Galaxy Note9: Official Introduction

Published on Aug 9, 2018
With Note, our focus has always been to deliver a cutting-edge smartphone experience like no other, and that’s why today, the Samsung #GalaxyNote9 is the most powerful Note ever.
[Powerful all day battery]
Galaxy Note9 introduces a whole new level of powerful performance. Its all day, 4000mAh battery is not only bigger, but also more power efficient, which means you can get through your entire day on just a single charge.
[1 terabyte ready with expandable memory]
New standards for memory let you store so much more, while deleting less. Choose between 128GB or 512GB storage models, while expandable memory allows up to 512GB of additional storage, making Note9 1 terabyte ready.
[Cutting-edge processor]
A next-generation processor delivers remarkably fast data transfer and performance, while an advanced, built-in water carbon cooling system protects Note9’s processor against overheating, so you can sustain peak performance for longer.
[S Pen with remote control]
Now with Bluetooth, the all new powerful S Pen gives you ultimate control. Remotely control presentation slides, capture photos and so much more, all without even touching your phone.
[Intelligent camera]
Note9 takes photography to a whole new level. Its revolutionary intelligent camera has dual aperture that adjusts between f/1.5-f/2.4 to adapt to any lighting situation. What's more, it automatically recognizes scenes to optimize color, and flaw detection can detect closed eyes and motion blur, so you’ll never get a bad shot.
An all new DeX mode now transforms Note9 into a dynamic PC experience with just a single cable, so you can work on a big screen and bring your apps to life.
Meet the new super powerful Note.
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  • Who else came from the s10 ad

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  • 2:13 SIRI listen(because siri just open other apps)

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  • Heavy length & measurements..., waste

  • Love my note 9!! 😁😁 it's the perfect phone for fortnite, drawing, camera, notes, and even optimizing your video screen size I'll give this phone a SOLID GRADE A+ 10/10

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  • The g.o.a.t 🐐

  • Sratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7.

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  • The best intelligent Phone I ever see in my life.....

  • My mom bought the note 9 and it spoilt within 1 day with no display

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  • I have the galaxy skin like if you do too

  • I love you Samsung

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  • Samsung is known for the technology

  • US Carriers note9 are getting Pie updates, but unlocked note9 are left out? Samsung really doesn't care, Wow!

  • And it’s also a bomb! (Maybe)

  • Man, I love Samsung so freaking much, but sadly, I'll never be able to get one of these phones, I can't afford it :( Yeah it's almost a thousand dollars, but where could I get that? I'm not even old enough to work, and I got NO MONEY what so ever. My friend has one of these, he's constantly on it and let's nobody hold it, but that's him. I want to use something like this note9 to animate, make music, take quick notes and REALLY good pictures. Sadly I won't be able to do that. I still love you Samsung! Keep Innovating!

  • But the 512GB SD Card is not out yet

  • Just got this phone and this is the best phone ever

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  • Unlike Apple Samsung allows comments on their vids

    • S7ri Gamer yeah apple doesn’t want annoying samsheeps and fandroids bragging about how they think android is better when it’s not. I don’t blame apple

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  • I don't agree I HATE Samsung when I hear this phone's name it goes me feel angry because my mom can buy the iPhone Xs Max and she prefers Samsung...I HATEE IT HOPE ONE DAY THERE ARE ONLY IPHONES....

  • Wazzup apple

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  • I'm waiting for A Note 10, because it will be Better. .. ha..ha..ha..ha


    • redmi mi “apple is trash “ typical broke person comment

  • Watching on my NOTE9! Super happy with it

  • Make a carbon cooling system for the carbon cooling system

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  • when apple has trade in and accepts samsung so you don't have to play 1000.

  • I'm buying it for my mate first then buying it for myself soon

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  • Samsung m 30 kab launch hoga

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  • The second 4000mah battery phone,1.Samsung c9 pro,2.Samsung note 9

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  • Note 8 is still toddler may get time for expire

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  • I wish I had it:(that why I'm saving up it will take a long time

  • Samsung your Phones is the best iphone is s**t i have a Samsung galaxy 7

    • +Daniel P bit iPhone is s**t

    • AlexKLBR 342 another person who can’t afford an iPhone 😂

  • C'est satisfait en génetal Merci à l'équipe de samsung

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  • Apple: we can't find a place for a Headphone jack Samsung:OK let's put an entire pen inside phone ANNND a headphone Jack

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  • 2019?