Stephen A. Smith and Scottie Pippen can't agree on Lonzo Ball's biggest issue | First Take | ESPN

Published on Dec 14, 2017
First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Scottie Pippen can't agree on Lonzo Ball's biggest issue.
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  • He’s only 20... and the lakers are still winning that’s all that matter at the end . He’s gonna get better and he’s a good team player

  • Agree with 99% of what Scottie said. However, LeBron has 3 championships, hit countless clutch shots and by no means is he a "passive" player. That was the story with LeBron early on in his career, but he changed that and has done so time and time again. Also, if you do a side by side comparison to MJ on clutch shots made, lebron's actually very comparable. Lastly, you would think Scottie would remember MJ passing it to Kerr for the clutch shot during one of their championship runs. But when MJ does it, that's not passive, it's the right play. If LeBron does the same thing, he's crucified for it....

  • Who??? Lonzo??? Bust!!!

  • 2nd all sports are fake so who cares if you are a Icon and can sell tickets youll be Good according to the NBA and fans all these games are staged and ran by Government so who cares waste of time having a opinion when its already planned

  • 1st off if i looked like scottie i wouldn't even come outside let known T.V. must need the money

  • Scottie broke it down really well. He is not going to be a top scorer, but given time he might develop other skills to still become elite one day. He definitely not there yet. If he wants to stay a starting point guard though he will have to step up his development. Right now, Rondo would be the better choice as starter.

  • He averaged 15 pts in college. Were people expecting him to come in the league and drop 25. Lonzo lead the NCAA in ast and increased UCLA wins. That's why he was drafted.

  • Pippen is soo calm.. I love this attitude

  • Shut up Stephen A Coon Smith....

  • Shot Broke Lonzo needs a whole lot of traiing to get better. Hope he does, but if he doesn't, I aint stressing it - we got Rondo.

  • Wait, wasn't Stephen A just saying Scottie was a nothing yesterday??

  • Lavonzo Ball?? You high Scottie😂😂

  • I can't even finish the video cuz scottie got shit all over his face what is that cuz?

  • Thank you Scottie, Give the kid a chance to grow. Lonzo will be a beast. LA would be stupid to trade him

  • Pippen is speaking truth, not even defending him. Lonzo never going to be a scorer but a very good team player who will learn by time and along with a good collective will do success.

  • The only reason we know about lonzo ball is because of his dad other wise he wouldn’t even be acknowledged

  • Smh watching 1:23 on May 9th 2018

  • Scottie sounds crazy he does not have to be a scorer to be aggressive so stop it

  • Scottie pippen is a very patient person

  • scotty killed it spoke like a legend

  • Lavonzo, Alonzo? 😂😂

  • Scottie has this face staring at SAS talk like bruhh stfu

  • Too early to criticize. Lonzo will be an all star some day.

  • Scottie spoke straight facts.

  • Lonzo Will be good not great. Scotte is right People expect him to be Kobe or magic. Maybe like Mark Jackson good pro and great team player.He Will not be Chris Paul or westbrook, at point. 17 8 10 assists. John stocton was great most assists alltime could score bit didnt go out of his way to. People used to score first guards like kyrie.

  • Did Scottie call him lavonzo ball?.. lol.. smh

  • Lafanzo and Alonzo will be great

  • By Smith's logic shouldn't Brandon Ingram - as a number 2 overall pick - also be looking to be aggressive and a scorer? Couldn't that be the dynamic on the Lakers, with Ingram being to Lonzo what, say, James Worthy was to Magic Johnson?

  • Read the book Makaveli 😅

  • Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) actually died of a heart attack.

  • kobe didnt even start his first year, eddie jones did, lonzo has better numbers than kobe rookie

  • Scottie put Stephen A in his place. He looks so mad when Mark or Matt or what ever agreed with Scottie.

  • Stephen A Smith gets schooled.

  • Gonzo

  • Give Lonzo a Break...Kick Lavar's Ass!

  • This retard who won 6 chips cause of mike, doesn't have a clue what he is talking about...

  • IF Lonzo's dad had NEVER came out and said such craziness about Step and MJ then Lonzo would of still went early in the draft due to his amazing skills and everyone would be saying..... "This Cat Can Play" and will be a future star but since his dad did the things he did and put such a BIG X on Lonzo's back everyone wants to pick apart his shooting. What part of Magic didn't select Lonzo to be the Lakers Top Scorer don't you haters get? Being the top scorer on the team is not Zo's job. Period. Kid has raw special talent and in time all the haters will have big time pie on their faces. Time will tell and Good Luck to Lonzo and the Lakers. Time, a true Veteran player or 2 and they will be gunning for Championships.... IMO

  • Luke Walton and Zo have issues. Zo with the preseason coach were fine where he won preseason MVP. Luke Walton pulls him during weird times of the game - like half way into the first quarter to get back at his big mouth father. Now that lakers lose 6 in a row without Zo we all know why.

  • SAS STFU bitch they need to 🔥 ur garbage azz ASAP

  • I watch Lakers games because of Lonzo. Not even a Lakers fan.....without Lavar's mouth most of us wouldn't even give a single dime about them Lakers.

  • Thank you Scottie!!! Tell that clown that he's a god damn retard and shouldn't be a sports analyst... the man is a CLOWN.... can't analyze shit and has a job only because he talks funny... pfff... fire that damn clown... doesn't know good basketball if it hit him on the head... Steven A... you're a freakin' CLOWN... STOP TALKING!!! YESTERDAY!!! Not now... YESTERDAY!!!

  • Yes, let him grows but his Dad is jabbing his mouth and putting too much pressure on him...His Dad said the Lakers will make playoff this year...Where is he now??? the Lakers is close to the bottom and a lottery team this year, God....Shut your big mouth old Man Ball...Let your son develops his game and plays without pressure..Damn By The Way thanks for let the Celtics know ....don't draft your son...And thanks for giving the Celtics has a big chance to draft a top pick this year from your son team Lakers loud mouth..Hahahahahaha

  • He will never be as good as magic or kobe but he might be as good as rondo in his prime one day.

  • Pippen with that genius old head.

  • Scottie pippen is the man.

  • Stephen A Smith out here talking trash

  • Lonzo daddy is the problem. He won't let lonzo have his time in the sun and is causing problems for him with the whole lakers organization and the fans. I feel bad for the kid. If I was him I'd tell my dad shut up you don't speak for me in a grown man back up you no longer play in the nba I do and all your doing is causing me and my brothers problems. And if you want me to succeed you'll step back and let me have my career. As of right now I'm the only ball that matters

  • Lonzo is a busta. #2 pick. Get the fuck out of the nba.

  • Pippen must be off the pipe he sounds better. Sounds like a straight hillbilly.

  • Kobe averaged 15 minutes a game? Wtf

  • He’s a rondo at best which is not bad but yall expecting to much

  • At 3:36....Steven A. looking down at his notes like, " argument is null and void." lmao

  • I agree with Scottie....Stephen A. a jackass ...I know that what Scottie thinking.... Ball already showing improvement..the kids gonna be fine...his dad put a target on back... Long story short Stephen A. and Ball's dad are two loud mouth jackasses

  • I agree with scot

  • this is the first time since the 90's that i hear pippens voice

  • Steven look like he left half his hair on the flight..

  • So if lebron came in the nba doin the samething what would everyone be sayin🤔

  • Stephen A isn't asking why he isn't scoring much...he's asking Scottie why isn't he aggressive? You can be aggressive in other ways than scoring. Scottie and max need to answer the question.

  • Lonzo was raised by LaVar to be passive. He has to be passive just to survive in Lavar's shadow and mouth.

  • ty Scottie pippen, these idiots don't know shit, Nash only averaged 15 his career, magic only averaged 18, Jason Kidd as well, we all expect him too score 30 a game, that's not his game ( he actually is getting a lot better as of these days ) last 5-6 games hes averaged about 14 a game, and still grabs 8 rebounds and 7 assist, he's gone from 7 a game to almost 10 a game, with 7 assist and 7 rebounds, rondo averaged 6/3/3 his rookie year, kidd averaged 9 a game his rookie rookie year, the kidd will be fine, his shooting is much improved and his defense has too

  • why pip's lips slowly look'n like stallone's?!

  • The reality is that Carmelo Anthony is a gunner that effects the teams passing fluidity. There's a reason why the Nicks are doing better since Carmelo's been gone. Its because their passing game is finally in order now that he's gone. Carmelo would be better coming off of the bench to give the team a point boost.

  • Gawd, why is SAS harping so much on this kid. Guess cause he to prideful to switch up his argument. He gon end up lookin more foolish than he already seems w/ this. Scottie should be a GM, he's spot on regarding Lonzo's growth thus far.

  • All you hear is. He s not a scorer, he s not a scorer. Why take the motherfuka at number 2 then? If he s a pass only point guard then he s a bust. Plain and simple. Number 2 pick for a role player? What?

  • he doesent have confidence Simple

  • Pippen is cool, calm... and, well, correct. Steven A. I respect you. But, I gotta get in ya. You have lost credibility here for two reasons. I’ll warn you now: NEVER compare Lonzo Ball to Jason Kidd. Please. Lonzo’s been in the league about two seconds and even I can already see that this comparison of yours is boffo. Second, you said around 5:15 in the video that Lonzo isn’t looking to/isn’t successfully creating shits for his teammates. Jesus Christ, man. Please. Stop talking. Now Pippen, on the other hand, has peeled back for us another layer of his basketball genius. Why? He understands the ramifications of basketball IQ where it concerns Lonzo Ball. To exhibit Lonzo’s b-Ball IQ at 19? Um, please, that’s earth-shattering. Pippen gets it, and that we can chill and be patient for the rest to come bc when you have that level of know-how and are showing up as a Court General in basketball games the way Lonzo is, AT 19?! Bruh. That’s bone chilling. Pippen understands about a player playing well within himself-successfully. He knows what he’s seeing when he’s watching Lonzo. Steven A, you do not. Finally, Steven A. Stop talking so much about Lavar every time you talk about Lonzo. Lonzo’s got this under control. He’s composed and ready. Trust me, Steven A, you’re alot more worried about Lavar’s mouth than Lonzo is. Lonzo is too busy carrying out his business like a consummate professional on the basketball court. 😏

  • writing off? listen lol some players with true raw talent you can tell all they need is time and development. ive been watching basketball all my life. one look at this kid i know he's a fail... the lakers scouts and management is fucking retarded and blind to take this kid.

  • I'm shocked and disappointed no one gave the obvious and correct answer. Lonzo Ball's biggest issue? Lavar Ball.

  • Lonzo Ball! Not Alonzo Mourning, Scottie! Bring yo ass to the 21st century!

  • "A Lonzo Ball". 😅😃😂

  • To say Lebron is not aggressive or not clutch is a lie. The best player in the world is not aggressive? Come on Scottie

  • This isn’t showtime and the team has its own identity. Walton is trying to get the team to buy into smart and efficient basketballs.

  • all he has to say is that hes summer leaugue mvp jus giv him time facts

  • i did notice lavar had alot more confidence in college, atleast a couple of games,wait until he is madd comfortable on the court i think he will atleast be scoring 18ppg

  • Pippen keep talking but with the rough playing game back then if you had LeBron you wouldn't be having those 6 rings you should be kissing Jordan's but!!! LeBron can't close in finals in today's soft game back then he woulda got chewed up...

  • Magic drafted him #2 to be the next Magic. He is not close to being as good. That is a problem. When Magic was 19 he was a much much better player than Zo.

  • his stats dont help his team. he just plays for stats and the lakers just baby him instead of letting him work his way up to be great like kobe did

  • Lonzo has to become a threat on offense, he can’t jus bring the ball up and run to the corner his whole career

  • Scottie forgot more about basketball than any of these clowns ever fucking knew.

  • God DAMN Stephen A is stupid! He does not understand a word what Pippen's saying and still he's screaming as if he's arguing to the point.

  • Scottie is on point there! SAS is wrong, as usual.

  • Hey Stephan A. Shuuuut uuuup!!

  • Y’all see that sweat on Pippens face?

  • I dont get the conflation with passiveness and scoring.

  • Oh Stephen A just talks so loud all the time to get his crazy opinions across and to win an arguement....

  • Scottie out here talking that bs gospel about LeBron being passive and not clutch. Knowing it's not true but to concede that would be to acknowledge that LeBron is the GOAT.

  • Stephen A. be needing to stfu sometimes. He sucks his own dick.

  • fuck lonzo lol... alonzo ball all day baby!!

  • Spot on Scottie.

  • Steve A is ALWAYS the DEVIL'S ADVOCATE... For WE KNOW WHO. FACT! Scottie's RIGHT ON.

  • SAS the most bias mofo and money grabbing fool. yup being passive is the wrong way to play in the nba. yup lebron being passive and winning 3 rings and other great achievements is a bad thing. oh well i guess nothing is going to please SAS. i wonder what happen to andrew bennett, i guess he was too passive too

  • Scottie Pippen is right SAS shut tf up SAS

  • The problem with Stephen A is he has completely fantasizes this idea of how an NbA SHOULD look, how the hell you gonna argue with a 6 time NBA champion on how a rookie looks td

  • Lavonzo Ball

  • No tippin' Pippin', lol, tsk, tsk:)

  • Lonzo is 19 and we expecting him to be an all star already lmao dude just got his driver license like 2 years ago

  • As laker fan we should’ve kept deangelo Lonzo is shit his shot is shit and if he doesn’t change it he’ll be out of the league in 3 years

  • Scottie is 100% write

  • Lebrun was always taking and usually making the clutch shot in his early Cleveland days and plenty in miami....sooo

  • Lavonzo hug can beat Alonzo hall