Stephen A. says Serena Williams was wrong for 2018 US Open controversy | First Take | ESPN

Published on Sep 10, 2018
Stephen A. Smith says Serena Williams was wrong about the way she approached the chair umpire, adding that when she brought the issue of sexism into the argument, “that’s where she lost.”
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  • Such a bad woman

  • The guy at the start is a pussy , scared to go against women and the truth

  • She completely overshadowed Osaka’s first grand slam win, a very selfish act

  • That white beta shemale is afraid of the race card for sure. This is America after 8 years of Obama

  • Those who know tennis know Serena was wrong. What these NBA American guys will say ?

  • serena to much OA accept the fact that u lose the fight hahahahah

  • 0:56 Stephen A has learned to shut down his system while Max is talking

  • Max you're a fucking idiot.

  • NO Stephen A.... She is the GOAT of Womens Tennis not of Tennis itself

  • Serena was the one who stole the light off Osaka with her whole Sexism bullshit

  • She was wrong it’s not discrimination, it’s against the rules , people say but other men yell at refs .... yes but have you ever heard of DIFFERENT REFS

  • The thing is novak, nedal amd venus didnt conduct themselves in th same idiotic way as serena did. Any umpire would done the same.

  • While the umpire could have overlooked Serena's violations, he still had the authority to enforce each one of them. It was really up to Serena to move past this regardless of her personal feelings, refocus on the match, and take her grievances through the proper channels after the match. Greatness doesn't always mean you get it right or act appropriately and unfortunately, she let her emotions get the best of her. It left a nasty stain on this match and tarnished Osaka's triumphant moment!

  • max is a moron. i use to think he knew shit. He doesnt.

  • Serena has lost respect and credibility for acting like a whiny SJW bitch.

  • male players who throw their racket "all the time" like the women on this show said also receive code violation penalties. Serena threw a tantrum and maybe she didn't deserve the first violation but it is still uncommon for a player to receive a single violation in a match let alone 3. Even if they were controversial decisions she still ruined Osakas moment and she has lost the little respect i had left for her due to the way she has dealt with losses over the course of here career. Good riddance when she retires

  • ESPN does it always , each one of the panelist takes one extreme side and start sucking up

  • Stephen A. Smith is the funniest guy as a Kevin Hart!

  • January 2019

  • Obviously she was but in this #metoo year people are slightly biased towards ladies so they are having a tough time seeing Selena wrong.

  • That white guy sounded so incredibly stupid, serena was wrong 102% she simply doesn't know when to let off the gas

  • max is an idiot and i will never watch first take because of him

  • Max is a product of our time; he can't speak his mind because of possible negative feedback....aka white man privilege. Stephen is allowed to because of years of struggle. Anyhow, Stephen's points were stronger. He had proof that the chair umpire has a history of making these calls on both the men and women's tour. The lady in the middle is only there because she's a woman(sorry, I don't know her name). She mentioned that men slam their rackets all the time....and they get fined and penalized all the time. It's ok to be emotional but have facts when you're debating.

  • Max "S.J.W." Kellerman

  • Stephen is a homie. The other two......don’t talk to me.

  • wtf is wrong with y

  • Ryan Reynolds..stay in hollywood..dont commentate beta-male

  • What ever Serinas ratchet.

  • "They should just look the other way " Max is losing me on this argument

  • It’s tough for a dominant athlete to get beaten so convincingly. That still doesn’t excuse her ridiculous tantrum.

  • Just so you ESPN stars know, "this referee" is recognized as the best umpire in action today. He is the best ténis referee and you are just mad Serena lost. If her coach admited he gave instructions it's because he knew the umpire got him and there's footage supporting it. And no, Molly, you don't play tenis. When you get a warning and don't stop your erratic behaviour, it will accumulate and award you worse penalties. Blaming the referee when he was right was a disgrace in this show.

  • Serena lost to a man barely in the top 100. How could she be the goat when she isn't even the top 100 today?

  • Serena cheated, threw a temper tantrum, lied, blamed other people for her loss, and embarrassed the entire nation on international television. Kellerman is the biggest cuck on ESPN and that's a hard competition to win right now.


  • Kellerman is always about racism, sexism and homophobia.

  • I agree with the black man...

  • Ohhh its nearly time for the Melbourne Meltdown. Cant wait!!!

  • Mr. Serena Williams is a bad loser worse than Nick Kyrgios and Marcos Baghdatis combined

  • These assholes are cucks

  • No you idiot, Serena took it away.

  • Definition of Cringe...Serena William's and the crowd booing..gross and disgusting

  • Saying Serena is wrong is actually wrong. If you know Tennis you know she broke the rule. True: however every fucking coach does this. Every player does this. You need to ref fairly. If you call her out for it you have to call all of them. Pure and simple which is what she is saying. Every major male player does it. She wants fairness. She didn’t get it. If you can explain why it’s ok for some people to do it and not others than please do. If you are just going to state it’s agains the Rules no one is debating that not even Serena.

  • How pathetic she was wrong and played the sexism card mother card black card every card she had to get her way. Open your eyes people

  • What gets me is that someone tapped Serena Williams. Who was drunk or high enough to think " hey that's good enough to tap" that's 5 paper bags worth of nasty ugly.

  • Bruh what no way I tougth this happened like a year ago or something,something's wrong here,I remember September 10 I don't think this happened that day.

  • As I wrote at the time to a "brotha", and he loved it. "Basically, Serena is full of her own self importance and deserved everything she got. She is an insult to everything she claims to stand for and has set so many things backwards because of her petulance and infantile hissy fits. I have been complaining quite a lot recently about tennis stars acting like they owned the word, instead of them owing the world everything. A prime example was Djokovic, who I suspect has been put firmly in his place by all around him because he is now acting more like an adult and not a spoilt 6 year old. Did you see the match when a kid couldn't understand when he was called out and penalised for hitting a ball into a chair umpire's eye and injuring him "because everyone does it". And that is what Williams and her ilk are responsible for. She should be ashamed of herself and apologise to the world. fyi I have read and watched reactions and reports from around the world and the telling thing is that the only country where Williams gets support is the USA, which is also an indictment of the sorry state the USA has sunk into. I remember JFK with his ”My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Trump, Williams et al : "My fellow Americans, ask not what you can do for your country, ask how much your country can subsidise and support you, whilst you avoid doing anything remotely meaningful in life."

  • The way I look at it think of it like a ticket sure the cop might not have been justified in the initial ticket but how you react to him is dependent on you if you assault an office Bc of a dumb ticket you shouldn’t blame the officer the first violation might not have been necessary but 2 and 3 were solely on her all she had was a warning everything else that actually made a difference was Bc she was a crybaby

  • If she were a man, federer would still have been the goat. She would never have been able to get past nadal at paris.

  • if Serena was a man they would all be happy with the decision except people don't care and if you say a women is wrong your reputation could be ruined. I know that men use to get away with it a few decades ago but now officials crack down on rules. if I was to call someone sexist it would be Serena as she just says your a man , I'm a women therefore if you say I'm wrong your sexist. Playing the gender or race card ECT isn't equality , if you can do that you have the upper hand in society (something like that was said by the late xxxtentacion, rip x)

  • its so blatantly obvious Serena is in the wrong, and just whining because she lost


  • Fucking leftist idiots

  • huge morons

  • Agree with Stephen A!

  • Djokovic got the same treay ment just for shouting

  • not only Serena acts up. But she does it that worse times during championship matches. This is not first time this has happened in the U.S Open with her. It is a mental weakness to be able to move on from any perceived in justice. She is a 37 year old adult and she should me mature enough to know the game is not over and she still has a chance to win it all if she focus at the task at hand.

  • This dude would literally kiss her ass on national television if he could. What a beta.

  • If it’s sexism and theyre both women isn’t it even?

  • Fake news just to keep tranny Serena in the spotlight.

  • Shut the fuck up you pussy ass white boy

  • 💯Stephen A

  • Let’s face it. She got her ass kicked by a young hungry lioness. And sometimes it’s hard for those who’ve been on top to accept that it’s coming close to the end. Sloan Stephens. And the young lady Osaka aren’t afraid of her. And they want to beat her and take her spot. What’s wrong with that ? The ref didn’t break the rules. He enforced them. But Osaka took her out of her game and derailed that Serena mindset.

  • I love how Stephen looks in the beggining, like getting ready to spit some truth

  • Stephen spitting hard facts. Rare for him

  • Agree

  • This show is reverse psychology racism

  • i like stephen.

  • The first guy here is a moron. His argument is basically the application of the rules depends on the context in which they are being followed/broken. So because it's a close but still unconfirmed loss for Serena he should've been more lenient with her across all rules? So if I'm on my deathbed I can commit crimes without penalty? It's going to be game over for me very soon regardless so fuck all the people I harm by doing so? Fucking children. And just to play devil's advocate: in the same way the umpire knew what was at stake, maybe Serena did too and this was her way of buying more time? Can't argue one side without looking at the opposite side because then your 'objective' argument becomes a baseless opinion. Exactly like this dickhead's and Serena's 😁😂

  • Wtf is wrong with these people. Serina Williams WAs completely at fault here. She said the guy was being sexist, but the guy was doing his goddamn job.She was the one to take the Japanese girl's victory. She should just end her career.

  • this white dude ... like wth ?!?

  • It's not about sexism! Like holy sh*t balls man! Serena violated the rules and worst she DISRESPECTED the UMPIRE. The UMPIRE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! She should just accepted the fault, shake it off and go back playing the game like professional athlete BUT NOOOOooooo.... She just had to use the "Women's Rights" card! What a SORE LOSER!

  • Serena was totally wrong. It was her third offense. That means that the ref takes a game. She had a meltdown. Serena using the race card, the mom card, and the sex card is why I don’t respect her anymore.

  • That honkey was 100% wrong.

  • The umpire "inserted himself" by enforcing the rules? That is his job Kellerman, you idiot

  • This white trash apologist for williams is a moron.

  • Serena's Meltdown. I'm gonna say it she beat herself. She reminds me of LeBron James, or some other people who whine about Gender, or Race. Why should you get Special treatment if you are as clumsy as you are stupid. No one deserves special Treatment. No one.

  • this drama might not be over yet. as the umpires might boycott serena williams matches.

  • ' but were they cost a game ' ... come off it. why not just allow everyone to cheat, why not allow everyone to just flip out. it shouldn't matter whether its a US open, Wimbledon OR a small village game being played by complete beginners... RULES ARE RULES and she broke them. actions have consequences and to be void of them because its an important game is stupid. 'oh he broke the opponents leg during a dirty slide tackle during the world cup final... but lets just let it go because it's the final why not?'. its disgusting to see that people actually think its okay to violate the rules sometimes when it allows them to move forward. The only one taking away from Naomi's win is Serena when she could have just calmed down instead of shouting that the umpire called her a cheater. (hell she might have even won the game) absolutely disgraceful as a sports fan to see something like this from both Serena and anyone saying its okay for her to do this type of stuff.

  • Oh my God did he just say you don't throw out Mike Trout for yelling at the ump in MLB. News flash you do.

  • She didn't said "thief" in the air and got penalized, she told the umpire that he is a thief

  • Poor Serena the million-dollar victim fighting for women's rights on the tennis court😂😂😂😂

  • Serena name will be for ever etched in cement long after all of her haters has bitten the dust, and gotten to old to even remember her name or even remember tennis. Less hope that many others can strive hard to be just as great as Serena has been. At least they will never know how hard a time Serena has had in her career to get to where she is. None of the other players has had to prove themselves, and let the masses know that even though you are a black woman you can still Excel to new heights that you never dreamed was possible for you. Serena keep right on keeping on.

    • +NextYear44 Yeah....but a sore loser nonetheless.People tend to cling on to our negative attributes.So whatever she achieves she will still have that beside her name.

    • +Vegeta Uchiha Yes , and as well as the sore loser who have 23 Grand Slams to her name.!

    • Yeah....but she will be known as a sore loser.

  • Hang on the chair didn’t take that moment away, that was Serena’s actions.

  • This is not basketball or baseball wtf is this guy is talking about .


  • I really like if the wife of that man i black kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Okay, here's the thing. I'm black American and I'm totally fine with it, but one thing I really hate is that black people nowadays are more racist than white. And one of the examples are "As a black man" or "As a black women"...we all know that you're black, you don't need remind us you're black. The majority of black people every time when they're about to talk they think that they have the right to remind the audience the they're black. Why ? They think we are blind ? That we don't know color ? And then they act like they are the victims of racism. Did you guys know that in Brazil, white people always say "Negão" ehich means nigga in English ? And they don't get their asses kicked by black folks ? Every white person in Brazil are always comfortable of saying that because everybody in Brazil use that word and no black folk in Brazil has ever kick a white person's ass for using that word. But here in America, the majority of black folks are racist and they always trying to remind us of their skin color. They are just stupid brainless people.

  • I never thought I would agree with anything ESPN had to say, but it’s finally happened.

  • The umpire took away the victory from Osaka? Okay Max.

  • Let me just say that iv seen far too many disrespectful white people and rude white people than there are blacks. Whites are always rude and lack respect. Why now r they making it a ghetto thing? Coz while Serena was still in the hood she wasn't this argumental till she moved to white neighborhoods. Yall should stop talkin shit.

  • There's literally no question she us in the wrong it's a fucken meltdown. Pushing stupid sexism angles etc is just the weakest thing she could of done, and she done it lol

  • “Ur not gonna be in the court of mine as long as u live” “U owe me apology” “Say it say sorry now” “I have a daughter I would never cheat” Fuck this entitled ape..

  • Being a man who desperately demands for equality and fairness, I propose for the same 5-set match being used against WTA grand slam tournaments. While Sharapova might have put her vocal chord at risk, Serena might have literally turn white at the beginning of fourth game. Talking about gender bias..


  • this white guy gotta go. STFU

  • ESPN FAKE democrat lib news this is what really went down!! Democrats cant even stop their Hate in Tennis Serana says she doesn't do politics LIAR shes comment about women equal pay WTF of the 3 richest tennis players in the world, 2 are WOMEN!! Out of he top 10 richest tennis players in the world 5 are WOMEN!!! Serena Williams because of endorsement shes worth 180 MILLION. Dem CNN etc FAKE news B.S. again as usual This is WHY CNN ratings news cant even beat Nick ad Night Dics Ch, etc etc Yet you Dems listen to your FAKE NEWS channels and think YOU know whats going on in America YOU dems are FOOLS LOONS to STUPID to LOOK up the REAL story and truths Even after that your COMMON Sense goes down the drain This is WHY you Dems couldn't even beat a guy off the street for Pres lololol

  • Didn't get to Stephen's part but holy shit this white dude has no idea what he is fucking saying

  • Both serena and the umpire were wrong. There are men that are able to say worse things without beeing punished. And that was also a grand slam final you can’t give a game penality for something like that..

  • Oml... The sexist card.. ugh not surprised. It’s so tacky the way she behaved and her little temper tantrum took away from the girl who won. Scumbag. Maybe play the game and be level headed. If you didn’t act like a child this would have happened. Get that ego in check, girl.

  • i lost my respect for serena... ironically not a good sport!