Reddit 50/50 CHALLENGE #3

Published on Aug 14, 2018
Nobody wins when they play Reddit's 50/50 Challenge...
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  • I kinda want a uncensored version. Am I a Masicist?

  • Look at this dude 10:09


  • *Confused screaming*

  • I expected poop pee and farts for the solid liquid and gas one XD eather or XD edit its happens when you poop pee and fart at the same time XD

  • 9:07 how kids in my class during music play their recorders

  • 10:10 i laugh my ass of at this part XDDDDDddd

  • 8:22 My oldest son called police sirens "Wee-Woos" for years 😂😂

  • 9:52 Sounds like the law and order narrator

  • When the bad mii music played I was eating popcorn and I started to chew it angrily

  • ive never seen someone so happy about seeing a platypus

  • After he finished his sentence at 7:49 hit this--> 7:42

  • 8:00 that dog is gold & hero

  • Link to this?😐

  • I just did this and I’m re thinking my choices. I cannot un see things and I really regret doing this challenge.

  • 7:14 it’s called the triple point of a substance

  • 6:15 Same.

  • for some reason i thought this was 50/20 mode and i freaked out

  • Around the 9 minute mark rip headphone users. It was nice knowing you.

  • Howdy Markiplier it's Charizard your favorite smash ultimate 5

  • i remember i tried this a pretty long while ago, i can't exactly remember when, but i got a video of a woman using a cheese grater as a dildo. it really woke me up... but you learn from life, and it taught me a valuable lesson; just let the crazy people do their thing. because they're the ones who see the real god.

  • Thank you for senscoring the bad ones

  • 9:52 Darkiplier confirmed!

  • 10:12 TO 10:25 when ur mom finds porn in ur history

  • Mark probably censors the bad stuff for 2 reasons, he wants us to stay sane, and he wants his channel to not be deleted.

  • Someone explain the Toto Africa thing to me I don’t understand

  • Mark reacting to doggos is the purest thing I’ve ever seen

  • 4:20 Oh. It's 420 ( U w U ) /=

  • 10:20 what in the world did he see...

  • 10:27- 10:31 That moment when Thanos snapped.

  • My class was required to play the recorder and we were all in the 4th and 5th grade and my god was it bad. Some people were good but my fucking god the recorder sounds bad even in the hands of the most skilled of people.

  • 10:31

  • 9:17 ear rape

  • Mark: who puts time and effort into porn Me: *inhale* *exhale* Boi

  • Made the mistake of looking up the guy with the public used property and man.. Regret

  • Mark's face at 10:12 😂😂😂😂

  • 9:16 = R.I.P for headphones users...

  • I literally peed my pants laughing at Mark's reaction to "guy collects..." video. I now need to change my pants, and also, my stomach hurts.

  • It's ok, mark. I went through the pain with you. (It was a long night. :C)

  • Mark needs to get some bleach from all the vids


  • 2:01 only the male are poisonous

  • Thumbnail, did you suck a lemon for that face in the thumbnail?

  • Why are you blurring it out I wanna see

  • Me: *watching this video with my own black pug My Dog: *TRIGGERED*

  • I love marks reaction at 10:10.

  • 10:20 I’m wondering what that one was now... o_0

  • hi father

  • Q:u know why mark loves Dogs A:because he's Asian 😂

  • Where is the link

  • Platypus are not extremely poisonous but they do have a stinger that hurts bad


  • Mom: Now now Markiplier, don't get demonitized. Markiplier: ........

  • Oh hi mark

  • Humongous honkerbondonkers.

  • African’t

  • 8:22

  • Why does he always say "Markplier"?

  • *Why are we still here, just to suffer?*

  • Every time there might be something gory on the screen i think, "get ready for the red pixels"

  • I went and found the link to the last one. JESUS CHRIST, The MAN NEEDS SOME MILK, or at least a doctor

  • Platypuses have one poisonous spike on one of the feet

  • 9:17 ear rape

  • 5:46 - your welcome :D

  • Provide links to that public used property

  • mark traumatizes himself for our pleasure, youtube is amazing

  • Are these random, you're gonna have to play again to find out.

  • 8:20- YOU NEED A WEE WOO

  • 10:23 is mark ever going to forget this Sorry

  • 😄😄

  • What did it look like

  • I need a wee woo too

  • even though he has to censor it, it kinda ruins the video because I couldn't see it

  • I literally start giggling and doing the same thing as Marki whenever I see cute and fluffy things ahahahaha xD It's too much, I even apply it too much

  • I don’t wanna know what happened at 10:14

  • 50 50 is baby shit

  • 5:35 I'm dead

  • 9:19 I enjoyed that


  • 0:34 don't judge us mark! We're just really horny

  • imma try it

  • Recorders were made with no purpose except to torture people

  • Male platopus have poison on their ‘thumbs’ and when they cut you get poisoned

  • 50 50 either you see something good or you contact ptsd and depression.

  • I would really like to know the context of that octopus/blood/skull one.

  • Last time I got one that said: Devilman rips off and eats the boobs of bug girl, or a picture of Jesus Christ. Have fun looking up the devilman part.

  • Puppies are touchable happiness. Thank you have a good day.

  • 9:34 me when I hit puberty

  • 1:59 only male platypuses are poisonous. They have spurs on the back of their feet that is enough to kill a small dog.

  • It's liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber

  • "You need a wee woo!"

  • i really need some subscribers!

  • Thank you mark for doing this ^-^ finally I can watch the 50/50 challenge without being damaged for live ^-^

  • 5:02 when you die in Minecraft

  • 4:11 Its a shit fetish sir. Burn your computer.


  • his face when seeing cat 8:00

  • 9 19 is a the best meme in wrld

  • why

  • Good vid