Tall Women Try Style Boxes

Published on Mar 8, 2018
"My height is your problem now! Style box, go for the gold!"
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  • Sheridan is 6 feet?!

  • Tall is fun cuz u can see over everyone and stuff but when u fall its longer way to the ground and if your in school YOU GET DRESS CODED FIR WAREING SHORTSSSSS

  • I love them so much

  • I love this channel so very much. Can some of y'all please sub to me and help me get to 50 subscribers?

  • 9:18 is the best thing ever 😂

  • omg i'm 15 and 5'8

  • Lindsey in that red dress. Triggered. Lesbian coming out. And that butt.

  • Pants never fit

  • I'm twelve and I'm five six and a half

  • 5:18 can i please have that def lep t shirt i love band tees

  • This makes me relize how short i am.-.

  • The librarian at my school already looks like Sheridan and I'm pretty sure she owns that dress

  • 6 feet isnt that tall. why not feature someone who is like 6'1-4 or over?

  • SHERIDAN IS A MOOD!!!!!!!!!


  • We love buzzfeed stealing their ex-worker’s ideas

  • Before I saw the thumbnail I thought they had to style cardboard boxes! Im so stupid. 🤦‍♀️😑😂

  • i love you to lindasy

  • That dress that Sheridan was wearing looks like a carpet, but yet you look beautiful

  • I'm 10 and I'm 5"6

  • Safia did it first

  • For the person who says she spends tons of effort in her looks she looked pathetic in both days.. Sharidon's looks were stylish, she was 👎🏻

  • Dude the Lana Kane name drop was amazing

  • Hey! I'm am 5'6 and in the 7th grade and I can't find anything that fits me. I'm tall but skinny. So when I buy pants it's either super short in height and perfect in waists. Or perfect length and super baggy in waists!

    • I am in 7th grade too and 5.8 hehe but in Germany we have special shops for tall people and that's so cool!!

  • I really wanted the blonde girl clothes

  • Sheridan looks fabulous in that wrap dress!

  • They did the black girl dirty...but big boobs + height is hard to shop for anyway so...

  • pffff growing up with a 42/43 shoesize. thats a problem im 5feet 8 and i never had this problem.

  • These women are not tall. when you hit over six foot four, come talk to me about how hard it is to find clothes

  • No... it's two for the price of three...

  • I was thinking, that looks fun I should try that! Then I saw the prices...

  • Me over here 5'2 why am i watching this

  • You look so good in everything

  • Copying saph hmmmmm

  • i love def leppard, can i have the graphic tee?

  • Definitely agree with shopping online as a plus sized and tall person. Buying shoes can be especially tricky.

  • Saf has entered the chat

  • Lindsay isn’t that tall. I’m 12 going on 13 and I’m 5’11!!!

  • I’m 4’7.... I can’t wear anything

  • 5’10 but looking 6’1

  • I love Lindsay's hips

  • tHiS iS a LiBrArY

  • Nice job buzzfeed only took ya 7 days to “be inspired” from Safiya’s video this time



  • I thought they were gonna wear pencil dress

  • I slightly obsessed with Sheridan now omg

  • When she said i think u look hot 😣😣😣🌈I felt good


  • Oh my god make a decision what is ur channel name jeezas

  • Love that patterned biker jacket!!!!!

  • Why was that fat giant jealous and shady to the blonde girl

  • Oml thought Sheridan was about to pull her dress up and I was like wait no okay we’re good

  • Funny how you post after saf

    • Pops Pip yes because they were able to get customized style boxes in a mere days after sag posted her video

  • I'm 4.12 tall and I'm 9!

  • Wait...aren’t most clothes MADE for taller women? They’re made to look good on mannequins...and mannequins are tall...because they have model esqu physiques. Am I missing something?

    • Yeah you are missing something...& I'm guessing it's height! In high Street stores, supermarket clothes etc they are all aimed at the average person, so medium height & medium weight. They tend to put smallerish sizes on the mannequins but they are never tall. In higher end clothes they are usually smaller & sometimes longer but its not common in every range. I have very long arms & a 38" inside leg & no "long" jeans are ever long enough & even some "tall" departments are too short!

    • Bree Jean not really, most women are about 5’4, so if they made clothes for tall women then they wouldnt make as much money because the clothes wouldnt fit the majority


  • 5:45 what about that shirt tho?? It's pretty normal and I often wear stuff like that T-T

  • I always thought Lindsay was like really freaking tall, but I'm 12 and I'm taller..

  • Anyone 6'3?? The girls here are not that tall

  • I hated everything in all the boxes.

  • I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm 5ft. 11.25 inches. Everything is too short for me, I can't wear heals or I'll be 6 4", and the main majority of guys in school are shorter than me or "intimidated" by my height. 😐

  • Oh wow. This was released literally a week after Safiya's 'I trie d4 different style boxes' video. Wow. It's pretty obvious...

    • Gitte Van de velde what’s obvious that saf follows trends just like every mother lifestyle/beauty channel and isn’t nearly as original as everyone thinks? Yeah totally!

  • Yasss! Now I want to try these boxes! I, too, am 6’0”! :)

  • 1:39 omg I really need that shirt on the right, life is so messed up with people who are judgmental and are all of those things. They are one of the reason something is wrong with the world. It’s all just because of people’s opinions. I love that shirt!!

  • I don't even know why I'm watching this. I'm not subscribed to this channel and I'm not tall.

  • The brunette is so touchy feely...the blonde is like damn why does she keep tugging on my clothes?

  • I don’t know, why they’re making such a big deal about it. I’m pretty tall myself, and I never had any problems with shopping for clothes.

  • they so stole this from safs

    • Amelia Dainz do you know how long it takes for style boxes to arrive? It is literally impossible for them to have copied her. Man saf fans are so rabid they don’t even know how time works

  • those two remind me of the parents from Ravens home

  • Wowoooooowww a buzzfeed company copying Safiyas vid..... no suprise... .. soo original buzzfeed...

    • LittleEmo Potato or y’know... they follow trends... just like saf does. You clearly don’t know what goes into making a video

    • Ailish what i meant was..... Buzzfeed has made multiple videos that Saf made first.... not just this video

    • LittleEmo Potato yes because they were totally able to get style boxes that take weeks to make and arrive, film a video with interviews, edit and post it. A mere days after saf

  • That leather jacket thoooo is amazing

  • What if you don’t have an insta for the second box, can you put someone else’s insta that has ur same style and say that that’s you’re type of style but not you

  • I love how they hype up eachother 😩

  • im 5'9 and skirts are always too short :') when the wind blows its a disaster lolll

  • At the beginning she's talking about hating graphic tees, but what's that she's wearing at 1:38 ????

  • The white girl is so beautiful omg

  • Why am I watching? I’m under 5’5.

  • Irrelevant girls copying saf

  • I know their pain I'm 5'6 and I'm 12

  • First they are so gorgeous..... and 2nd you should do a video over teens trying clothes they would never pick for them selves

  • Sheridan is so gorgeous

  • Love you gals!

  • Not trying to be a creeper but I'm all for more of Sheridan's Crotch Watch(New show on As/Is and I want my EP credit)

  • Legit disliked the video, ONLY because its a toooootal copy of safias video. everybody dislike it for them to freaking stop stealing!

  • Oh my god I love them together

  • Everyone keeps saying that they stole Saf's video idea when Buzzfeed has been doing style-box videos waayyy before Saf even left. I'm sure they don't keep tabs on their former employees' videos/jobs. Plus, it's not like Saf invented style-boxes. Y'all are mad for nothing.

    • thank you! i thought nobody woulds say it

  • The bbw's outfits were lame..shes so sexy thou.. The clothes don't match

  • Why are younger women so anxious about makeup, hair and clothes? A bad hair day isn't the end of the world, makeup washes off and build a wardrobe of pieces you love that are flattering rather than trying every trendy thing whether it suits you or not. It doesn't have to be so stressful.

  • I'm 5'4 and I'm 11 and have long legs

    • I 5,6 13 i have long legs too my mom said that ive stopped growing i just havent finished developing body parts lmao

  • I’m 12 and I’m nearly 6”0 tall and it’s hard trying to find school clothes

  • Copy pasta

  • They are over priced tho.

  • This is kinda awkward considering I’m 5”6.5 and I’m 12 😂

  • Tall girls are sexy enough

  • Try being 193cm. Tall in many stores is too short for me! :(

  • Lindsey's highlighter is on. point.

  • Does anyone know where the blonde girls jumper thingo is from @ 11:49 ?

  • I like everything the blonde lady wore besides the shoes.

  • 90% of comments are about saf and 10% is about the video