Scottie Pippen Remembers 1992 Dream Team | The Jump | ESPN

Published on Jul 27, 2017
Olympic gold medalist Scottie Pippen joins The Jump to remember the 1992 Dream Team.
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  • Scottie is awesome. Greatest team in history of Sports

  • Scottie with the supreme

  • Magic would have got 8 rings.

  • ...never be another Scott Windhorst

  • so tony kukoc was 18 at the time, and all these american dickheads go on about how scottie shut him down. scottie graciously points out a bunch of nba players in their prime against an 18 year old is hardly an equal contest.

  • As scottie and mj said on point in their documentary, jordan said "we're not playing against toni kukoc. we're playing against jerry krause in a croatian uniform." And scottie said "we wanted to guard him on the bench." I guess michael and scottie were so tired of that hype at that time where he was about to join the bulls so they made sure he didnt score. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Haha great :) they never talk in media or nowhere they gonna stop Petrovic cause they knew nobody can lolz

  • Jerry wrote a check that Tony could not cash.

  • He didn’t deserve to be on the team overrated MF

  • Scottie "The Migraine" Pippen

  • I was like yo he has a supreme shirt on lol his kids put him on for sure

  • I wonder what age pippen voice cracked cuz his voice is deep as fuck lol..

  • Christian laettner shouldn't have been on this team. I think that was the worst pick hands down.

    • Jeremy Patterson: Laettner was a 90% free-throw shooter and scored 2 points from the stripe in the Gold Medal game to give the Dream Team a 32-point victory over Croatia instead of a 30. What do you mean he shouldn't have been on the team?

    • Jeremy Patterson only in retrospect, after the selection committee made the decision to have exactly one collegiate player laettner was the perfect pick, at the time scottie on the dream team made less sense than laettner

    • Jeremy Patterson yeah him and scottie I agree

  • My top 5 1.SG Michael Jordan the greatest 2.PG Magic Johnson 3.PF Larry Bird 4.C Shaq 5.SF Scottie Pippen

  • It's a shame the modern NBA is so awful to watch.

  • that was the dream team, now it's more and more like a sleep team.

  • Very talented and humble man, second in command.

  • 1:30 "Monopoly money" to him probably means a few years wages to most

  • I wanna have beers with Scottie..

  • toni was 23

  • my top 3 players to replace christian laettner(not named isaiah thomas) are brad daughrety derrick volememan shawn kemp

  • Guess Scottie forgot that the Bulls couldn’t get pass the Magic to go to the finals and play the rockets.

  • Most players and fellow stars who played against scottie know he was top ten of all time. If you have the respect of your opposing players and coaches , it speaks volumes .

  • Thomas was snubbed from the team

  • Scottie your voice is making my speakers rattle

  • We played with MONOPOLY MONEY hahahahahahahahahaha

  • I put Hakeem

  • I think the question they should ask Scottie is how many times did you rail Madonna?

  • Scottie is a cool dude. a lot of people would be haters in Scottie's position.

  • Only people that HATE the Dream Team are Piston fans since Magic & Jordan teamed together and made it known behind the scenes and to Chuck Daley that they didn't want Isiah Thomas on that team.

  • Scottie doesn't age.

  • Hypebeast for real

  • Pippen and Barkley were the 2 freaks to the international teams. No one could guard them. co MVP's of that team imo. Jordan kinda turned it on and off during the olympics but charles and scottie ate guys up the whole time.

    • You're right. With Stockton hurt, and Clyde a 2 guard, Pippen was the original point forward. Jordan for the Dream Team season was - rather humorously - basically just another role-player for that team. Kind makes you consider just how spectacular that assembly of talent was.

    • MrAitraining yep

  • My nigga Scottie been the ugliest NBA player my whole 32 years on this earth with his future looking ass

  • Dominique in place of Mullin. Shaq in place of Laetner. Isiah in place of Stockton.

    • Shaq was a fucking rookie in 1992 lmao

    • Asher Lee MJ hated Isiah, and if you pick Isiah you wouldn't get MJ. I'm picking Jordan in this situation and Stockton was a better player. He would have two rings if it wasn't for MJ, and he has the most assists and steals of all time.

  • Back then when the bulls gm wanted to add kukoc to help mj and scottie, mj and scottie destroyed him. Now kd, steph, lebron are all trying to join forces to win championships. I miss the good all days.

  • That's y Scottie broke like a joke . Check out people's money 275 mil kukoc net worth

  • What about the 2nd game kukoc got 17! In gold medal game . You forgot to mention this . What about 16.5 pts per game with m j taking most of the shots in 25 min playing time . Bahahahaha

    • tom pavkovic. Stick to tennis guy. Mj and pip already said they didnt want to play that way the second time. His average is damn good for being the second option. Who else could do better next to mj? What was his ppg witbout mj dork?

  • the only undeserved one fact of DT 1 for me was C Laettner.. and the exclution of any Pistons guys.. ok if they'd have a Pistonless Dream Team, better include Kevin McHale or Horace Grant instead.. as a role player...

    • you're right.. but Laettner was useless too... just bring an all NBA stars team.. at least when USA faced a team as Angola etc, all will have time to play.. they use all NBA team too for the Dream Team II and the next teams, except the reserve dogs sometimes in the start of 2000's (I forgot the exact years, it was around the player strike years I think)

    • McHale was just too old at that point. Grant would never get on the court when you have Malone and Barkley on the team.

  • In the All-Star game, players take it easy. No hard nose defense. No scrambling for loose balls. But in the Olympics, every one of them brought their full potential to Barcelona.

  • Lol the supreme shirt

  • No tipn' pippen. #classless

  • Kukoc was already 24 yrs old in 1992.

    • Yeah. And also he was really good in the final with 16 points and 9 assists.

  • dream team were overrated go watch the footage, barely beating a bunch of croatian cab drivers lmao

    • CapiTen10 Delete your account they beat teams on an average of 50

  • Scottie's answer about tony kukoc things is very graceful.

  • 2020 dream team LBJ Durant Curry Kawhi Harden RW Green Thompson AD Boogie PG13 Lonzo?? DSJ??? Markelle??? Tatum??? Bagley??? Michael Porter??

  • Kukoc turned 24 in sept 92 he wasn't 19

  • Greetings from Catalonia! What a legend

  • "Pippen was the best player on that team." -Chuck Daly SMH to those who question Pippen's legacy. I would go as far as to say he's a top 10 player in NBA history.

    • For all of those disagreeing with his statement - make your case. Pippen, the year Jordan retired, was 3rd in MVP voting, won All-Star Game MVP and led his team in every significant statistical category. Pippen SHOULD be talked about as a top 10 but he never will be because his entire career was in the shadow of the Greatest of All Time.

    • Puff puff pass not smoke the whole thing and then make crazy ass statements.

    • Daly was right. Everyone thinks the best was Jordan, but on the Dream Team he shot the worst percentage and had the most turnovers of all the players. Barkley was the team's leading scorer but that's it. Pippen covered all fronts. Pippen was also the best overall on the 96 team, winning US male basketball athlete of the year. Only dude in history to win an NBA championship and Olympic gold the same year twice.

    • 3rd in MVP voting the year Jordan left, a year I will never forget; second player ever to lead a team in every major statistical category, followed only by Garnett, LeBron, and Antetokounmpo. All haters don't have stats behind them.

    • Daly said he was the second best player on the team actually, that's still a big compliment tho

  • Jerbo vam SUPREME mater debilsku,sta oni zapaze...

  • The greatest team ever, undisputed!

  • Im not being sexist here but theese shows with woman as a host sucks why they have to but a women everywhere.....???

  • KUKOC had 16Pts 9ASS 5 REB shooting over 50% in the FINAL against USA, but all they talk about his the peanuts game. Petrovic the SG outscored everyone 24PTS.

    • Well i mean come on that dream team as Petro said any guy can step up and play ridiculous Croatia only had Petrov and Kukoc who still didn't feel what nba is. They never talked about stooping Draz haha ;)

    • Viriato yeah and they still lost. It's not about who top scores but how the team actually plays together.


  • Hey Scottie, Federal Reserve notes is Monopoly money.

  • "Pippen was the best player on that team." -Chuck Daly

    • I think Charles was the standout performer, Pip prob second. Pippen was at his ultimate prime in 1992-1994, whereas I think Jordan's ultimate prime finished after the 1992 season though he was still better than everyone else. I remember how MJ cooked Pippen in that last game at Chicago Stadium in 1994.

    • giannis ioannidis Read the record. Daley, the assistant coaches, the journalists covering the team and most importantly the other players were awed at just how versatile and complete a player Pippen was to play with. Pippen was the most complete player in the league and by measure, the best player on the Dream Team.

    • No, he told Barkley he was the 2nd best, after Michael.

    • + Syptixed LOL! The late great Gene Siskel said out of all the Dynasty Bulls years, the one after Jordan retired the first time, was his favorite year. I will never forget that. Although I wont trade the Championship years for anything; I soo understand what he was saying! I rem basically EVERY GAME! I was pulling for them so hard, they made me so freaking proud! They only played 3 games w/o him before he retired and lost all three, and critics were saying they were nothing w/o him. 55 wins. 7th game of a team that took the eventual champs to 7 games. Still incredibly proud of them.

    • +giannis ioannidis I rem Chuck saying that about Pippen too. He said Pippen was versatile and he played him at most positions which he did. Barkley lead the team in scoring so he was most important in that regard; but that team was loaded with scorers; he needed a glue guy like Pippen to put it all together, as most coaches do.

  • Scottie in that Supreme #steeeez ...maybe there should be a scottie pippen x supreme collab ... you know

  • Toni Kukoc was best player in the world besides NBA. Top 5 all time outside NBA for sure. A 6'11 playing as point guard. So many championships before going NBA.

    • Dino Rdja? ahahahhahaha No kid. You are out of your mind. Kukoc even got some individual recognition on his performances like MVPs and even more championships. He was way more all around that Radja who was a good 4/5. And by 90s Sabonis was not the same player he used to be due to injury.

    • No he wasnt, Sabonis,Galis,Petrovic,Radja, they were all better than Kukoc at that time.

  • I read the title so quick I thought it said "Scottie Pippin remembers wet dream" lmao!

  • Scottie Pippen #33 my man 6 rings 2 three peats

  • i remember scottie pippen & it is a dream what he is talking about here!

  • Who else just clicked on this video to see all the comments about Scottie wearing supreme

  • Never gets old

  • supreme isnt for people over 30, its for kids that are 15

  • Scottie Pippen really out here wearing a Supreme box logo lmao

  • I was born in 1996 but I get nostalgia feelings from this after watching so many videos online.

  • scottie rockin supreme now, already got way better fashion than jordan

  • i wish scottie pippen would do more speaking / interviews ect. i really never hear him speak. like ever #legend

  • Scottie Simpin

    • Frank Henry nah future fucked his wife and he got back with her 😴 SIMP

    • jairo gonzalez You mean Scottie Pimpin'

  • Toni was 24, not 18, 19...

    • Also, he was really good in the final with 16 points and 9 assists.

  • Scottie got the supreme in hellllla naw 😂😂

  • Scottie stuntin on you fuck ass neegees🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😩🤷🏽‍♂️🤧💟💕👥😩🦋🤧😉🙏🏽😂💕👾👾🙏🏽😅

  • That mature lady sexy. Mhm mm 🤤😋

  • Put their ego's aside? If that was the case isiah thomas would have been on the team.

  • That Kung Fu Wolf Bitch Rachel just had to bring up Magic Johnsons Aids at the end. 😒😒😒

  • Scottie is a fuckboy

  • Fuck Supreme. Its ApeGang all day🦍 . Bangin on my chest. #FREEYMBAPE

  • Love seeing Scottie reminisce on the show

  • Wym there won't be a other Scottie did kawhi die?

  • He still doesn't like Stockton and Malone😂

  • Ok Scottie wearing some Supreme I see lol.

    • Chi K.O! Beatz - Fuck Supreme. Bathing Ape is better 🦍

  • Bogo headass

  • Christian Laettner was definitely the best player from the 92 Dream Team!!! Sike!! 😂

  • Lmao Scottie with the Supreme

  • is my man Scottie ranch..... CAUSE HE BE DRESSING MANNNNE

  • Dis nigga look like squidward

    • Josue Pasaye shaddup

    • Josue Pasaye Please speak English, sir. Some of us actually graduated high school.

    • Josue Pasaye Handsome Squidward

  • Scottie reppin supreme

  • look at this guy scottie wearing supreme lmao

    • Do u realize his shoes are the uptempos

    • GAIGE you gotta be a fuckboi even as a millionaire

    • GAIGE exactly 😂😂

  • pippen rooking supreme

  • 1992 dream team vs 2012 USA team who wins in 7 game series

    • Mello Wyatt ㅑ

    • +Way of Wade just think: they were going to add Shaq to Laettner's spot!!!

    • 92 >>>>>>

    • 7-0 1992 rocks

    • The 1992 Dream Team won by an average of 44 points per game with 11 Hall of famers(+ a college kid---who rarely played.) The 1992 Dream Team was must see TV. 1 game there was a 46-1 run,because of the USA defense the opponent couldn`t get a shot leading to run outs.It was 64-16 at the 20 minute half. The opponents were in awestruck wanting autographs and photos with team USA. The closest game was the Gold Medal Game at a 32 point margin. Air Jordan was the most famous face on earth in 1992.

  • Bogo

  • Second

  • First

  • Scottie is a hypebeast

    • And youre a filipino. Ako din

    • His son probably gave him it.

    • Jimmy Bonez okay

    • Pablo Ahmed - Fuck Supreme. Bathing Ape is better 🦍