes!” At 7:24 LOOOOOL

  • Phenomenal sandwich thing! Thank you! Damn, what a great looking kitchen!

  • no wonder he's fat

  • Is the Black Forest Ham from Germany?

  • *Never ever watch that kind of videos on empty stomach...*

  • Why was there a ad

  • Yo I swear to God I've seen this on a cartoon before

  • @26 why don't you 'back up'?? RUDE

  • whats up SAM! remeber me from new life?

  • Suscribed!!! 😜

  • pretty sure that is turkey

  • when i finished making this grilled cheese, i was like, i'm just going to take a lil bite, and put it down, but when i took that bite...i fell into heaven and ended up eating the whole thing in 1 minute.

    • you guys should check out his philly cheesesteake video.

  • Love this !!!

  • Grilled ham and cheese 2.0 😋

  • Was that an "Ohhhh shit ass" at @7:23 ??

    • Ha! Thanks for the reply...I thought it was pretty funny no matter what you actually said! I make grilled ham and cheese quite often, so I'm definitely going to try the caramelized onions.

    • Ha Chris I just listened back...apparently I said "Oh Shit S", which also doesn't make sense (but is thankfully nominally better than what you thought it was). Sometimes I say S or F to minimize the bad language (my wife says I swear too much), but in that moment I was clearly overwhelmed by the epic-ness of the grilled cheese and I stand by the statement. Oh shit S - this is crazy good and you need to make it ;)

  • I liked his name so I subbed

  • Tomorrow's lunch!! Thanks again!!

  • Sam the cooking guy more like Sam the fucking mentally challenged what kind of fucking flavor does mayo have you dipshit it's also a melt learn ur shit

  • Wow!!! What the fuck dude. This is some crazy ass shit. Love love love. Thank you.

  • I wish you were my dad

  • Those look so good

  • Stainless steel tongs scraping non-stick pans. Isn't that wrong?

  • This isn’t a grilled cheese

  • Why mayo jeez

  • "Country kinda white"

  • I think this guy is afraid of a butter knife

  • why is there no mention that this video contains advertisement?

  • Its halal. So does it mean all non halal eaters are piece of shit?

  • Need to make some

  • Is it wrong to want and batter and deep fry it?

  • "if you don't like this you're a piece of shit" hahahaha you make me laugh Sam you nut

  • nicely done. hellmann's dijonnaise would be nice on this.

  • I would of grilled the ham

  • Looks like a seiko diver on a nato 👊🏼

    • Jason Naylor lol

    • Hahahahaha!! Dude I looked on the comments just to see if anyone else noticed the watch and what it might be.

    • FabyFX your first automatic movement diver needs to be a seiko skx007. Trust me

    • MikefromQueens Nice. I have a Timex SR 920 SW and buying my first automatic soon. Either a seiko or a orient.

    • FabyFX I’m a seiko diver fan I have a few ☺️

  • 15 , 20 min for a caramelized onions? retire from coocking

  • if bread comes in a plastic bag is shitty bread

  • Amazing idea with the grilled red onions! I am trying that this weekend without fail! If I may offer a tip....When they come off the grill, put them on the board with the colder side down. Let it rest 2-4 minutes so both sides of the bread stay crispy. Putting the hot side of the bread on the cutting board creates steam, softening all the hard work!

  • Onions and mayo are no goes for me.

  • which knife is that??

  • dont need butter and olive oil. one fat is enough. otherwise looks goood

  • Reminds me of Robert Downey jr

  • POS

  • Great

  • 2:45-2:48 Me after chipotle

  • Focus you fuck!

  • Fuck this is erotic

  • did he just used his table cloth to wipe his mouth....

  • Is this gueer eye, for the fag guy ! Those onions fucked it up ! Go SUCK A DICK ! YOU FAGGETS ! How about a little sperm on the ham ! Can you dig it, I can't ! A grilled cheese with ham ! Never could of thought about it myself ! What about putting peanut butter on a jelly sandwich !

  • Now this is my version of snacking

  • fuck this guy im arabic so i dont eat pork watch what you say fucker 66k reach 100k bitch

  • What brand/model is that stove?? I freakin' loved it!!!

  • This man high as shit

  • The show rocks! Love it

  • That backsplash is ugly

  • This is fucking great. I love cheese and ham and bread and onions and mustard and mayo and butter!! Imagine having them ALL in one dish!! Fuck!! I'm sorta running around with a brain-freeze on at the moment cos I can't handle the excitement!!

  • That black forest ham (seeälder_Schinken) isn't even smoked properly (and 3 slices of the real thing would dominate any other taste). As a Dutchy I could make a "tosti" which tasties better and is simpler like that and also has an oven alternative which is also easier and better. After all that negativety I can still say it was interesting to see this take on a (for me) "classic".

  • Cholesterol. But that tastes really good.

  • I am not a piece of shit just because i am lactose intolerant ass hole

  • Can you make boiled eggs next???

  • Just subscribed!! Because of the opening comment!! Love it. Keep it up

  • What a pickle kisser

  • Replace the sweet onions with bacon and its even better

  • Do we really need to see the camera man. No other cooking shows do it. Maybe you just want to show us all how you make him your bitch. Haha

  • Is that Vegan?

  • thumbs up,hint cut lengthwise on a diagnail for more fun

  • You must try this with dog shit a la mode

  • " you see with your eyes first" - Sam the cooking guy 2017

  • Man...I've heard that japanese mayo is so good it cures cancer!

  • LAZY ASS WHITE HILLBILLY try and make your own shit bitch...Like all USA Cunts everything comes out of a packet. you say happy.....

  • a little too much grease/fat for me .....a bit lighter is better maybe no mayo....cause the butter and cheese is enough fat

  • Nice one, tomorrows breakfast or tonights dinner if i cant wait.

  • I was getting into it, then BAM, lame ass ad. Change that shit, bro.