The Best Grilled Ham and Cheese Ever | SAM THE COOKING GUY

Published on Jan 14, 2017
Pretty sure the title says it all - clearly it needs no more description than this.


  • Flips it over “oh shit ass” 😂😂

  • the moment the camera guy speaks it sounds like gay porn

  • this mafucka from canada?

  • then when it's done, what would happen if you fried the whole thing in frank's red hot and an egg to make something like a monte cristo

  • I feel like I can actually learn something from this guy for some reason, unlike many of the others

  • Cameraman is busting a nut.

  • Would you call this a panini sandwich since it was pressed both sides? Im wonderin cause im new to cooking game

  • oh shit ass

  • What kind of cooking range is that?

  • dumb fuck

  • fucking awesome !!

  • Poezja smaku.😎

  • This guy is so trash

  • Nearly a Cuban sandwich, not even a grill cheese.

  • As a german i can assure you that this is not blackforest ham. Blackforest ham is never cooked

  • Bruh you need to chill with the mayo

  • Wow, broski! We look a smidge overserved here and nothing better.

  • 2:17. Nice

  • Why aren't you built like Santa Clause? I must say I like the way you take all your food to the next level. Do you ever do any sous vide?

  • He reminds me of Kevin Spacey

  • Everyone is talking so much shit lol

  • Good video, but come on get a full bottle of mustard.

  • Somebody didn’t put ground Dijon on their grocery list!

  • There is nothing special about this at all.

  • Where do I find Japanese mayo?!?! 😭😭😭

  • we gone just pretend that commercial didn't happen ? Lol

  • 2:43 Every americans worst night mare... MOAR CONDIMENTS

  • Try buttering the outside of the bread with garlic butter with chopped chives mixed in before grilling next time ;) Its a pain in the arse to do, but so worth it. You'll not regret it!

  • im a sandwich guy and im gonna cook all these different sandwiches he posted.

  • I think you are wrong on one point. the bread is as much of a "co-star performer " as the other ingredients. if it is a "bland performance" the rest of the act suffers. Pick the bread performer carefully.

  • Just made one just like this and I'm in love....btw awesome kitchen!!

  • I hate mayo so I guess I'm a piece of shit

  • Nothing like a country kinda white. Trump 2020

  • *Ham melt*

  • It sounds like Sam Fisher is making a grilled cheese...

  • I'm from Germany, and I'm confused because I never saw a black forest ham that looks like thin turkey slices :D A real black forest ham is a smoked and dryed piece of of pork and have a way darker colour!

  • I can tell he has a maid. Just tossing shit everywhere lol

  • i feel like you talk to your camera man like shit a lot man. its off setting to the glorious food that is cooked. dont be a douche.

  • Funny video 😁

  • I am new to this channel, LOVE IT!!!! I pay for no commercials to US-tv , one more commercial and I’m FUCKI&@ out!

  • That's how I like my women, a nice country kinda white! LoL

  • Did he really just spread butter with a spoon? He’s took spoons to a while different era!

  • I watched and like his recipes but what a douche.


  • You became my hero with this simple dish

  • Look at the way that knife split the sangwich!! Man-o-man!! Awesome! Glad i found this channel!

  • The chef looks kinda like Jeff from the overwatch team

  • That looks so fucking good 🤣 am so fuck up am mad that I can’t have it 🤣

  • what an ahole.

  • Try to use the mayo where you put the butter on the bread one time then grill it. You can thank me later.

  • 885 pieces of shit here

  • You sir have a likable personality

  • Dude, I want that kitchen!! I like this dudes style! Super casual!!

  • That doesn't look like Black Forest ham. Black Forest ham is red and has a white stripe of fat on one side.

    • >>Rexfellis I don't know from which black forest that is supposed to come from, but certainly not from the Schwarzwald, because Schwarzwälder Schinken looks like this:

    • No, Black Forest ham has the distinctive dark bark on the skin, which this obviously had. I think the "Loomis" are getting to ya.

  • Great sandwish you the best

  • If you don’t like it you’re a piece of shit ! Jajajaja love it! I will use this all the time

  • Good job.

  • Damn I just made it and it was so good, way better than I thought. Really moist and crispy. Thanks

  • seiko skx?

  • I finger banged my girl while u cut that grilled cheese ham sandwich ...mmmm 👍

  • naaais ty sirrr. i fuckin loooove that black forrest ham. had it when i was in texas. awesome stuff. made some breadrolls filled with ham for the plainride back. i cant ever find in the netherlanfs

  • I imagine this is one guy that wakes up to a bag of blow in the morning and makes cooking videos

  • What make\model stove do you have?

  • Dude you should realy check your holesterol level...that butter is pure poison...

  • Just made it!!! It was so INSANELY DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for sharing

  • What watch is he wearing? @2:12

  • Lmao they put an AD in the video

  • just made this shit and it hit!!

  • Love watchimg these food making vids because it lets me forget that i cant afford cheese in my grilled cheese for a second. One day though.

  • He's like the chef tony stark lol

  • back up, don't move, back up, back up,

  • man am i the only one that gets a Kevin Spacey vibe from his voice?!

  • Just cause ya got a million dollar kitchen don't mean ya can cook good pal!

  • Black forest gang

  • This guy is a hardass

  • Gay bitch

  • I’ll have a diet cola with mine!

  • Ooohh, shit ass. lol

  • What a fucking arrogant idiotic American right there..

  • Did he say what type of bread he used?

  • i am not sure why this video looks so pornographic

  • Meh. Million dollar kitchen. Bush league sandwich.

  • So where do I get bread like that? They don't sell that in the supermarket where I live.

  • Hmmm... i can't eat bacon what do i do?

  • "If you don't like this you are a piece of shit"XD I think sam is vulgar at times but to be honest this moment got me, so hilarious

  • 8:15 that is literally what the phrase 'you eat with your eyes' means...

  • I would have liked the video but I'd never get full with that bite sized "sandwich" how about next time you cut that loaf of bread into 2 and make a real sandwich. Then you got yourself a like.

  • I realize you're a fairly new channel...or just not that popular yet, but nobody wants to want a fucking advertisement embedded in their entertainment. There's a reason Netflix is the most popular video service. Do you really think a localized ad is going to appeal to the variety of potential subscribers. Way to stunt your own growth, but then appears as though you aren't really hurting monetarily.

  • Someone has a nice buzz going on

  • we go here...we go here...and we go here. You're going alot of places aint ya Sam?

  • The fuck this dude do for a living that he's so loaded and cooks in such a mediocre manner?

  • Stop talking. Your sandwich ain’t all that.

  • No mayo on a grilled cheese, Sam

  • DId people not know this lmao. The swiss is nice. -

  • Needs a good punch in the face.

  • Don’t screw it up with mustard. Yuk

  • Say what you like about Kevin Spacey, but boy he can cook a fine grilled cheese.

  • I admit this is the first of Sam's videos Ive watched and it was thoroughly entertaining. The sandwich looks amazing and is easy enough for a child to make. Just had to get the ingredients and technique. Thanks so much, love the work.

  • Freaking awesome but couldnt find the lacy swiss so we used regular........The onions really had as well and the horseradish mustard

  • I like your extras in little info like showing the flame under the onions and turning it up all the way so we could see how low you really had it and then set it and show where you had it for cooking. All of that is all good explanation of processes.