Published on Aug 3, 2018
My Stepson Taylor is back for Round 2 of not being great with makeup! Today he guesses the prices of my favorite items. xo's ~ Tati
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Taylor Does My Makeup
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  • Yes to more Taylor!

  • Good for you Taylor! I'm 59 next month and most people still think I'm low in my 40th.... I already had 2 children and was turned down in a club for over 23..... I didn't have an ID with me so we had to go somewhere else. I felt terrible because it was a party from my husbands work....LOL. BTW you look so much like your father!

  • You should do a stepson buys my makeup challenge

  • “TaKe A LeFt” 14:43 I’m dying 😂😂

  • Hilarioussss!!! OMG...Love it!

  • I'm going to be 24 next week. I cashier at a store (for now) She thought I was 16 and going to have to have my supervisor to scan her wine -_-

  • hes 24 ? well damn

  • lost it when james said la mer as "lay-mer"

  • 24? And people say I look young holy jeez

  • Taylor is so cute! ♡😂

  • Can he please marry me 😭❤️🤤

  • He doesn't look 24 he looks 15

  • Hahahaha when Tati said “hey Siri” my Siri turned on

  • why can’t you just call him your son instead of STEPson

  • Just love Taylor. He is so polite and respectful. Perfect stepson and future husband ;)

  • He looks so much like the little boy from the movie, “We need to talk about Kevin” !!’

  • I really want a James vs Taylor makeup showdown 😂

  • Love this video it’s like family video time please make more

  • If we can get to 4.5 likes on this comment I will Dm Taylor to start a art & music channel you with me guys?!?

  • You‘re like Erin Brockovich of Make Up 😂😂😂

  • One time when Tati said Hey Siri it turned on my Siri and it tripped me out and slightly scared me lol

  • Make him singgggg

  • LAMER hahahahahahahahaha im dying

  • My grandparents live near Van Nuys Blvd.

  • I thought loubaton and Louis viton were the same...

  • Lmao I have Australian Siri too

  • You two have the funniest relationship.


  • I love you Tati you’re litterally my favorite US-tvr ❤️ keep going

  • You should come to Australia soon !!!!

  • Why do I want him to marry me omG

  • He's 24?!?!?!?

  • Ok I’m a new viewer here but I feel like the way she talks to him is a bit condescending. She teases him too much, I’m sorry

  • Wow I love him 😭

  • He’s gorgeous, I’m in love 😍😍 he is vibes ♥️

  • I am Australian and thats what my Siri sounds like

  • Wait ......step ........step son? Was her husband divorced? Im still ne to the channel The more you learn

  • Taylor and James really do look alike though

  • I thought it was called a dofa applicator until last year.😫😂😂😂

  • Tati is so supportive of his music, i love it❤

  • I wanna see his paintings!

  • my siri is an austrian man haha

  • “Look dad’s here” I’m crying 😂

  • he's h0t🔥👄

  • lol my seri went off as she said “Hey Siri”

  • I think I did worse than Taylor😅 oopsie

  • My Siri has been an Australian man for a couple years

  • He looks a bit like Shawn Mendes

  • Do a video of Tati guessing the price of his art supplies to see how many she gets right

  • Ok so we're just gona pretend like he doesn't look so much like Yoona from Girl's generation? The smile specially

  • Taylor said Louis Vouiton right bcz it is a french brand and lysm btw I've been watching you since litterally 2 days and already I love u

  • i only just watching tati but i love their family so much

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  • I dont know why but he so looks alike you

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  • i know he is Tati's stepson but dont they look almost similar

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  • Just started following you! Binge watching your videos and they are so entertaining! You are hilarious

  • he's a really smart guy, well spoken too it's nice to listen to him

  • Bro.... He's so amazing

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  • daddy

  • daddy

  • My siri is Australian too

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  • When you said hey Siri my Siri came on 😂

  • He's 24?? Hello there ;)

  • Omigosh. He’s so cute😍😂

  • When she said hey Siri it actually activated the Siri on my iPad

  • He is so cute it’s upsetting

  • im still dumbfounded that taylor is 24. i thought he was like 17 tops. im kinda relieved, actually, because i grew a serious crush on him hahaha. damn you tati, making me wanting what i cannot have. and im not talking about boojie makeup hahaha

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  • He sounds and looks exactly like James haha

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  • Very pretty..You do very awesome work...Thank you very much for this video

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  • I love their relationship it’s so pure and funny. Ignore all the negativity and let’s just enjoy the humor and the video altogether.

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