Super Casual Get Ready With Me | Sammy Robinson

Published on Jan 23, 2017
Helloooo lovers

Here is a super chilled out get ready with me!! Hope you enjoyyyyyyyy

Outfit details:
Long sleeve- Bassike
Jeans- Glassons
Bag- YSL
Belt- Princess Polly
Products mentioned: (off the top of my head will update soon)
Becca Aqua luminous silk foundation in beige
Urban Decay Naked skin concealer in medium neutral and light warm
Laura Mercier translucent loose powder
Charlotte Tilbury micro powder in 4 dark
Gurlein Bronzer
Colour pop Single Shadows
Stila huge extreme lash mascara
Garbo and Kelly eyebrow pencil in Ash blonde
Benefit brow setting gel in blonde
Clarins Blush prodige 02 soft peach
Becca Shimmering skin perfecter in champagne pop
Hourglass panoramic lipliner in Eden
Colour pop liquid lipstick shade unknown
Bahama Mama Bronzer by the Balm
For any enquires please contact:
Find me on---
Snapchat- Samrobinson31



  • You're so genuine, Sam!❤️

  • I wish we could be friends - Love from Perth xx (the most boring city in the world)

  • u look better with your hair down

  • I can’t believe myself how I could miss this video 🤦🏽‍♀️ 💕✨💖

  • * A +...

  • where is your gold ring with the small circle from?! I keep noticing it in your videos but you never mention it, I love it!!

  • Just take a look how amazingly she is doing her work...

  • Omg loveee all this! Love your videos! I'm just starting out and you are such great inspo! xx

  • What is the name of your piercing? Xx

  • so pretty!! where is your watch from?!?! i lavvv it xxx

  • I adore you 💕🌹 so pretty

  • sammy, your spirit warms my heart. I am older than you by 2 years but you are someone i look up to. You have such a calm, confident presence about you that i admire and i am sooooo thankful for your videos.

  • are u a model!? ur so stunning xx love your videos also you should do boyfriend shops for me challenge

  • good !

  • Pretty sure the colourpop lipstick is the shade Trap! Looks similar if not! :)

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  • i dont want to be rude but doesnt she look like gigi hadids sister more than bella hadid does


  • Locate hungry meaning meal analyst close wild define.

  • You are absolutely STUNNING ! Omg

  • Love the makeup look

  • "I'm wearing my hair out. you guys proud of me?" me: yep.Hahahahhaa

  • have a nice day everyoneeeeeeeee!

  • what is the song that she used in the intro?

  • You remind me so much of gigi hadid

  • You have such a charming smile!! Love your videos 🙌🏽❤️

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  • If I had lashes like that I wouldn't be into falsies right now either lol

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  • What shade in the Guerlain bronzer are u?

  • I have a theory that all Australian people beautiful, like almost unnaturally pretty, what's in the water over there

  • Do you use a fake tan? If so what brand?! It's so natural looking! x

  • I love ur videos so much😭😍❤️

  • Why are Australians so FUCKING beautiful?? What's in the water? I want some.

  • You are a true spitting image of gig hadid and your features are gorgeouse.

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  • I'm new to US-tv and someone should go watch my video ☺️

  • Please do a skin care routine! Your skin is glowy, flawless and beautiful !!

  • You hair down looks absolutely stunning

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  • Gigi Hadid lookalike omg

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  • Het sammy I know you live in Australia but can you come to vidcon Europe?

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    • michael kors :)


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