Tesla CEO Elon Musk offers rare look inside Model 3 factory

Published on Apr 13, 2018
The pioneering electric car company Tesla has suffered a series of very public challenges since the beginning of this year. Its high-profile CEO Elon Musk called this a period of "production hell." Most of the troubles revolve around the company's Model 3 sedan, its first mid-priced, mass-produced electric car. Musk takes "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King on a tour of his Silicon Valley factory. It is the first time network cameras were allowed inside the production line.
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  • waiting for the day tesla design an electric superbike

  • I thought it was Volt not Bolt

  • ”It’s April fools, people should like lighten up ok.” That's a nightmare quote for stockbrokers

  • clever elon musk

  • Everyone should back this man to make a better world 🌎

  • Not sure how anyone could dislike Elon Musk, he's incredibly humble in the way he speaks and he works "like a dog".

  • "It should be pretty obvious that I am not going to joke about bankruptcy if I think it is remotely real." This is how me and other nerds think. Being socially incompetent and personally creative and rebellious, that is a tactical mistake and will cause in being excused away by the society.

  • See i told you kids what happens when you smoke joints ,look at this guy !

  • Wall Street is trying to control Tesla.

  • A man ahead of his time.

  • 3:39 she telling Musk that she's in the mood...

  • ELON MUSK No; 1 ........................

  • Can you be my boyfriend? Lol

  • He seems so cool and down to earth

  • Best job in the world and doin his best

  • I would change the nose of the model 3 asap Elon ... make it look a little better.. 2019 models


  • Dafuq is she wearing

  • The American dream: Elon has incredible intellect and ambition. He's unstoppable. If you can afford it, the American thing to do is BUY TESLA STOCK NOW and hold it. It's about a better cleaner world using renewable sustainable energies.

  • This guys a genius

  • *Claims spending night after night in the factory to barely meet production goals is "sustainable"* Yeah, right.

  • Luv the new 3! Let’s make Tesla great again! Go Elon!

  • It’s crazy how he kind of talks like a robot.

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-UXh13J2LlXs.html?t=6s elon getting high too bad the stock price is not

  • Love his attitude towards everything!

  • I hope he takes care of himself. That's a hard business

  • People need to realize electric cars HAVE to be the future. The pains Tesla are going through are inevitable and necessary for our country, technology and the world. A car industry built on fossil fuels HAS to be phased out.

  • At 0:40 "What's the hardest part, pre-marriage, marriage, post-marriage?" ... Errr, the divorce you silly! Tsk tsk

  • 1,000,000 views "rare"

  • 6:10 and why the fark would he lie about that? What the heck? He’s not a journalist okay?

  • I believe every word Gayle says. I'm an Oprah lemming.

  • In musk we trust

  • I really want Tesla and Elon Musk to succeed!!!

  • The reason Electric cars have not been mainstream is that it is very expensive to manufacture and the electricity still needs to come from somewhere and it is difficult to store. there is no free lunch. I saw this coming years ago. . the reason Elon Musk was somewhat successful is that he had billions of dollars to play with from the sale of Pay pay and getting investors hooked on an Idea. The only thing keeping electric cars alive are the government subsades. don't forget that 3 drops of gasoline are equivalent to a stick of dynamite!! that is very hard to beat in terms of energy storage. I know gas is dirty, but it packs more energy in one gallon than any other thing available right now.

  • Mainstream is dumb. Stupid presenter. People eternally stuck inside the box saying they like outside the box. Yeah right.

  • Can't really decide between Elon Musk VS Jeff Bezos.. What do you guys think?

  • Ok but dont just throw them together now to pump them out faster Gungho!

  • I really love this company and it inspired me to make a song about it ... Listen to "Tesla" in my channel !!!

  • Respect

  • 5:31 that uncomfortable smile that everyone can relate to

  • april fools great

  • Just the fact he used Tesla and not Edison, makes him real, in my eyes!


  • Today Telsa produces 5000 tesla model 3 per week.

  • Great Visionary ! All hail Tesla 👍💪

  • Whys he not happy 2k cars a week is crazy for a car so high tech tesla is no ford

  • Man a lot buttsuckers in the comments. Look at all the failures the owners talk about.

  • there is a housing shortage in the area. could be robots looking for flats to rent ??

  • Changing the world 1 car at a time , I would never doubt this man's passion for innovation

  • Elon Musk interviewed by an idiot.

  • People are going to be talking about Elon a 100 years later...

  • Old news

  • yes it was funny!

  • If you're look to get into the stock market and your look for a solid money maker buy in TESLA

  • Take away the government subsidies and Tesla goes away. I say stop the subsidies!

  • I would be honored to work for Elon

  • Elon for President 🚀

  • Tesla rocks 👍👍👍👍

  • Love Tesla he is good for the planet and I love this new tehnologi👍👍👍 aspeciale this electryc cars maybe I will have one on the future!!!

  • This man is a visionary. I am so thankful for his contribution to society. His company may not be perfect but its made such an impact that its moving the industry toward EV.

  • I really don't think people understand that he's stressed because he knows it's possible. Isn't that the reason why he's WORKING HARD. C'mon! Basics! ladies and gentlemen, basics.

  • he is dying to change the fortune of the wold. but for whom ? those who don't understand what revolutionary figure he is.

  • just the future electric transportation.

  • Honestly, Elon is the CEO of the people and millennials

  • We just hit 7000 a week a few weeks ago ;) and the momentum is going well.

  • Musk is an arrogant guy Shame on you and all those shareholders of his projects

  • Tesla has a good problem. People are literally giving money to Tesla, but they're unable to take it fast enough

  • My respects and admiration for this man.

  • i gott your back

  • Always transparent and competent! That's the reason for us to buy a lot of this cars for our rental company!

  • If Mr. Musk was trying to change the world he would sell his cars for $1,000 a piece knowing it would generate tens of millions of sales and put the company in the black. Also extending the range with more battery power, and offering a charging ability using the home's 110 volt outlet. Altogether this would better the lives of the people of the world. Instead this car is a baited hook requiring a $100,000 down payment to be able to 'rent' it for life in having to 'pay' to recharge it at Tesla-only stations. This car is rental bait for those blind enough to fall for it. Elon the fake.

  • That's funny the paid big oil reporter was trying to get a reaction from doing this hit job piece on him Elon was just like yeah uh huh ok.

  • hes a machine

  • So amazing.its time to make micro back up office studio bed n shower baby.about time. N breath.u've done it!

  • I don't like him , just the way he spoke about Nikola Tesla, shame on him .

  • A true leader -- taking fault for his company, zero excuses, optimistic, humble and leading from the front.

  • Should I go all in long and hold for four years.?

  • 1:40 Is my man tearing up on camera?

  • Dude will not quit I love Elon determination if he loses it all today he's the types to laugh it off and get back on his horse a guy like that you can't stop it's impossible


  • As a specialist who can analyze, estimate, forecast, predict etc, my problem with this company is that it hires/fires hundred from sales team, periodically. For me this is an indication of something not right: maybe a way to hide the true income and expenses?

  • Today is 7/6/2018 People are questioning his ability to maintain a 5000cars/week production. During this videos filming, people were questioning Tesla's ability to produce 2000cars/week. I guess they aren't questioning 2000 now. I guess when he hits 8000cars/week people will question him being unable to make 100,000cars/week. People.

  • I yurve yuh elon duck quack quack

  • Trisha looking mf

  • Just ordered mine... best f'n choice I've ever made! Luv that man...putting it all on the line to save our species...

  • The interview says, Tesla introduced the M3 as a mass produced vehicle to middle class consumers. How can any middle class family afford a $45K and upwards car in today's day? That's not an affordable price in my book.


    • Donald Trump is your president! Show some respect!

  • And now they have reached 5000 a week!

  • Does Elon even sleep?

  • American made cars are back, folks. This time we'll do our best to never let it go. Let's support American made Tesla cars. It's for our country and for us all.

  • No emission of CO2 and no use of even a drop of oil. What else we want from Tesla! Go Tesla. We're here to fully support you.

  • It was April fools' month and Elon's face expression was priceless :)

  • if my math is right they make a full car in just 5 minutes, that's pretty good.

  • The oil companies must be plotting his dead wish

  • That facility should be manufacture in Detroit.. The home of automobile

  • I can manufacture a even better car with tax payers money.. I can even send a model to the noon, all with tax payers money..

  • "I like it cold..." oh man

  • 5:12 I do not understand why the media always tries to find the negative in things. This stupid woman is trying to question Elon Musk like if she was the grand inquisitor. *YES YOU SHOULD LIGHTEN UP!!!*

  • Genius at work

  • Elon, my hero! Go Musk!