Testing Solar Grill

Published on Apr 11, 2018
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  • In Arizona during summer it gets hot enough to cook some foods mainly eggs now imagine this in erazin it can get to 120 or higher

  • BOOM! Look at that! So cool. Awesome review.

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  • What do u do when the clouds move in halfway through cooking?

  • Taras how about a flying bird's invasion in your breakfast 😉😉 you know egg whites + bird's white 😂😂

  • In Soviet Russia solar grills you

  • I’m watching the shark tank episode now lol 😂

  • We know who surviving when the zombie apocalypse occurs this dude right here

  • I love u r video bro lots of love from India

  • Eggs I like eggs They taste like chicken

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  • it barely did eggs. no way a steak.

  • You should use it to start a fire.

  • I just watched your video on the portable one. I liked the portable one. Spasiba from Hawaii.

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  • Oven is barely able to cook eggs, "I love my eggs like this runny, it works perfectly"

  • Where from you got that and price please?

  • During the fast forward part everything was just him saying boom

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  • That is so kool!!!

  • It looks great, i love it

  • No taste test :(

  • I had one, i used it at the middle of the night it didn’t work so i threw it away smh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hey Crazy Russian your personality glows in the sun just like that thing! Love your videos dude! Respect from Jamaica!👊🏾🤝🏾💯🇯🇲

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  • it would probably call attention to your off grid hideaway

  • Would buy just to pull of the plastic.

  • Next, make a lunar grill. So we can cook day and night.

  • Your vids make me happy idk why

  • Can You Get HBO On It While You Cook? LOL (I'd Give It A Try If I Had one)

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  • Nice gadget, but you really need to learn how to cook eggs.

  • I think I’ve seen this on Shark Tank

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  • "there's instructions *throws them aside instantly*" actually my parents with anything

  • Breaking eggs in the pan 🤣🤣😂

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  • How much it cost?

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  • I think its gonna be around 800f in my place

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  • It would heat quicker in a darker or black pot / dish

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  • I want to buy one. Where did you purchase it and how much was the cost?

  • Come on over for dinner were solar cooking on my solar grill.....ummm, Dinner? Well maybe late breakfast or long lunch but what about DINNER? Lunar grill?

  • Where does he put all this stuff

  • Czarrcoal

  • Hey man. Try an iron skillet as it will retain the heat better. What about trying to start a fire with it too? :)

  • 功率不大啊 煎個雞蛋都要好久

  • That is a neat gadget! I like your videos you always show cool things!

  • This will work perfectly in my country

  • This is useful in Thailand

  • The old classic egg test

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  • Hey everybody welcome back to my laboratory today I'm using my Taras's Satellite 5000 and shoot eggs to North Korea. Boom.

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  • What's the name of the solar cooker you used?

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  • Was I the only one thinking how useful this would be in a zombie apocalypse?

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  • Last summer you could break an egg on your car and it would cook instantly

  • My grandpa has like 4 or 5 of these solar cookers in his house he used them before

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  • We can now cook without fire. Less pollution.