Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

Published on Sep 10, 2018
Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”
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  • Max, Why is he shouting ??????? Utter nonsense. Stupid comments by him. Hope ESPN avoid him next time.

  • The Liberals and their own Medias simply create left wing fake News .they know if they simply come up with any off wall or of the cuff allegation then use it as their own party allegations as fact and then theses despicables make it their own top story so it's easy for them to be in their own constant Media lime lights by simply making any accusing statement and then these Demented Liberal democrat Media bahoons make their accusing be as if its real News .Fact Liberal CNN, ABC ,AND NSNBC are a the major Media threats to all truth and valid Journalism today which is why I refuse to ever listen or watch these well dressed Liberal News Anchors give their one-sided or lopsided backbiting News Now think name any day or even one positive News report on the New President theses snobby Liberal aholes Medias have done at all .Now fact you can't despite the thriving economy they jerkwads still refuse to do any positive Articles which proves how unethical and mean spirited they prove they are .

  • Hey serena see what happens when you sellout for white dick 😂

  • Our Supergirl Serena has vowed to „fight for women‘s rights“ in order to avoid a repitition of the „unfair“ treatment that she received during the US Open Final, that is „You cannot do this to me just because I am a woman“. Maybe if Serena had known about these statistics, she would not have spewed such nonsense during the US Open final recently. Perhaps she will now be fighting for MEN‘S rights in tennis .. similarly, Katrina Adams would not have talked about the „double standard“ in tennis, in support of Serena : She at least should have known the reality of the situation before talking such garbage ! All Fines, 1998-2018 Men Women Racket Abuse 646 99 Audible Obscenity 344 140 Unsportsmanlike Conduct 287 67 Coaching 87 152 Ball Abuse 49 35 Verbal Abuse 62 16 Visible Obscenity 20 11 No Press 6 10 Time Violations 7 3 Best Effort 2 0 Default 2 0 Doubles Attire 2 1 Late for Match 1 1 First-Round Retirement 2 0 Totals 1517 535

  • If Naomi was white, Serena would say that she lost because she is black. Serena, stop it! Your time has passed, you are already old for sports, sit with your child, it's time for young people. You are already a legend, stay with it and go with dignity. Enough of hysterics

  • Yeeeah...serena was defiantly in the wrong and her childish sjw tantrum proves it.

  • She couldn't take it she got out classed with ease by an Asian. That's where the real pain comes from.

  • Seems like max wanted a raise

  • Stephen A. on point as usual.

  • Max sometimes just wants to get the approval of BLACK AMERICA. (which I don't fault him) but he was wrong

  • Ghetto came out and the crowd sucked as well.

  • If you don't watch tennis or understand their rules and say they wronged serena, you may be retarded

  • Coming from a man who has NEVER played anything but cards....Please

  • Lol! This guy is so full of crap! He's blaming the chair umpire to make himself look good in the liberal media circle.

  • and come back after his period over

  • Hey Kellerman what do say when Serena threatens females judges is that sexism

  • Max needs to go shave his pussy and

  • I don't think that u should summarize her as a bad person by a wrong she has done humans make mistakes but also do good . In our lives we do more good than bad but a mere bad gets a lot of criticism rather than a lot of good deeds for which one should receive appreciation. It was a bad act of sportsmanship but we shouldn't forget that she has set very good examples in the game too and think of her personality by just this act. Though she should apologize for this act as I find criticism good for realizing ppl the wrongs they have done.

  • The first commentator is so unprofessional, to say she is correct is like to say lots of people are murderers and so if I do murder someone is OK. Rules are rules this happens all over the world with sport stars they think they should get special treatment, this is not the first time she has done something like this. Serena is and will be the greatest feminine player in tennis history, second commentator you are really objective so well done

  • What controversy? She misbehaved, she was verbally abusive, she was a bad sport. THE END.

  • The one thing I like about that match was that both women Were American citizens. But neither of them represented America. Strange ain't it? Y'all not looking at the whole picture.

  • 1. This guy needs to breath. His tone is really annoying 2. Serena....After this episode youtube was suggesting more "reactions" from her. You know what? if you can't behave.....go home. Male, female.....I agree 100% with the punishment.

  • Lay off the crack mate.

  • This idiot talks about baseball (wtf) then he says he grew up in the Connors, McEnroe era, guess what? McEnroe and Connors didn't do that stuff in a final of a GS tournament and take the limelight away from the victor. A young champion that didn't get to enjoy the greatest day of her life because a diva couldn't handle losing and she decided to play the victim card.

  • Serena's mad. Is she(?) mad because she got badly beaten by a better player or because her jockstrap broke?

  • McEnroe was penalised and fined over and over again. He actually has an impressively long list of punishments so for him to act like McEnroe would've got away with it is pure nonsense.

  • Can I jump in guys Can u please jump the fuk out the window

  • Lol token SJW white guy 😂😂😂 come on man

  • Must be a leftist channel fuk me never watch again

  • Fuk me that white guy on the right is a complete idiot....

  • First guy needs to stop eating soy

  • Serena was wrong but the ump was extreme

  • Why does Stephen A. have to confirm every time there's a race discussion that he's a black man. You are Stephen A.? I thought you were Filipino.

  • Max, please shut up. - Everybody else on earth

  • Fucking bitch, fuck you. It is always a mans fault, men do so much more fot this world than women, and that is how you treat us, we are stronger and faster, he was a veteran, he did more than Serena

  • She knew she was dealing with a more strict chair umpire. She shouldn't even made a glance at her coach during the game. And when you watch the whole video she just wouldn't stop arguing with the coach. Then the higher up officials had to come out. It was ridiculous, it was constant non-stop! It's like a customer at a retail store who's wrong but there arguing with the employee, then the manager and they just won't shut up.

  • Needless to say, Serena was absolutely outplayed by Naomi and that’s why she lost. Second, Carlos Ramos was absolutely right with what he did. Giving her a first warming for coaching (when there’s a suspicious sign or action by the coach players do get warming and Serena should’ve known that with her long career), a second warning for breaking the racquet which ended up as a point penalty and third warning for threatening the umpires career, asking for an apology and calling him a thief. She should’ve known that being aggressive to the umpire and linesman could cost her the whole game from the semifinals against Kim Clijsters. Well, basically it was her fault nothing to do with wines right or sexism and she showed no class.

  • So what are the other 2 saying, that a referee should only enforce rules if it won't make a big difference to the match? That Lebron must not be called out for a violation if the game is a championship decider? That Serena must be given leeway because she is a champion and this is the finals? What sense does that make? It was plain and simple that what Serena did was unacceptable. There's no need to bring any other angle to this. The coaching violation may not have been in her control but the racquet abuse and verbal abuse were entirely in her control. She breached them, and got penalized for it. End of story. Stop making a big deal out of this.

  • Also wrong for having too much in her jeans !! Genetics testing ?

  • 1:22 Yes he did!

  • If you see every second of the actual footage Ramos' giving a game penalty not even close to suspicious or excessive. Serena was ridiculously over the top. And McEnroe was ruining the game of tennis. There's never been anyone who got away with his crap since then. They were like, never again after him. Lol. McEnroe was not an exception to the rule. He was the whole entire season why the refs are so strict now. To answer if it was sexist I just ask myself two questions, if it was me or McEnroe who acted like that, throwing a tantrum for that long, that excessively, would either of us be surprised by it? Nope! Maybe upset, but no man in their right mind could ever think they didn't maybe deserve a game penalty if they'd done what she did.

  • Good Lord. Shup up You stupid idiot.. so disturbing the way he talk.

  • What sort of a cuck is this guy on the right....

  • The hypocrisy .... what kind of example was her behaviour for her daughter?

  • The world is nuts to even give any airtime to Serena's "justifications". She should retire .. I will never watch another match involving her.

  • Who cares,the shits over and fake news is going to ware the shit out of this. I'm waiting for Trump to be blamed for this. ESPN is a Liberal shit network anyways and I'm sorry I happened upon this worn out topic anyways. Go Kirk Schilling.

  • Are you kidding me. To call it sexist is what is wrong with everything right now. Serena berated him constantly for a while and it was only when she called him a thief did he finally punish her. He talks about Mcenroe era and how they got away with so i thought i would watch a video of his outbursts and the very first one he calls the umpire a Jerk and gets a code violation and gets another for racket abuse. the one after it he said "bullshit" and got a code violation. As far as i can see from my limited watching it seems like men get it too WHEN YOU BREAK THE RULES.

  • Max is usually wrong, and this time he was totally wrong.

  • The guy in the blue tie is a buffoon.

  • 1:50 Time has changed.using abusive words should be banned.serena was crying????? has to be the umpire crying because of those abusive words..

  • What a loads of bollocks, all props to the umpire

  • respect for Stephen A. Smith even he said it clear !enough of this fat cow she insulted all men with her words !

  • Kellerman is a douch bag lol

  • tennis must be a shit sport, when a player threatens the line judge and even walks up to her in a threatening manner! SHUD HAVE BEEN CHUCKED OUT of the court, even in men's soccer it wud be a straight red card!

  • Sweet just as max says, if i kill someone at a pivotal moment. People should look the other way!

  • ESPN should get rid of Max. I can't stand watching that jackass speak.

  • Why doesn’t anyone state the obvious! Serena is a total pig, we all know that! BUT, who would even give a shit about women’s tennis, if she didn’t constantly act like an ass!

  • It's a Tranny, he is upset loosing to a women, she is just a bad man tennisplayer

  • Skip to 310 to skip Max hearing himself talk

  • Stephen a is a logical person

  • A real winner, is a good loser, have some respect for the winner, ESPN sucks, give me a break

  • Pls only casuals say this is sexism

  • have some respect for the umpire god damn

  • Sexism??? wtf?

  • The guy is a FUCKWIT!

  • Why is Serena is held to such a high standard?

  • LMAO this guy.

  • Dumb

  • You, the first guy, I don't know who you are bcoz I don't want to know who you are. You just burble too much to prove your bullshit. Fuck you and just admit that Mr. Serena is wrong already. Will ya?

  • dude seems like he didn't listen to all the crap she said and how long she ranted. GOAT of women probably; wish we could see Court vs her

  • Rules are rules morons.

  • Willy Williams suck ass

  • Fuck Stephen a Smith that's all I can say

  • lemme guess that soy boy max kellerman disagrees with Stephen.

  • And the ump. Fuck me are two syllables two much for you.

  • Is this guy out of his mind?

  • Why is the white dude yelling?

  • What a shit show. How does Max Kellerman have a job?

  • Max Kellerman is such a fucking puppet.

  • The 'the melt down qeen' took away Naomi's glory not the Ump. Screaming the currently 'woke' word list dose not make this moronic woman a hero. Ump did not cost serena the game, Naomi was better.

  • everyone breaks the rules so she should be allowed to break the rules too. umpire should not do anything. and then blame the umpire for not maintaining the balance of the game- mad max logic

  • Couldn’t agree with steven a more

    • Stephen A said he thought the Umpire was just as much to blame multiple times.

    • Where is Waldo no I think Serena was

    • You think the Umpire was in the wrong?

  • Serena’s so sweet, I feel so sorry for him.

  • Serena Williams is a spoiled entitled brat. The atp should have suspended her for this scene she caused.

  • Max is as big a low IQ coward as Serena is. ESPN is finished.

  • its white peoples fault for being born. racism exits against white people as well.

  • Max Kellerman is an idiot.

  • Can't stand that white privilege MUTHERFUCKER..

  • Who is this first guy....what a it all wrong

  • Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity! She has a lot of ego to think that she can verbally harass anyone and get away with it!

  • Yes she's suffering from postpartum depression. Did you see how swollen her face was? She's not 100% mentally at this time.

  • Serena is under a lot of pressure to win as the face of an entire sport. You can see it in her eyes, she cannot accept failure, she has to justify it somehow. Her ego is taking over. His is not healthy. Her friends and family need to call her ass out, cause this is a dangerous trend for her personal well being

  • For once Stephen A was right about something

  • Best Woman player for sure. Get real on best overall player

  • The judge didn't anything to take the moment away. The person throwing the tantrum did that. Serena is the one who threaten to shove a ball down an umpire's throat in the past. She is out of slack.

  • That girl was just whooping Serena's ass, and she couldn't handle it snd had a meltdown!

  • Sam being garbage again , i never miss anything this guy say

  • Serena has always been a bad looser and in that final she was clearly beaten. This incident is a disgrace for tennis and complete disrespect for her opponent! Naomi showed, what future women's tennis will look like!!!

  • Serena plays tennis, don't know the rules of conduct lol

  • max is an idiot