Testing Solar Grill

Published on Apr 11, 2018
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  • During the fast forward part everything was just him saying boom

  • 4:10 gunshot

  • That is so kool!!!

  • It looks great, i love it

  • No taste test :(

  • I had one, i used it at the middle of the night it didn’t work so i threw it away smh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hey Crazy Russian your personality glows in the sun just like that thing! Love your videos dude! Respect from Jamaica!👊🏾🤝🏾💯🇯🇲

  • Were you in Russian army

  • Praise the sun

  • I vote to have Fahrenheit changed to FahrenGate... NO I DEMAND IT!

  • Boom

  • That's what I call a sunny side up!

  • boom

  • BOOM!!!

  • it would probably call attention to your off grid hideaway

  • Would buy just to pull of the plastic.

  • Next, make a lunar grill. So we can cook day and night.

  • Your vids make me happy idk why

  • Probably good for camping or an outdoors event away from home. At home might as well use the stove or grill.

  • Can You Get HBO On It While You Cook? LOL (I'd Give It A Try If I Had one)

  • Wegtables.

  • Nice gadget, but you really need to learn how to cook eggs.

  • I think I’ve seen this on Shark Tank

  • space race v2


  • "there's instructions *throws them aside instantly*" actually my parents with anything

  • Breaking eggs in the pan 🤣🤣😂

  • chemtrail clouds

  • How much it cost?

  • Boom

  • I think its gonna be around 800f in my place

  • Chemtrails in the sky

  • where safety is nohmber on purloriyty -crazy russian hacker

  • Love your boom

  • That thing is rad!

  • *”Oh well, I did it by myself.”*

  • water your plants

  • Wow so cool

  • “Make sure to cover it up and put it away” just sayin... it’s prom week

  • Oh well...?! Safety is #1 priority

  • Яйца бей об край сковороды )

  • maybe little spreds of clowns.....

  • It would heat quicker in a darker or black pot / dish

  • Unboxing in 5 sec BOOM

  • Did any one else see his logo change

  • my dear Russian friend just cracked eggs in the pan LOLOL

  • Where do you buy this solar cooker from?

  • Looks like satellite dish for me

  • Miss your original logo, it was cooler

  • I want to buy one. Where did you purchase it and how much was the cost?

  • Come on over for dinner were solar cooking on my solar grill.....ummm, Dinner? Well maybe late breakfast or long lunch but what about DINNER? Lunar grill?

  • Where does he put all this stuff

  • Czarrcoal

  • Hey man. Try an iron skillet as it will retain the heat better. What about trying to start a fire with it too? :)

  • 功率不大啊 煎個雞蛋都要好久

  • That is a neat gadget! I like your videos you always show cool things!

  • This will work perfectly in my country

  • This is useful in Thailand

  • The old classic egg test

  • Instead of being outside people play fortnite isn’t that kinda sad

  • So Russian people break the shell inside of pen

  • We’ve got a bag of schools

  • 500 dollar toy .i wannt one !

  • this is a perfect gaajik boooom xD

  • Farenget

  • Hey everybody welcome back to my laboratory today I'm using my Taras's Satellite 5000 and shoot eggs to North Korea. Boom.

  • Faringite

  • What's the name of the solar cooker you used?

  • sunny side up hmmmmmmmmm

  • Was I the only one thinking how useful this would be in a zombie apocalypse?

  • Where has science gone nooooooooo Im a science noob

  • Last summer you could break an egg on your car and it would cook instantly

  • My grandpa has like 4 or 5 of these solar cookers in his house he used them before

  • Sunny side up

  • Amazing!

  • wow you move so fast !!!

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  • Half of subscribers are for his English

  • Farrengate

  • Wow!!


  • We can now cook without fire. Less pollution.

  • Wow u said allahu akbar, masha Allah

  • *The moment you start seeing people bring this to the beach*

  • I wouldn't want to clean up the splatter from cooking with oll or greasy foods like bacon.The ultimate cooking test on any stove is to see how long it takes to boil water. I'd love to see that test!

  • Cook bacon!!! Please!!!

  • Fahrenheit is so weird!! 😭😭

  • Use Celsius!!!! 🙈

  • *BOOM*

  • I swear. The sun is everything.

  • Archimedes, you be careful around those Roman war ships with that thing!

  • Hungry

  • what is cool about an egg

  • Wow how cool is that thumbs up for me

  • Foreign gate?

  • This shows how much energy the sun sends to us. It's amazing.

  • Hey! I think that he is so smart...like if you agree😊

  • Gives an entirely new meaning to sunny side up eggs. Sorry for the pun, I couldn’t resist.

  • crazy russian hacker is taras kul.