The Auction Corvette Attempts a 9 SECOND PASS! (First Pass w/Powerglide)

Published on Feb 5, 2019
Ruby goes for a 9 second pass!!!
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  • All I’m sayin is we’re attempting an 8 at Cleetus and Cars Houston on feb 16th! Be there!!

    • Dude you guys are so freaking badass!

    • E Moo - Call Texas Speed and Performance if you are serious about purchasing speed parts for an LS or LT series late model GM small block from 4.8L to 7.0L. Keep in mind the cam in Garrett's C6 (Auction Corvette) is likely designed to work best in turbocharged applications and may not be optimum for your setup so be sure to tell them your engine's specifications and what you plan to do with your car. They will give you knowledgeable advice and provide top quality parts and services.

    • Damn nice i had a c5 the one in my pfp and i loved that car done a heads cam and intake and a 3200 stall with 150xxx miles and it ran great run a 13.00 when it was a stock ls1 love the builds you guys do though awesome builds

    • Steven Pocius - Any true, high quality oil will not froth. You'd be surprised at how many name brand oils do though. A windage tray helps to keep the oil where it belongs by deflecting the turbulence created by the crankshaft. The baffles in an oil pan help to retain oil around the oil pump pickup IF they are properly located for specific racing applications. ie: conventional drag racing pans have a rear pickup w/ a deep sump and conventional circle track racing pans have a right side pickup because of the g forces or partial g forces experienced while running on each's respective courses under hard acceleration and/or turning at high speeds. The conventional road race pans often have utilized a rearmost swivel pickup that works for both left and right turns.

    • SleeperC-10 - Low 7s with a Glide. High 6s a likely scenario if it had a body to vastly improve aerodynamics. Check out the wind tunnel video w/ Leroy if you haven't already. The test engineer explains in detail how much horsepower is lost due to aerodynamic drag and Leroy's aero is worse than horrible.

  • I love james, he's so awesome lol

  • "I thought it was gonna pull the wheels" LOL It's that fucking iron block weighing it down. That car is nasty though, congrats

  • Powerglides with those 2 gears really gets that wheel speed up quick during those burnouts. Instant bake!!!

  • Race Demonology and itsjusta6 with neighbor and then race SRTMUSH with Ruby they would be close races

  • That's my buddy's white GT-R from The Shop Houston.

  • You may b right but they r fracture rods and the stock rod bolts r torque to yield, I will agree if they used aftermarket bolts like arp. I guess if they do a tear down and show bearings and crankshaft then we will know whether out of round or honing material destroying crankshaft, camshaft, bearings.

  • Does that thing have a cage in it?? If not you need one now!!!

  • Who's Kyle and why was he here @ 6:33 lol

  • was the stock shifter still sitting in the floorboard? LOL

  • "kyle was here" lmao

  • I just have to say - I recently found this channel and I love watching your videos. I LOVE how excited you get about the cars, the parts, the 9.3's, the 145's. Everything. Because I'm basically just as excited sitting at home watching it. :) Awesome.

  • Don't ever sell that car!!!!

  • 😂 I never see anyone run through as much gm motors as you do, but I enjoy watching you do it.

  • Second run a full second slower but only 1.5 mph off. He would have been a solid 9.1 if he wouldn't have short shifted the first run.

  • When did Ruby get so much traction??

  • "kyle was here"

  • Thats a bad ass mother fucker i am finishing up a 81 vette blown with a super chiller and a small nos shot dont think it will run 9.31 but i dont wanna risk blowing it up as i dont have the money to redo it ! Yea i know if you cant afford to pay you dont get to play but i only got so much dough and its been a long time coming if u have a email i can send a couple pics not pro pics but youll get to see my toy maybe if u want we can let your viewers see it and have a contest to let one of them pick a name for my toy?? Thanks for the video and the channel. Gerry

  • just goes to show you the power that can be made off those 5.3 and even the 4.8 truck motors. even with those things being from the junkyard and having unknown miles on them those motors RIIIIP!!!

  • Are you ready to put a real motor in it yet?

  • Z-max bro put 3 in the way u drive her lol

  • "Kyle was here" in 123s video xD and another message I saw but didn't read somewhere around the first pass. lol

  • Ruby: speeeeeeeed B O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O S T

  • Hahaha it popped up super quick and said "Kyle was here" 😂😂😂

  • oh boi that exhaust pipe was glowinggg

  • did faster than kyle did in the hatch in several years

  • Who’s Kyle??!! @6:33

  • get a manual transmission before you call your car fast

  • Lol. Kyle was here at 6:34

  • That exhaust pipe was glowing red damn

  • Lol love the part when it says Kyle was here 😂

  • who is Kyle.......

  • Im just wondering if the engine in ruby on the 9.31 @ 145 mph ruby's First pass was that 4.8 liter truck engine and if so do you think it made any difference between it and the 5.3 liter?

    • Joseph Renshaw - See this junkyard build of a 4.8 liter.


  • Fucking cry baby

  • That flapper just shot back and disappeared. I hope it wasn't sitting on the track. I'm really happy for you guys. 145/9.30.

  • That first pass was freakin amazing! You're right, it did sound mad after that last run. Love watching these videos and builds you and your team do. Keep it up!

  • Ruby is an "Average Joe" obtainable MONSTER. More Ruby videos PLEASE lol.

  • "Kyle was here"

  • kylw was here

  • Y'all make me feel good with these Ruby videos. Going thru alot emotionally, this is the only thing that keeps me going.

  • Gotta put a powerglide in Leroy!

  • @6:34 there’s like a caption that says Kyle was here lol

  • Who else saw that Kyle was here? Lol

  • that header was glowin like the sun. hell ya brother

  • 1/4 miles racing is sooo much harder on equipment as seen by that glowing inlet pipe.

  • God damn brother do it for Dale

  • Certified ripper

  • "kyle was here"

  • Turbo pipe did looked like it over heated slightly think something gave out piston ring or head gasket

  • Never underestimate a powerglide and thats coming from a ford guy lmao

  • Seems like ruby has bad backpressure problems or something, it’s melting the engine. Manifold is glowing way too early.. And lean mixture..

  • Dang it's so smooth it doesn't even look like it's doing a 9

  • At least it didn't come apart this time.

  • Anybody know who cooper is and what he contributes to this channel?? "Let's put Leroys turbos on it". He knows NOTHING. He's constantly throwing jabs at James though, who basically built the first stick shift 7 second chevy. Somebody needs to put him in his place.......... McDonalds maybe.

    • Check older video's...Cooper does lots of things for Cleetus and his channel.... And even if he didn't? who are you to judge... Let Cleetus pick his own friends ok?

  • Hell hath no fury like a Ruby on boost!

  • Kyle was here

  • Oh no looks lean to me.

  • I know ruby is cool and all and so is the Vick. But we need more LEROY! Plz lol

  • I want a neighbor T!

  • If that motor blows, grab a diesel engine.

  • Kyle was here

  • i told you cats you could have fun with this mug

  • it's still got oil pressure! "Get me a car sticker!!!"

  • This video was sponsored by what transmission I'm about to blow all my savings on?

  • Time for Leroy to get a powerglide!

  • Cleetus tell Adam lz to buy a corvette and y’all should battle. Do it for dale and let the sweet honey bbq scream

  • So when does Leroy get a glide?????

  • Eyes popped out of my head with that time. Was Ruby already low on oil pressure going into the first pass? "Little bit of oil pressure left..." 2:38

  • So much fuel in the tune

  • Was hoping for Leroy on the 16th since he broke last time

  • I see how it is boys. You’ll do a communist 9 hour Honda build but when it comes to good old America 2 liter MUSCLE from GM in the LSJ platform you guys ain’t done SHEEEEIIIITTTTT. ZZP up in Michigan makin 900+hp on gen 3 closed deck block without failure.... haven’t seen you guys makin 225+hp per cylinder

  • His reactions are always the best part of the videos 😂😂😂

  • EGT’s are just a number

  • "Kyle was here". @ 6:33

  • I absolutely love this channel you all are so great.

  • HAHA 16:30 look at the bottom of the screen (Kyle was here ) nice job 😂

  • I wanna see a shirt that says "McFarland Racing Engines, 100% failure rate guaranteed!" blow all your stuff up in wonderful fashion eventually...

  • Hahaha I guessed two passes with the two step, guess it made about 2.5, but no rod knock so there is still hope! Crazy ass 9.3 on the first pass...

  • Love the Kyle was here at min 16:25

  • We’ve got jermeys tires 😂

  • awesome job guys!

  • Can I get one

  • RPM did a great job with the PowerGlide (we called them Slush Boxes back in the day). You praise the transmission but leave out the third member. You have a bullet-proof Ford 9" design. Ford had an "N" case cast out of nodular iron and designated with an "N" between the webbing above the pinion input shaft. The preferred differential back in the day was a Detroit Locker as it uses a ratchet mechanism to allow the wheels to turn independently on cornering rather than clutch plates. They locked under torque to give you the effect of a spool. Pro-Street with a narrowed rear end setup!

  • Goooood daaaaaaaammmmm dude that was fuuuuggin cool

  • Now I wanna turbo charge my 5.3 Silverado

  • I generally don't like this fem dickwads channel and his bullshit redneck act, but i love the ruby series, now give her a built engine bitches and more BOOST

  • Let er rip tater chip! That thing is wicked!!!

  • MERICA dam it pure MERICA!

  • MERICA dam it pure MERICA!

  • Yeah, sounds like the distributor is 720° out on the oil pump so a 150 shot should fix it👍

  • Everybody’s thinking it, I’m just going to say it: Leroy needs a power glide. Hello low 7 seconds

  • i heard the engine pitch change when it took off the 3rd time..please check the engine

  • Man that piping was glowing. Its almost as if ruby said screwit turbo we are doing a FULL SPOOOOOOL!!! Dude that was sick making it into the low nines on a first past. Ruby was meant to be

  • Is it just me or does James get annoying sometimes trying to tell Cletus what to do

  • can you use dry ice for ruby ?

  • So what’s up with Ruby? Left us hanging there at the end with the engine problems and oil pressure

  • 5:54 to get to action

  • Did Ruby already get a new windshield? You NEED to add a chute and cage!! Eventually you will wreck. Don't be the guy getting his neck broke by Yeti cooler!

    • No, they went to the track the same day that the windshield was broken. Ruby is getting a cage. Cleetus is already talking to the company that built Leroy's cage.

  • Great run! Sorry she fell on her face in the second round but if I could offer a little bit of advice from 40 years of working with turbos. You got to let that thing thing cool down after a hot run! When a turbo is spinning as hot as it is you can't shut the motor down until you're back down to temperature. If you don't let it idle for a minute (literally) and get some cool oil into the bearings of that Turbo that thing is going to shatter and send all that crap into the motor. What happens is the oil gets so hot and so thin that it just drains right out of the turbo and then the bearings are bone dry while the turbo is still smoking hot. Let that puppy cool down a little bit. Best of luck hope it's nothing drastic, get a good oil pan on that thing like a deep sump with the Deep pickup tube. See y'all in Texas! Jan 'doc' Elgaard