Sneak Peek of My New Workshop 🔧✨

Published on Aug 1, 2018
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I HAVE A WORKSHOP! What an upgrade. No more working from home, I'm a grownup now. So what's the going rate for indoor bouncy castles?
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  • is it possible to buy the hang coat hang coat hanger?

  • Smoncave

  • The queendom

  • I definitely agree with your camera guy's suggestion about how all videos you should be reading a script really close to your face I can't stop laughing

  • I'd suggest a ball pit...or puppy pit.....whatever suits you

  • Tou should build a basket that moves up and down the stairs with you as you walk to bring supplies and drinks.

  • fireman pole or slide from the stairs of the office

  • If you put a really good air conditioner in the dust free adult area upstairs maybe the ball sack will shrink upward on its own. Speaking from experience.

  • Stoned

  • Holy shit!!!! That's your house??? Like.... what????

  • You should make the stairs make noise as you walk up and down them, maybe randomize the sound from farts, screams, meows, to glass shattering. You also very much need to build a lift/pulley of some sort from the loft to the main floor, even if only small for getting gadgets to the top in a fun way.

  • I love how you don't hide your scar or be ashamed of it, but you really adopted it and learned how to live with it and make it a part of you, it's just so pure ❤️

  • Simone's Sanctuary

  • Remembered the mention of this sponsor link when I got interested in an audible book. Does it work on Canadian site? If so, helps you, no cost to me, win-win

  • You should build Jarvis

  • 10gb ethernet and petabyte server

  • The idea of cat lady but with robots is hilarious. Cats have a bigger chance of, well, you know... eating you. Robots might keep brushing your teeths and such :D For echoe, drapes for a fake ceiling? Cool workshop !

  • Simone’s sanction

  • *throws a pigeon* u should make a slide out of the window into the work place (?)

  • Hahaha, you're so awesome :-)

  • "Simone Says Zone"

  • Be Cool. Stay In School.

  • Just saying that is not a workshop that is a house


  • You need a hammock in there. Or twenty. Enjoy the new workshop (yes, I know, late to the party, but who cares). Best wishes!

  • world's slowest banister slide. Safety first. You go Simone

  • Simone's sanctum

  • An entire corkboard wall in the office, great planning area is nice

  • how much did this cost

  • Arcade machine. Arcade machines make everything better.

  • Hey, You should build a large brain and cut out sections and turn it into some kind of seating furniture. You could have just one seat or multiple seats built into the brain model to make a fun place to sit down... I guess?.

  • im sorry but why don't you have more subs like you're great

  • Hey Simone! Glad to hear that you're doing better! I think that due to the unholy echo of the new Giertz Patch, that you need a 9 foot high suspended tube network. And a trampoline. Like, in the air! Please let me know if you want a pigeon. I'll send it express, extra padding, I promise!

  • The Krazy cat lady... Except all the cats are killer robots....

  • You obviously need a robot butler in this space ;)

  • 🐦

  • Have you considered calling the space The Giertz Hutch?

  • Please PLEASE put a slide on the other side of the "adult space" to the stairs

  • I love ur hair short

  • Simone said "in here will be a proper adult space," then start with "but we're still working on." I was waiting for her to say "...but we're still working on getting some proper adults around here." LOL Yes, I amuse myself.

  • The bedroom shop makes you a BADASS. You are now one of my favorite people ever!! Not quite Han Solo cool, but damn close.

  • you are just like colin furze in women body wkwkwk

  • Call it Steve

  • I just loved your room..😍

  • On the wall by the stairs, a mural of machine parts, gears and other components!

  • New Simone Lab is a neat place.

  • make it a no-wifi zone.

  • Simones sanctuary

  • make....a digital pigeon message board!

  • I've seen tomatoes less red. ^^

  • You need a giant 8-bit digital pigeon on the wall behind the staircase. If I was any kind of a digital artist, I'd send you one, but I'm not. You kick butt, Simone.

  • Hi Simone, dont you think it´s about time you get glasses when you have to have the papir so close just to read it.. :P and you cout always make a duster robot to help you keep the shop clean ;)

  • This needs a robot that takes people’s coat to hang them on the smaller coat hanger that is attached to the bigger coat hanger because a robot is needed for that action yes

  • Turn half the stairs into a slide

  • A rock climbing wall, The Rock's should look like gummy bears , M&M's you get the picture..💀.

  • a slide that falls into a ball pit

  • yup, i'm in love.

  • I love this but all the white kills my eyes. I suggest posters and art of buildings and technology or even something like Johnny Cash giving the bird. Even a large area rug would help because the floor is white.

  • You should put in a pole and a slide

  • Simone's Sanctuary

  • 1. You can call it "The crazy cat-lady with machines dungeon" 2. Who did your hair? If you are going to be the crazy cat-lady, you cannot have that gorgeous hair do 3. You need a slide-handrail 4. Put large mirrors in your office space. It will make it less dark.

  • Why are you me in the future?

  • Please have Mr. Kate decorate your office!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🐦sliiiiiiiiidddeee

  • zip line

  • I think Simone's Cave sounds amazing 😂

  • Fun Fact: In Switzerland we actually have an anti-drug programm called: Cool and Clean

  • swing, hammock chair!

  • Tweet tweet, Ball Pit, tweet tweet. (& pulley system, mechanical device to take you up the stairs, twisty slide) Velcro Wall, ...

  • In Switzerland, we have "Cool & Clean" as a commitment in the youth and sports-program. :)

  • Perhaps a saddle for your studio railing. Also congrats on the cool upgrade!

  • Observations and suggestions: 1/Tools that you didn't need before will now be "indispensable". $$$$ 2/Your tool collection will expand until you are back to your original floor space. More $$$$. 3/Do not. DO NOT put a TV in there. 4/Ventilation and dust collection? 5/With those high ceilings, consider a model railroad track around the perimeter of the room. 6/Teach classes in shitty robot building. Best of luck with your new space!

  • Hammock? Congrats on the space - I just bought 126m2+mezzanine.

  • How about building a roller coaster ride in ur workshop that would be so awesome 😜and cool

  • Build a script holding robot!!! And the slide would be so so so much more comfortable to slide down! Lol

  • You rule!

  • Pleasee see this video, and how it can happen? Is that real or fake? Pleasee see this video, and how it can happen? Is that real or fake? I dont know how to reach you, but i try this using the coment section. Thx

  • What happened to your Head

  • Greetings Simone! Haven't had any time to check out videos for a month or two, but decided to do some catching up on some of my favorite youtubers. So for a suggestion with the high ceiling, may I suggest the following project done by Matthias Wandel (Fellow Canadian) who had a workshop and wanted sound dampeners: He made them out of really cheap supplies, and a really ingenious way of mounting them!

  • When you finish raising the office "Light Fixture", show it off so that I can break out the Wilt Chamberlain jokes.

  • Call it Derek!

  • Heh, Simone's Cave.

  • Welcome to the Simoneatory! Enter the Simoneium!

  • You could always set up a P.O. box and have people send in their pictures so you can have a wall of followers

  • Très belle prononciation de "Baguette Magique" :D Tu donnes vraiment le sourire et la bonne humeur !!! Bonne continuation ! Bizzz

  • I dont know if u have enough space, but you can make a space to display (like a museum) all those useless crappy shitty things u called robots... :)) oh and btw. Im so happy for you getting your own workshop and high five on your recovery.. Really im glad you're so okay now.. Xoxo

  • get a disco ball and a big painting

  • You need a Rube Goldberg machine that does something dumb like turn on your lights

  • A ball sack with 5 balls in, can we blame Brian for that bizarre reference. 😆

  • A slid for the amazing entrance

  • All that white wall space is crying out to be projected upon...

  • 🐦

  • It's been a long time seems I watched u tbh

  • a woman version of William osman but her her house/workshop didn't burn down

  • I grant you a new subscriber with my... Baguette magic

  • lathes are awesome! you have those for wood-turning metal turning metal spinning they are incredibly useful though a bit expansive, but with a small manual lathe you can make any custom screw, bolt, bushing, shaft, crank-shaft, cone and sooo many more things you could need!

  • Upgrade idea: put LED light strips on the tinsel stairs and a pressure sensor or something so the step lights up if you step on one. Also give it a disco mode 💃

  • Loft and Found

  • please make a pulley system to lift you to and from your office, so that the unicorn staircase can be reserved for grand entrances