Snake Bite First-Aid

Published on Jun 17, 2018
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In this episode of On Location, Coyote demonstrates some snake bite first-aid!
Hopefully you’ll never need to use it!
*Coyote's demonstration of his snake bite first aid is solely his opinion and should not be considered an official medical opinion or be compared to one of a medical professional. Please always consult professional medical attention for any and all animal bites.
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Big thanks to Survival Emergency Solutions for providing first aid kits to Coyote and the Brave Wilderness crew!
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  • I love your videos so much! 🤠

  • I’m actually getting a baby northern water snake tomorrow so seeing how to clean a bite really helps me

  • Did. It. Sting.

  • Coyote dies on camera. Mark: r u ok? Did you catch it?

  • Awww poor cyote

  • hey i found a snake in my grandma's backyard what should i do if it treys to bite me ?

  • "Oh boy that's a big bite *WOOHOO!* "

  • When are u going to die ?just curious

  • How the hell was your response not to let go?

  • Thanks but Your 1st Aid procedure is not completed in this video

  • Hello iam hensen from indonesia iam reptil keeper from tegal city (snake handle) i hope i meet you in Indonesia😅

  • “Ahh!! It latched onto my finger..” *continues to hold the snake* “Ahh!! It latched onto my arm..” *continues to hold the snake*

  • water snakes def don't bite that bad

  • Lol 2:15

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  • I’m good of snakes they are my friends

  • 90% of people copying what coyote says. 9% of comments that shows their reaction. 1% of comment by me -.-

  • *Bite him back*

  • Do water snakes bite more often than land snakes?

  • That's not that good of advice check out tips from infinite lists those tips are the best

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  • Have you ever been bitten by a gaboon viper

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  • And can you do a video about star fish? It might not be too exciting or dangerous but I'm sure with your personality you can make it kind of pop. I've been wanting one but I want to know more about them first.

  • Hey coyote aren't water moccasins venomous

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  • I am sared for you

  • just stumbled into commercial country

  • I knew he had balls but balls this big?!!! Hell he's so comfortable !

  • The northern water snake has saliva that make blood clots correct?

  • Hi, Coyote. My daughter is a big fan of u guys. We are interested in a good book on North American snakes. if u can suggest one for 10-15 years old kids. Thanks. Stay safe...

  • he has so many other wounds like...

  • The only bite i can handle is from My cat and bunny😂😂😂I Can Imagine From All THE Animals That Sting And Bite Him🖤👏👏

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  • These videos are so educational

  • He got bit by a mad slippery tube dude.

  • Dude you need to be coshis you can die because of all your bites plzz stop you are my fav US-tvr😨😂

  • Uh uh I HATE SNAKES (lol this is the prefect video to say this and it from BTS)

  • your boos

  • Probably shouldn't use the same gauze on both bite sites 🤔

  • Wtf is wrong with you

  • I live in Ohio I saw one of these in my creek

  • not washing hands , using the same gauze for both bite smh ..... many more opportunities to be contaminated .....

  • pubg in real life ???

  • Coyote gets bit by snake Mark:you ok? Mark is such a troll

  • Executioner wasp 🐝

  • cute snake :3

  • And i find needles terrifying..

  • True Virgin

  • Does the wipe burn like achoal

  • What happened to Mark cause you only said mario

  • And i thought stepping on LEGO would hurt...

  • oh my that snake was bad i know im only 10 but i never got a snake bit before and im pritty sure that hurt badly whoa......

  • my son got a smashed finger with a rock

  • Bro I get scared of getting bit by my green cheek conure parrot And you get bit by a snake and you stay calm How


  • Welcome to ohio, where were you at

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  • My guy got snake bite on purpose just the advertise First aid Company lol

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  • Snek

  • i got bit by a red sided garter snake earlier today (non-venomous) and my mom started freaking out lol.

  • I usually try not to interact with animal But for some reason, it usually interacts with me....

  • Infection protection

  • your last words: im Coyote Peterson and im about to be bitten by

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