Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!

Published on Dec 1, 2018
The Vat19 crew is back with another Real vs Food Challenge! This time it's crazy flavors of candy canes.
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  • 1:26 turn on auto captions *niggas niggas niggas*

  • Hah hahahh look at 5:42


  • There is so much sexual tension here


  • Dr. Oreo

  • who’s the girl with danny? is it a new member? i’m kinda lost here, or did a previous member change/get plastic surgery? i forgot her name but the blonde girl

  • That last team always get what they want 😂

  • Have you guys ever seen a black guy on this channel

  • "I don't like it. ... I Don't like it! HLAH!!!"

  • 2:12 how th u know wat a yankee candle tastes like?

  • “this 1 is *sUPeR* pickley..”

  • Hello there

  • You guys are so awesome 😎

  • *Who's here after the video Jamie announced that Eric is leaving Vat19?*

  • What happens if you get Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper?

  • Why does everyone hate clams? They are really good.

  • I’ll miss you Eric 😕

  • it got super fizzy like your pickle -Joey 2018

  • this just proves that everyone at vat19 has a dirty mind


  • "tickle in your pickle" heh

  • oh real vs oreo challenge

  • Tbh i DRINK (kind off) gravy

  • pickels are so good

  • If only i could join vat19 But they start early and im way to non physically active for vat19 If only jamie If only.

  • 3:05 this one is super pickley

  • Goodbye eric

  • Tickling Your Pickle! VAT19.COM!

  • 2:15😂 more like a Yankee candle omg makes me get the giggles

  • Who made these flavors

  • Z

  • So is this how people come up with new ideas with food combinations

  • Vat19 i have a question how long will the giant candy cane will last before the expiration date?

  • Warheads taste good


  • They actually do make pepper mint Oreos

  • People say that pizza is good... *but when I say if you blend it.. they say it's disgusting... BUT IT'S STILL PIZZA... SO CLEARLY YOU HATE PIZZA.* Who can relate? XD

  • Why don't they like pickles and clams?

  • Vat19

  • I've had dad's rootbeer and sweet pickles and umm reg pickles would not a good taste combo make.

  • 3:05 me after eating a giant pickle🥴

  • 3:09 Is My Favourite One Edit:Same With 2:31

  • i wish i was there but am still small -_- well not that small :p

  • I don’t know why they don’t like pickles 🤷‍♀️ I looovvveee pickles😋

  • What's with Cara and Feet?

  • when it was root beer and pickle i was eating it aswell

  • 0:58 I don't think Eric liked it very much

  • 5:42, Kara : The Squirrel

  • How is my mouth watering

  • 3:06

  • "Tickling his pickle" *Your to innocent for this world...*

  • Shows the pickle * THIS IS PICKLEY

  • R/woosh #CaraRoastqueen

  • Why not make macanos

  • Joey with a salt and pepper beard is a big yes from me😂😂


  • I like pickles


  • Caras face changes so quickly at 3:25 😂

  • I have had a Oreo candy cane :)

  • low key got mad when he started hating on clams

  • Oh nooo joeys beard is getting gray 😣 still looking great

  • Hi Read More

  • 1:25 with auto caption english

  • It would be so cool to work at vat19

  • Orange crush and chicken is bassically eating chicken while your drink is orange crush. It aint that bad.


  • Real vs. Various Spin the two wheels and a third determining what the other set is. Real vs. Gummy Real vs. Jelly Bean Real vs. Soda Real vs. Real

  • 3:14 I ship it

  • Who was that girl with Danny

  • T H I S I S V E R Y P I C K L Y

  • Cool 😎

  • This pickle is pickly Ya don’t say!

  • Does anyone else not like mint? Sub to my channel please!!

  • Am I the only one that likes pickles :/

  • Tickle my pickle

  • Hi vat19 could you make real vs cotton candy

  • 2019 and I'm waiting for new Vat19 Challenge. Please do the "Real or Cotton Candy Challenge", because it sounds like fun 😊😊😊

  • Why do they make weird flavored candy canes if they THEMSELVES don’t like it?

  • Just love when he goes the Yankees candle taste

  • Everyone turn on subtitles at 1:26

  • fetish fish! I like fwedish fish!

  • I’m eating mac n cheese while watching this Edit:NOT THE CANDY CANE ONE Edit2:I would enjoy root beer and pickle

  • I had sweet Mac n cheese once. I had it once. One bite. I was not okay with it 😂😂😂

  • I actually tried the Oreo and Dr Pepper combination today and it's actually good and I didn't expect it to actually be fizzy

  • 5:00 super fizzy like your pickle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I couldn't stop laughing when Eric said BUT THIS ONE IS SUPER PICKLEY! BECAUSE IT IS A PICKLE ERIC!

  • I love them❤️🥳

  • Imagine both of them getting Oreos

  • 6:26 you know they had to spin that over and over until in landed on pickle.

  • Commenting on every vid I watch #1

  • whos dat gurl y she ugly huh talking about da new one

  • Real or cotton candy anyone

  • 1:01 hwedepa

  • Why they hating on pickles

  • Meaty and sweet Hehe

  • I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️clams


  • 5:42 when you know youre eating burger king foot fungus 🍄