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The “Mailman” Karl Malone Goes Undercover to Prank Anthony Davis

Published on Feb 21, 2018
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The mailman always delivers. In what has to go down as the basketball prank of the year, New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis thought he was doing a basic basketball video shoot at a local gym. Little did he know that Hall of Famer and original 1992 Dream Team’er Karl “The Mailman” Malone was disguised as “Sam the Maintenance Man” with one job to do around the gym: be the ultimate nuisance to the video shoot and generally get on Anthony Davis’ nerves.
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  • pick and roll scene is awesome

  • Karl Malone the only black man who couldn’t jump high 😀😀😀

  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • He didn't game him? Lame.

  • Corny...

  • This sucks. I was expecting Karl Malone to put a beatdown on Davis.

  • He got a 13 yr old up the duff straight up pedo read up.

  • postacı malon

  • one of the worse pranks

  • dam i wanted him to get a ring

  • He said..This is where I do my best work at!! hahahahaha

  • As if being 6'9 aint even a little bit suspicious

  • The same spot Michael Jordan stripped him of a championship lol

  • I would have thought that being 6'9" Karl would need more than that disguise to be inconspicuous but I guess not.

  • 2good2b4gotten

  • Karl looks sick

  • Stockton to Malone!!!!

  • Wish he got a ring. 🥺 ((BOSTON, MASS ❤️)) ✊🏾😎✌🏾

  • and i thought janitor gonna play one on one with AD. then that will be good prank.

  • This is an awkward prank

  • Anthony Davis was very jydgdmental.

  • I thought Stockton was the mail man???

  • Anthony Davis is one ugly mofo

  • 1:49 - I see ya

  • Anthony Demon fark face omg the eyebrow and the fark facial ...

  • I hate people who say like if you agree like if you agree

  • He delivers,he delivers wit'1hand behind his head:#_FamousAtheliteNicknames *MailmanDeliveryDunk*

  • As soon as Malone said “I’ll just go back to my job as a mailman.” A.D.’s face was priceless 😂😂

  • Hahahaha

  • Man this is weak. Good athletes do not always translate to good video stars

  • The weastest prank ever

  • Just great.

  • Nothing but love.

  • Karl Malone the pedophile rapist and deadbeat father

  • Karl Malone is trash had kids who he didn't take care of...they came to his games screaming dad he walked right pass em...same year posted in magazine for father of the year with his other fam

  • Check to see the time stamp on this comment that's how long I'm waiting for the prank

  • Kris Bryant / Greg Maddux video runs circles around this one. Go watch that one if you're here..

  • I was waiting to see some actual basketball, but I guess not. The real ongoing epic prank is everyone telling AD that those eyebrows are a good idea.

  • the comments lmfao

  • this is such a ripoff of pepsi

  • This isn't your place, you don't owned this 😂😂 -AD

  • 3:15 that face change he made😂

  • A raising star vs a star

  • One of the best Pranks I've seen....

  • Yeah right anybody can tell by the country bumpkin voice that's karl malone plus the height gives him away fake.

  • AD low key kinda scared cuz he ain’t ever met a regular person that tall

  • This is the funniest bit I've seen in years.

  • I thought this would be about Malone actually delivering mail 😐

  • Karl Malone was and is still built like a tank. I’m sure AD can identify if not the person, then the size of an athlete

  • So much money and time put into such a weak "prank"

  • This is a prank???

  • How many custodians are there that are that size?

  • mailman is going to destroy AD

  • I've always liked the Karl Malone turnaround elbow jumper.

  • That was the worst prank ever

  • Professional glass cleaner

  • He should have showed A.D a few post moves and say he’s post malone

  • That’s it? What about them playing together?!?!

  • 😲что мы там делали 😎?😰😡😢😈😉😁

  • Karl Malone got a 12yo pregnant

    • Vernon Pitts no she was 13 when she gave birth, so 12 when she got pregnant

    • Wow! she is getting younger and younger everytime the story is told. Are you outraged that Kobe Bryant raped a woman? Are you outraged that Shawn Kemp has 13 different kids from 13 different woman? Would you like me to go on?

  • Oh btw Karl impregnated a minor

  • This was stupid.

  • All about the The spot

  • Stevie Wonder could have spotted him in that "disguise"

  • Real talk AD seems like a douchebag

  • Didn’t Karl Malone impregnate a 13 year old when he was 20?

    • So what. Kobe raped a woman. Shawn Kemp had 13 kids from 13 different women. It is what the NBA allows. Why are you surprised?

  • But he never won a ring

  • Why am I just now seeing this...😑

  • This man impregnated a 13 year old

  • The mailman doesn’t deliver on Sunday- Scottie pippin

  • Karl Malone is a bad person if u don't believe me Google him

  • Fake prank

  • Dude is 6’10 254 pounds But he needs a bodyguard half his size and weight lmao what

  • I read Karl Malone and Anthony Davis and said it in my head as Karl Anthony Davis... I need some sleep

  • All I see is that AD's a jerk... :(

  • Love the pranks. Clean and fun. No one gets hurt.

  • Pedo

  • They did this so they can give their janitors a day off lol

  • Karl Malone and John Stockton!

  • His voice doesn't match lol

  • Malone raped someone #neverforget

  • Уборщик больше чем бровь. Ничего подозрительного, ок

  • Actually title “The Janitor” is better than the Mailman for Carl. The Janitor is someone that “cleans up.” ... meaning Carl is gonna take you to the cleaners!


  • That nigga pissed

  • AD told his security guard to get some guy to leave his job????

  • “I was watching him”

  • I think if my janitor was 6 foot 8 and cleaning a basketball court, I could be suspicious?

  • Is that Malone 2.06? Means AD must be taller than 2.08

  • is karl malone a family to post malone?

  • I miss watching that man play. I miss that era of the NBA.

  • Not much of a prank. He should have schooled him in some basketball and then revealed his identity. That sucked.

  • Surprised Davis didn’t get injured during the prank 🤓

  • How can you not respect Malone? Come on

  • what is the prank is this??????????😅

  • I can't believe that I haven't found this sooner. This is so much fun!!

  • hilarious!!! not...

  • Pretty dumb

  • How cocky Davis was being throughout this..."Get him outta here", the guy is doing his job like he was asked and supposed to...if we pretend he's a janitor. Anybody in the other position should be more understanding and respecting of people's work.

  • 😂😄😁