Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy

Published on Apr 13, 2018
Shia talks about his new French bulldog puppy, the dog eating its own poop, and spending a month in a cabin in Finland for one of his art projects.
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Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy


  • I'm really miss him😭

  • Just do it


  • His suit is really nice

  • I guess its because hes a jew that he is welcomed back to Hollywood with open arms after calling black cops niggers......

  • Good to see him.

  • He's back on the grid.

  • Torille!

  • Shia LaBeuff touched me on my genitals when I was a little boy

  • SHIA!

  • Fitting since Jimmy Kimmel has a poop eating audience.

  • teaspoon thus paper jet welcome senior pretend roll patient.

  • *she needs to make a new album*

  • This cat is one of my favorite actor

  • This is the start of his comeback.

  • First of all... anyone who is a dog owner and dog lover knows it doesn't matter how old your dog is. He/She is always your puppy. Edit: No second of all.

  • He seems like a silent ticking time bomb. Something about him isn’t right but he’s ok so far

  • He’s still amazing

    • Sure, if you have no taste and are an idiot.

  • Finland mentioned! To the square!! Suomi mainittu! Torille!!

  • despite drink movement frequency tactic cooperate wonderful line march okay dad

  • Don't let your dreams be dreams

  • He looks like he needs a drink or six, and someone to fight with.

  • Stanley anyone’s a movie finatic..


  • i love him

  • So he DID get married! :(

  • Shia is a trashcan.

  • This dude is still relevant?

  • LaBarf is a whiny little pussy. What a waste of airtime.

  • Loved this dude in Even Stevens. That's it.

  • Anti-psychotics are a hell of a drug.

  • This dude is in a film naked...😳 I am forever scarred from watching that movie directors cut

  • No no no you got it all wrong. He has a puppy, and Shia eats his puppies' 💩

  • Fuckn let the guy talk jimmy and answer your questions

  • Jimmy is a wash up he will be off this show soon that fake laugh ruined him

  • Nike’s fave advertiser

  • i love him great actor and character

  • It's so nice to see him back and looking so healthy and grounded. So many people underestimate what a talented actor this guy is

  • Glad to see his face again 🐐

  • This guy went insane after The Even Stevens show

  • What a life..

  • He has always been my favorite actor

  • REALLY?!?!

  • Missed seeing Shia

  • If there's weed in the cookie I'll hit subscribe.... and if you show us the effects bahahaha...... hope ya don't have to be anywhere for two days!

  • I Love Shia 💕,there is something about him that make me love him so much!!🌟

  • It's interesting to see the signs that show that he can never go back to the way he was before his difficulties. Anyone know what I mean?

  • Who's he?

  • there's somethin about

  • Bumble bee needs you!

  • Shia is the coolest person ever

  • Illuminati got him. He will be in movies again soon. Watch and awake 🤘🤘👁

  • I'm French and I'm not aggressive.

  • Shia is a moron. Interesting how Kimmel doesn't call him out on that considering his new "exposing" style. Oh that's right, the left protects their own no matter how moronic or perverted.

  • When is the next game of Capture the Flag?

  • Puppies eat poop because what they are being fed (usually its because of too many dog treats and the puppies can smell the treats in their poo, so they eat it)... I had this issue with my German Shepherd when he was a puppy. Also, breeders are not allowed to give away puppies until they are 8 weeks old. On a side note: Jimmys a huge hypocrite if you put into consideration his past on the "Mans show". Apparently his past and objectifying women was ok.

  • I like Shia, but damn dude please shave that neck beard! o_O

  • My husky used to do it as a puppy but only in his cage

  • Freaks and Geeks

  • “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” “JUST DO IT!”

  • Mine did that, it goes away as they get older

  • His wife? I didn't know he got married.

  • Something else he got, a registered sex offender of a dad. Kind of beats a turd eating pup.

  • He will not divide us.

  • Is the puppie that eats poop named Shia per chance.

  • Shadilay Shia

  • WHat a dumbass

  • Should've kept him on Transformers

  • Always acting this one.

  • Shia is my favourite

  • I miss Shia and Megan in transformers

  • My fav actor

  • WHO you listen too!!! None of my heroes! who you listen too? Linkin Park? hahaha bang, bang..

  • wow captions are amazing


  • Shia labeouf IS a poop eating dog**

  • He’s normal... too normal. MK Ultra in full effect

  • Were’s the flag Shia?

  • Get off my comment section Normies REEEEEEEE


  • wow Shia 😍 Happy to see u) I think he lost weight 🤔

  • This guy had racist melt down on par with Mel Gibsons less than a year ago

  • Jimmy Kimmel, and Ellen are the worst actors by far fkin annoying fake laughs.

  • This one's for Jimmy an his wacko guest 🖕😁

  • Then he lets his dog lick him all in the mouth

  • Wrong mr Shia you need to adopt a dog not buy one

  • This jackass is still around

  • He's married?!

  • oh look, its that meme

  • He is cray cray

  • I feel like he got stuck in Charlie. He toke lsd during most of the film.

  • I have a photo with him in Sedona!! ARIZONA : ) It was nice meeting you, your amazing

  • Man a lot of people might not like him. But he is one the most talented actor ever. Like his character in Fury from 2015 movie.

  • I enjoyed that last interview he was in. The one in that Georgia jail.

  • Art projects sound he self aware?

  • I sincerely like him as a person even before this he is energy, honest, and so sincere. I love that about him. 🤗😊

  • Hahah he's so entertaining to listen to. He always has a cool story to tell😆

  • Sure. It's his "puppy" that eats poop. The same way my "friend" is the one with gonorrhea.

  • Hmmm...

  • shia is a bitter man, angry at his own genetics