Scottie Pippen: There is no game I would play where I would pick LeBron over MJ | The Jump | ESPN

Published on Apr 6, 2018
Scottie Pippen says he never agrees with anything Isiah Thomas ever says when it comes to the LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan debate.
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  • Isaiah says "looking at the total body of work" then says LeBron. Shit don't make any damn sense 😂😂😂

  • Isiah Thomas is a salty old geezer. No one likes him. Even Magic had bad blood with him and no one genuinely has that type of relationship with Magic

  • Of course he would say Jordan is the better player ffs man

  • Thomas is salty

  • MJ was clutch. LBJ was not.

    • bmw racer lebron is clutch, watch the video on rusty bucket

  • Tmac knows Pippen keeps flipping his answer

  • MJ is the best basketball player ever because he changed the game of basketball in the most dramatic and drastical way. All the moves he made in his career have been impossible to be copied by anyone so far. Many have tried to but never reached the level that MJ was at. (The closest is Kobe.) MJ's dominance on the court might be compared with Wilt. But then Wilt is a big guy. He was dominant but did not change the game as much as MJ. The same argument is valid with LB. Lebron is the best now and is a big guy but he is never the creator for basketball that MJ was.

  • I'll pick Larry Legend over LeBron any day...

  • Pippen became a defensive beast in this game. Look at his all defensive 1st team appearances. I loved watching him and mj play. I wish this generation got to see the best dynamic duo in nba history. I love watching LeBron as well, but I just wish these young guys could've seen prime M.J. And F#ck Isaiah Thomas. He hated M.J. and now he's salty.

  • What does Isaiah have to thank Michael Jordan for he whoop Michael Jordan ass he will Scottie pippen ass and they change the rules and cheated the bad boys out of a third title so what did he have to thank anybody for Isaiah Thomas one of the best players to ever play the game. And his opinion does matter

  • Bron is always trade a better player for himself in his career bcoz he scared to loss to mvp in every year. Miame needs d wade and bosh.but after the lost he came back to the cavaliers he needs love and irving.after loss irving decided to quiet in his team.bcoz he knows he is a tie with bron to a lead leadership in his team.but traded is always for bron d wade d rose isaah thomas jordan clarkson.bron after he lost in the finals is quiet going to the lakers needs a better player kuzma lonzo ingram he's not a satified in his teammates if he lost.

  • jordan 1 2 Larry bird 3 kareem 4 kobe 5 kevin durant 6 lebron james

  • Guess everyone forgot Kobe...

  • Tmac petty 😆

  • I don’t see where the argument is, really. Jordan had statistical and championship dominance. He never gave in, never surrendered. People say “Put aside the rings”. Well, no, we can’t put aside the rings. The rings attest to the mindset and mental strength of the man. I don’t hear anyone telling Bill Russell to put aside the rings when comparisons between he and Wilt arise. I damn sure wouldn’t see Isiah tell Karim to put the rings aside when comparisons between he and Wilt arise. So fuck off.

  • In another video he said LeBron has surpassed Jordan in a lot of ways (I guess he didn't technically say LeBron was better) and he also said Wilt was the greatest ever in another video so Scottie seems to change his mind a lot.

  • That's why Isah would lose. Remember he's a defeated hater. Lol

  • scottie = sub woofer

  • LeBron wished it could happen....MJ made it happened.Simple

  • Isiah is like a girl changing his mind every now and then...back then he said MJ is the then,then later Its its Lebron...maybe next time his GOAT is himself Lmao

  • That's it

  • Scottie is jealous of mj

  • Lebron is a ashole

  • Jordan is the goat

  • Lebron makes every team a contender for a tittle Michale Jordan could not take the wizards to the playoffs

  • what greatest players he defend John Starks

  • no way on earth IT gonna beat MJ

  • Apparently, "Ghetto grammar" is preferred in the in the comment section here.

  • Well, Isiah and MJ didn't get along, so...

  • GOAT when it comes to social issues? Guys like Bill Russell, Kareem, and Oscar Robertson deserve to be mentioned

  • Get em Scottie

  • Isaiah Thomas doesn't have to thank MJ

  • Traceys reactions while drinking is funny.

  • No wonder Isaiah got fired.

  • Pippen has gone on record more than once at picking LBJ over MJ. Personally .. I pick MJ.

  • Thomas needs to stfu.... Pippen is right he is hating.

  • LeBron is better than MJ though

  • better than Moses Malone, Bill Russell, Oscar Robinson, Jerry West, Kareen Abdul Jabbar, u people are just plain crazy! Jordan and Pippe dominated after the Celtics and Pistons and Lakers, Bullets Knicks, all faded into the past. If Mike and Scottie went up against a prime Lakers Team or Philadelphia 76rs team of Dr. J, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone etc they would have been crushed and they would have been exposed as just decent average players. I remember when Mark Price, and Ron Harper, and Daugherty use to give them fits and Jordan shot a winner over Craig Ehlo and people were hooping and hollering and then they got thumped by a prime Detroit Pistons team. Jordan dominated a water down NBA that incuded four expansion teams. It took all their guile and experience to beat a Utah Jazz team composed of Art Malone, Jeff Hornacek, and Stocton who were past their prime and who never advanced past the 2nd round call that greatness!! You people are Nuts!

  • "I took that away from him"....facts right there. Go back to the 88' season when MJ played point. He could everything LeBron does and was the best defender one on one.

  • Michael Jordan used to abuse Isaiah Thomas. Even when Mike was a rookie he would demolish IT.

  • Scottie broke it down perfect. Tmac too. Love both of these dudes.

  • Wait, wait, didn't pippen say lebron was better then Jordan at one point??

  • Look LeBron is great -- but when a man helps you win 6 rings you never ever say you don't want Michael Jordan

  • bruh i agree that lebron has this combination of greats skills ... but the only lacking is the confidence ovrall he is dominant im a kobe fan but i love lebron hate him in the court thou but for this ill go MJ

  • I wish i had his voice lmao

  • The only thing LeBron is better than Jordan is at getting SWEPT in the FINALS.. and CHOKING too

  • Scott a dick rider


  • Scottie pippen I'm looking for the video u said LeBron James over MJ23

  • Duh!! Is anybody suprised that Thomas said this. He hates Jordan

  • Jordan was better bc of Pippen

    • He would be great playing with LeBron too, Kyrie average 25+ppg with him imagine MJ

  • Bill RUSSELL is goat #1 and MJ goat #2. Every one else is second tier.

  • i recently actually heard Isaiah on an open court rerun acknowledging how good Jordan was. Isiah knows how great mike is and I don't get why he undersells him. since Jordan was his competition and eventually beat him id think he'd want to say how great he was.

  • Lol love when tracy says jordan guarded thr best players on the team and scortie kinda tries to say something but then shuts up lol we all know he was gonna say man i guarded the best defenders lol

  • Man wtf is up with Isaiah? Iv heard him pick michael over lebron now hes picking lebron

  • Cant believe Isaiah still hate MJ wow

  • Isiah just mad because he didn’t make the 92 OLYMPIC TEAM

  • MJ= Kobe and LeBron =MJ( magic johnson)

  • Isiah is obvious hates Air Jordan because Jordan was the one killed the career of Isiah.

  • Comparison is stupid because they both played in different era .

  • of course Isaiah Thomas likes Lebron James, because Lebron's never dogwalked his ass up and down the court the way Jordan did. Isaiah Thomas is just bitter because his lame ass wasn't on the Dream Team lol

  • Isiah Thomas should just say they dont like each other and that's why he would pick Lebron

  • T-Mac a clown Lmao. But MJ the goat for sure.

  • 2 different positions 2 inch difference 2 separate styles kill the comparisons,bron fans should just be happy with him being the best small forward of all time

  • Mj didnt make it to the Finals to pippen n lets b real yes mj a better scocer but damn he did have pippen defense all time at dat rodman all time defense he had shooters a hall of a fame coach he had a 🔥 bench n to mention a point forward but ok

  • Ill take leborn forsure

  • Scottie is my fave player all time, but he is incoherent when he speaks, dude makes no sense.

  • Here comes the GOAT of social issues title(nothing basketball related)

  • They both know Kobe's better also

  • Why is Isaiah included in discussions like this where we know he would be biased because of their history? Of course he's going to hate on MJ

  • Bird owned MJ , MJ outlasted him . MJ sells shoes and runs a team , see him making noise to cut his income ? never .pip is not making noise for same reason here , don't cut the income FTW

  • A point guard that played against Magic would definitely pick the player that resembles Magic the most. On the flip side, Michael is also a great play making. A good point guard gets the ball to the best option. Michael just knows he’s always the best option

  • A point guard that played against Magic would definitely pick the player that resembles Magic the most. On the flip side, Michael is also a great play making. A good point guard gets the ball to the best option. Michael just knows he’s always the best option

  • This dude is a hypocrite just a few years earlier he said Lebron was better than MJ 🤦🏾‍♂️ but because he has a bitter hate towards IT he makes this trash comment SP has always been a weak individual that has been bullied by MJ back then and now

  • It’s hard to compare James to guys who played when you could hand check and ride them to the basket. That’s why it’s so much easier to score as a wing in today’s NBA

  • Kobe Bryant Most pts scored: 81 pts Last game: 60 pts

  • Isiah should've shook hands MJ and Bullsin '91. They walked out with time on the clock and that was bush league stuff. Isiah deserved to be off Dream Team and it is all his fault. Never owns up to his mistakes. One NBA player I genuinely hate and dislike. He is a smiling liar. Joe Dumars acted like a honest honorable man and stayed on the bench. Isiah called out Joe for that move and had beef with Dumars afterwards.

  • Kobe is the 🐐y’all slow 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • "That never happened to MJ." Man, what? MJ has 3 first round playoff exits! It did happen to him, three times to be exact.

  • If Dirk Nowitzki can beat LeBron and a super team in the Finals... Of course MJ would.

  • AMEN Scottie! Amen!

  • Isaiah Thomas 2x champ is talking nonsense about his conqueror!

  • G

  • This guy has the biggest nose

  • Pippen a hypocrite, he just saying that because he got blasted after he said LeBron was better than Jordan, now u signing a whole new tune SMH get the fck outta here

  • FOH Pippen is lying because I remember a few years ago he said Lebron was better overall than Jordan multiple times. He's just trying to get clout because he hates Isiah because Isiah used to punk him on the Bad boys

  • Mike Put Up 8 Plus Rebounds And 8 Plus Assist Per Game The Same Way LeBron Did Too

  • Lebrons the greatest all around player. We keep talking about stats 3-6. Thats all im saying You wanna talk stats lets talk bout all of em.

  • You know MJ is better when the argument is Lebron takes a stance on social and political issues....

  • Of course Isaiah would pick Lebron over Michael Jordan. Just a hattin little biatch. Luckily Isiah is next to a no body while MJ net worth will speaks for itself.

  • Kevin Durant is a better scorer than MJ 😂 Let's argue lol

  • Tracy mcgrady tho lol

  • I mean Scottie has changed his opinion many times in the past about who was better between M.J and Bron

  • Tmac funny asf in this clip 😂😂

  • Scottie just hate it

  • Scottie really put things into perspective. Michael was the best individual basketball player, offense and defense. But he wasn't winning shit if he didn't have Scottie and Phil. Scottie took away playmaking and defensive responsibility from Mike and turned him into a winner

  • Scotty once said Lebron was better

  • isiah is salty

  • scottie freeman

  • ain't this the same guy who said lebron better