Tall Women Try Style Boxes

Published on Mar 8, 2018
"My height is your problem now! Style box, go for the gold!"
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  • Who cares if they copied safiyas video. Copying just means they liked her idea. No matter what this video is still relatable for us tall ppl. Focus on what matters!

  • 4:44 my ballet teacher literally wears shirts like that all the time lol

  • i think the exact opposite of Sheridan. She said she likes shopping online because there are more options but with me *nothing* *ever* *fits*

  • I'm 6'2 and I'm only 15 😂😂

  • They should have people pick out outfits on one of those apps for other people

  • 5'10 isn't tall for. Grown woman. I'm 5'8 and 13, so she isn't tall at all ho

  • "Shhh......This is a library. Please don't raise your voice" - I'm dead !

  • They didn’t copy anything. You know how many youtubers make the same exact videos? Everyone has a Wish try on haul.. Everyone has a makeup tutorial video using the same products... they’re all the same ...

  • lol and im here at 5'1 xD

  • Sheridan looks amazing

  • Tall women: go to the Netherlands! Shopping is a breeze! I’m 5’9, and size M fits me perfectly. The average length of a woman there is 5’7, 5’8!

  • What's considered tall???

  • I know how you feel... I’m 6’0 too. Finding clothes that fit is so hard.

  • Neither of them mentioned how awesome the Def Leppard T was

  • The dress from the second box that she got with the pattern and the whole outfit that brand put together for her made her look like a administrator at a school or a principal or something. I’m not giving hate that’s just what it looks like. They both look amazing no matter what they wear❤️

  • le tote more like le G.O.A.T.!

  • I have a little bit of trouble for thing that fit me I am 11 and I am 5’3

  • Sheridan shouldnt be in any style videos just noooooo

  • the girl in the ad looks like megan markle!!!!

  • I am the second shortest in class

  • 1:38 Why would you get a shirt that says the words "absoulute bull"

  • I am 5'1 i don't know why am i here😂

  • This makes me feel so much better thank you for making this(btw I am 6’2)

  • I am 6ft at 13 years old

  • Sheridan's hair- those bangs. i am so in love with them

  • Yaaaay tall people I’m 13 and 5.5

  • Welp I'm 4'8 so 😂😂😂


  • Ahhh everything was overpriced... *clearance section girls unite*

  • I’m a 5’9 girl that’s 14 years old omg

  • I can so relate. Only 11 and bout 5 3

    • That's not really that tall, even for an eleven year old. I think when I was your age I was like, 5' - 5'1 or something, which is only shorter by a few inches. But who knows, maybe by the time you're my age (16) and unlike me, you'll have already had a huge growth spurt and you're like, 5'9 or something lmao

  • I either have short jeans or I have to wear like fifteen belts to keep them up.

  • Sheridan kills that red lipstick 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • I'm tall and thin.

  • "SHH this is a library, please don't raise your voice" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yay! I love Sheridan. It seems like forever since I’ve seen her tho.

  • "Shh this is a library please don't raise your voice" 😂😂😂8:05


  • Im 13 and im 5'7 .....im not much of a girly girl but when i where dresses ...its very hard to find "appropriate" ones hahahaha and u can forget folded jeans...they fit like shorts ....Oof

  • "This is a library...please dont raise your voice". Hahahah

  • Who copied safias video and then said tall ppl come and do this so it doesn’t seem like we copied safia ? Said in Dora voice

  • i kind of want short women ver.???


  • This seems familiar... Safia

  • Wow I thought I was waiting Sofia but no

  • On stitch fix I’m pretty sure it is a personal shopper

  • I’m 12 and I’m 5/7 it is sooo hard to find clothes that I can wear.

  • wait but this has nothing to do with tall people and all to do with how bad the boxes are at picking out your correct style.

  • Can you do something like small women try style boxe 😊😅

  • SHH this is a library please don't raise your voice

  • So... they just send you basics that cost $100 each?!

  • Conversation with my mum yesterday: MUM: 'none of your shirts fit you, they are all too short. you need to get some new ones.' ME: *sighs* 'no shirts ever fit me, I am destined to forever wear crop tops that are not designed to be crop tops' *sigh* *walks out of room*


  • Wowzers.… Saf’s vid much??

  • So saf did this video and it was the same companies she's tall and she used to work at BuzzFeed

  • How tall is everyone?? I’m 5’10!!

  • I saw the blonde girl saying 5'1 and I was like excuse me miss how is that tall until I realized it said 5'10 and not 5'1

  • I am 6ft and I am only 13

  • wait 6ft is tall thats not tall in my family everyone is above 6ft 1 except my mom

  • Betty cooper is that you!?

  • I’m 11 and I’m 5’5

  • 8:05 lol 😂😂😂😂

  • 10:30 she looks like a mail man

  • Cough cough what about short people lol

  • It’s so hard to find clothes for short ppl too

  • No can complain as much as me I’m 16 years old I’m 6ft I have size 9 feet and I live in England where basically everyone’s shorter than me I struggle to get clothes to fit e.g jeans they are too short go a size up they are too wide . Then shirts I can’t get long sleeves long enough coz I’ve got really long arms and I always need sleeves because I’m always cold so people always saying I wish I was tall I’m like no !

  • Sheridan is tall but 5’10 is not my sister is 15 and 6’3 and I’m 13 and 5’7

  • sheridan was complaining so much that she couldn’t choose the clothes but... the point of most style boxes is to be surprised and try stuff you wouldn’t normally pick out! if she wanted to choose her own clothes, she could just go shopping like normal.

  • I think they charge to much, considering it's all used clothing. The sizing isn't very inclusive either. Le Tote only carries clothes up to a 16.

  • HmmMmmm that video is really simular to saf’s one 🤔

  • I am freaking 11 and I am 5’7 and my estimate height when I am 22 is 6’5

  • Sheridan looks so good with bangs and red lip


  • Proof buzzfeed steals safs video ideas

  • A good place to shop for items that is suited for taller ladies is Dorothy Perkins (UK) brand, ship internationally as well! I love it, 6 f lass here!

  • You should do Tall women make short stories

  • My 12 year old friend is 5 ft 6

  • I’m 12 and 5’6” is that even tall lol 😂

  • im 11 years old and im 5 feet tall, i dont describe myself tall

  • I am 5.7 i feel tall among people close to me

  • I'm one of those ppl that's not short or tall...

  • Im 11 in im 5'6

  • Where’s short women try style boxes?

  • Im 5'7, not that tall but i still have issues with finding clothes that fit

  • Lmao don't you love how saf uploaded this video before them, huh...?


  • i mean okay vid but they didn't mention anything about being tall except for the intro

  • no woman is taller than 5'6 these are not women TRANNIES!!!

  • I am 14 and taller then my 17 year old sister i am 5 something

  • How tall is 6'0/5'10 feet in centimetres?

  • I'm 90% sure that Kristen owns the black wrap dress that Sheridan got in the first box

  • I thought there gonna style a box...

  • 8:05 _Shh. This is a library._ I'M DEAD 😂

  • The blond girl is so pretty 😍❤

  • I wish every time I go shopping that shops would actually cater for tall girls. Petite girls? Check. Plus size girls? Check. Average girls? Check. Tall girls? We're going to make you have ankle swingers for life.

  • Why did Boldly change to As/Is

  • Atleast you guys aren't 13 and 5,9---woooop.

  • 7:59 lolol

  • Just saying, my PE shorts are shorter than that dress.