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Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox: Raw, Aug. 6, 2018

Published on Aug 7, 2018
The Baddest Woman on the Planet competes on Raw for the very first time.

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  • I love Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love her so much my girl boy friend Nick early I'm singe Aige be my girl friend I love Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love her beautiful girl pretty girl nice kind pretty funny mike me slime pretty girl I love her so much my girl love me kiss me Nick early lops Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good I love boobs I love booty I love you Alicia fox is my favorite wrestling good

  • Fake

  • WWE Is Fake

  • Love you ronda❤❤😍😍😍

  • So fake but love it!!

  • Rousey shows up every WWE women superstar. Kind of embarrassing that shes been in the business since wrestlemania and can actually wrestle better than them.

  • How can a mma fighter go to being a fake performer

  • Show dogs and a pony

  • Alexa pitch

  • Man... Ronda Turns Me On! 😘😘

  • This is where UFC fighters go to die.

  • Ronda is my spirit animal

  • I know it’s fake fighting but at least make it look kinda real. Cringe when you can clearly see the punches and kicks don’t connect.

  • Who watches this insanity?

  • Whoa. This is a funny joke

  • he said that bliss tapet

  • I love when ronda rousey smiles

  • ессссссс родна роузи я твоя фонатка ронда раузи раузи

  • Only in America. Circus

  • jajajaja . jajajaja .jajajaja jajajaja.. Amanda Nunes?????

  • Eu gosto de assistir WWE.

  • Rousey is stiff.

  • Ronda rousey te quiero!!💕

  • It used to be a Big debate if this stuff was Fake or Real, but the have gotten lazy with making it real. It's so predictable. I watch post 2000 stuff.

  • Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Right haven’t watched wwe in ages but is it just me or does everyone women’s match end in a tap out victory ?

  • I'm actually really happy for Ronda wow and her "That title is MINE" legit gave me chills wow

  • ....suite rousey very well...absolute trash!

  • Don’t really understand why people are so hyped about Ronda she’s basically just a female version of brock

  • Degenerates

  • Respect the BANK but dear lord that looks awful. How do grown adults watch this? Truly terrible 🤮

  • They kept referring Alicia Fox as Alexa Bliss..

  • Go RONDA ✊❤❤❤

  • Wrestling is fake. What's the big deal?? Why not watch REAL ufc, or boxing instead?!?! 😐

  • Female Brock Lesnar.

  • Dem hands !!! Them hands WOW.... she's improved from her ufc days

  • I mean I’m a big fan of wrestling but c’mon we all know that wwe is fake it’s just acting and I’m so sick of it... and everyone loses against Ronda so...

  • 2:08 bliss taps?

  • Rouda is best fighter

  • R ROUSEY wow

  • Foxy deserves better

  • would have loved this when I was about 10

  • انا مع روندا روزي انا بحبك كتير روندا اقوى مصارعة في العالم

  • Very good

  • يا الله كريم تاخد روندا روزي حزام مصارعه حره يا الله

  • Alexa suck

  • I want Ronda to be my girlfriend, during days she'll be my bodyguard and during nights I'll body massage her.

  • Classic Ronda Rousey !

  • People who are not in the ring should not get involved

  • Ronda ko chodne mei bada mazza aayega

  • It’s a true story

  • #28 On Trending But Why And How?

  • I love ronda rousey ❤❤❤❤

  • That's just embarrassing.

  • Great tozy

  • If Ronda Rousey ever got her beautiful legs in a figure four, I wonder if she would submit.

  • Why hasn't she killed herself? Wtf 😂

  • Yeah Natalia and randa is the best

  • What a waste of talent. Go get your real title back in a real competition, Rousey.

  • Alexis : do you realize that there are better looking lot lizzards in a truck stop than you and there more women than you will ever be GIVE IT UP BIMBO

  • Alicia you are a pig

  • Bliss is built like a big thumb ...

  • So now all of a sudden it's legal to close fist punch in wrestling. LMFAO!! They just change the rules as it suits them these days. No wonder no one watches anymore.

  • Well Rhonda can't win a real fight so I guess winning a fake one is a real low for her.


  • "Head movement, Head movement!"

  • All this fake wrestling... what a load of bollocks.. her carrier has certainly taken a dive

  • all the people who are saying how can people watch WWE its clearly fake... WE KNOW ITS FAKE, it's not a sport- it's ENTERTAINMENT!

  • Ronda rousey💘💘

  • Head movement

  • The wwe BETTERRRRRRR!! find competition to keep up with Ronda

  • Subscribe to SAVAGE PABLO US-tv channel madness Live

  • Couldnt stop laughing hysterically

  • 0:42 rousey is so terrible at acting

  • Fake AF smh@ronda mma made u and u wrestling lmfao

  • Ronda sweetcheeks Rousey !!!Mmmmm-M!!!!

  • has she taken a legit bump yet? taking a powerbomb or choke slam-esque type of slam yet?

  • 2 07 was wrong

  • Lol😂

  • Stop saying bliss taps!!! Alicia fox!!

  • Lmao when you suck at MMA so you gotta stay relevant somehow

  • Even tho wrestling is fake I can tell them body throw hurt

  • Rousey good!! 😃 I love Ronda Rousey

  • “Arm Bar, Locked In Bliss Taps” Yeah because Alexa bliss was in the match aha

  • Alexa I hope Rhonda rips that arm of and beats u with it,u can’t fight

  • Boooo rhondy finisher sucks rhondy should beter stad sucking dicks your nobody go back to ufc and get your als kicked wwe is no place for you

  • *Rounda Rousey is amazing*

  • That microphone bounce though

  • Will Ronda actually win? She should have won vs NiaJax. WWE clearly loves their Harley Quinn version of a wrestler in Bliss.

  • Ronda Rousey: The female version Brock Lesnar; The strength, the explosiveness, the on-ring dominant attitude and everything else. She's at a whole different level. She is a fighter, the other girls are performers.

  • Pls Rousey go back to ufc

  • your my one of the most favorte wwe

  • i am waiting for your beating alexa

  • wowww super ronda rusev

  • I love you Ronda Rousey

  • RIP mic 2018-2018 2:54

  • Rondas cringy af

  • Alicia got manhandled

  • oh how the mighty have fallen...swallowing their pride and all.

  • 2:53 just imagine if the mic hit her face XD