Taco Bell $20 Value Menu Challenge (ft. Morgan)

Published on Apr 20, 2017
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This is actually a rather old video! You can tell my Morgan's hair cut lol.
Anyways, this is the Taco Bell $20 Value Menu Challenge! $20 of Taco Bell Food, before tax, off the value, drinks, and dessert menus.
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  • Can we please get an answer on whether Morgan is stoned during these lmao. If not cool. If so cool. I cant take the uncertainty anymore

  • Im actually amazed by the amount of food Morgan can eat.

  • Morgan is like, “slow down, Matt, and taste your burritos!!!” 😂😂😂

  • Have mercy on Morgan people. 😂

  • Morgan is so cute 💛💛💛💚

  • Morgan eats like a princess lol

  • The perfect 4/20 challenge!

  • Also known as the Adderall vs Weed challenge

  • Morgan is a legend 😄

  • The day you realize matt stonie might be a stoner lamo!!

  • i watched this video and it increased my appetit that i ate my lunch the fastest i could i wasnt satisfied and wanted more, anyone else?

  • Matt is the reason children are starving in Africa.

  • I had Taco Bell yesterday and today am dreading sitting on the toilet.

  • Morgan "watch me make this disappear" *starts making out with the taco*

  • Anyone else notice Morgan put some of his cinnamon twist into Matt’s bag while he was gone 😂

  • I wish i could eat that fast...Mine took alot longer us-tv.org/tv/video-3AV4Gh8Dq8M.html

  • Matt's hair is so angelic... Anyone ever notice how soft it looks? Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • matt:*stuffing his face* morgan:*casually eating*

  • I mean... Morgan finished his food in better than half of Matts time. This is a man who has downed 113 pancakes in 8 minutes. I would say Morgan didn’t do too shabby.

  • Morgan makes love... Matt is NSA lol

  • I bet money food left y'all stomachs in 15 minutes or less dam shitty bells

  • cheat!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

  • How massive was your poop after this

  • Rip toilet.

  • Reminds me of times with my cousin..except we gain weight

  • 7.06 this is the first time i think matt is enjoying his food

  • Brain freeze is a bitch. I push my tongue against the roof of my mouth to keep that shit from hurting.

  • Morgans faded af lol 😂😂😂

  • Do yall ever feel like just going with Matt to get something to eat just so you can eat a bunch of food?

  • Morgan. You are the best!

  • Matt Stonie vs Reguler Person

  • Morgan taking his sweet time like come on

  • First

  • So I see why Morgan does like none of these eating challenges *WE WOULD BECOME BONES BEFORE HE COULD FINISH*

  • Don't Click Read More Savage

  • Watching Morgan eat is like passing by a cool VW bus on the way to a concert... It's just cool man!!

  • The brand new shirt is the most important part here ... love your channel . I rewatch your videos all the time !

  • Mark sucks

  • There are two ways my bunny will eat food and you can see both of them here.


  • I will like but tuck me up

  • anybody catch that fart @5:23?

  • ive just watched two grown men eating food, what am i doing with my life

  • So much fucking rubbish that got produced

  • Nice Brand New Tshirt : )

  • Dat nigga Morgan high as fuck

  • Morgan was already regretting it even before he started lmao

  • Is that your brother ,,, he's not manly more like a whimp...or high....wtf I want to punch his face

  • By the time Matt finished his first burrito, morgan had only had 1 chip

  • Yes i am rdy for round 2

  • $20 in Australia would barely get you 1.5 meals at any fast food place. Quarter pounder is around $7 by its self.

  • I love your channel

  • Are they siblings?

  • Morgan did way better than I thought he would. Nice job bro

  • 10:02 Morgan’s like fuck that, You have fun though...😂

  • Take away 2 secs for the things he put in stories bag

  • I'm more of a Morgan style competitive eater😂👍

  • How is taco bell so cheap in America :0

  • Took Morgan a whole month to take a bite

  • I bet it was like an earthquake with both of them on the toilet

  • This was the funniest one I've seen this was a great video

  • Bro Morgan is fried in this haha can't blame him I would be to

  • 2 nachos, 3 spicy potato soft taco, 2 cheesy roll ups, 3 berry Fritos burrito, 1 Cinnabon, 1 Baja blast, 3 mini quesadilla, 1 empanada, 1 cinnamon twist, 1 toastada, and one large Diet Coke(you know just to be healthy;) ) is what I would’ve got

  • I would’ve gotten what matt got but instead of 4 chicken mini quesadillas only 3 and 1 spicy tostadas and 2 more beef Fritos burrito

  • lmfao matt boy like fuck this im enjoying each flavor of this food lol... he is going like 5 miles per hour while matt on Lamborghini speed lol...

  • I love how morgan is just taking his time

  • Lol, Morgan did awesome for someone who’s not a competitive eater!

  • Morgan is definitely not like his brother but at least they both have Black Holes in their bellies 😂

  • Matt stonie eats like a pig

  • Morgan got more stuff and still came out to be less then Matt’s

  • Oh no poor Morgan! Brain freeze sucks. Good job guys 👍

  • Its a challenge and yet the mnn at the right is not taking it seriuosly

  • I think you're the 1st person to get brainfreeze from eating Taco Bell food...

  • Morgan is so slow lmao

  • Cheesy roll ups are my fav

  • That’s not bad for 20$

  • Taco Bell, try taco hell. Tastes like dog food

  • I clicked this video because i saw ft morgan and i though at last has he been risen has morgan freeman been alive all this time but allas it was a lie.

  • Why does Morgan eat so slow

  • Morgan so lazy matt..

  • ngl man we all came here for Morgan lmfao

  • Morgan: *daintily eats one chip* Matt: *smashes a whole burrito*

  • Who is the elder bro?

  • RIP Verde sauce

  • I love how Matt ate an entire burrito in less than 10 seconds, and Morgan ate a single chip.

  • Dude your brothers a tank lol

  • I don’t like going to Taco Bell anymore.

  • Morgan actually ate alot

  • Her brother is slowing down so his brother matt wins TSK

  • Round 2?

  • I love how Morgan savers every bite and Matt just shoves things in his mouth lol

  • Morgan cuts his hair 😢😢😭😭

  • o boy on the right taking his time. he putting sauce on and all

  • Matt ate a whole burrito in the time Morgan ate 2 chips

  • Matt: 3,2,1 go Matt eats fast Morgan picks up a chip and puts one in his mouth

  • You should have also gotten a new toilet on your way

  • He always slows down towards the end

  • When Morgan said I already gave you a head start 😂

  • Lol that’s a sleezy move leaving all the big things 😂

  • @ 9:01 did Matt call the drink Pop ?

    • Right I agree!💚 That's what I thought I heard...hee hee We weren't allowed to drink "pop" growing up but til this day I'll refer to that word as pop, grow up in Chicago. I thought everyone in California called pop "soda" . Fizzy drink is from a whole nother country I think lol

    • what the fuck is pop it’s called a fizzy drink

    • Lisa Mia Soda=Pop in some parts of the US, (Iowa, Virginia, ect.) it’s also preferance