Rose Namajunas vs Joanna Jędrzejczyk | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 223

Published on Apr 8, 2018
The UFC on FOX crew recaps the wild fight between Rose Namajunas and Joanna Jędrzejczyk on Saturday at UFC 223.
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Rose Namajunas vs Joanna Jędrzejczyk | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 223


  • What do you think about this fight?

  • Boring fight, first match between them was better.

  • AS A FELLOW MARTIAL ARTIST ,ROSE is a true blue MARTIAL ARTIST and learned the inner fundamentals from the start perhaps however prob around blue belt She's my favorite of all time

  • How's does she think she won yeah you threw more Punch's but she threw them in the 3rd and 4th rose out performed and laned for two rounds and then 5th round was tied but the take down is what gave her the 1 point on the judges score cards

  • I was rooting for Jerjzkyzkekilzyc, but Namanbajambanunas pulled it out.

  • Joanna "excuse machine" will never win again, especially if she goes to 125 to fight Valentina

  • " God makes everything happen at the right time" - Ecclesiastes 3:11

  • Rose did not win. She dominated.

  • tape says joanna is an inch taller but look at them standing face to face?

  • Great fight👍

  • female sports........yaaawwwwnnn

  • Disappointing decision. JJ won that fight. Rose was even walking with her head down and her bf was trying to hold her head up while Joanna was celebrating on the fence. You could see the "surprise" in rose's face when the decision was given to her.

  • Joanna shaking her head with her face looking like a beet

  • Rose Pajamas VS Joanna Isjsosbwj

  • Joanna will never be her unless she becomes honest with her performance

  • Rose so fine.

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  • Here is 4 seconds of the fight for you all to see......

  • Dem angles doe.

  • They keep saying she, what am I missing

  • How many points in scrabble can I get for using both of their names?

  • Maybe Rose Will Stop Ducking Claudia Now...

  • This fight was fix

  • Go away Bisping.

  • Glad rose won. Can't stand the other chick like Rhonda.

  • Bye boogie woman

  • JJ is INSANE to believe she won this fight. I had it 48-47 and can see how it was scored 49-46.

  • Joanna Jędrzejczyk vs Amanda Nunes, would be a great fight to watch as a spectator.

  • Joannas face was a mess!

  • Manborg kills them both at this weight, any weight. End of the story.

  • Her face .....holy cow

  • That takedown at the end is what sealed the deal for Rose..

  • My wives

  • Someone just spammed their keyboard and boom. That’s her last name

  • Worst highlights

  • the first fight I've ever seen of rose I new she was an uncrowned champ

  • Namajuna's efficient striking and she's getting her counters off faster inside than Joanna. Her overhand right is awesome! I'm a huge Joanna fan, she's tough as nails but she's out-reached and outmatched now. It's no longer about toughness and muay thai. Rose is the total package. Head movement, footwork, reach, and boxing.

  • She got the business 👊🤜

  • I think fox and fox accessory channels are trash.

  • I did not think it possible for Joanna’s face to be any uglier than normal. My mistake.

  • I think this fight was interesting and chill

  • Go read someone' else's comment

  • Well, Rose looked like she didn't get hit as much as Joanna... 0_0

  • Way to go Rose!!!!!! your newest fan!!!

  • Love to see Joanna lose that big mouth wanna be bully hope she never again gets close to a title shot and I'm just sad that her career wasn't ended this fight :'-(

  • Yaaahahaha. Rose was smokin that head. Ahh ha ha ha

  • I Liked Joannas message before the fight! #WeCanAllRise

  • So UNnatural

  • All that talking " wierd talking" she humbled up really fast. Respect to Rose.

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  • Rose KO's Joanna - It's a fluke. Rose wins a decision - The judges got it wrong. Joanna's gonna rematch Rose over and over and after five or six fights, when she finally edges out a decision over Rose, she's gonna be like, "See. I proved I was the better fighter."

  • Rose is gonna loose that belt soon

  • Rose landed more but got a few too many leg kicks, still she was more dominant and more exact with punches from all angles... Still the champ and great fight.. Joanna was not ready.

  • Check the stats, Joanna won!.... they only gave it to rose because of the takedown.BS champion advantage!

    • license2breal Did they break the strike count in each round? Just b/c JJ had more strikes, it doesn't mean she won each round and that the strikes were significant. A lot of her punching strikes were missing but she was landing leg kicks.

  • 2 trannies fighting sheeps asleep don’t see it

  • Those letters cannot be put in that order and form a name...

  • Breaking news: Joanna Jefiroekfospyk is going to the WWE😂😂

  • I love how after the fight Joanna was surprised she lost. Why were you surprised? It was like watching two different levels of competition fight each other. She got some rounds, but on the whole Rose's striking and overall technique was so much cleaner than Joanna's.

  • What country is Joanna from

  • Pretty sure that’s Lil Xan......

  • Joanna lookin like a different person at the end of that fight

  • Shoulda been a split for JJ. 49-46 is insane. This reminds me of nate and Conor. Rose is a bad match up for JJ either way. Rose is def stronger, but not as skilled. Rose should now just duck everyone like nate did and go out on top. Cause if rose fights Andrade, she is in trouble.

  • who else beat jj rose twice and ?

  • 0:56 was there a swarm of bees in there? Girl on the right has a few swollen bumps on her head.

  • The boogey woman ladies and gentleman!

  • Joanna thought she won,but she looked like Hitch at the end

  • I like Rhonda better.


  • My girl Namajunas

  • Great fight, check out Dominic Jankowski

  • no ufc 3 ps4 look it up

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  • Leg kicks are good and all bit if theyre not doing damage it doesnt matter how many you do. Alotta of joanna's landed strikes werent doing much. Look at their faces for god sakes.

    • She was definitely hurt, quit lying now.

    • But the same could be said about Rose. She busted Joanna's face up, but she was never actually hurt.

  • Her face looks like mash potatoes now

  • Joanna just doesnt have any power... Rose be out they're knocking jaws loose

  • Highlight video and commentary gotta be on the same page lol. Commentator: here you see Joanna taking control. Video highlight: Rose molywhopin Joannas with uppercut lol PS need Karonila x Rose rematch. Karolina won last time

  • nice face

  • mentally handicapped people beating each other for smart peoples bank accounts = ufc

  • She is such a wolf in sheeps clothing. I still can’t believe what a badass that girl is.

  • I hope rose got that D afterwards she deserved it!😂

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  • rose won rd 1 2 5 4th rd coulg go ether way rose looked amazing with footwork and head moment

  • Rose looks like one of the Pre Cogs from Minority Report

  • Good job win one lose all brain cells

  • ufc 3

  • joanna can't have any excuses this time.

  • yess

  • i got a "High"light for you

  • Honestly hope a guy like Uriah Hall can pull things together and flourish like this. Dude is an brilliant martial artist and technician. He'd be so nasty if he could just hone the mental aspect.

  • Rose came into TUF with so much style and technique. Its beautiful to see her mature and use it all at a high level.

  • Poor Joanna, her face told the whole story.

  • Halsey wins

  • Both chicks are animals.


  • If you like the women's division of the UFC, you probably like watching ten year old boys fight also. I've seen three legged cats burying turds with more skill than these bargoyles ever dreamed of having. @UFC, I might actually pay to watch a PPV if you started a midget division. #WWUFC

  • RHONDAAAAA wwehere u at?

  • I was hungry but didn't know what I wanted to eat then I saw Joannas face and thought "hamburger".

  • That bald girl looks like the girl protesting that highschool shooting.

  • Girls mma died with Ronda