Scottie Pippen: There is no game I would play where I would pick LeBron over MJ | The Jump | ESPN

Published on Apr 6, 2018
Scottie Pippen says he never agrees with anything Isiah Thomas ever says when it comes to the LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan debate.
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  • Both Scottie and Isiah are biased, isiah won’t acknowledge mj because he wrongfully kept him off the dream team even tho he deserved to be on there and Scottie played with Jordan for years so of course they’re not gonna agree , nobody is right or wrong to be honest

  • Scottie needs personality implants

  • MJ cared about winning and would kill himself to do it. LeBron only cares about padding his stats and having a nice "resume`". He just doesn't have the heart of a champion like MJ.

  • Why is Isiah invited to shows? Pls Isiah shut the f...k..up

  • Jordan the best ever

  • Isiah is a bitch. Everyone knows he's jealous of MJ.

  • JORDAN > Lebron

  • No tippin Pippen.

  • Gotta love that teacuphandling by Tmac =)

  • Pretty interesting considering Pippen has said previously that LeBron is actually a better player.

  • Social and political issue..come on T-Mac, that's not relevant. I'd say MJ is even more the goat for not getting involved with those bullshit that have nothing to do in sports.

  • Aint Scottie juz a bitch for MJ tho

  • Isaiah doesn't like MJ. That's well-known LOL

  • I.T. n mj need to let it go

  • Duh he is used to playing with Jordan they have chemistry. Just like if you have a friend and he’s good. But there’s another player who is just as good as him of course you would pick your friend instead

  • I'll take #8 or #24 ! Why is James even in this conversation he is 3-6 in the finals?

  • i.t. 1.0 be spread'n #fakenews out of spite of the g.o.a.t. 🐐

  • Thomas u r a big shit .

  • Tea-Mac

  • Jordan- Kareem- Russell. Thomas is Salty

  • The fake view in the background....

  • Did MJ piss off Pippen? What did I miss?

  • By Zeke's logic Magic would be the best.

  • These 90s guys dont fuck around. The hate is real

  • Hold tracy the man sitting with you defended the other teams best player

  • Salt and shade man salt and shade

  • Issiah is still in pain till now .. if you still remember Isiah was dump by jordan on the dream team like you choose take Isiah or Im gone he he

  • i also think mj is the greatest of all time yes other players have won more titles then mj but that was before mj even gotin the league or even had a go0d team mj lead his team in his early years in scoring he basically single handedly beat the teams him self.. lebron is foolish to think he is the goat lebron is good but he will never be MJ the thing to me that has hurt lebron he hasnt won his titles with one team he has to chase after them by going to other team.. MJ didnt do that his bulls prolly would have won more titles if they hadnt split the team up in 98 they might have one 8 to 10 titles for all we kno so IF lebron would have stayed in cleveland and won all his titles there or maybe even more and done the things jordan did...then yea i would put him in the talks of being the goat..but he isnt the goat MJ is the best player i ever seen in my life time to play the game of basket ball. the way he done it and his flashy moves u never see lebron do that.. like when MJ faked out the whole entire magic team in 96 then scored that was so funny i laughed til i cried jordan made basketball fun to watch ..i loved the bulls back then.. i still love the bulls but right now they stink.. they need better management maybe they should hire MJ as a coach or something but it seems winnning is the formula these days if yur team dont win u dont get the go0d players thats just retarded in my eyes. it shouldnt matter wich team wins the most like the warriors now all they do is win and everyone kno all they gotta do is join the warriors and ride the coat tails of green durant curry klay and boogie but even before boogie it was just those..i would stay with my team make it great and challenge the warriors and thats what makes MJ the goat even more coz he loved the competition and for neone to say the warriors would have been the bulls there is no way.. not the 96 bulls i dont care what u say long as u had that number 23 there u cant go wrong coz he always made sure his team mates played hard and challenged u..yes the warriors of this generation are great teams but MJs bulls they will never lebron whines to much when he dont get his way or he loses u didnt hear jordan going around saying he will go to another team yes he tested FA a few times but he still went back to his team where he won..he didnt whine and cry i just want to win man..i need talent around me .if yur so damn go0d and call yurself the goat lebron stop yur bitching and lead yur team to a title when u play the game like jordan did then maybe ppl will think more highly of u as the goat.. the only thing closest to MJ to me is kobe bryant..another fiece competitor that would challenge u and i dont blame kobe for that thats what a true leader and true warriof the game does if he has to show u tough love to get to play better and harder then so be it.. i would do the same thing coz if im gonna get out there and work hard and bust my ass for my team and my team mates then u better bet yur bottom dollar they better do the same thing for me but neway guys just stop it...Lebron whines to much and chases after titles to much so he will never be MJ .MJ is hands down the goat ...with kobe right behind him ppl may hate me for saying that but i dont really care i kno my basketball

  • and i got to say scottie nose lookin like a squid

  • who here after james harden vid?

  • Scorers like T-Mac would hate playing with LeTired. He needs you sitting in the corner, setting screens helping him pad his stats while never having another guy get stats close to his. MJ will make you bring your best skills forward, if you are a play maker that’s perfect. If you are a scorer MJ will start the Offense and can go get triple doubles. Either way MJ will make you great on both sides of the ball, mentally and physically. He’s going to demand the last shot and tell you if he gets doubled hit the open shot lol, MJ will demand greatness.

  • Nobody would pick Lebron over MJ on their team...

  • These old era NBA players will never say a new era player is better then them half these players now would destroy these old era players skilled wise anyday anywhere

  • Anybody who knows anything about Isaiah Thomas knows he has envied Jordan for a looooong time. You can be on that! I don't care how well and smooth he talks, anybody who knows anything about his relationship with Jordan can tell you lmao

  • If my life depended on the game?!! I choose Mike.🐐


  • Pancake ass Scottie

  • Isaiah hates Jordan so much, he doesn't mind convincing the world he is retarded in "proving" his point.

  • i guarantee you that if their was not such an intense physical rivalry between the Pistons and Bulls from 87-91.. he would have picked MJ. Remember also it was Michael Jordan who lobbied to keep Isiah off of the dream team... Remember MJ was the king of Chicago, Isiah was born in Chicago and always felt slighted because of that..

  • Isaiah 'hater-ass' Thomas has always despised MJ, still trying to get back at him anyway he can4 crushing his dream team dreams and crushing him seasonwize over n over after he got a lil more mature in league went from bad boy to bad girl was what it was ~and is what it is... call that dude a waa-waa-waa-ambulance!!

  • Hold on a damn minute...ain't Bron shirt #23🤔...Bron has no.swag....

  • Jordan played wit tha flu & scored 40+ points....Jordan made tha team stats betta not jus his own stats. End of story🏀G.O.A.T. status

  • The look on TMacs face while drinking coffee (I'm assuming) and listening to Scottie is "priceless"...

  • LBJ G.O.A.T

  • Correct me if I'm wrong it took Mike 7 years to win a championship

  • MJ leaves Bulls and they go 55-27 next season. Knocked out game 7 of second round playoffs. Cleveland made the finals last season. Cleveland is 9-35.

  • Michael Jordan is a sell-out black man

  • Scottie keeping to 100 with his thoughts on IT.

  • Agree Pips!

  • That means Lebron James is better. Just imagine Lebron has someone like you scottie. A coach like phill Jackson or a defender like Dennis Roddman. Damn!

  • How is this even a debate? Jordan all day. Everyday!! Come on!

  • Look....zeke from chicago....all folks from Chicago dnt all ride jordan nuts...& a nigga from the city ain't just gone call and out of Towner the saviour

  • Choosing Lebron over MJ is similar to choosing subaru over ferrari. Some people may like subaru more.

  • What is McGrady laughing at

  • Why is Kobe always left out

  • Most intellectual comment!! No hate from Pippen

  • Pippen Settles it!!! NOT IF I WANNA WIN!!!

  • Isiah' is just-mad b-cuz He-looks like: The-6th-Jackson He-got 1-Title'; His-Idol' got-6 & He couldn't-even make The-92-Dream-Team'. Scottie & T-Mac' together: Classic (2-much swagg 📍)

  • M.j the best I ever seen I saw a lot good players

  • Thomas is full of bitterness and sour grapes. He’ll do anything for attention, like kissing Magic and other fake crap. He can only wish he could stay on the same court with MJ.

  • I don't know why they got MJ as 1 and Lebron as 2. I have Kobe above Lebron. His stats are not of a Lebron or Jordan, that's only because he did not start in his first 2 years.

  • That smirk on T Mac's face is golden as he watched Pippen talk about Jordan.

  • Lol tomas bitch. You are bitter. When it comes to career accomplishment. Lebron is nothing compared to MJ.

  • Scottie sounds like a cross between Barry White and Cleveland from Family Guy

  • T-Mac's face while Scottie talks: priceless

  • Said this before and I'll say it again.. When the games on the line lebron will let you off the hook Mike will never let you off the hook

  • what, Lebron is the GOAT, the greatest on social and political issues? Does anyone remember Bill Russell?

  • ☕☕☕🤣🤣🤣👀👀👀

  • TMac 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What difference does it make. I’d be happy to have either one in my team. Durant too.

  • Not even a year and some change ago this guy was saying Lebron surpassed Jordan I wonder why he’s been changing his tone as of late

  • Isaiah, show us where the bad man (MJ) touched you on the doll. #hurtfeelings

  • Wrong about Lebron being a positive voice for social and political issues. He is one player that should keep his mouth shut off of the court and learn from those of faith around him of his need for a Saviour, lest he die without hope.

  • Look at TMac

  • Isiah don't like micheal, MJ don't like him, hell MJ the reason IT wasn't on the dream team. He the LAST MF to ask about this...

  • I'd talk to you Barak doe

  • It aint no debate between lebon or jorden!! And no center can ever be GOAT cos dey need a guard to get dem da ball!! Unless dat center has guard handles den maybe iss possible!!

  • Revisionist history of the NBA when it comes to Jordan.

  • Literally decades later, Isaiah Thomas is still a hater. Pathetic to say the least.

  • Isaiah is an idiot, who picks the guy who has NOT win multiple DPOY awards WHILE scoring as much as he did.

  • bird>jordan

  • wow such a suprise, Thomas picks LBJ over MJ xD i wonder "why"

  • Would there be an argument if tmac was traded for pippen had happened?

  • Everyone knows Isaiah was a dirty player. Jordan didn’t let him in the olympics because of that. Let it go man.

  • Thomas is still hurting over what Jordan served on him. Everybody knows MJ is the best, no question. Lebron is a great but not the greatest.

  • Jordan overall best ,goat!!!

  • Isaiah Thomas is just mad because Jordan used to beat his ass on the court.

  • Who are you Isaiah Thomas? Lebron will never be as good ss Michael Jordan.

  • T-Mac was almost a Bull. They wanted to trade Pip for T-Mac, whew! I'm glad there cool with each other because Jordan was having none of it, he was not giving up Scottie.

  • Isiah is an idiot,he hates Jordan because Michael kicked his butt Can we stop this comparison already? We can compare Lequeen to Kobe or Pippen or some other great players but compare him to JORDAN??? Lecry baby is not even close

  • 1:06 T-MAC SIPPIN THAT TEA!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASSIC He knows his NBA HISTORY and enjoying this FULLY.

  • Lebron quitted on his teammates in the last finals

  • Isaiah Thomas is a hating ass buster 💯He hella slow 💯Bron ain't even better then Kobe.Hell,not even Durant 💯

  • Whoever created Lebron gave him the body type and abilities of all the greatest players. Sports analyst have called him a freak of nature before.

  • Scottie was right on point when he said Isaiah was hating on Jordan. Although the hate is very much toned down and concealed today, Isaiah always had jealousy towards Jordan's greatness. Whereas there is absolutely no doubt that Jordan is the GOAT!!

  • Lebron is the goat with social issues. Who gives a crap! I WANT MJ!!!

  • He still pissy about not being on that Olympic team..

  • Isiah is a snake

  • isiah hater always whit jordan

  • Y'all know IT is biased against Jordan. His opinion shouldn't even count.