Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 11.1.2018

Published on Nov 1, 2018
Check out the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct before the game's launch featuring exciting new game info delivered by director Masahiro Sakurai.
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0:24 - Masahiro Sakurai Intro
0:54 - Echo fighter introduction: Ken
1:57 - Incineroar introduction
3:32 - Ken character info
4:52 - Incineroar character info
6:26 - Fighter Select Screen
6:58 - New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo
8:12 - Spirits introduction
16:55 - Local Wireless and Online Play
21:56 - Assist Trophies
24:58 - Other Features
29:09 - New Mii fighter outfits
30:15 - DLC Development - CONFIRMED
30:55 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighter's Pass
33:06 - Piranha Plant introduction
34:15 - Piranha Plant character info
35:06 - Piranha Plant amiibo
35:27 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events
36:33 - World of Light cinematic
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available 12/7!
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  • 21:56 Dear god no

  • Lip from Panel de Pon finally got Acknowlege in Smash Bros

  • its actually now or next supersmash bros

  • why not shadow Sakurai

  • Everyone wants Waluigi in smash even waluigi himself so there is no way to never make it for Waluigi. He wants it and we want Him so you are traped by all of all the Waluigi comments. So,the only way to get out of the trap,it’s to add Waluigi in smash.

  • You’re a mean one MR. GRINCH

  • 37:21 now everyone not feel so good

  • bro i want the guitar version of the Ultimate theme that starts at 24:59

  • I'm just as hyped as anyone because I'm getting it for x-mas. who else is hyped to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

  • Actually there not dead there captured not dead

  • Everyone is not feeling so good.

  • 5.1K dislikes i hate people sometimes


  • 38:21 the 5 dlc characters confirmed


  • Waaaah ;(

  • 31:52 Please take a break, we're worried for your health.


    • Because piranha plant is more worth then waluigi

    • Because so many of you guys are harassing Sakurai to put waluigi in smash so he decided to add piranha plant to make y'all salty.

  • 40:18 for all those Fanboys out there saying, "Just because Shaunté is a Spirit doesn't mean she's not going to be in the game.", She's a spirit in the Storymode. STORYMODE!!! I know you all want her, but the fact that she's a Spirit in the Storymode makes her chances of being in very, very, very, VERY low. Sorry. Maybe she was planned but because of copyright and third party business and all that, the only deal they got from the owners was her being a Spirit.

  • What did the librarian say to the child Stop falling for these comments



  • Soooo...No Waluigi...NOOOOO!

    • where have you been for the past 6 months

  • ice climbers is back

  • I am confused about phirana plant. If u don't preorder can u still get him and u only get him for free if u preorder or what?

    • +RW_Thunder dude you are really helpful respect from me

    • Piranha Plant has nothing to do with Pre-ordering the game. To get Piranha Plant for Free you just need to register the game to your mynintendo account (for your points/gold coins) BEFORE 11:59pm PT January 31, 2019. Within 48hrs after registering the game, a download code will be sent to the email account linked to your mynintendo account. Use this code once Piranha Plant is available to download. If you do not register in time, you can still get Piranha Plant as payed DLC that will be available at a later date (after the free ones have gone out). The only Pre-Order bonus from Nintendo is pre-ordering/pre-purchasing the digital game from Nintendo or Eshop. You will get double the gold coins.

  • Who in the world sk for Pichu and Isabelle

  • SSF2 >>>>> SSBU

    • Okay, I mean super street fighter 2 is pretty good, your opinion.

    • Lava Networks OP is probably just mad Goku isn't in

    • SSBU is better. Smash Flash isn't even part of the series. It's a fan game. Admittedly a good one but still a fan game.

  • Ever since this direct was released, I've spent some time thinking, and I hope some people will agree with my views. I know a lot of people, myself included, have wanted Waluigi to be playable in this game. I'm aware the desire got bigger with the announcement of the Piranha Plant DLC. With the information from this Direct, we can only hope he will be playable as a DLC character. However, after spending time thinking, I've decided that him being playable doesn't really matter as much anymore. While still an Assist Trophy, Waluigi will get to do much more things than before. He will be fightable on stage (and last longer too), he can be KO'ed like playable characters and he will even fight other Assist Trophies. He won't be the only one capable of doing these things, of course. In other words, Assist Trophies, while not playable, have become major fighters in the game, and I think that's a great thing. Masahiro Sakurai wants Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be a huge video game crossover, not just for Nintendo, but other companies as well. Some characters like Bomberman and Rathalos, are Assist Trophies even if they have not been seen before in Smash. Characters like Ness and Shulk have allies to assist them with their Final Smashes. I think when Sakurai said "Everyone is Here," he literally means "EVERYONE is Here," just not in the way we expected. Regardless of what is to come and what everyone thinks, I look forward to playing Smash when it releases. Thank you Masahiro Sakurai.

    • Actually on the "Everyone is Here", Sakurai was talking about all the fighters from the previous game including their DLC fighters. In the E3 direct, after it says "Everyone is Here" on the big artwork showing all the fighters, Sakurai stated "Yes, Every fighter is Super Smash Bros History is joining the battle".

  • I can`t wait to play this in handheld mode, with 8 players, all Ice Climbers, all items and Palutina`s Temple.

    • +This_Ethan Thanks for your explanation, that didn't offend me at all I just asked why did you choose palutena temple! Edit: what about that cave from kirby?

    • Palutena`s Temple has moving platforms, I though that would make the fps go more lower. sorry for offending you. (Edit: Palutena`s Temple is also a pretty big stage.)

    • And ice climbers final smash and ditto! Also What does palutena temple has to do with that?

  • Can't wait to make my Toycon Mii fighter! \m/

  • Who thinks Ken sounds like Rick Sanchez?

  • Where is Sans's invitation to Smash Ultimate! Since Undertale is now on the Nintendo Switch, that gives Sans and the rest of the Undertale characters a chance to be in the game.

    • +Snowhue perhaps as a Spirit? I think that would be cool. (They could make Sans a Ness 😂)

    • Not happening

  • Since DLC is confirmed, I bet there will be a Smash DLC Direct next year

  • Now im moving to DLC Leaks: DLC leak Fighters: Character 1: Geno "Squares up"! Geno got in due to his Popularity and Sakurai has wanted him since SSB Brawl. Character 2: Tails "Flys In"! Tails was added to the Roster because Sakurai believed Sonic needed a new rep. And that Tails would be a good inclusion. Character 3: Banjo and Kazzoie "Bolts In"! Banjo Kazzoie was added due to his Popularity and Nintendo wanted a Microsoft rep. Character 4: Tingle "Tingles into Battle"! Tingle got in because Nintendo got to Choose the Final Newcomers and all the Nintendo Workers really love Tingle. Character 5: GameCube Controller "Plugs In"! The GameCube Controller is the last Character to join the battle. He is meant to be a Joke Character nodding at all the Competitive players. He walks on the 2 Grips of the Controller and can use his Buttons and Legs to attack. Stages: Geno gets: Forest Maze (Mario RPG) Tails gets: Tails' Plane (Sonic) Banjo Kazzoie gets: Spiral Mountain (Banjo Kazzoie) Tingle gets: Tingle Island (LoZ Wind Waker) GameCube Controller gets: Nintendo History (Nintendo) Forest Maze is Battlefield with a Forest in the Background, Tails' Plane is Very Similar to the Pilotwing stage, Spiral Mountain is a Moving Stage, Tingle Island has a Similar Layout to Sazaku castle, Nintendo History Changes between every Console and Handheld Nintendo has ever made each Console has a different Layout, Stage Hazards and Music. That Concludes the Information my Sources gave me. If I find more Information I will share it with everyone.

    • Nintendo said dlc will only be Nintendo character. Not third party.

    • State your sources.

    • Relax its just a leak it might not be real

    • Wtf ? Gamecube controller ?

    • Tingle is assist trophy

  • So much stuff Not waliweg


  • My top 5 dlc charecters should be 5.Toadette from Super Mario Bros 4.Captain toad from captain toad 3.Guards from animal crossing 2.Ghost from luigi's mansion 1.Monita from Nintendo land

  • Am I the only one who absolutely LOVED seeing Pirhana Plant as a new character? I loved the troll.

  • Ken: Hey Zelda why don't you come here? ;) Link: BACKOFF FROM MY PRINCESS

  • Ken: ok . Inceniroer: another Pokemon! Cool! Pirana plant WHAT!

  • please have something like subspace emessery...


  • is sow beautiful

  • 2:18 Ken: So, you wanna fight fire with fire huh. Incineroar: Egg

  • Does anyone know if all stages means “every single stage in the game” or just a handful nintendo selected for online play? I hope every stage is available..

    • GlitchMaster2 Yeah but how many of them are available for online play?

    • There's 103 stages in the game, with the majority being past stages, and a few new ones. 5 other stages will be coming with each DLC character (Piranha Plant doesn't count). All stages will be available from the start, removing the need for unlocking them all. Please understand that despite not *all* stages return, we're getting a lot of fan favorite ones.

  • Waluigi was not added as a character because... Nintendo forgot to say Wa- then just went with that

    • Or it could be because Waluigi doesn't have enough move set potential without making him a mix of Luigi and Peach.

  • Epic montage of everyone dying

  • ''I hope you look forward to the game's release.'' DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Really surprised there is not a single rep for yo Kai watch

  • Can you pout detective pikachu for one of the dlc?

  • 25:00 27:10 29:17

  • 36:34 world of light

  • Wait so we are just going to have to wait for online until we basically get all of the characters? Or do you need just your main or starter characters to play online?

    • Online is available from the start as always.

    • I believe that Online is available on the get-go.

  • (When we find out kirbys the only survivor) OK, WE GET IT SAKURAI

  • Sonic, dont help pikachu, because right now.... *UR 2 SLOW*

  • 37:33 I just noticed Sonic tried to save Pikachu. ;-;

  • 40:14 F Peach! Bowsette or Riot! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  • I like how 99% of the comments are about the last 5 minutes.

  • Well Waluigi is not in smash, but hey he's there in *spirit* !

  • Question is, how do you unlock all characters.

    • Unlock conditions have been streamlined, making it easier to unlock the full roster.

    • Amiibos, or just play a crap ton of matches.

    • World of Light, it looks like.

  • First Shadow too...kms

    • You shouldn't joke about killing yourself. You really shouldn't.

    • Snowhue I'm not serious dude😂 take a chill pill, I just really wanted them in the game

    • Kill yourself because a meme and a edgy hedgehog isn't playable? That's pathetic but okay.

  • I literally got hyped so much when I heard lyrics for the theme.

  • Marvel: Avengers infinity war is the biggest thing in history that kills off more than half of our characters. Sakuri: Hold my beer. Reggie: *Holds Sakuri's beer* It took me two weeks to think of this but it was worth it!

  • When Sakurai said that they couldn't add Rex because planning for characters had started before Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced, was he referring to all characters including DLC or just characters in the base game?


  • E G G

  • It says that up till now 72 characters have been revealed, and 74 if you count Pokemon Trainer as 3 characters. However, on the official website for the game, there are only 70 fighters shown, and one of those is only available as DLC (so only 69 if you ignore all DLC characters). So this leaves me wondering, what are the other 2 characters that are not yet shown on the official website?

    • There would be exactly 5 DLC characters. Each coming with their own stage and multiple music tracks. Waluigi won't be one of them because he's already an Assist Trophy. And I heard that Nintendo have already decided on the DLC characters.

    • Ok, I see my mistake. On the official website, I missed the fact that clone characters are listed as the same number as the character they are based on. So that messed up my count. There are actually 72 characters + DLC characters. And if you count Pokemon Trainer as 3 characters instead of one character, plus you count Piranha Plant DLC character, that is a total of 75 characters. So the question I would like to get answered is this. How many DLC characters are there going to be? Will Waluigi be one of them? I hear he's in high demand by fans.

  • Poor pikachu! Sonic slowed down to save him :c

  • 3:24 now we know who Wario is scared of

  • ok where tf is my homeboy Solaire?

  • RIP tails

  • 40:23 LIQUID!

  • The fact that Links shield was the only thing that could deflect them. If he was he's young OoT self he'd just hide under it. I wonder how that worked out since he IS there too 🤔.

  • 10:25 wait if theres galaxy man does that mean... O_O THERE PROBABLY ADDING ALL ROBOT MASTERS AS SPIRITS

  • Hey Nintendo! maybe you can make multiple echo characters for mega man the other version such as X or Volnutt?

  • I'm praying that Rex is a DLC character.

    • Sakurai just explained why he's not playable.

  • Where’s geno

  • Sakurai deserves 20 years of rest

  • You put shadow en 🏆

  • 😡😡😡😡😡ay really want Shadow in Smash but no you really put him en Sophie😠😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ay Was a Nintendo fan

  • Kirby Run

  • If I get the digital code for the game and fighters pass I still get piranha plant right? (On amazon) or if I preorder the regular on amazon. Thanks

    • Pre-ordering & Fighters Pass has nothing to do with Piranha Plant. To get Piranha Plant for Free, you just need to register the game to your mynintendo account before 11:59pm PT January 31, 2019. Physical games have to be registered manually, Digital games auto-register. Within 48hrs after registering the game, you will receive the download code for Piranha Plant in the email linked to your mynintendo account. Use the code once Piranha Plant is available to download.

  • Why did shulk not warn all of them????

  • Wait, so is Waluigi still on the table (for like a DLC or something?)? I MEAN, COME ON SAKURAI! YOU KNOW EVERYBODY WANTS HIM!

    • Saying that a small portion of the Smash fanbase wants Waluigi playable is too much.

    • "Everybody wants him" nope

    • People want him because of his memes so no

    • Sakurai knows that people want Waluigi playable. He knows very well. He also knows that most of that want is insincere.

    • Assist trophies won't be dlc

  • It’s the inklings first time in smash and they die...*claps* this is the world’s most best game in history...I got goosebumps from my childhood kicking in of smash and Nintendo itself

  • And Waluigi is unheard of.

  • 33:09 Legit I thought ya boi Waluigi was coming out, but nope! Sakurai why you bully me ;(

    • Waluigi is a stupid idea. Bandana Dee makes more sense than that.

    • Lava Networks what about ddr: Mario mix?

    • +Lava Networks He wasn't in the OG Mario 64.

    • If Warioware and Warioland never existed, I would. But because of those games, Wario has more of a background than what he would of just being in the spin offs. And Wario appeared in the main series Mario games. Not all of them, but his first important debut was in the remastered version of Super Mario 64 on the DS I believe. I think he was in the original Super Mario 64 but I don't remember.

    • Lava Networks can’t you say the same thing about wario and mario

  • I just realized what happened with Pit and Dark Pit. One Palutena got vaporized Pit and Dark Pit lost their flight since she gives them the power of flight. Since they can't fly on their own.

  • so now they are adding random side characters man everyone IS HERE i bet they will add shadow

  • Not a fan of spirits

  • Kenciniroar


  • You could maybe add Costco not as a fighter but as a DLC stage.

  • I hope the "Dedede Brooches" from Brawl make a reappearance in the story at least once, so it can be displayed whether or not they work in this scenario where the fighters seem to have been turned into trophies to use as moulds, as I do feel that bringing the brooches back could clear up some questions that would be asked otherwise or, in the case they fail, give more impact to how much more of a threat there really is in Ultimate.

  • The hype is real starting off with 8 characters and works your way throught the game and unlock more characters in total of 77 is just breathtaking!!!

  • 38:57 new opening for smash ultimate the anime

  • WHERE WLUGI SRRY if name seplled wrong

    • Which is why he's not playable. He's a meme. Nothing more.

    • +Superheavygun . there is a fan club out there for him and i just like him he is easy to make a meme

    • Because waluigi sucks

  • OMG Kirby made it!

  • Mewtwo: Pretty much a god that can survive almost everything but dies Kirby: An 8 Inch pink ball that lives

    • Huh, neat.

    • Better. Thanos only destroyed half the universe and needed the power of the Infinity Stones to do so. Kirby destroyed the entire universe, wields the Ultra Sword and is a living black hole.

    • Lava Networks So he's basically thanos?

    • Kirby is arguably more deadly than Mewtwo. Kirby destroyed the universe for a piece of cake.

  • eh would have bought the game sooner if banjo, wahluigi, and shadow were in it