Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • $300 for 2 sweaters.. boooyy lemme know what you do on the side girl💗 I die😅

  • Yes love both sweaters 👌🏼

  • Loving your video lady

  • Who else was looking at the tv in the mirror in the beginning of the video? Like if you were

  • i was at that exact tj maxx yesterday lol. i was also buying presents @ the lenox mall🙃💜☺️

  • Just for further reference bc I know this video is old but if u buy something at the tj maxx in Georgia and you wanna return it in New York you totally can if u keep your receipt and the tj maxx tag. I work for tj maxx and you can bring it back to any tj maxx as long as you have your receipt.

  • i am from England and we have a shop called t.k max and you have one called t.j max like if you thing this is weird

  • Can you do a video of your old favorites when you first started doing makeup on US-tv. Not like a year ago.

  • Hey Casey, I really hope you see this comment because I have to get this off my chest. I live in Belgium and here we are very aware of the impact that plastic bags have on the environment. In some countries like Kenya they BANNED plastic bags completely! I feel like you (just like many others) are probably a bit unaware of what small of a change it is to stop using these unnecessary small plastic bags and instead reusing one (nice looking) bigger bag. I am like you someone who loves shopping, and I bought myself a few really cute reusable bags that I take with me when I go shopping (for groceries and also for clothes). Overtime, it has saved me some money since plastic bags usually cost 10 cents where I live. It’s such a good thing for the environment and I feel like I look a loooot cuter with my reusable bags while doing something for our planet. I hurts my heart seeing you use so many small plastic bags which is SO unnecessary because you will just throw them away anyway. I just wish that more people were aware... thank you for reading my comment X

  • What song is at 8:35

  • Fendi at tj maxx?!?!

  • You are totally gorgeous! One of those girls that never had to really try a thing on like you already know that shit is gonna look flawless! Loved the video girl 😍

  • These stores are so underrated. I have an affordable fall haul of Decor on my channel for those interested

  • I just subscribed to your channel. LOVE your shop with me videos (and all the rest). Keep up the good work💜💜💜 Your skin looks amazing btw

  • Loll, I'm the same with slipper.😂

  • Do a closet purge video

  • I went to TJ max and found so much stuff... I ended up putting a couple of shirts away but now I can’t stop thinking about them and how good they fit 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m gonna go back tomorrow to see if I find them but I probably won’t. So good thing you got everything you wanted lol

  • What’s the name brand on the gray sweater at 11:26? 😩😩😩 I’ve been to TJ Maxx several times to try and find it. I LOVE IT!

  • What highlight are you wearing???

  • You should go to a thrift store! I’m sure you’d be able to find some fall wardrobe staples and make them look so cute on you!

  • FYI - If you really need to return that shirt, you can do so at any TJMAXX as long as you have the receipt.

  • What TJmaxx is this?!

  • I loove shopping with you. I must got to TJMaxx soon :)

  • I love the plaid button up in the pink/peachy color! What brand is it???

  • You're skin is looking so good! And girl, your hair....GORGEOUS!! Do you happen to know the exact colors your stylist used??

  • Can I come next time?

  • Why am i just finding your channel 😭 love the videos💕

  • I shop vicariously through you! I could never afford to shop like that but I sure enjoy watching you do it! You are for sure living your best life, thanks for taking me along for the ride!! Love all your content! Keep doing hauls, I love it!!! P.S. I know how hard you work to be able to have the life you have. I’m envious but NOT jealous! You are the very definition of a boss lady!

  • Valentino shoes at TJMaxx at Lenox? I’m on way now there now!! Fun video!

  • Weird question but does anyone know if that's her real hair or does she still wear her extensions ??

  • Love the flannel and button down and that striped pullover hoodie.

  • I loved this video so so so much! The relaxed casual videos are my favorite

  • can you do a thrift store shopping haul or marshalls or shopping haul

  • That makeup look😍 please do a video on it

  • I work at marshalls and you’re allowed to bring in as many items as you want into the dressing room...I’ve had a girl bring in 60 before lol...and the T.J.Maxx here in Spokane is so messy!!! Yours looks so neat and clean

  • You should do a foundation routine because I’m pretty sure we have the same kind of skin & I’m really struggling with it. Would help a lot!

  • What head wrap are you using in the beginning

  • I love these shop with me videos!!!

  • Love Love Love your videos! I'm obsessed with that gray mock turtle neck and can't find it online or any of the Tj Maxx stores near me in Florida...UGH. Can you tell us who makes it? I'm on the hunt haha

  • I loved that grey and white flannel! I had to go to my local TJ Maxx today for a gift bag and baby shower gift and actually found that top! I was so excited!!!

  • Literally EVERYTHING looks amazing and flattering on her.. how lol

  • Girl! Please share your leg work outs! Your legs are such goals!

  • Anyone know what that song is that plays while she’s shopping?

  • I have never been to a tjmaax that has had designer handbags like Valentino and Gucci the most I’ve seen is Kate spade and Michael kores

  • Your make up looks awesome

  • Hi. Does anyone know where the shirt she is wearing is from? Thank you in advance!

  • Hey girl - where did you get your bracelets?

  • Does anyone know her lip color?😍

  • Casey do you still have your Georgia house? 😘😘 loved that house was watching some old vlogs you done there such a cosey home 😘

  • I love those vertical stripped sweaters

  • Will you do an updated skin care routine

  • Did you look in women or juniors section?

  • You should go to TJMaxx (Home Goods is next door) in New Jersey. Close to N.Y., also you don't (DO NOT) pay taxes on clothes in NJ. Supper save - NO TAXES on Clothes in NJ. I go Rt. 22 n Rt.1&9.

  • I love the Dominique Latte pallet. That stays on my vanity counter top all the time!!

  • Sis you legit spent like $600 there 😭 that is like my dream. I love tjmaxx so much

  • Your hair looks so pretty!

  • That looks like the best tj maxx ever the ones in northern mi have nothing!

  • You have the prettiest hair 😍

  • 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • I haven’t watched your videos in so long and i missed it! You look amazing !!!!!

  • Sooo what Jean's are you wearing on the cover of this video? I need them!!!

  • What's the name of the song playing while you were shopping?????

  • your hair color looks amazing

  • This past week I went to my local TJMaxx to look for some fall decor and candles, we typically don’t get very good or known brands for cosmetics/skincare but always check for random gems. To my huge surprise I was able to get a ABH cream contour kit, ABH stick foundation, smashbox BB water foundation. I was shocked. They also had a few Kay von d lipsticks and ABH palette that where messed with a lot already. I was thrilled with my haul though (oh, and I got an awesome smelling pumpkin mocha candle) :)

  • Can we all agree that tj maxx carts are way too small?!

  • 💜 love these videos!

  • I appreciate your choice of clothes but me here in Paris , i really cannot deal without my favorite “Zara” !!! 💗

  • You can return the items to any store in America

  • Does anyone know where her jeans are from?

  • You should do Walmart!

  • you remind me so much of Jesmine Hand

  • nice video, Maybe do in michael kors :) I also did lately many shopping especiially on Michael Kors, Semi annual sale and I did unboxings on my channel, I do like also Victorias secret, Tj max too :) Marshalls and other stores

  • What are the songs in this video?

  • You are so stinking cute!! Stawwppppp!!

  • You got some super cute stuff! I’m def going to go to this location because the one by perimeter doesn’t have that much cute stuff and the makeup!

  • Nordstrom!! But the cheaper things you can find there.

  • I was so excited that you bought that striped sweater looked so good on you in the fitting room!! You can wear anything I swear!! Thanks for another super fun video!!

  • Your makeup going to Tjmaxx is me attending my sister's wedding by a MUA (and yours is way better) lol. I wish i can do makeup like that myself. You look A-mazing! 😊

  • Damn you must have dropped at least $700 at TJ Maxx in one stop. You must make a lot of money

  • I can tell you are totally obsessed with yourself all day long

  • Another good fun one! I shop pretty much TJ Maxx and Marshalls...and The Rack and Nordies, of course! And how many times have I also just sat down to dig thru makeup!! LOL..LOVE IT!! Treasure finding gets serious! And love the Lvly music in your latest video :). YES!

  • I love fall please do more fall stuff

  • Please do a Target haul

  • I'm obsessed with your hair color! I love the ashy tones on you!

  • I’m loving the in store try on videos!! Can u do an H&M try on?? Xo 😘

  • Does anyone know the song she plays while she’s shopping at tj maxx!!!!

  • 129$ for a shirt I wish I had that kind of money girl you rock it tho

  • Did she say $129?! Giiiirl Bye 😂🙋‍♀️

  • Super random but did you sale your house in Atlanta ?

  • So I haven’t been on US-tv in a long time.... so do you and Davis live in New York?

  • Casey tell me why I went to TJ Max today specifically looking for that black and white flannel button up and I found it immediately and bought it 😂😂😂 along with some Toms booties and a camo green jacket similar to the one you bought at Target lol

  • Love these videos!! You are by far my favorite of all the youtubers! You are real, authentic, and stay true to you. Lots of love girl!

  • DOES. ANYONE. KNOW. THAT. SONG!!! When she was shopping?!

  • Where is your phone case from?

  • Please please do a recreation of this makeup look or please post the products you used!!! 😘

  • you look stunning

  • Betch!!! 🙋🏻I went to TJMaxx and spent almost $300 bc of you!!! Lol!!! Girl, love ur good vibes!

  • what song did she use?

  • Keep doing the shop with me’s!! Love the idea!

  • What brand is the grey balloon sleeve sweater that you tried on? I love it!