Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy

Published on Apr 13, 2018
Shia talks about his new French bulldog puppy, the dog eating its own poop, and spending a month in a cabin in Finland for one of his art projects.
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Shia LaBeouf Has a Poop-Eating Puppy



  • Wait! He isn’t dead Shia surprise

  • 4:04

  • He’s funny but true with his words 😂

  • All the sudden I'm in the mood to watch Disturbia this evening

  • I remember holes who else?

  • JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nico ..... Is that Nico Belic

  • Great Actor

  • He will not Talk about his art work and his game

  • I think I may be in love with this man.

  • I had no idea he was married


  • Did he ever get those fries?

  • :/ sighhhhhhhhh

  • I remember shia from even Stevens he's my idle when I'm an actor someday I'd like to meet him

  • "Insecure about my own junk". How cool is that?


  • Kanye stole his style

  • Shi’a will not divide us!!!


  • who's still missing him

  • Is that why Jimmy lost so much weight bc no one subscribes lmao


  • I love him 💀💀

  • Who’s the dog and who’s the owner?

  • Legend says Jimmy still hasn't eaten the cookie up to this day.

  • That actually really is convincing for me to click subscribe. Thats one damn good cookie.

  • I pray that he get back to acting I miss his movies.. but only if hes ready.. I don't want him to sacrifice his health for it..

  • Si me lo como todo

  • JUST DO IT!!!!!! -Shia LaBeouf 2018

  • JUST DO IT !!!:shia laboyf

  • *no no no*

  • Love this guy.

  • Love Shia but after i found out his a freak, weird and Eccentric I LOvE HIM A LOt MoRE i LOVE it LOVE IT love it

  • we love shia sm

  • One of the Best Actor I ever known .. But It pityful To See how they All treated shia as Crazy Person .. Infact .. When U see it In and Feel it .. . It was One hell of Legend new comer ...

  • Fake laughter

  • I love Shia

  • He’s a great actor and person!❤️🤗😇👍🏼

  • Seems like a good guy, but depression and anger takes you to a dark place.

  • The Happy Shia is awesome

  • Live how he talked about his junk so honestly

  • Hes gonna make a comeback !!!

  • My dog eats poop too

  • I luv shia

  • Hot sauce ctffuuuuuu

  • Whenever he talks, I get reminded of Sam. Transformers best actor

  • Still my idol 💯

  • I love him❤️

  • Had a dog that at her crap. And then puke it! Worst thing ever!

  • rip shia

  • Love this guy! He has an incredible story

  • Sam Witwicky

  • He looks like the type to let his dog kiss him on the mouth after it eats it's doo doo lol and then start a fight arguing that dog saliva is cleaner then humans.

  • 3:32 someone should songify this

  • He's awesome, smarter than most actors!!

  • Let's warm up L.A. ☺

  • Thats the reason I don't let dogs lick me they are fuckin nasty!

  • Seeing the comments coming for him saying he’s crazy just because y’all can’t understand him pisses me off y’all are so quick to call someone crazy try understanding why he bursts out like that there’s things he goes through emotions that all comes at once to cause a breakdown

  • He will not divied us!!!!!

  • He told him to just do it and then dig holes.

  • Is this interview really 2018?

  • I wish he was still apart of transformers and crap cuz he was a decent actor

  • Good to see that Shia is doing well.

  • Looks like he left this part out.... 😉

  • Puhh I'm ok chilled now he is ok or he looks so... I've heard nothing of him the last years

  • He’s not crazy he’s just real

  • Great actor !

  • I love this guy

  • SAM

  • Nice to see him well because he looked like he was struggling a lot in the past years

  • Miss him in transformers

  • he is aged.....

  • Sitting naked really humbled his crazy ass out

  • im so glad he’s back i wish him the best

  • Please make another movies we miss you brother

  • Shia alone in a cabin for a month... Shia surprise!

  • he saw the cabin and he "just did it"

  • This dude killed it in Lawless

  • That bulge doe

  • I'm really glad to see Shia is looking better.

  • I don’t care what he’s doing or what he’s saying, he’s always super LIT.

  • Shia is that you? You comeback from cybertron?

  • He said he was isolated but that there were people !?

  • He’s such a beautiful soulllll

  • a likeable persona. wow.

  • Man us 2000s kids grew up with this guy

  • I love this man

  • He's a human waist.

  • it's quite disturbing listening to Louis Stevens talk about his junk!

  • So much ignorance! Buying instead of adopting... very sad! A puppy shouldn't be separated from his mom before 8 weeks this is the reason why he eats poop

  • I love Shia bring him back please

  • He will not devide us!

  • He’s a top man

  • Pepe!

  • Always cute.

  • Your an as whole Jimmy

  • A dog eating its own feces usually is a symptom of a stress/abuse behaviour problem. I'm not saying Shia nor his wife is actively abusing the dog in but it's certainly something to take up with a vet or dog rehabilitation trainer.

  • Such a passionate man. Love his acting.