SpaceX makes successful launch of new Block 5 rocket

Published on May 12, 2018
An updated version of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, tailored for eventual crewed missions for NASA, made its debut launch on Friday from Florida's Cape Canaveral carrying a communications satellite for Bangladesh into orbit.…
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  • It's real because it looks so fake.

    • I believe he was joking?

  • Brilliant engineering. Now all we need to do is collect up all the space junk before we are imprisoned on this planet by a cage of our own making.

    • John Doe I suggest you look up Kessler syndrome. Which predicts the cascade effect of a breakup of satellites. It is bad enough that a meteor could start such a cascade, but there a number of powers, such as the US, China and Russia who might wilfully trigger such an event in time of war or high international tension, as a means of destroying each others GPS systems and spy Satellites. The Chinese have already tested such a weapon, releasing a very large number of projectiles into orbit, described as ballbearing, when they tested it on one of their own satellites. Tracking a cloud of such small objects to avoid them could be difficult, since overtime they spread out in there orbit and can be reflected by impact with other specs junk.

    • Nigel Johnson That's just a theory. A multitude of meteorites are trapped by the Earth's gravity and burn up in the atmosphere daily. The major pieces of space junk can be detected and avoided. The minor not easily detectable pieces of space junk are in unstable decaying orbits and eventually burn up in the Earth's atmosphere during re-entry.

  • Sure... another fake?

    • take a liitle trip to florida and see it with your own eyes unless you do not trust your eyes