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Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba (Official Music Video)

Published on Jan 31, 2018
Directed by Tyler Ross, Nick Walker, & Sheck Wes
Produced by take a daytrip and 16 yr old
Twitter: @SheckWes
Instagram: @SheckWes
#SheckWes #MoBamba #MUDBOY

Twitter: @SheckWes
Instagram: @SheckWes
#SheckWes #MoBamba #Mudboy

Music video by Sheck Wes performing Mo Bamba. (C) 2018 G.O.O.D Music/Cactus Jack/ Interscope Records
#SheckWest #MoBamba #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo


  • This song makes me want to play Sicko Mode and Mo Bamba at the same time.

  • Hey brother

  • Hey

  • I showed this to my sister Now i have a brother

  • My friend told me top play this on the bus. Now I want to *kill my self*

  • My iPad just blew up.......

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  • Let

  • 1:42 had me dead不不不不不不

  • I showed this to pewdiepie Now its tseries

  • M礙me voie que ski mask sais fou

  • How the hell is this music where Tupac and Biggie at伐

  • My teacher said whats your favorite music I said I get hoooooooeeeeesssss

  • I showed this to my old samsung phone,and now he is still old samsung phone what you want to be.

  • I showed this to a cop Now hes a lvl 1 crook

  • Sicko mamba Mo mode

  • When you see the cool kids with AirPods listening to this

  • I showed this song to grass Now its marijuana

  • This comment will get a lot of likes cause this song has a lot of likes

  • What is this ?

  • 16yrold Bitch Daytrip took it to ten I got hoes calling a young nigga phone Where's Ali with the motherfucking dope? (bitch, bitch) I be ballin' like a mo'fuckin' pro (like a, huh, like a, huh) I be ballin' like my nigga Mo (Bamba, bitch) Sheck Wes, I ain't a mo'fuckin' joke (haha, hahahahaha) Steph Wes stay with the fuckin' pole (pa, pa, pa-pa) You fuck around and get poled (you get poled, bitch) 'Cause I got hoes (so many fucking hoes) Callin' a young nigga phone (Ring-ring, ring, ring-ring, ring, ring-ring) Where's Ali with the (bitch with the) mo'fuckin' dope? (huh) I be ballin' like a mo'fuckin' pro (like a mo'fuckin' pro) I be ballin' like my nigga Mo (Bamba, Bamba) Sheck Wes got so many flows (I do it all) Call me Drake how a nigga controlla Oh! Fuck! Shit! Bitch! Young Sheck Wes and I'm getting really rich (ching-ching) See how I caught it 'cause I'm really with the shits (bang-bang) See me in the streets and I be really with a (cling, cling), with a Bad bitch (bitch), niggas straight rocking (rock) Niggas straight see me, when they see me, they be coppin' (what?) I'm the best drug dealer, nigga, come and cop it (got it) Young Sheck Wes, I'm like the fuckin' Green Goblin I got hoes (ho) Calling a young nigga phone, phone (bitch) Where's Ali with the motherfucking dope? (With the motherfucking dope) Dope (with the motherfucking dope) With the motherfucking dope (bitch) With the dope (getting rich), with my bros (bitch, shit) I fucked your ho (shit) And she ain't even let you know (she fucked up) Damn, this nigga nice, fuck is you talking about? ('Cause I got) bitch (hoes) And my nigga One-Six, my nigga Ali, the Daytrip nigga, fuck is niggas talking about? (I got hoes, shit Young Sheck Wes, I do it on the go)


  • This song makes me want to eat my food with a napkin

  • This song makes me want to go to the bathroom without even signing out.

  • I showed this to Apple Now they turned into Mo bamba X


  • yee 16 year olds.


  • whit the motherfocker tooooooo

  • Man open up

  • Black ANTS This song makes me want to drive Real fast with no seat belt lol BLaCk ANTS !!

  • When I put this on the JBL in school,it makes me feel Im the boss

  • 1 hit wonder?

  • I showed this to a Virgin Now he GOT HOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  • Who came because Steezy Kane?

  • Bamba mode

  • I showed this to t-series

  • I showed this to the worker at the gas station who saw someone take my dad. Now he found him! Edit: HE WAS MY DAD Edit Edit: It was my mom being dad being the worker whk saw dad going missing

  • This song makes me wanna play my phone past bedtime!!

  • I think I have ear cancer and probably aids too

    • same, this guy can't rap, and he's just like any other black rapper

  • This makes me wanna wanna use my phone after 9:30

  • DOCTOR: you have got 3:06 minutes to live ME:

  • Me: dad look at this song Dad: mmmm nice song but wheres Jordan?

  • Sheik Wes is spellcheck shocked waves !

  • 2:09 that lighting

  • I showed this to your mom Now I got: Hoooooooooooessss

  • Steezy Kane

  • Der macht s穫e sich l瓣cherlch dieser .Wenn ich.s穫ngen w羹rde h瓣tt ich haufen Geld k繹nnte ich mich ein grosse Haus leist癡n

  • youtube did you really have to put sicko mode as the next video on autoplay

  • I showed this to Siri Now it's Geykume

  • I showed this to Nike Now its Louis VItton

  • My uber driver called me his name is Mobama I swear haha

  • showed it to wired headphone . . . . . Now they're airpods

  • 1:39 when your mom chick your history

  • Nanana

  • so this is what it's like to be disabled

  • Like if ya really believe Tequashi is getting out.

  • 1:35 When you smell your fart, but you are in a car and can't go out

  • 2019???????

  • Where did you shoot the clippet?

  • 0:21 me winning the lottery

  • I showed this to my dog now hes a DAWG

  • I showed it to a bitch now shes a still a bitch cause 1 time a bitch your gonna be a bitch forever

  • Mooo baaaamba is so fukin Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaall

  • ahhhhhhh

  • Instead of mooooooooo it should be i be ballin like my nigga Mooooooo baaaaaambaaa

  • The song is a best

  • 0:46 *When u playing nerf wars with your realatives and make gun sound effects*

  • This is not rap its opera

  • T-series or PewDiePie Mo bamba or sicko mode

  • I showed this to my mom and now Im gownded

  • I have been balling

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  • Me: Dad, i love you! Dad: Thank you, btw have u heard The song sicko mode yet? Me: YOU MOTHAFUCKA *BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE*

  • Sorry but im brooooooooooooke ooooooooooooo蛤蛤蛤

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  • Steezy Kane here?

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    • I am french, but I know..mmh.. you is genious.

  • This is what is up

  • *This song makes me wanna drown a fish*

  • Alexa play sicko mode Ok Plays Mo Bamba

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  • I Showed This To My Dad Now I Dont Have One

  • Just why

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  • so this is what people with airpods listen

  • This song makes me want to listen to it again

  • I hate people who comment Make this button blue if u are not gay

  • Me: Alexa, play Mo Bamba! Alexa: Im now playing *_Sicko Bamba_*

  • Who is here from steezy kane

  • Teacher: hi class Me: suppppppppopppp

  • when u grandpa bout to beat the shit out of you 0:02

  • Epiiiiiic

  • Who's here 2019