Testing Pocket Hose - As Seen On TV

Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • It's the unfunny peanut brittle snake

  • Stretch marks like white chick stomach...lol

  • Soo cute. Dogs

  • I love dogs those dogs are really very healthy

  • kinky free hoes

  • Next time on Taras Kul. Pocket Hoes put to the test.

  • Next time on Taras Kul. Pocket Hoes put to the test.

  • “Hurt the hose” 😂😂

  • "If you have a swimming pool you are going to need a lot of hoes.." At this point of time I am almost certain he is doing it on purpose.

  • W lo it’s kinda smaller because where the tap is it’s longer

  • If you can put that in your pocket...

  • 10 minute ad revenue

  • I use it to water my plants points to dirt lol

  • I have this hose too

  • lets see what this all about !

  • dude my yard is 10 by 10 feet lol

  • Can you put two together?

  • It will burst in a few weeks. It's a massive issue

  • Get the 75 foot pocket hose

  • Is that the brass bullet?

  • Never stretch your hose to the maximum 😂😂😂

  • What about volume? Is this hose 5/8 or just 1/4 inches on the inside? How long to top off your pool with a 1/4 diameter hose?

  • Good info :-)

  • Taras has hose in different area codes.

  • relationhip tips

  • Poor Taras and his pronunciation... 😯

  • I use hoes all the time

  • You should test the hose again and see if it can withstand a truck tug 'o war like the commercial too. x3 That'd be interesting to watch.

  • Good to know about this hose, wasn't going to buy this hose but now that I've seen it tested by Taras I'm going to buy 2 of them.

  • Woof

  • U sure u can fit that in your pocket?

  • My hoses lasted about 6 months before they blew out. Ive gone through 7 of them including the one you are using now

  • woah how crazy wow

  • Those hose are for everybody

  • Hoe's 😂😂😂😂

  • 😂😂😂in german the word „hose“ means „trousers“.🤣🤪

  • Ok he brought one can I get two and spice the two together hum will it work say if Magyver can do it I'll have to give it a try bye say might work bye.

  • Mine isn’t small like before they lied.

  • ThankU 4 reviewing this, I've always wondered about it.

  • You need better pressure to get 50ft....🤗

  • my hose poped idk why?

  • The issue I had with the first generation of this hose was the brass fixture blew off after my second use.

  • Change every hose to "hoes" xd

  • ‘To water my plants’ *dead plants*

  • I like your videos will save a thousands of Dollars and time before to buy items

  • 42 feet and some change 😂😂

  • All I heard was “Expanding ho’s”

  • «Looks just like regular hoe’

  • We have one and after awhile (about a year) the material become janky. I closed the valve for a second and it busted.

  • Talk in meters

  • Pocket hose 😉

  • did anyone laugh? like if u laughed I'm liking myself

  • “Water my plants” points it at pots full of soil😂

  • Just get to the point

  • If it gets a small hole punched, like a briar or rose, you cannot repair it.

  • the hose is supposed to shrink down in size after you're done using it

  • How do u keep deer and rabbits from eating ur garden if its a vegitable garden

  • Lol it's a hose, but they pack it with silica gel

  • I just clicked on this video to hear him saying “hose”😂😂😂😂😂

  • Make another fish tank video

  • I have the same hoes except mine is a 75 foot and it wasn't 75ft when I first got it but after using it a couple times is stretched out to 75 feet and the only way you can kingk it is if you step on it with your shoes on and turn your ankle so that the corner of your shoe is pressing it down

  • I’ve been using this on my sailboat and on my home garden and it has never failed me

  • he got all the hoes No Ok ...

  • My grandma’s pocket hose exploded while she was using it

  • U need to do some plumbing brotha.

  • Daymn these hose are loyal.

  • Can you do the kink?

  • Stretch marks cause you pulled it smartass😂

  • Let's measure fifty feet hose wirh 30 feet tape measure.

  • Thanks for telling the truth about the product.

  • "if you stretch it out this much, i feel like it will hurt the hose" 😁😂😂

  • They break like crazy, we went through 3.

  • I prefer my hose to be kinky.


  • "Kul" video dude! Sorry I'll go now.

  • He should make a video going out into the wilderness but before have some people make obstacles and he can only choose a limited amount of tools and try to make do with what he has.. if that makes.sense

  • These hose ain't loyal

  • He wasted so much water ;(

  • watching a russian play with a hose.

  • Did anybody also notice the Mourning Dove(s) in the background?

  • I'm surprised the water didn't just shoot right through the hose; it went through slower than I thought.

  • Get xhose

  • I have an expanding hose between my legs

    • are you overstating it's actual length by 20% too? ;)

  • BOOM

  • Let’s see if this hose is 50’ * pulls out 30’ tape measure

  • Do a video about your morning routine please

  • POCKET hose?? You must have a doraemon pocket for it.

  • We had one and I was watering the garden and it swelled and exploded. It lasted 6 months lol

  • i want some of russias hoes 😂😂

  • “50 feet hose running down the mountain” red hose looks like 50 yards long

  • Ur my favourite Russian :)

  • Hello from Australia crazy hacker

  • The more parts that move, the more parts to fail lol

  • 42 feet and some change😂😂😂

  • I’m surprised he didn’t say ‘boom’ when the tripod fell.

  • Made in China. Works great for a few months, then starts popping leaks. I have returned three of them.

  • Do the aluminium foil ball challenge

  • Now re-watch the video and listen to him saying hoes instead of hose

  • It expands back.

  • Plz React to the ShamWow