Published on Sep 19, 2018
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On this episode of Base Camp, Coyote and Mario discuss the new series Beyond Dinosaurs! They reminisce of how much fun it was to learn from and look through the fossil archive of renowned paleontologist Peter Larson, coming across fossils such as this SCREAMING skull frozen in TIME!
Get ready…this episode of Base Camp is full of FOSSILS frozen in time… and Mario’s pockets are full of dinosaur teeth!

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HUGE thanks to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Peter Larson, and his team! Make sure to visit the Black Hills Institute website for more information:
Archive footage/media Courtesy of Black Hills Institute.
And don’t forget we have recently partnered with Universal Pictures to become the Jurassic World Explorers! Stay tuned, that series is coming this holiday season.

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  • Hey Coyote pack, just so its clear, crocodilians are not descendants of dinosaurs, they share a common archosaur ancestor with dinosaurs (including our modern avian dinosaurs; birds) that split off into their respective lineages and evolved separately. In fact the crocodilian lineage is older (roughly 240 million years old) than the dinosaurs! Coyote misspoke but we are glad you guys caught it!

    • Brave Wilderness do you play fontnite

    • 🌋🐊T-ReYls ThebesT

    • 🌋🐊

    • Not a fan of the podcast type content myself and its hard to tell if it is or not unless you click on it, any way you guys can input something for us to know?

    • Brave Wilderness, Coyote could you please watch my channel patriciahartman 128. I have subscribed and rung the bell.

  • I love dinosaurs But I love Brave Wilderness more.

  • 8:50

  • 8:52 screaming skull

  • Brave wilderness is very educational and I love animals so much I feel bad for him getting bitten like if you agree

  • I was wondering if you could go international with beyond dinosaurs like going to Mongolia to see raptor fossils

  • Aaaaaaaay Mario I also have a megalodon tooth but I made it into a necklace and I am wearing it while writing this coment

  • Play chess and joy to the world the Lord is come let earth receive her let every heart prepare him room and heven and nature sing and heven and heven and nature sing

  • I do too!!!!!!!!!

  • For Beyond Dinosaurs I would love to see more venomous snake encounters. I love dinosaurs, but frankly paleontology bores me. Much respect to Pete Larson and the other who make it possible though. But certainly would rather see crazy awesome LIVING animals.

  • My favorite dino is spinosaurus

  • Go to Australia to dig fossils.

  • I know a lot about dinosaurs🐲🐲

  • Do a biten by T-Rex episode Kappa

  • The guys at Brave Wilderness are such Genuine and Pure guys and you can tell how much they love what they do. Had an absolute terrible day, not to mention i got sick today, i was trying to stew and be angry and depressed but watching this video just put a smile on my face, thank you so much for what you guys do!

  • Yeeeeah.... It sounds like a 'them' problem :D perfect response mario

  • I already know it and how to make a dinosaur

  • Hey brave wilderness , I am a big fan of your videos!!! I am such a big fan on dinosaurs since I was a kid. I think they are the most fascinating prehistoric reptiles / animals. I am originated from Belgium currently live in Nevada. In Belgium we are known to have the most preserved IGUANODON in the Museum of Natural Science. I used to go there when I was In second grade for a school field trip. It is a really fascinating and phenomenal experience to go check it out!!

  • What’s you’re address so I can send Fan mail

  • Go to Mastadon state park in Missouri

  • Check out Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada! Awesome fossils of dinosaurs! We are big fans of your shows! ✌🏻

  • I can't believe he just called a rock more precious than his own child.

  • I 😍 your canol

  • chickens are also related to dinos they have dino fetures that are turned off like carnivoreish jaws or scales

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  • How the guy recording this zoomed in on him taking the Teeth is killing me 😂😂😂

  • paul soreno. he works at the university of colorado

  • I touched dinosaur poop that was disgusting!!!!!

  • I want those teeth EVERYTHING you guys have in the office fossil (or bone) wise!

  • 1

  • I remember seeing sue for the first time

  • Hi coyote your problem not gonna see this 😭 but I wish that you could come to England and try to find a museum that has Dino bones in. I love dinosaurs 🦖 just like I love your channel but please if you see this, come to england

  • tySTANosaurus rex

  • Get bit by a spider

  • Come to Lourinhã in Portugal! You can talk about animals that lived in Europe and compare them to their American relatives and how these animals migrated across Pangaea before the continents shifted

  • After You guys finish this series... Can you guys focus on Geckos? I would like to see interesting facts from you guys

  • The most viewed channel for me the most fast growing channel on youtube for me how did u grew a plus 2 Million Subs

  • my home region in the UK, England, has a place that I've heard is an old Jurassic vibe area called the Jurassic Coast which is South-West of England's coasts! which reminds me I dont know if you guys have ever explored the UK's wilderness! if not why not take a trip here to Jurassic Coast? :3

  • Mario has 3 dinosaur teeth but I have and I also have a shark jaw and I'm just 9 years old

  • Here is the black hill institute

  • Are u going to come to Scotland?

  • This channel is killing it!

  • You should go to Tasmania and search for thylacine remnants my favorite animal

  • I hope it's not a problem asking about it but, did everything go ok with the executioner wasp sting. At first I thought you guys may be just keeping us in suspense but after the lengthy wait for the video to emerge I'm just a little worried in case it went badly for Coyote? 😟

  • nice slippers coyote :'D

  • Dinosaurs are here because birds are dinosaurs.!!!

  • Anyone play Jurassic World: Alive? Lol

  • Omg I have a spinosoris tooth tooooooooo

  • you know when i was younger i wanted to be an archaeologist or paleontologist,but i kinda gave up on that dream cus it was just too much work but i think a small smidgen of my archaeologist child is still there cus of my collection of a dog and a coyote's skull and bird's wings and feathers and lil dead bugs and i once had a horse nail in a bag some years ago but it got lost somewhere plus i also own a helmet from WW2 that was given to me by a friend of my brother who loves collecting old school relics from the past like WW2 and WW1 and a really beautiful soviet Russia pin that i just simply adore give me anything old school from Russia's old Era's and i'll love ya all forever.

  • I found a 750,000 year old steppe mammoth tooth when I were nine

  • Brave wilderness, is the one and only way to learn history and science in the best way and a fun way

  • I want to be a paleontologist when I grow up

  • Spinosaurous, Brackeosaurous, Dipplosaurous, Tirenosaurous Rex, Vilosiraptor,

  • come to canada for dinos

  • 7:58 megalodon is not a dinosaur

  • T. rex probably did usually not kill triceratops, due to risk of injury


  • Hey buddy boyo one T. rex fan art coming up

  • Crocodilians are not descendants of dinosaurs. They share a common ancestor with dinosaurs, but they branched before the first dinosaurs evolved.

  • But what was before dinosaurs?....

  • How did that thing froze

  • *A fire on the mountain!*

  • Hey whats the PO-box? I have some dinosaur art n stuff. Would like to send it! :)

  • Keep this episode going !!!

  • what happened to the other animals? like birds, foxes, fish, now its all dinosaurs... please bring them back.

  • Hi coyote nice kickes

  • Is it a tooth?! (In the package)

  • You are even better than discovery channel

  • I hope the new spot Mark is scouting is in Colorado.

  • "Crocodiles are floor dinosaurs" Drew Lynch

  • I HAVE A SPINO TOOTH!!!!!!!!!

  • Go to la brea tar pits!!!!!

  • crocodilians are not descendants of the dinosaurs. they are psudosuchians which are relatives of the dinosaurs.

  • Hey coyote I have a question? Where are you guys brothers?

  • MY favorite dinosaur is Ankylosaurus

  • September of 2018: Still no Executioner Wasp Video. Thought it was already filmed?

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  • Can you catch a monkey

  • Thermopolis Wy

  • Hey Coyote, nice slippers

  • Hearing you speak about Sue in the Chicago Field Museum made me think one thing; Please collaborate with The Brain Scoop! While you guys generally have a different scope, I think a crossover could bring the best of both worlds AND introduce your audiences to each other!

  • Drumheller Alberta!

  • Why was the megalodon tooth so small?

  • My last name is Larson

  • Um so people could bring back dinos soooooo do you want that?

  • Great vid guys keep up the good work!!!

  • The Texas Hill Counrty holds many of marine fossils.. as it was mostly ocean during the mesozoic era. Amonites, shells, mosasaur, etc.. can be found over here. Should check it out.

  • Toronto Ontario Museum of natural history

  • Mark is the camera man

  • hey did u know not just crocidilians are older than dinosaurs but horseshoe crabs to

  • Crocodilians are actually more like cousins

  • I was unboxing one of the Matell sets while watching this XD

  • My fav dinosour is the raptor

  • You should get sung by the Asian needle ant


  • Those shoes tho

  • I helped dig up a new species of dinosaur eggs. It was a tyrannosaur or ceratopsian

  • Close your ears!!!!!

  • This is better than biology class

  • Mostly birds