Scottie Pippen: There is no game I would play where I would pick LeBron over MJ | The Jump | ESPN

Published on Apr 6, 2018
Scottie Pippen says he never agrees with anything Isiah Thomas ever says when it comes to the LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan debate.
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  • Isiah still got a grudge

  • I want to hear SP sing 😁

  • Zeke is just butthurt.

  • I LOVE WHAT SCOTTIE SAID. GIVE ME THE BALL! NO MATTER WHT, IF U CAN'T CALL TIME OUT. Cause he/we want him to take the last shot

  • Scottie better dunker than Jordan

  • Isiah might be the saltiest person in the history of humanity

  • Scottie got it right. They were both great players. But they're different. LeBron has always been physically more gifted than Michael; he's stronger, and perhaps a tad quicker. But Michael was much more talented; much more gifted as a player. When you saw him play, you saw not only a great athlete: but art, magic... (... and a great heart; a great warrior; cannot say the same thing of LeBron.)

  • Top ten all time = 1MJ 2MJ 3MJ 4MJ 5MJ you get the jist . Daylight 2nd , truth . Stop these shows trying to pump ratings , every ex and current player knows the truth .

  • Scottie bipolar pippen

  • Of course a Detroit piston would say that.

  • Y'all opinion are like asssholes everyone should have 1. So know 1 opinion is better than anyone else

  • Who the fuck cares about social issues... we talking ball here .. come on tmac....

  • 3:07 everyone be like T-Mac and stop arguing

  • 1:06 T-Mac's face be like "tell us how you really feel Scottie" lmao

  • What the heck does the politics of Lebron have to do with being better than Michael or not? That was one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

  • Scottie should have said this on whos better MJ or LBJ, "Its simple, I could guard and lock down LBJ and not MJ" easy.

  • Right now Michael Jordan is over 55 years old and retired from the game.

  • Jordan is somehow becoming one of the most underrated basketball players ever. He was one of the three best wing defenders of all time, the best scorer post Wilt and capable of rebounding and assisting at a high level whenever necessary. Look up the games where Mike actually was asked to play as a point guard and look at those numbers. He was a more efficient Westbrook.

  • It gets me so upset to see a grown man or even a grown woman get excited to hear about a person Hate another person and still want to know if they still hate each other. I know people get excited about rivalries I do too because it's just competition but they're not playing basketball they don't need still hate each other they don't have to like each other but there's no hate so this guy really needs to cut it out along with other people I know.

  • MJ, all the way.... All day! #hatersgonnahate

  • Kids where was mj in 84,85,86,87,88 89,90,94,95 99 00 01 02 and 03

  • Kids and casual fans forget that mj is a sg.....he scores, that's what sg do

  • Sour grapes, Of course Isiah would pick Lebron...Isiah wishes he was half the player MJ was, still is The G.O.A.T. I still dont see the debate...almost every player in the league wanted to be like MJ growing up how could they even disrespect the king by thinking they are better if they idolized or wanted to be MJ. Just saying respect those who paved the way for you!!! Oh and Isiah is a clown!!

  • when has lebron ever averaged 37 points? never. when has lebron ever had a threepeat, let alone TWO threepeats? never. when has lebron ever won a dpoy? never.

  • Mj for president!

  • All you uncle toms that are saying MJ is better than bron need to give it up. LeBron will rape MJ. LeBron fucks bitches

  • No one is going to give Isiah a front office position when they see how he still puts his personal feelings over accurate commentary. Scottie needs to shut the fuck up too.....this fool finally figured out that he played with the best player of all time.

  • Of course Isiah is going to say that. MJ is the G.O.A.T. period.

  • softest little B*tch i ever seen play point guard..

  • Payback is a bitch.. ZEKE... sorry ass person... sorry ass father..sorry ass brother..sorry ass son... YOU ALL THAT>>

  • Mcgrady's smile while sipping is the GOAT

  • LeBron is the 🐐 stop playing put some respek on it

  • Isah be more respectful....loser

  • T-Mc's face says it all . . .

  • I just watched a clip where Pippen says Lebron has basically surpassed Jordan in terms of legacy. So, what the fuck is he talking about?

  • Get em Scottie! That shot of T mac Sipping tea funny af

  • Zeke, I’m a hardcore Kobe FAN, but you sound drunk!

  • isiah comes across as a baby. i don't see MJ saying Kyrie Irving is better than Isiah Thomas or Steph Curry is better than Isiah Thomas or Damian Lilliard is better than Isiah Thomas or Russell Westbrook is better than Isiah Thomas or Chris Paul is better than Isiah Thomas

  • I am from Detroit, but Zeke Thomas is fucking crazy he is a plane flat out jealous punk! I believe he even ounce said if Larry bird was black he'd be an average player

  • 1:07 😂😂

  • Now Scottie says that SMH lol he flip flops so much facts Scottie where is your wife did Drake snatch that up if y'all work it out ?!? Tmac like I just got my ☕🐸a I'm chilling lol 🤔😂🎬

  • zeke is the saltiest hater alive...

  • it is still about the dream team for Isaiah. I would be mad too though

  • MJ Better than Lobron

  • LBJ is better

  • Lebron owns the NBA, there's too much money involved today. Lebron has more than doubled Jordan's career salary in the same time frame. Lebron is not that good, but they need their star, otherwise the league would die.

    • I'm not saying Lebron is better, I dislike him. He's not that good. But he IS the NBA. The money today is sooo huge with TV and endorsements. Without Lebron the NBA would have a bunch of scrubs. Jordan played against HOFers every series. Competition was much higher then. The NBA must have Lebron or collapse. Bron's earning power is artificially inflated.

    • Agreeable Dragon LeBron

    • Skoshi33 Who's the "Chosen One"?

    • Agreeable Dragon MJ earned 30M a year when the NBA average salary was 4M. Don't ever compare Bron's earning power, as great as it is, to that of His Airness. The Chosen One ain't nowhere near him.

  • You totally go with MJ! Lebron is probably the greatest "overall force" the NBA has ever seen. When you look at defense, offense, getting teammates involved, etc...Lebron is the greatest force the NBA has seen. HOWEVER, MJ is right there with him and MJ has one thing that Lebron just doesn't quite have. MJ had the ULTIMATED competitive/ killer instinct that LB just doesn't have as part of his personality. MJ had a OBESSESIVE need to prove to everyone at all times that he was the absolute best at EVERYTHING!! (I had a family member that played with him and crazy off/on court stories. At the end of a game, down one, 5 seconds left...Lebron is looking to make "the best play". MJ would say "the only play is me...I'm the best in the world, try to stop me". Kobe really had that too, and today Durant has it even more so than Lebron. Even looking at things like the dunk contest...Lebron has never competed. ...again, behind closed doors it was literally offensive to MJ to have anyone in the league think they were a better dunker than he was and he refused to not prove he was the best. If I'm teammate I would probably want to play with Lebron more so than MJ. If I'm down 1, 20 second left, game 7 of the finals....I want MJ or Kevin Durant with the ball in their hands as oppose to Lebron because I can't even be sure with Lebron that my best player is going to take that deciding shot.

  • Facts

  • +1 T-Mac!!! MJ was only great on the court.......stood for very little off it. In addition his Hall of Fame speech showed such little class......a loss of respect right there!

  • What Scottie and tmac said basically has concluded the whole debate. Rest the case.

  • i understand how thomas feels about mj mj took what zeek wanted. . and it is to be the chicago main man or hero , bcoz' zeek is from chicago , that's one then the competitiveness is there,, zeek do not want to acknowledge jordan for how great jordan is/was simply one reason is that zeek comes first than mj in the NBA, and zeek wins 2 times on MJ's bulls so there is this feelin' of superiority towards MJ, but when the bulls sweep Pistons zeek took competitiveness in a bizaare way he did not shake hands with the opposing teams, some say that it was zeek who comes with that idea, some says it's Bill Laimbeer, but the point is that it did not make a positive impression towards the bulls team , the fans , and the entire NBA. so Zeek becomes the Villian in that point that's why it's one of the reasons he did not play at the 92' Olympics. and so times passes in the rivalry is still there , with the social media. i hope one day they will resolve they're issues. peace

  • We all know why he said that

  • Isiah Thomas!? Ain't he the guy who backs up Lonzo!?

  • Isaiah Thomas, the biggest Michael Jordan HATER! #GetOverIt

  • Isiah Thomas.... This is Mike probably feels about you.. @3:17 mark.

  • Scottie you need to cut that shit off your head! You to old for that

  • Isaiah always hates Jorden. Scottie right. World Champions Chicago Bulls forever 6 times Rings Proven. Isaiah only two. LMAO. Michael Jordan and Scottie Forever

  • "I disagree with anything Isiah ever says, I even agree with anything he's ever done!!!" Lol. I love it!!! Get him Scottie!!!

  • Tired of these ignorant kids marginalizing Jordan. He was without question the best player ever

  • Replace Jordan with Lebron on either of the 3-peat Bulls and Lebron would have choked at least one away. No way in hell would the Bulls be 6-0 in those Finals. Replace Lebron with Jordan on the Heatles and they do better than 2/4. Isiah Thomas is delusional, which is nothing new. Being blinded by hate has been a thing since the beginning of time. Being the better player is more than overall physical capabilities and attributes, it's about who's going to get you the win. The only reason Kobe isn't #2 is because of his relative inefficiency. He's kind of a chucker...and he played with an MVP in Shaq. But everyone knows he's got more mamba mentality than Lebron. That's why Lebron's #2 spot behind Jordan isn't safe. Jordan will be very difficult to dethrone in terms of both accomplishments and killer mentality. But one day someone will be like Kobe, except more efficient, and challenge Lebron's #2 spot all time. Lebron can accumulate as many rebounds and assists he wants (and Westbrook can join him) but we all know being the GOAT is about the "it" factor.

  • Scotty has said Lebron is better numerous times. Now he's gonna change just because he doesn't like Isiah

  • Thomas hates Jordan. We know that. He couldn’t wait to be asked this question so he can get shots in at Jordan.

  • Agree with tmac. Jordan didn’t care or never said anything to fans or the people about killings over his shoes. Kobe was too busy shooting 2000 jump shots a day in practice. He didn’t give a fuck either. But bron always speaks his peace on issues and even congratulate fellow players on their accomplishments. And that’s just a couple things. He is the king! Disclaimer(my opinion): Kobe =Goat, Jordan overrated and I hate bron.

  • I am not even going to entertain inserting Lebron as being comparable to Mike ... stop it ! However ... T-mac said ... outta his mouth that Lebron James is the G.O.A.T when it comes to socio/political issues ? 👀 Bruh ... Muhammad Ali , Jim Brown , Kareem , Bill Russell set that sta dard ...& has yet to be surpassed by anyone ever since ! Stop Playin ! 😒

  • Lol T Mac was being petty while sipping on his tea.

  • Zeke's comments are based on bitterness you can see it in his face. Well Zeke, here's a hate comment for you: When the discussion of "greatest point guards of all time" comes up, you are rarely mentioned. #FACT

  • Bronsexuals say "Lebron is the best all around player". The best all around player? FOH! The dude might as well go sit on the bench when his team goes on the defense end of the court, because Lebron doesn't play a lick of defense.

  • Isiah is a career loser at MJ's hands lmao, of course he thinks LeBron is better

  • Jordan is the ONLY superstar in NBA history whose teammates' stats were better when he was NOT ON THE FLOOR. Scottie Pippen, the year MJ retired the first time, led the Bulls in all 5 major stats (an Nba record). All his other teammates played at a higher efficency rate. They reached the Conference Semis and got robbed in game 7 by the Knicks (and EVERYBODY knew why). Explain that. Oh, and btw, Pippen here hates on Isiah soooo much. Pippen had been saying the same exact shit Isiah is saying, but because he hates Isiah, he basically eats his own words and disagrees with him, when he had been saying the SAME shit. (it's on the web, easy to find). I consider the basketball world to be hostage of one mega-egoed individual. (and a bunch of ditto-heads).

  • 5:44 Lebron is the GOAT on expressing his opinion in social and political subjects. Ok, ever heard a guy called Muhammand Alli??

  • He says there’s Kareem with his hand circling up high then shifts to MJ lebron debate which we clearly know he’s not goin to pick MJ so he has Kareem Lebron then MJ?

  • Isiah still salty

  • 2. 3 peats.... Cough cough

  • Isiah & Pippen are both correct. Isiah best fit to be team mate with Lebron because he is a point guard and LBJ is Forward while on the other hand Pippen & LBJ have the same position so it just make sense he will chose LBJ and is best to team up with the best guard like MJ. So whats the argument here!?

  • Wilt would crush MJ... Are you kidding me

  • No player in the history of basketball comes close to Wilt Chamberlain.

  • LeBum Over MJ HELL NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • If i have theJordan wizards, I'd take 15 year LeBron over 15 year Jordan with that squad. Jordan didn't even make the playoffs.

  • Tracy tho 😂😂😂

  • Isiah half smiling cuz he doenst even believe the bullshit coming out of his mouth lmao this is just the salt talking

  • I'm so tired of these endless arguments. For one, MJ and LeBron have totally different games. Secondly, these older athletes have an agenda to preserve their generation.

  • Isiah is a fuckin hater. I live in Detroit too.

  • Scotty's literally on record 2 months ago and like 4 years ago saying LeBron was better. Bc its Isaiah, its a problem FOH

  • Mike: No matter what happens, give me the ball. BIG WORDS

  • T-Mac is loving this.

  • Imagine Lebron saying "Its personal." Not happening. Those 90s guys actually had competitive fire and wanted to beat the best. Lebron just wants to hop on the cock of the nearest super team so he can cakewalk to the finals every year. Its not a close comparison for me.

  • Fuck Thomas

  • T mac is confused

  • Isiah is full of shit! Just because mj whiped his ass! Showed him what time it was! 🐐

  • Jordan did something that can never be reproduced, something that goes beyond stats and accolades -> he changed the world. How you ask? Before Jordan the NBA and basketball was only popular in the USA, the general public didn't care or knew about it. When I grew up in Germany there was only soccer for most parts of my childhood, Then came Jordan and with him basketball and suddenly me and my friends learned how to play basketball and where interested in it. Jordan helped making Basketball a global sport and facilitated the NBA as the premiere league of Basketball in the hearts and minds of the global population. Being the GOAT of a sport has nothing to do with statistics, Mohamed Ali holds no statistical records in Boxing, yet would any true Boxing fan ever question that he is the GOAT when it comes to Boxing? Pele holds no statistical records in Soccer, yet to soccer players everywhere in the world he will forever be the GOAT. It's not statistics and it's not even the impact they have on the sports they play that determine the GOAT, it's the impact they have on the world while pursuing their sport that elevates them to the title of GOAT.

  • Tmac is a idiot.. ;)

  • Lebron is learning . You don't learn dominance you either got it or you don't..

  • When was Lebron ever the best offensive and defensive player in the league...never Mike was #1 or 2 on both sides for almost 10 years

  • What idiot would take LeBron James in a game over Michael Jordan. LeBron James needed Ray Allen to make the game tying shot against the Spurs in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, because he missed the shot prior to that happening. LeBron James needed Kyrie Irving to make the 3 pointer at the end of Game 7 against Golden State, after he missed the potential game winning shot. Michael Jordan found ways to put those shots in himself.

  • 1.Scottie answers this question better than anyone ever has. 2.LeBron has no comparison to another NBA player so people throw MJ name in there. 3. Kobe is most comparable to Jordan style wise, as a scorer. Mentally, Jordan was a man possessed with winning and Kobe lacked. 4.LeBron is comparable with a man who never really made it into the NBA whose name was Len Bias, drafted by the Celtics but unfortunately his life was cut short.

  • Have any of these so called "experts" including former players ever heard of Kareem Abdul Jabbar? They act as if Jabbar was the 12th man on the bench and give him no love. So so disrespectful.

  • Scottie pipped is the only one with some sense.

  • Scottie yall to old still be beefing also,let it go bruh

  • Labron the 🐐 jordan right there though tmac hating.dam i liked ol tmac

  • I want KD and Bron in LA. And kwahi in GS