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The “Mailman” Karl Malone Goes Undercover to Prank Anthony Davis

Published on Feb 21, 2018
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The mailman always delivers. In what has to go down as the basketball prank of the year, New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis thought he was doing a basic basketball video shoot at a local gym. Little did he know that Hall of Famer and original 1992 Dream Team’er Karl “The Mailman” Malone was disguised as “Sam the Maintenance Man” with one job to do around the gym: be the ultimate nuisance to the video shoot and generally get on Anthony Davis’ nerves.
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  • Would have been better if he would have taken some shots and amazed everyone. Can't believe they didn't do that?

  • Thats the meanest fuckin unibrow I have ever seen in my LIFE.

  • Damn!! Davis’ brow looks like the Golden Arches!

  • That's it??!!

  • Pedo

  • LMAO

  • Karl Malone is a national treasure!

  • Mr. Malone is hilarious!

  • How do you pluck your eyebrows but still got a unibrow?

  • Lame!!!! Jared Goff was a real prank!!! I thought he was gonna play him!

  • True legend. One half of the best NBA duo ever

  • Karl a straight fool

  • dat unibrow doe

  • 3:27 (when she says it's your kid)

  • This is awful. So dumb

  • That was pretty cool...

  • I thought it was funny as well! A d was like who is this nut! I loved it !

  • I love these videos!!! 🤣 Thank you Red Bull 👍

  • WOW

  • AD scary asf lol

  • Hook up the pedo with a TV apperance

  • I thought he was going to post your mailbox!!

  • I thought Karl was gonna challenge him to a 1 on 1 and beat him!

  • This was hilarious man Karl Malone was amazing

  • I dont usually watch these kinds of videos. But when I do, I find them when eye brows

  • Cocksucker. When he thought he was just a janitor he told them to get him out of here. Cocksucker.

  • what a waste, couldve made this prank alot better

  • The mail man still has more points than Jordan 👍

  • too early

  • Mad respect 2 NBA great and respectful guys

  • Kitoko

  • Uncle drew

  • the Toronto Craptors should trade Kawhi to the pelicans straightup for Davis

  • Anthony knew what was up the whole time

  • AD was Scared for a minute!

  • Why did they use the child molester! Great baseketball player but is a horrible person! Dude liked the little pre teen girls an was a monster the little girls and their family’s if they tried to go after him! They could of picked a better person to do this prank! Like (the dream) Hakeem or David Robinson or Patrick Ewing! Lol

  • Boring.

  • Fake laphing

  • Lol !!! Thank you 😊

  • AD was being an asshat when that he asked for that autograph, changed his pompous attitude when he it was the mailman. Reflects his true character

  • when he came in wit that ladder 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Weak

  • Mailman delivers

  • Karl Melone is pedo

  • Idk what anyone says Karl Malone is still a nasty man

  • Haha rapist

  • karl malone was white... well at least in terms of peronality.... "Karl Malone says rap is crap!"

  • isn't Marl Malone dead?

  • After make up same like ben nathan face😂😂😂

  • It would've been great if Karl wouldn't said you don't know what you're doing. You don't know how to deliver. I'm the man around here, this my court 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ,I feel that A.D would've mad though.

  • I love this, Karl is funny. "What's that euro step? "That's traveling all day long." "Can I get some Jazz around here?" 🤣🤣

  • That Money throw thou!! loool

  • lol!!!!

  • thank God for melanin. it Makes Israelites not age a year

  • them eyebrows though

  • Who else thought AD was gonna get posted and toasted?

  • "This is my kingdom" Lmao

  • 1v1 me now

  • Young dude needs to shave his unibrow.

  • what a let-down, he didn't do anything

  • Should have had him play him up. The janitor vs lol

  • Daaang..soon as major any sport..seems after few years .They age tree times faster..or time is going really fast..seems like other day....i was watching Lakers a hard time on the court..

  • Nothing impressive here

  • Anthony Davis makeup ok fleek

  • Wouldn't want to be a mailman watching this if you catch my drift.

  • he shouldve played him one and one at least.

  • I dunno, a little bit disappointed to be honest, I was hoping "the janitor" would trow in a three pointer or something

  • Why for the love of CHRIST does this guy not fix the mono-brow?

  • 😀

  • hahahahaha! worst video ive seen today and ive seen alot

  • Wow AD is a strait up b*tch

  • Corny

  • That was boring

  • AD was scared sh**less lol

  • Stupid.

  • Malone is a pedoohile why is he getting celebrated

  • It wasn't even funny waste of video....only thing can I get a autograph

  • Pedo

  • This isn’t even really a prank. Had Karl Malone not said his name AD probably wouldn’t have recognized him lol

  • AD got exposed in this one lmao

  • AD has a major UniBrow.

  • Ahhh hgood to see you. Miss you Karl.

  • Shave that brow you know he ugly asf hahaha

  • A prank isn't a prank unless a prop gun is pulled.. but good job Karl!

  • My assist man John... Lmao

  • he looks small next to davis.

  • WASTING MY 4:54 min.

  • Was the part about getting 15 year olds pregnant and denying being the father until paternity test comes up positive also a prank?

  • Stockton to Malone!

  • That was stupid. . . . should have had the Mailman make some shots and some moves before he I.D.'d himself . . . waste of time

  • Jordan is the best dunker n player of all time

  • Aw man he could gone further with that lol

  • Call my security guy like Really ?

  • More like the Corniest joke of the year.

  • The mail man!!!!

  • LMAO AD would have Malone delivering mail back in the 90's once AD brings him out of the paint it's a WRAP

  • Really good prank. Karl Malone was actually pretty funny.

  • Karl looks like the Real Uncle Drew.


  • Malone's one of my heroes, he has the right attitude about life