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Rick Barry joins Colin Cowherd to talk Warriors ahead of the 2018 NBA Playoffs | THE HERD

Published on Apr 13, 2018
Colin Cowherd welcomes in Rick Barry on 'The Herd' to talk Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors and more.
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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics, and co-host Kristine Leahy will bring you the latest breaking sports news.
Rick Barry joins Colin Cowherd to talk Warriors ahead of the 2018 NBA Playoffs | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • What are your thoughts on the 2018 NBA Playoffs?

    • This Rick would be are cow show. No need to explain , this is 100% bias. In the famous words of KD , rick Barry is a idiot. Russ won’t never pass the Ball when it’s 1 second left. That’s something Lebron or KD would do! not GOD BROOK KYS.

    • SATAL AE but Kevin Durant said himself he’s not a leader. I’m not hating just putting that out there.

    • That you are a kevin durant hater. He is more of an alpha than you are.

    • The Herd with Colin Cowherd competitive but same conclusion (coming from a rockets fan) warriors vs cavs assuming curry will at least be at 80%

    • That's why your kid is over seas and not in the NBA

  • This Cowherd Is Such A Jack Off, A Fool

  • Hearing Rick Barry talk about character is hilarious. He is known as the rudest most ignorant player of all time 😂. He is universally hated

  • why is barry so undeerated......turn over his basketball card and youll be like wow.....then again all players from the past get underated thanks to places like espn which always does the jordan vs lebron subject waters

  • Great of the legitimate all time 5 SF of all time. Very high basketball IQ and articulate, why isn't he on your show more? ?

  • Hey, Colin. Jeff Mullins was a very good player, but he was not the 2nd best player on the championship team, Wilkes was. By then Mullins was a bench player, no longer all-star caliber.

  • If not for Wilt Chamberlain Rick Barry would have led the NBA in scoring several times instead of once.

  • I love the idea of giving the most ping pong balls to the teams that just missed the playoffs. Brilliant idea. This dude is great. He's made a lot of enemies, but he seems alright here.

  • I can listen to him all day.

  • DURANT without CURRY also was without KLAY, Draymond, IGGY and other starters, thats why his recorded without Curry is worse.. Curry without Durant STILL HAD REST OF THE TEAM... The comparison is so fake and flawed

  • So we are two months down the road from this interview. What do we think now???

  • Houston was the greatest offense in nba history all but a few games this year nobody wants to respect the fact we won 65 games and was 41-2 when capella, harden and cp3 played and the fact all 3 of our stars missed like 50 games all together wich means Houston is probably a 72 73 win basketball team.

  • Agree with Mr.Barry, first five draft picks should go to teams who just missed the Denver, LA Clippers...Teams that wins 35 to 40 games should get the initial picks...not those teams which resort to tanking....

  • He sounds so young but looks so old its tripping me out

  • So fukin WISE!

  • That is a great idea regarding those teams that just missed the playoffs should have the best chances of getting top talent in the draft. That would really help with parody. But that isn't how leagues do things. I think NBA, who claims to be progressive, should spearhead this idea.

  • Best interview Colin has had hands down. I’ve watched this 3x already cause it’s so well done.

  • Pierce is 100x better than this dude

  • That was money! Please have him back

  • More Rick Barry Please !!!!!!!

  • Colin has never mentioned this man, let alone thinking he’s one of the greatest players of all time

    • Rick Barry is a top 10 SF all time. averaged 25/7/5 one of the all time greats unfortunately forgotten these days

    • Got that right.

    • When Larry Bird came into the league, he was compared to Rick Barry. Rick is an ALL-TIME great. As time passes, he gets forgotten, but his skill is undeniable.

    • Andrey Smith Rick Barry is EASILY top 50, probably top 30

    • Liam Owen he means like top 50-100 not top 10. And he has mentioned him

  • Barry was easily one of the best of all time. Top 15 for sure. A true point forward

  • Totally agree with this. Adam Silver should be listening. 9th Seeds should get the first round pick!

  • WRONG!

  • Rick Barry nailed it on the draft teams that just miss it should get the top 3 picks


  • Rick barry needs to be a regular

  • 11:31 russell westbrook shot🤣

  • Colin just said Celtics didn’t have to be bad to rebuild lmao yea because they had one of the worst teams 1st round picks the last 3-4 years

  • Rick Barry aka Basketball Clint Eastwood

  • This guy knows what he’s talking about very cool...

  • ►►► RICK BARRY = LAVAR BALL 1.0 ◄◄◄

  • Dear Colin Cowherd, How did you not ask Rick Barry about Lavar Ball? Rick put 3 sons in the NBA.

  • ►►► RICK BARRY = THE ORIGINAL LAVAR BALL ◄◄◄ Scored Great. Put 3 Sons in the League. BALLER.

  • Make everyone with the top worse 8 teams have an equal chance at the number one pick

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Hanamichi Sakuragui’s free throw inspiration.

  • I’ve been watching basketball for 20 years and I learned today from listening to rick. He said if you center leads the league in blocked shots, your defense sucks. I never thought of it that way

  • At the end I think he saying Tristan and Bennet waiters all bad picks

  • He’s right about what team should get top draft pick


  • Rick Barry is 74 years old. Wow, he seems so much younger in how he talks. Great clarity of mind at that age.

  • I love that idea to give the number one pick to the 9 seed(s)

  • its better than the starter.. very unbiased

  • Diversity decade. Every year was a different winner. Bucks, Lakers, Knicks, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Washington, Warriers.

  • Still as arrogant as ever. He constantly wines that he doesn't understand why he can't get a coaching job.....well, everyone hated you when you played and now many of the executives and head coaches are ex-players and couldn't stand to be around you.

  • 8 time? damn

  • Loved this interview.... Best in a long time. Now there's a true basketball mind and man. Well done Colin

  • Rick preach tell this man about the game back in the day.

  • Rick Barry was talking that talk!!!

  • Rick Barry and Chris Broussard should have their own show.

    • I would definitely watch that...

    • Steve Bannon Definitely

  • Possessions are way lower now than in Oscar's day. Colin's an idiot.

  • The underhanded free ft goat!!!

  • Cancer Colin is bad for sports media.

  • They need to stop acting like Bill Russel played against elite competition back then. Russell Westbrook would have dunked on Russell. They played when there was like 12 nba teams and 2 good centers.

  • This is the man I heard everyone hates. I like him lol.

    • Billy Bob Rick Barry acknowledges a lot of modern players. But it's fact that Westbrook's triple doubles are not in the same competition as Oscar's. Even if you account for higher pace and lower FG% (which leads to more rebound opportunities), Oscar's era was more center dominant and less spaced out which made getting rebounds for non-centers astronomically harder. Westbrook gets 90% of his rebounds from defensive uncontested rebounds which his teammates box out for. He led the league in uncontested shots in his MVP season and also one of the worst the last season. Why? So he could get closer to the rim and grab rebounds. Even his assist numbers are inflated because he has a 42% usage rate. Next time, don't disrespect older players based on cliched superficial notions.

    • So, you believe him when he says Westbrook wouldn't have been the same player against Robertson's competition? Lol. He's just a typical old man who thinks his era was greater than it really was and it's called nostalgia. He's one of those naive people who think Bill Russell is one of the top 5 greatest players in NBA history along with Wilt Chamberlain. In his mind the game isn't improving/evolving. Someone with common sense would look at science and technology for example and if you compared it to the 60's, you'd easily come to the conclusion that it has improved. Then you look at human strength, athleticism and coordination in the Olympics for example. Again comparing current athletes to those from the 60's you can easily compare numbers in track and see athletes are faster. You can compare numbers in power lifting and see athletes are stronger. You can compare numbers in marathons and see athletes have more endurance. Do you see the pattern here? So, for him to not recognize that basketball is no different and stars of today would be HoF superstars during his era is not only naive, but it shows you just how strong nostalgia really is.

    • Billy Bob That's your opinion

    • Well, he was wrong about a few things if we're being honest.

    • Mektek19 People typically don’t like others that speak their mind and tell the truth, it’s sad but true.

  • Rick ur ex daughter in law hahaha

  • "An injury or an ego" such a great point Colin.

  • Wait colin celtics had number one picks bad example

  • This guy is an idiot westbrook would have dominanted back in the old days players are faster stronger now.. Westbrook would own that league ppl are funny on the old times things improve

  • WHY! don't people listen to Rick Barry? He should be GMing or AT LEAST consulting in the NBA right now.

  • What’s more better and athletic about today’s nba when teams get swept in the playoffs the past two years by lebron and gs last year I mean who really has a chance you can go back 20 years and pick at least 10 teams that would take it to a game six with either elite team today

  • Reminded me of Adidas "Top Ten" sneakers. Great shoes.

  • 😢😢😢warriors..😂😂😂

  • There will not be an ego problem with this team...I disagree

  • When Rick Barry played it was drastically faster paced. Not even close. It seems like its so fast now because between like 98' to 13' was the slowest era ever by far.

    • shaneth138 dominant and scoring players plus offenses were being implemented as were new rules

  • No doubt about it - Cavs is this year's NBA Champion and Lebron is the MVP. Congratulations

    • nobody cares about the depleted cavs. Maybe only foreigners who only know lebron james care about them.

    • elitestar - there is only excitement on NBA when the CAVS are playing.

    • Conrad Ferrer they're looking like a first round exit sorry to say

  • I would never have guessed Rick is 74. WTF!?

  • I like his view on the draft picks. Edit Shout out to granny free throws

  • Rick sound a lil salty. Westbrook would get ten points a game in any era. If he had said he wouldn’t have been able to get 10 boards a game then that may be true, but Russ would get 5 buckets a game without breaking a sweat my guy 😴

  • Waoooo great stories

  • need to have more past players like this dude on the show

  • Rick still looks great

  • Amazing guest. Great video 👍🏼

  • Brilliant interview

  • Boy is Rick Barry on the money or on money on every point he made. A great mind of basketball and a pleasure to watch live as a kid growing up. Go Warriors #24!

  • I love RB! Such a good basketball mind. He, for some reason, has not had the opportunity to coach. He would be fantastic!


  • I completely agree. Teams that barely miss the playoffs should get the top draft picks because they tried and just need a little extra to make it. Teams that tank and finish with 20 wins don’t deserve it

  • I been like Rick Barry

  • Colin explained it wrong. Back then when the Big O Played there was more possessions now there’s less that’s why it was such a big deal last year

  • So Westbrooks stats are inflated because he chases them and the league runs at a higher pace ... probably true ... it's also due to the rule changes. But this is also why LeBron is breaking records and for that, Colin is convinced he's the GOAT. No consistency.

  • Rick Barry just doesn't know anything about modern basketball. His era is really a very immature era for basketball - only a few players back then can do cross-over or jump shot. The player back then cannot even compete with high school athletes nowadays

    • Rick Barry has the best FT percentage for his position of all time. Walt Bellamy, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Nate Thurmond, etc. all these guys have physical attributes that eclipse today's centers. Elgin Baylor was basically the first MJ averaging 37 points - both MJ and Erving stole most of their moves from him. Average player back then played over 40 minutes. Pure blissful ignorance

  • Colin can u interview Walt Frazier as a sequel to this?

  • hope nba admin and especially Adam Silver is watching this or better yet get the commish in and show him the segment Ricks views wont be accepted cause he makes too much sense shame on the NBA for whats happening in todays game

  • Colin you need to have Rick Barry on more often 💯

  • Oscar Robertson's Triple-Double Season's Pace: 124.9 Russell Westbrook's 2 Triple-Double Season's Pace: 97.8 & 96.7 Total Team Rebounds Per Game in 1962 Season: 142.8 Total Team Rebounds Per Game in 2018 Season: 87.0 I hope you were making a case for Westbrook when you brought up pace of game Colin. Stats can be inflated by Pace and many other factors. I am not saying that Westbrook is better than Oscar. But sometimes we need to stop looking at the PAST with rose-colored glasses. At the same time we don't have to be manipulated by the hype of the NOW.

  • I wonder if rob Parker was in today lol

  • Colin has it so backwards 1960s nba was played at a much higher pace than they do now.

  • If the Warriors make the finals, it’ll be 4 straight trips to the finals, that’s a lot of wear and tear on the body, you get 3 months to recover basically from June to October, it builds up quickly.

    • OJ’s Knife Its not just that, his natural athleticsm and great body mechanics has a lot to do with it

    • Wade County well if I was spending a million dollars on my body, I better make the finals 7 straight times with no injuries lol

    • OJ’s Knife Which makes LeBron look even more insane because he's been to 7 straight

  • WTF Barry, Westbrook plays against much harder competition now,,

  • Na they have two guys that can go to the basket. Klay is a glorified Kyle Korver

  • Barry was piping hot in this segment. Had a lot to say and great ideas and philosophies.

  • True legend

  • “They need to change the draft... 9/10 seeds get 1/2 pick? GENIUS. Dubs legend, what’s new.

    • Bryan Refuerzo but then maybe the 8th seed will give up their last games game so instead of grtting sweft they get the 1st pick, thinking he is what we're missing to be a top 3 teams instead of number 8 seed

  • Rick Barry is right and this is what people dont get "Oscar just played, Westbrook is trying to get TDs"

  • Excellent interview. Rick Barry one of the greatest of all time...Wariors!!!!

  • Jesus christ Colin it's disgusting how much you try to belittle Westbrook every time the mic is in front you. Your case is "the pace nowadays diminishes the triple double" but in the same breath say Tom Brady is the best but choose not to mention that the rules handicap the defense, can't touch the QB and every team throws the ball a thousand times a game. Pos Colin.

  • This man is a typical example of a player of the past who is miles ahead of most of today small forwards not to mention his iq and other intangables those who watched him in the seventies should already know these things too bad most of these journalists are not giving the real but colin is the real deal

  • 2 9th Seeds 50 50 Chance 1 and 2 in the Draft

  • Please bring Rick on more. So much knowledge and so honest