Published on May 10, 2018
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Anastasia bronzer in rosewood
too faced natural face palette
nars blush in luster
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flower beauty brow pen in taupe
loreal pro matte liquid lip in shake down

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  • NEW VIDEOOOO! Hope y'all like it! I believe James Charles was the first do to this and I think its such a fun video idea so I wanted to do it! Was so fun having y'all on instagram and interacting with the posts so thank you!! Be sure you're following me for future things @ CASEYHL91 and let me know what video I should do next in the comments! xoxoxo

    • I know you have oily skin, as do I. But I’d realllly love it if you tried out the makeup revolution foundation stick.

    • Casey Holmes which lip color would you should for this eye look???

    • The Covergirl matte foundation is coming out with 40 shades!! 👀👀

    • Casey Holmes I can never get the tape even to save my life!

    • Casey Holmes how do you get your sponge so big?

  • The sunset looks pretty on you !

  • Ok . We love youuuuuuuu. ❤

  • I did the same vid on my channel!!! 💕 Pls check it out!! I had soo much fun filming it!! 💞💞

  • Some videos are just way too quiet. I'm watching from my phone with the volume turned all the way up and I still have to put the phone just about next to my ear for this video.

  • Where do you get your really big sponge from? I need one of those!😍

  • I wear a shade 230 in the fit me foundation

  • that turned out perfectly beautiful, just like u always r! much love

  • Have you ever used Mary Kay makeup? I’ve used it for years. Trying to make other products work with it to possibly venture away from it. Looking for advice on good products to use with the foundation.

  • The lip is winning❣️

  • I love the sophx pallet! ( Its also the only eye shadow pallet I own 😂)

  • Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I neeed that palette

  • Is that the same thing as the pink drink? It’s the açaí but with coconut milk. It’s delish

  • Wth? I need to pick up that sponge!! It looks huge!

  • I just love you so much 🙄😘

  • I use Farsali drops every day, twice a day. I love it. I suffered from blackheads and pimples and since adding it to my skincare routine, it just... ugh, fixed almost everything. And it makes my foundation stick right to my face, which I love, since most of the times it sloughs off after a few hours. I remember you used the drops in a video you did last June on the 11th about Instagram hits and misses and then you tried the Hourglass foundation you had written off as bad and you didn't like it and suddenly everything worked and you loved the foundation.

  • Love the eyes and lips... but same as you, not together💄😊👝🤗🌹

  • You look so good, that sponge is huge

  • Omg I get green tea/ lemonade @ Starbucks ItS my jam but I get mine sweet

  • The lip color looked so much better before you put on the concealer. I think that lip and eye combo worked well together! 🙌

  • I wanna know how it’s possible I got unsubscribed from you by itself

  • I'm so sad that those were mink lashes 😔

  • Love this look

  • I need to know the song at the end

  • I would love to see some of those purples and blues on you! You always tend to gravitate towards the oranges and reds which is fine, but I’d love to something out of your comfort zone!

  • are you using the regular real techniques sponge or is it a bigger version of it?? thank you!!

  • your skin is looking so good girl!!!

  • Sometimes I will sub the cool lime refresher instead of lemonade in my green tea!

  • Beautiful as always! I'd like to see a bit more variety in the eye shadow colors, though. I've been seeing a lot of orange/red...

  • Stunning!!! Love the eyeshadow colors!

  • Love this video and how you used the concealer to lighten up the lip shade. Such a great idea!

  • You should try a Pink Drink from Starbucks!! It's the strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk and strawberries!! Best drink ever. But ask for light ice!


  • Casey film the look you have in this video, please! It is beautiful!

  • Review of the new wet n wild flights of fancy line?!

  • I absolutely love you so much you're my inspiration I been watching you for years. Please do a what's on my phone video or my current playlist💗 I love ya Casey You're beautiful

  • Skin looking radiant and beautiful! So happy for you

  • Love this eye look!!

  • LOve this look! You’re so talented!

  • Am i the only one kinda tired of half cut creases? Love her videos just wanna see a litte change sometimes

  • I'm new just subscribed love this video

  • strawberry acai green tea lemonade is my goto drink!!

  • Love it. The eyes ❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️

  • Have been a follower for a while but just recently fell in love with your videos. You’re so honest and true and I think it’s awesome

  • Gotta try the Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks with coconut good!

  • I love the sophx pallet i can get so many looks out of it also love your videos

  • skins so smooth 😭

  • Wait I follow you on ,Instagram how come i didn’t see anything to choose your makeup 💄 😢

  • Your skin and redness have been looking super good!! Love you!! 😍😍

  • I love this eye makeup ! Your skin look so good 😊

  • Love the look u did. Especially love that palette and it’s affordable. Thank u for that.

  • Are you still using the Drunk Elephant products? I've been hesitant to take the plunge because they are super pricey and I don't want to fall in love with a product that expensive :) But your skin has been looking really great lately. Just beautiful and glowing.

    • Stephanie S. hi!! they have little mini set for $20+ for two products and they have three sets. i bought the little sets to figure out what i would want! i would go that route :) you can also ask for samples of things that aren’t in that set

  • Have you tried the tarte shape tape foundation?! I don’t think I’ve seen you review it as you love the concealer. Love you!!

  • Your skin looks so hydrated and soft and overall just great!!

  • Way too much concealer.

  • This eye look was soooooo bomb , definitely grabbing that pallete for those matte shades 😊 great video , love ya Casey 💗

  • I would love to see you review brands like Avon, Younique, etc. so we can see your personal opinions on these! The foundation for sure! 🙏🏻💗

  • OMG plz do another poll video but instead you put two products you love up. And the viewers have to chose which one we think is your fav

  • So I'm doing my makeup right now and I'm literally wearing the same headband😂😂

  • Loved the eye look, I actually have this palette because I watch sophie. Although I think these lashes were the wrong ones to use with the look because they completely hide the look when her eyes are open.

  • literally copied sylvia gani

    • Michaela Mendoza literally everyone on US-tv is doing it !

  • Casey your skin looked amazing without makeup in this video 😍

  • This look is giving me life 😭😭😭😍 omg

  • When you like the video before watching it because you already know it’s going to be a BOMB video as usual 😍

  • I am LOVING this eye look!😍

  • Your hair🤤♥️

  • The color of your shirt looks good on you 🤔💛 I love you beautiful!💕

  • I'd love to see a video about your favorite mutil-tasking products!

  • This eyeshadow color combo with the similar color shirt is everything on you. So so pretty!

  • It came out great😍 is ur real techniques sponge bigger than the normal size??😂

  • Love it 😍 the shadow looks like a sunset..beautiful

  • What wet n wild brush did you use??

  • Ugh. So done with orange and red eye shadow. But you wear it beautifully. Trends just get beaten till they are dead.

  • @sophdoesnails

  • I can’t get over how big they sponge is lmao

  • Wait, how do you have green tea without water?

  • You’re perfect ♥️

  • Casey, can you please review the brand 100% Pure? I am really curious what is best from the range! It has a higher price point and I want to spend wisely! ♥

  • How do you always keep your concealer from creasing under your eyes?!? You’re always flawless! 👄💋💄💖🙌

  • My favourite eye shadow palette! 💃

  • Great vid as usual! 💖 would loveeeee if you did a vid all about rosacea.. you inspire me so much to be more confident with mine but there's not many US-tvrs who can relate

  • You should do an updated hair tutorial on how you do your waves and curls

  • You are soooo freakin beautiful 😩😩😍

  • I really dont like those colors on you for the eyeshadow

  • I come for the eyeshadow are the best!!!! Never a bad look from you Casey.

  • Girl, that foundation and concealer combo looked bomb 🔥🔥 on your skin!!!!

  • Have you ever had the peach green tea lemonade from starbucks? My best friend recomended it to me a couple years ago and now, anytime I want tea, I always get the peach green tea lemonade.

  • This look turned out gorgeous Casey🙌🙌❤️❤️

  • Casey! You should do a video on your favorite new launches for the whole year so far! Drugstore and high end! Btw love the look! You make every look look so good!!

  • My Cvs and Walgreens has the new cover girl. Idk if I like it or not yet bc the color was totally off. Gotta exchange it.

  • I should be studying right now😩 oupsiii💓

  • Beautiful look! Dior products full face please!

  • Fun video! Been a subscriber from day one- and i wanted you to know i really, really like this. I liked feeling like we were a part of it. Even if you didn’t do the blind pull again, i think the poll thing was so fun on instagram. I loved having a voice in what you used! Highly recommended doing this again! Love you, Casey! Thanks for putting out good videos that take a little stress out of my day. Thanks for being you, staying humble and genuine and being my favorite US-tv friend. My life is better because you do you. 💕

  • GO’JUS!!!!😍😍

  • Hey casey loving this look sooo beautiful xxx

  • Omg I love this whole look! Bonita 😍😍

  • Literally nothing I picked won fml haha

  • casey!!!! you need to try a Strawberry Acai w/ lemonade instead of water & a pump of raspberry!!!! it will change your life

  • Whoa... Are you tiny??? Either that or your RT sponge gets way huge-er than mine. It's half the size of your hand!

  • This is one of my go to eye looks with my ABH prism palette. Sunset looks are stunning! 😍