Santa Baby - Lindsey Stirling

Published on Nov 30, 2018
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Producer: Krizia Vega
Editor: Lindsey Stirling
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  • Luna dancing skills is amaze me. She's very talented. :)

  • i liked the part ''54 convertible too, light blue'' it was very on pointe (get it)

  • Just keep being you and doing what you enjoy. Haters will go away and the rest will continue to enjoy what you put out there.

  • Rainha

  • You don't need to explain why you decide to try something different or not. I think you are a great artist and I really appreciate all the work behind this. Don't stop trying, working and inspiring!

  • No no NO! This song was strange enough!

  • what a voice !!! love it …

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  • That was really you? If it was ...I am very proud of you

  • What the heck everyone knows you can't sing.. ????

  • Wow

  • Be you Lindsey. That's all that matters. That's how you got to be where you are today. By believing in your self, believing in what and how you wanted to do your music and not taking no for answer. If you wanna try new things like adding your voice to some songs GO FOR IT. You have an AMAZING voice. Just like how your time on DWTS gave you new ideas and increased your skill set for your shows your singing can ONLY improve your shows. If people have an issue with you singing then they aren't true fans, because a true fans , ones that have been fallowing you sense the beginning, know and understand that music and artists are constantly growing, evolving and trying new things. If that's not the case then we wouldn't have you, Lindsey Stirling, as you are now. You'd be completely different. Sure you may stumble from time to time, but it's gonna happen no matter what. Don't listen to the trolls. You didn't when you first started why start now.

  • I love this song n the dance.

  • I love the song. I didn't know u can sing. Pretty voice. I love the video .

  • I can't even begin to say how incredibly awesome it is to hear you sing and branch out!!

  • I love this Lindsey I wish I could see more of this it’s really inspiring 🙏❤️

  • I can’t stop listening to this it’s awesome ♥️

  • QUEEN.

  • this is my favorite version of santa baby 😍 cant stop listening to it🤩

  • Well fans will have opinions on what they like and do not like. They can either express it directly with words, or indirectly, by not watching/listening anymore. That being said, I believe if one wishes to express criticism it should be voiced respectfully, with tact and integrity. Not with rudeness and insult.

  • I'm only marginally acquainted with Lindsey Stirling; all I know is Lindsey Stirling, violin, that's about it. But it frosts me when people slag on others for trying new things. When you try a new thing for the first time, you don't expect perfection. You do it anyway! That's how you grow. That's not to say that I think she is deficient here; I think her singing and dancing is terrific.

  • Linds i love you no matter what happens, i know you are you, and you want to try new things, i appreciate that because it's not good to do a thing just because some people asks you, it's your life, you decide what to do, our work is love all the things you do no matter what, like you said; we shouldn't judge you, we need more love in this world and I think you're helping to that x3 i love you, i dont know if you'll see this comment but you always had my support since the first song i listened x3...!!!

  • I think you singing with your violin is wonderful! I’ve loved watching you evolve as an artist and pushing boundaries. People who want “the old Lindsey,” are just afraid of change. I think this is great! I’d love to hear you sing more.

  • Well that was really cute. What could go wrong, singing, dancing, and violin playing accompanied by your puppy. Yes it's a departure from your normal and done very well.

  • Cutest dog ever😍

  • People need to stop being jerks and shut up! It’s a cute and fun video

  • I can't believe my ears.. or my eyes 😍

  • I would love to see Lindsey one year sing for the ball drop on new years

  • #LOVE #cantstapwatching

  • I don't even really like this song, but the Lindsey version of it is so very charming and clever. She's so talented and I always look forward to seeing her shine!

  • Luna!

  • I fully support you and who you are, what you do. 1. You are NOT anyone's Trained monkey to perform on demand as they wish! You should make whatever music you desire in whatever way you desire! Stay true to who you are. I love the music both with and without lyrics! I'm eagerly waiting to see what comes next! If you want to reach out and expand your skills, do more, that is your business! 2. I probably should have made this #1 but I'm not ordering by importance. You are the top of the list of people I use as a example for my 11 yo daughter. I make sure she is aware of women doing great things. I buy two copies of every album one for each of us, and you are a frequent play in the car when I give her control of spotify. She has even chosen to skate your Ice skating routine to "Where do we go" this year. She has been trying use your music in her routines for a few years now, finally had a couch go for it. So Yeah you are inspiring!

  • She was beautiful in the couch scene

  • Nobody can say shes lost her center but her. I dont care if she sang in 2 whole music videos and did pointe. If she loves what shes doing she hasn't lost herself so back up. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  • It doesn’t matter what you are doing, it’s your choice 👍🏻. You are a very creative artist and i am very impressed about your skills in singing, dancing, acting and last but not least playing the violin 🎻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😉

  • Instantly my favorite Xmas Song this year

  • Sorry, Lindsey, this is your the worst song (cover)...

  • Wow! Singing, dancing and play violin!

  • Lindsey Stirling, can you please teach us how to do your choreography from your videos, both new and old? That would be so cool! :)

  • Your voice is too adorable, i love hearing your voice and your violin in osmose! Its very beautiful ❤

  • I think its awesome that you showed some other talents.Yes, you are awesome on the violin, and thats were you shine the most. The other places just show the depth of your talent and artist talent.

  • You are *Talented, young woman

  • Iconic. Ilysm

  • Qué divertido... Me fascina tu creatividad y talento!!!

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Absolutely beautiful, always trying something new is why I love you❤.

  • The ONLY good thing about this was that she has a little Chihuahua in the video!!! I have a Chihuahua myself and he's my baby boy and my whole world!!! Other than that, she just pretty much fucked up a classic Christmas song!!

  • 2:30-3:02

    • Also a great part girly

  • 1:09-1:50 is the best part Lindsey, killing the ballet part, keep it up babe! 😘🤙🤘

  • I dont think I've ever heard Lindsey sing before. Its nice. The dupstep/techno style version of Santa Baby is definitely different, tho.

  • Good to see you singing and playing at the same time. Lindsey, you rock!

  • I adore this video, the singing, music, colours and visuals, pointe and those blue pjs I need them! Ive listened to this over a dozen times, awesome to see new and different things from you!

  • I was so excited to get the Christmas record of your albums, on black Friday. But when I unwraped it and started playing it on the living room record player I was disappointed.. it was warped and skipped or looped in several places. Ether I was faulty or someone was bending it and messed it up. We went to trade it in for another copy but target was all sold out so we got our money back. I love your music and personality Lindsey so being able to listen on US-tv is still a light in the darkness

  • New fan here. Up until three weeks ago I'd never heard of you.

  • Your dancing is amazing!

  • In love with this video so much! Not sure why. Not one I normally love, but I think it's this version I love.

  • I want to see Lindsey stirling ft.imagine dragons

  • While I enjoy the dancing and the singing, both of which were very well done, the outfits were a little risque but not significantly so. However I dislike this particular song. It's nothing personal, I've just always found this song unsettling regardless as to the artist preforming. It just creeps me out and always has.

  • You are the definition of CUTE. End of story.

  • hey lindsey dont let anybody stop you from trying new things, this is awesome and you have an amazing voice, I hope to see you live one day stay awesome. your music really helps a lot of people including me. I also hope to meet you one day.

  • You're so incredibly talented! I could watchbl you perform, regardless if it's on the violin, dancing or singing. You always put so much effort into your art. Keep it up ♡

  • I absolutely LOVE Lindsey's music and everything is always so lovely. The only issues I have with this video ( and even one in the Grinch cover ) is how provocative and sexual it is...maybe it's what you were trying to go for in this video or something but it just doesn't seem very Lindsey. Also ( I'm a big fan of this song ) I don't like how a couple of the versus are missing :/ I like how she did it with the violin but it still feels strange without them.

  • Wow did not know you could sing! Love all your songs! Keep it up beautiful!

  • public comments

  • I enjoy your work, keep it up. God Bless

  • I knew you could play the violin well - very well. I knew you could dance. I could see you were cute. But I didn't know until now that you could sing. I'll keep watching to see what you do next.

  • Lindsey your comment is so right well said

  • Keep making music I love it

  • I Love You I Watch Your Music Vids Everyday

  • I truly admire your work, I love that you’re different and daring and confident in all the best way! Because you should be, you have amazing talent and ideas and your hard work does show. I love that you try different styles and mix it to a way that’s yours- that speak a lot of your character. You’re awesome!! I am definitely a huge (that’s an understatement) fan of yours, what you stand for and your artistic skills. Keep going you, be cause you’re truly amazing.

  • So glad to see you so sure of yourself 😊 You did great and I always love seeing new content from you ❤

  • Wow didnt know you sang. Awesome! Youre a great singer, keep doing you!

  • Cute video. Wow, those legs!!

  • I have ALWAYS despised this song. I love it now. Great job, Lindsey. Loved the dog as well.

  • If only I could be your Santa baby loOl

  • #### the haters. You do you, and what you do best is make incredible music - and you can do that in whatever way you want. Thank you for all your amazing stuff over the years, you continue to amaze.

  • Just lovely! Congrats on trying new things, and this is very lovely!

  • Noice!

  • Soy el único mexicano que ve éstos vídeos?

  • Yes! Finally a song where you are sing! LOVE it!

  • Your talent never ceases to amaze me!

  • Who remembers the old Times

  • Christmas is sometimes hard on people who are without love, family. Happy Holidays to my family of supporters who are keeping the holiday cheer! 🎄🎄🎄

  • This is amazing really good loved it your voice is really good.

  • Where are those pjs sets from they’re so cute!

  • Lindsey love ❤️😍

  • this is a beautiful video! I love how your are trying new things and it works! Please keep it up love your music and videos!

  • Your video make me smile

  • Can’t find it on iTunes :(

  • Oviously, you Will Never read those liens. But I need to write. ... I think you are a very good person And I wish to be with you: to learn . Learn. And grow. Thank you very much.

  • Hi #LindseyStirling - What a fantastic video and a fantastic rendition of this Christmas classic!!!! Well done for going all the way with the ballet!!! That would have been hard work - well done!!!

  • Bravo , là je suis heureux , tu chante enfin....Un grand Succé d'attend...bonne continuation et joyeux noël à vous et oui l'équipe et bonne . Marcel

  • Actually I was super excited to hear you singing! When you were here in Guadalajara several years ago I remember one of the performers with you on stage asked you to sing and you refused to; but I had always wanted to hear you singing since your voice is really cute in all the videos you talk; this song made me really happy and only proved that you can do all at the same time and beautifully: playing the violin, dancing and singing, what an amazing musician and artist you are! Congratulations! P.S. My son was the happiest to hear you singing, if there's one artist he loves is you.

  • Вы отличный музыкант. Внешность не играет такой большой роли, если человек талантлив. Продолжайте в том же духе, не отчаивайтесь, не вешайте нос, и у вас все получится. Ваше творчество вдохновляет нас. С уважением от России

  • This is the first song I've heard from you

  • I said before and I'll say again to all the people that complain and wish for the "old Lindsey" are the same people that would now be complaining about the "same old boring Lindsey" and would have moved on, maybe they have anyway. I, and a lot of others enjoy her music/videos and admire her drive and perseverance in learning new things to keep her content fresh and entertaining. To all the naysayers out there, go back and watch her "Arena" video, maybe even look up the Roosevelt speech that it was an excerpt from (Citizenship in a Republic") to get a better meaning of it. It pertains to all the finger pointers/critics on the outside and criticizing the ones that are actually doing the work while they sit on their hands and do nothing. Nitpicking and demeaning criticisms are not virtues to strive to attain rather they show how shallow a persons views of themselves and others are. Keep up the fantastic work Lindsey you are truly blessed !

  • This plays in my job every day and I was trying to figure out who it was and was shocked to find it was you!!! I love it so much!

  • canta? me fascina lo hace hermoso 😍😘

  • What cant she do

  • I was confused at first, but its amazing