The Best Grilled Ham and Cheese Ever | SAM THE COOKING GUY

Published on Jan 14, 2017
The best grilled ham and cheese sandwich ever - one of my absolute favorite recipes for a quick bite!
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  • I get it, you’re at home, you lick your fingers, maybe no one cares. But it’s gross if it’s on camera and we know. Just saying.

  • Japanese mayo has MSG. Not for me.

  • What the fuck was that commercial

  • whenever I make a grilled cheese, I spread melted butter on the bread so it cooks nicely and has a good moisture level.

  • ...”because look how cool it is!”

  • Lol some of you need to get the stick out of your ass in these comments 😂 “it’s a melt”, “stop throwing things around” blah! This mans reaction to a crispy golden piece of bread was “shit ass”. He love food more than you THINK you do😂

  • He looks like Danny from full house/ fuller house.

  • Nothing worse than a melt with bites of nothing but bread. Let it all hang out to get those bits of seared cheese and ham🤤

  • 2:47 lmao

  • True sandwich

  • I do something similar to this next time cook up that ham

  • Good show. Production value would be better without the unnecessary shots and comments of the cameraman.

  • I feel like he's not a very good cook

  • Too much fat... It looks amazing and all, but an everyday thing for your breakfast? No. I'm looking for a good high protein snack to become my new breakfast.

  • My god that's a great kitchen setup.

  • Avacado slices for a garnish n plated

  • Awesome!

  • You bunch of bites ain’t gonna add block me!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I fux with you Sam you be cooling my nigga do some more drinking big dawg

  • This guy is not good!! Jesus why is he so popular it’s a shame

  • Great video! I notice you don’t refrigerate your butter, what kind do you use?

  • Everything you make looks delicious!

  • garlic herb butter is great for grilled cheese

  • Just made it and it was 🔥🔥🔥

  • too cool

  • What a dick.

  • faaaawk that looks soooo good

  • You actually made an item that I could eat and like! No adding peppers to hide all flavors except the flavor of pain, and also no weird crap like Japanese pig snot or something. Nice and basic Sam - well done! As you can tell, I'm not a very adventurous eater :)

  • have not got time in the morning to do all that shit

  • i did use some fig jam to ....but it was late night after a party ...but the guest i had over still talks about that sandwich and it was some of the best they ever eaten Sam knows how to build flavors


  • U suppose to cut bread upside down

  • Tom Kenny does cookig shows now

  • Please have the camera guy be quiet...sounds like a low budget porn flick

  • I think this asshole just want to show off hes kitchen cause he sucks at this.

  • favorite food channel

  • So you are a piece of shit if you are lactose intolerant or muslim?

  • Try the Beaver brand deli mustard. Its the bee’s knees.

  • Holy mother of God! I'm going to make this sandwich or die trying.

  • Sam you're one funny dude. Forget these delicate princesses that cant put up with a few curse words and a good time!

  • Pure torture! I can’t eat your fantastic creations (anymore). Now I’m eating them with my eyes.

  • What’s with all the hate in the comments?

  • Mayo instead of butter to grill.

  • Done on a flat top and called grilled.

  • Sam seems like the kind of guy that has tried to suck his own dick and loves the smell of his own farts

  • Where can i get a griddle like yours?

  • nice shirt

  • The camera man is probably his bitch!! Agrees to everything!

  • Damn Sam. The flattop and weight remind me of working at Frischs' Big Boy way back when. ROCK ON!

  • You dont cut a sandwich in half! Ever. Always diagonally

  • My lovely Wife is from the states, but we live in Germany, I love the way americans make a sandwhich! buuut: what i really don´t like, is when americans "give" there food european names; to bring it on the point: - THIS is no black forrest ham => Real black Forrest Ham is not cooked (Prosciutto is), its a raw ham on a bone - THIS is no swiss Cheese => real Swiss has big holes in it and is a very "strong" cheese (toooo strong for the most people) ... by the way the best cheese for a sandwhich is original dutch middleaged gouda cheese, it has the perfect melt and the most perfect taste! And to be honest, THIS is not a good bread, i never had a really good bread in the states! In europe we use original French long bread or a ciabatta from italy for a good sandwhiches... Dont be mad with my opinion, i like your channel Greets from Germany

  • Did you really put an ad inside of your video expecting to get ad revenue 😂

  • I’m definitely going to try making that

  • Forgot all about lacey swiss. Was one of my favs growing up, all about that Cooper sharp these days. You should try it if you can find

  • I do love grilled cheese thank you

  • what the helll was with the inbuilt ad

  • What butter do you use


  • the camera man orgasm is like the other guy spank her a$$hole 7:21

  • Lol at all the jealous poor white trash criticizing his every move, damn why are you even here????

  • You da man Sam! I’m gonna have to try this one for sure

  • crunch is the best texture ever.

  • This guy doesn't have enough sauce hahaha

  • So you made a ham sandwich

  • An egg would have made this even more epic!!

  • He seemingly broke my AdBlock

  • smug dude lol do you suck your own balls ? ahahahahah

  • good bread in America? That's a myth ^^

  • First time viewer - subscribed :D

  • -And with that , what's the only one missing ? -Nothing. -MORE CHEESE. -Ohh......

  • There’s nothing worse than warm mayo...

  • You get the same cooking effectiveness from a breville panini press, the plates aren't grooved they're flat, and it cooks both sides at once!

  • Is he drunk? Not that it would be a problem just asking. Seems like he might be intoxicated.

  • It’s Rated R guys. 😂🙉

  • Oh and where in the hell did you buy that delicious cheese? Reminds me of the one from Tom and Jerry!!!

  • I’m always afraid to watch any of his videos. They make me insanely hungry and I laugh at all the cussing. He’s such an ass!!! 😂

  • This dudes probably the best dad

  • Que magnifique!

  • Ok Im making that for my Husband!!

  • why can't he say Superbowl on TV? 🤔

  • This dude always ran out of sauce 😂

  • How many IPA's have you had?

  • Looks pretty darn tasty. Would it be a sin to eat it with a little katsup?????

  • guess im a piece of shit then cause onions are gross and swiss cheese is like the most bland tasting out of all them hell id rather put american cheese it would have more flavor

  • Turkey neck 🦃

  • I hate when cooks like their fingers. Gross. You ste basically eating their saliva if you eat their food.

  • #yum #yumm #yummy #yummyyummy #moemountainhotsauce @moemountainheat

  • Back up, back up. Don’t move.

  • Amazing, I would love to grub a meal with you. Thanks

  • Was just going to criticize him for not having enough cheese, and then my man puts on more cheese. Not his first rodeo.

  • I'm eating a ham sandwich and cheese balls and watching this lol at 10pm

  • 975 people are a piece of shit

  • I hate watching your videos because everything has red onions it seems but love them at the same time..keep it up

  • u can hear the crunch in his mouth as hes chewing. daaaaaayummmn!!

  • Wow! I love it! I’m a dying drunk with a swollen liver, and I caught my passion so late! The texture, the tastes, the glorious beauty of a perfectly grilled piece of bread!! The grilled onions!! Wow! The temp control! Thank you sir!

  • Dude ! with the camera FOCUS!

  • this guy talks like frank underwood

  • Your a GIANT LONG HARD TURD PIECE OF SHIT & guesss what I didnt even bother watching your Shitty vid LoL P.O.S.

  • This guy’s mood is permanently in facepalm mode.

  • You mean best grilled cheese ham onion mayo horse radish sandwich