Salt & Vinegar Snack Taste Test

Published on Oct 8, 2018
Today we're determining which tangy treat will be crowned the salt and the vinegar-iest snack around. GMM #1395
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    • +Laura Hales yes. You have to provide some effort.

    • I LOVE GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good Mythical Morning j

    • Link! Seaweed is delicious!! And ABSOLUTELY good for you!! Lol

    • *FAIL* How could you forget the most realistic and delicious chip ever... *Mrs.Vickies SeaSalt & MaltVinegar Chips* ??? I say y'all need to have a Re-Do

  • I wonder who won that sweepstakes thing?

  • Never watched this episode and I am about 4 months too late for the tickets. Sad about that 😪

  • Blue Diamond was my favourite she was so cute :)

  • HOW!? did they not do pringles...???

  • 3:17 I. Am a thoughtful guy. I think about a lot of things.

  • Hi

  • Don’t you hate it when you are eating the lays salt and vinegar. But you have a cut on your lip so it stings

  • I love salt and vinegar chips 😍😍😍

  • Salt & Vinegar is the classic British combination. 10 years ago Americans thought I was weird eating salt & vinegar "chips" but now they're really popular over there!

  • 4:44 the lick daddies are back in town. u chould sing the song thee boys are back in town from Thin lizzy 1976 but say the lick daddies instead of the boys. like if u agree

  • Link flicked some lick juice

  • My favorite salt and vinegar chips are Tim's

  • it's like salt and vingaa

  • Video starts at 3min...........

  • lays are greats chips but they are terrible dip chips. you try to dip a lays chip in a heavy dip it will break. salsa might work but who in their right mind would use a potatoe chip for salsa. but when i try to use lays to dip in my grandma louise awesome onion dip it’ll break. if you need potatoe chips for your dip, use ruffles. they are a much better dip chip

  • Your my savior salt and vinegar! 🙏

  • I’m from North Carolina and currently live there and I’m so happy hearing them talk about NC because no one ever acknowledges North Carolina

  • Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips are the best

  • 4 minutes and 24 seconds into the video link already repeated what he said AGAIN in the other videos

  • They need to do this but with cheese snacks

  • According to my wife, They contain CRACK. She loves em.

  • *_-Salt and vinegar-_* No *vinegar and salt*

  • I like Jones Salt and Vinegar the best but it's unfortunate that the flavor intensity is so inconsistent from bag to bag. You're gambling getting one of four different flavor intensities ranging from original tasting to super flavorful. A normal bag (about a 3 on the scale) has a lot of flavor and is very good.

  • In canada our lays salt and vinegar bags are a different green color and show white vinegar on the bag

  • Where's the Sun⛅ Chips?

  • who else caught the thoughtful guy reference?

  • How do you eat the booty ? 9:20

  • Yayaayyayayayayayayeet

  • Miss Vickies kettle cooked are the best salt and vinegar chips

  • It's malt vinegar!!!!

  • It's malt vinegar!!!!

  • “Lick daddies want something to hold up” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I hate them, it's the smell. They stink. 😖

  • I'll stick with the Kettle chips.

  • All the daddies comin out today

  • Herrs salt and vinegar ❤️💜💜❤️

  • You should have tried Cracklings from the Philippines..hehe

  • "a handful of nuts is a healthy snack" like this comment if you got Link's song reference

  • You forgot Mrs Vickie’s the the best salt and vinegar chips with the most authentic flavor

  • It's too bad I can't eat salt and vinegar snacks. I get diarrhoea every time I eat something like that.

  • Cheddar cheese snacks please

  • 7:16 Ireland in a nutshell

  • any of yalls mouth water? lol

  • "Let's taco bell that"

  • Yalls potassium levels after this😂

  • Need to try tayto. Only the Irish can handle the flavour

  • I love the Lays s&v or any kinda kettle s&v chips

  • The only reason seaweed didn’t win is because Link doesn’t like any food

  • I will eat salt and vinegar chips until the salty acid burns every taste bud in my mouth

  • Lick daddy's 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • 3:58 I mean............I’m choking No your not there was an awkward silence and then you coughed

  • Gosh darn it… are there Utz. Chips over there?!?! Just curious…

  • i am wating lays salt and vineager chips

  • lick the daddy ☺️

  • Pringles salt and vinegar is where it’s at 🤤

  • I don’t like Salt & Vinegar flavored foods. Fight me.

  • I was eating salt and vinegar chips while watching this

  • Yalls makin me hungray

  • I love dried seaweed

  • I ate some salt and vinegar chips while watching this video lol figured it was appropriate.

  • Video starts at 1:45

  • I think you should do two ratings each round on these videos: one for how similar it is to the original product, and one for how much you like it.

  • I’m Canadian I’ve tried pork rinds for the first time and I gagged xD it tasted like dog food

  • UTZ Salt and Malt Vinegar nothing beats that

  • You know why blue diamond almonds are so salty? Because of Rose.

  • I love salt and vinager chips

  • Who’s brain

  • by now we’re aware *that link loves the folded over chips*

  • Salt and Vinegar chips, in my opinion, make me sick to my stomach, especially the vinegar part 🤢

  • They should run top chef/top chef jr

  • Just watching this gave me a headache

  • Utz Salt and Vinegar chips are the strongest. Don’t @ me.


  • French fries vinegar with ketchup that good

  • salt and vinegar is gross imo but ill still drop a like

  • How DARE you leave out the PRINGLES!

  • i got the golden tee subscribe

  • 0:26 “and a friend”... Welp I don’t have any xd

    • JJCUBER same #foreveralone

  • I found Waldo

  • i just watched this and almost died when link said he liked the chips folded over. I thought I was the only weird person who picked those out of the bag lol!!

  • Disappointed Pringles weren’t involved

  • I’m from Raleigh North Carolina

  • If I was in the make a wish foundation I would for sure meet you guys 😂 always make my day

  • They’re retiring in theee years

  • Link changed his whole method of judging just cause he didnt like seaweed. Seaweed should have won

  • my favorite snack of all time is annie chuns salt and vinegar seaweed

  • 7:23 lol

  • Every like, I will do absolutely nothing

  • I really wish I had the money when I first watched this video. One of my dreams, is too meet Rhett and Link. They always make me happy. They act the same way me and my sister do. I'm always being my Mythical Best! :D

  • C H R I S P S

  • My mouth watered this whole video 🤤

  • That seaweed rhett and link tried is absolutely not a snack but a side dish koreans have with steamed rice

  • Can you do another one but with sour cream and onion

  • Brand Vs. Off Brand blindfold taste test

  • What about the pringles?

  • Daddy garlic fingers 😂

  • You guys are missing out tyrells are the best

  • Lick Daddy

  • Herrs salt and vinegar chips are delicious