Taco Bell $20 Value Menu Challenge (ft. Morgan)

Published on Apr 20, 2017
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This is actually a rather old video! You can tell my Morgan's hair cut lol.
Anyways, this is the Taco Bell $20 Value Menu Challenge! $20 of Taco Bell Food, before tax, off the value, drinks, and dessert menus.
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  • Matt stonie: *eats a burrito in a second* Morgan:*eats a burrito in 35 seconds*

  • I can tell by Matt’s face he wants to eat the rest of Morgan’s food

  • Does Morgan have a Channel?

  • Find you a girl who looks at you the way Matt looks at Morgans food.

  • Morgan eat fast

  • Would aliens think we're weird for watching people eat? 😂

  • This would be my last meal if I was in prison. Both your meals.. lol

  • Morgan 💗

  • Morgan always seems drunk and reminds me of the sloth in zootopia 😂

  • Morgan understands the concept of Tasting And Enjoying food lmao🤣🤣🤣

  • Your Friend is so high

  • There gonna get 🤯 diarrhea

  • Great example of "When I eat at home" and "When I eat in public"

  • this should just have been a mukbang

  • Morgan just takes his Tim and Matt is eating like a monster

  • Ill give u a head start

  • Morgan sucks at it

  • Back when Taco Bell used to have salsa verde

  • It is funny that when eating that quesadilla Matt just inhaled it but Morgan just has a make out session with it

  • There goes their toilets....

  • Matt Stonie's decedents will be able to unhinge their jaws.


  • I love how Morgan is just in it for the free food :)

  • The amount of fire sauce you have on your table is the amount that I consume for two burritos lol

  • I feel like matt doesn't eat his food, all his food goes into a separate compartment in his mouth that transports his food to another dimension...

  • Whats funny is when Matt eats a whole burrito while Morgan just finished his second chip 😂

  • Ngl this is one of the few challenges I actually think I could do, shame there’s no taco bells in England

  • whose older?

  • The title should have been “that’s a sh*t load of food 😂

  • If I did this challenge I would get 2 nachos, 4 spicy potato soft taco, 3 beefy frito burrito,2 cheesy rollers, 1 empanada, 1 tostada, pack of Cinnabon, 1 cinnamon twist, 3 chicken quesadillas, and 1 Baja blast

  • Ok so it’s 3 in the morning... that’s how I became a subscriber


  • I love watching Matt videos. You are awesome.

  • Man after Matt was finished he almost looked like he was still hungry looking at Morgans food.

  • I am so in love with Morgan. He is just a cutie pie🤗🤗🤗

  • idk fif its just me but i swear morgan was stoned or be stoned also he has to be one of the best friends u can have

  • Morgan eats so slow while Matt’s over there inhaling the food

  • This is too funny! Morgan is the best! Lol

  • I loves Taco bell with a passion But Matt must have been in the toilet for a long ass time with the shits

  • I wanna be that high

  • Ur not even putting sauce on ur shit u ain’t doing it right. U failed

  • His friend over there just taking his time just enjoying it😂😂😂 dancing and stuff

  • He stoned or wha

  • Why the fuck this other guy even in the video 😂

  • 5:13 is what good pussy sounds like

  • Are they brothers?

  • Who else’s is literally starving by the end of these vidios

  • Morgan is too funny 3:40

  • It feels like matt and Morgan are brothers

  • Morgan atempts to throw the foil and it sticks to finger ans sadly falls to floor

  • matt probably used morgan as a tooth pick after this video ended

  • i eat faster than morgan god dammit

  • matt stonie grave is gonna be infront of taco bell

  • What’s crazy is Morgan can eat a shit ton of food as well.

  • at 5:07 i thought Morgan's cinnabon just talked to him.

  • For just $20

  • The contrast of eating is great.


  • You now its a lot of food when Matt needs more Than 18 minutes to do it

  • Who knew.morgan could eat Soo fast

  • Lmao Morgan always cracks me up

  • Anyone in dec 2018?

  • They probably had diarira

  • R.I.P to their toilets

  • Okay but imagine him doing one of these videos high🤷‍♀️

  • Is it just me or y does morgan look like markaplier

  • Morgan is adorable

  • I loughed at Morgan for so long while his stomach was dying

  • I wish we had taco bell here in australia, i dont think ive ever had a hard shell taco maybe even a soft shell

  • When ur eating like a boss but ur partner is just enjoying his meal

  • Morgan is enjoying his order and Matt is just shoving it down

  • Why Morgan looks like Druaga1? Wth.

  • Matt, please chew your food

  • Pause at 5:26

  • Wish I had the money to do this. I'm hungry af

  • 5:43 no napkins oh no

  • I would’ve beat you taco bell is my soull DOUBLE L’s

  • The mini quesadillas and potato tacos can be spicy little fuckers. My condolences to your plumbing.

  • Fucking watching this and I have nothing to eat ...... Why? It's just making me depressed and hungrier.

  • the other giy cheded

  • 2 types of people infront of foods:

  • I love how Morgan is enjoying one chip at a time hahaha

  • Morgan looks like sleepy all the time

  • Morgan is like oh this a challenge let me start

  • Is Morgan retarded

  • I feel bad for your 🚽

  • Matt Stonie vs. *[Insert Food Review Channel Here]*

  • all that for just 20 dollars !!

  • Matt eats a whole burrito Morgan eats one chip lmao

  • Morgan like pussy

  • Morgan has always lived in Matt’s shadow and is now determined to be the opposite of his brother: The World’s Slowest Eater

  • This..... is a lot of food, think about the fact that if you go to a real actual restaurant, you can only get like, a burrito and some nachos for 20$

  • matts weakness. ICEEEEEE

  • So many Morgan Roast. But eh, HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (morgans laugh.) 😂😂😂

  • I like morgan enjoying his food

  • Lol I can eat lot of food I'm hungry

  • I’m just wandering why Morgan had to eat 23 things instead of 22

  • Hes obviously eating slow cause he probably can do better then the actual US-tvr

  • Anyone else just focused on Morgan savouring every bite?

  • I showed my boyfriend yalls channel and he said yall are crazy as f*** Lola he also said yall are showing America a great way to kill yall self but I on the other hand love yalls videos and want to try to do some my own great job love your videos