Spelling Bee | Hannah Stocking

Published on Jun 12, 2017
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  • That is cheating

  • LOL if that happened to me , Hannah I would be so mad

  • The boy host is the teleporter from the flash

  • This is stupid

  • Worst spelling bee ever because see spelt the word for him and Matilda had much bigger words

  • bob

  • This boy Sucks really hard

  • I feel bad dor Matilda!😂😂

  • Women behind the sucessful man.....but this type of woman really....😂😂😂

  • Matilda won

  • Unequal treatment

  • now i wanna slap fi

  • Kill me Matilda should've won noooo

  • This made me angry.

  • Noooo hahanna i wish you won i let you cuont that word dosr nont make sinve he dose not when so b[oooooo .

  • BOB😂😂

  • We’re shaving off pricesssssssssss😂

  • Poor Matilda

  • You know if matilda punched the guy in the face and took the trophy at the end the video would have been even better

  • u have spelling bee so do we

  • That’s not even fair!!! She gets super long words and he gets bob!!!

  • Is it just me or did anyone else try calling that number?? 😂😂⚫️

  • Did anyone else think that Hannah’s ads were real🤣🤣

  • I feel so bad for Matilda

  • Dunkin BOI HOPE U GET 100 girls. :L

  • *Hey Dunken , spell you stink !* GO MATILDA !!!

  • U

  • I won the spelling bee of my college and it also was my first one i also am latina and i won a australian girl (australians talk english) she also is a goooooooood (exelent friend) But i won the 2018 one

  • That man is fu**ing ugle and that girl that said the words not hana

  • This is what we call favoritism

  • the juege is terrible!can i order an new one

  • I feel so bad for her you no . I cried so much but that ugly woman who had a red dress had cheated


  • i wanted matilda to win:( matilda like be : why you bully me!!!

  • The boy did not win because the girl that tell them the words she told the boy bob and she told him how to spelled

  • Who els is scrolling down the comments while the video is on

  • That is bullying

  • I hate this video that girl cheated and I don't care if she was faking or not

  • So unfair!!!,😤😤

  • I’m so late it came out in 2017 but I’m watching it now in 2019

  • OMG!

  • Watching this video i realised that your where the same head phones that I’m wearing well I watch this video

  • no sense in video... shit

  • Q tid fucks n sucks shit

  • Is it just me that’s so mad she didn’t win 😤😂

  • 1 like=1 win for Matilda

  • 143 means i love you

  • does matilda lose every year because the JUDGES HATE HER

  • matilda definitely won not fair

  • I feel bad for MATLIDA 😂🤣😂

  • I hate this guy who make my beautiful baby (Hannah) lose

  • Matilda was supposed to win every freaking contest

  • That’s not fair

  • matilda aint no loser


  • That commercial break LOL

  • I have the same headset

  • Wth😂

  • I also feel bad for matita

  • #teammatilda Like if you agree

  • 0:33 when it says st Mary’s high school I actually got to that school so yea

  • I R I D O C Y C L I T I S

  • 2019?

  • Thats Not fair !!!

  • Ugh worst vid ever I wanted metelda to win not fair and the other girl women who is giving bro word is rude

  • That's not fair 😂👍

  • Hannah should’ve won

  • matilda😢😢😢😯😯

  • 2019 anybody?

  • That is not fair.matilda win not the guy.

  • It's unfair

  • M A T I L D A

  • Matilda won

  • Who here hates the short hair girl imean ugly short hair girl cause he just wants the ugly boy to win so ahe always take three words for him if you reading this ugly short hair girl cause your a b***h

  • It’s like the difference between a friendly match in a game and major leagues...

  • team Matilda for sure

  • you shouldn't be timed

  • Matilda is the winner not late ugly ass boy

  • Matilda should of won

  • Oh I wanted to shave off prices!

  • Who's Watching In 2019? :D Like If YounAre

  • This is how I would spell "gurgling sounds"

  • 2019 :>

  • The 2 person was cra cra

  • I have won 3rd place in a spelling bee

  • ❤️❤️LOVE YOU HANNAH❤️❤️your so funny

  • Ow shoot I realy tought matilda was gonna win

  • 1:16 are those ps4 headphones

  • This is so easy,my teacher in English is miss Marianne,ma the best at english

  • Wow,the one who is giving the word is so not fair cause she have a crush bon that guy!!

  • Idiots. Matilda should of won

  • That bitch spelled the Word Bob out so unfair and she have Matilda longer words than the guys i hate that bitch

  • *Who else got triggerd*

  • Hannah should have won because the power went out doesn't mean the time still goes

  • When that person spelled beige he got B right but i.e. Was wrong but ge was right but why did you take red ge wrong

  • Matilda technically won since the girl spelled Bob for Duncan

  • I liked the boy

  • Marc

  • But the name Q - TIP is funny lol hahaha

  • I hate with one because they didn’t let her finish