Sen Morimoto - People Watching (Official Music Video)

Published on Jul 9, 2018
Sen Morimoto's Cannonball! LP out now on 88rising / Sooper Records!!! Listen/Download here:
Directed by Scott Cramer
Edited by Miles Trahan
Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, coming July 20th, 2018
88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival
September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park
88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour
Sen Morimoto
Sooper Records
88 is double happiness


  • I love this song and his whole vibe he got me thinking about life and I love his hair everything about him is different and I like that

  • ❤❤❤ this song

  • this guy is so slept on man

  • Introduced to this guy in the 88 rising tour when they played in Chicago this guy is fire 🔥 he joked about living down the street from the venue or was he joking ?


  • holy helllll!!! ive been on this guy a while! i had no fucking clue he was on 88rising

  • Yoooo where was this dude when the HITC festival was up !?? Update: ok nevermind I must have just missed his set lol DAMN.

  • Sen at the Chicago concert was a lit opener. Great artist!

  • Music Industry FACT: 88rising = Founder Sean Miyashiro = PIONEER = Signing..helping..Truly UNIQUE REAL ARTISTS like Sen Morimoto (Morimoto has 'Unlimited..UNIQUE TALENT & More..'). This connection USA..Japan..China..will keep growing..lots.. BTW: South Korea = getting closer..(6) in the 'Top 5' within the Global Music Market..

  • This song is sooo good god damn i'm getting addicted

  • 100k gang lets fucking go

  • i didn't hear about sen before seeing him at the 88 concert and i regret that so much but at the same time im glad i finally got the opportunity to discover this gem like damn

  • i love this song so much wow *everybody please share this video with ur friends* sen deserves more notoriety

  • Damn he's so pretty

  • really wish i knew abt him before the ny show bc he was so much better live!!!

  • Sea some me it’s Mich’s head berg that uncovered the street over came the way to open sh. It

  • Tom frozen and iv never binderbert and earnest

  • Food finderers

  • Peoples two four arms legs hues watching senses sand in clawed north pillars holes of confusion life been good to me so on words mith

  • Heard this song live today in NYC (oct.3). All I have to say is AMAZING.

  • 2019

  • I just woke up from a dream where I sang this on a stage with him cool lol

  • Heck yeah

  • What a sunshine boy love this song so much but I love Sen more

  • 敲棒

  • CAN WE GET THIS TO 100,000 VIEWS!?!?

  • 88rising only seems to sign people that make my heart melt

  • Man, I love this guys vibe every time

  • we n e e d more

  • I think I'm in love

  • the live performance from Sofar was sooooooo much better

  • This is different style but it's hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • promote this dude more bro

  • 커여워

  • Awesome japanese

  • im in love with him UGHHH!!! SUAVE AS FUCK

  • Ima look out for future songs by this guy. His music is V I B E Y

  • ugh crush 💕

  • smooth ass

  • I'm pretty sure joji helped film this

  • Ily sen

  • i need to learn to play this

  • OTW😈

  • He's back!!!

  • this dudde got the true asian vibes. fuck that other bs. this shit true lazy swag! ✨😎✨✨✨

  • This is calm af 😍😍

  • also intro reminds me of hey arnold

  • first time I listen to it I thought this was about a girl but now I see that its about choosing making music for a living

  • The live version is so much better, the vocals are kinda flat in this one. still great tho

  • im so glad i found you

  • Loooveeeee thissssss ❤❤❤

  • this was fucking godtier

  • I’ve been listening to this nonstop for 3 days now, I’m honestly hooked I hope he gets more recognition.

  • I actually come back to listen to this several times a day, soooo good man!

  • oushiti

  • Wowowowow this music video is very incredible

  • Kid the best artist on 88... He the only one I see as having a career as a real musical artist fr...


  • 💞💃awesome

  • Am i the only one that likes the original better??

  • OMG!!!! sen morimoto

  • 繰り返し観てしまう

  • Over

  • I still don't understand this kind of music can someone pls help me??? 😇

  • 88, you alr heard joji ft. sen morimoto here. make it happen!

  • So chillin’

  • catchy


  • I want to like this but i do not get it at all

  • Didn't plan on listening till the end but holy shit this is mesmerizing

  • Omg! My homie made it! He used to play diy shows and now he is blowing up! Fuck yeah!

  • The is a case of right voice wrong song.

  • so sad that he doesn't get enough attention for his talent

  • 88rising be showing the hidden gems in the music industry. Love it❄

  • あぁ^〜いいっすねぇ^〜

  • I swear, good shit never gets the views they deserve. I'll be watching you Sen Morimoto.

  • dope!

  • Sen finally getting put on for real after grinding out projects on Dark World forever

  • 🍑

  • real heads will remember when he was on darkworld

  • Joji & Sen collab would be mind shattering!

  • Yo this beat is to 🔥🔥 I can vibe to this 24/7

  • The sound is good but the lyrics are nonsense

  • so dope

  • Get this boy making something with Joji Sama.

  • Finally seeing 88s presence in Chicago, dope.


  • underrated and underappreciated

  • Epic

  • WHAT IS THIS? This version SUCKS, I wrote my comment before listening and this is so wrong. Where the hell is his charisma? What happened

  • So wierd that the original part isnt in, you know the one on Sofar sounds? Oh you don't`? Fake ass fans Kappa

    • WHAT IS THIS? This version SUCKS, I wrote my comment before listening and this is so wrong. Where the hell is his charisma? What happened

  • Lyrics?

  • Wondering

  • Lofi trash

  • wow

  • Im in love with this

  • Sen feels like a new acid rap like old Vic Mensa stuff so good :)

  • What a lovely song! Thanks 88 for giving such artists a platform :}

  • is this a math hip hop?

  • he sucks so much