REACH FOR THE SKY | Red Dead Redemption 2 - Part 1

Published on Oct 27, 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 is FINALLY OUT!! So let's play this incredible game together!
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  • Random question, who’s losing out with US-tv premium? Because I don’t have ads on any videos any more but... that’s how youtubers make money

  • *falls into water* (Mark) Help! Help! Help! *stands up* (Also mark) oh I’m fine (Me) except your in water in what 10 degrees with nothing but a pair of pants and a shirt with a coat

  • "What a good guy, that Dutch. I got a feeling it's either all gonna turn sour or he's gonna die." *Go back and play the first Red Dead Redemption, Mark.*

  • Mark. Don’t be gay. Get rid of the PlayStation. Get yourself a good ol straight Xbox. Do yourself a favor

  • Jesse McCree simulator 2018

  • Fun fact: Sean in this game is actually Irish

  • You can really feel the tonal impact of each line. For instance when Micah says there’s a body in the wagon you really hear the urgency in his voice and when I was playing and mentioned a body i actually said, oh shit out loud and my blood started pumping. This is one of the many reasons why I love Rockstar games so much

  • He should have gotten it for the Xbox One X so he could play the game in 4K

  • Thumbs up for deer piss

  • My guy my coach would sound amazing in this game

  • Just watched the game awards and wondered why did RDR2 win nearly every category.and here I am


  • why couldn't they just shoot the dynamite? Then it would explode...


  • PS4 is better than Xbox

  • 11:55 “I don’t trust Micah because everything he says is complete sarcasm.” Mark is very predictive.

  • I remember one of my favorite things to do in the old game, was to get on the train, then “rob” it🤠

  • Lol idk why but I made a fan *fik-shun* (sOz for bad spelling or if I spelled it wrong loool) of Dutch and Arthur.... I need help

  • Omg. I literally got a chill when Mark mentioned last podcast on the left.

  • The walking dead

  • Without further a-**stroke**

  • 1:57:36 mark trying to sound cool

  • I’ll gO tO MeXicO

  • BECAUSE not only is it cinematic but the cinematic qualities are placed in your hands- there is almost gameplay mechanics to changing the framong of the camera you play as the director able to swap cuts

  • Let’s...get...CRUNKYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  • Pomeranian

  • never stop playing shooter games

  • Just finished 1 the graphics look like shit but the gameplay is fun now because i don't have a newer console just a pc and my hopes aren't really up that much that they're going to release it on pc so I'll just watch it

  • ex de I ain't even that far in the video and my name is Abigail lol ex de

  • "Have you seen the size of that thing?" "Have you seen the size of my gun??" *Proceeds to get mauled by bear after shooting it 3 times*

  • The "boss" thing ruined this for me a bit tbh

  • Oh my god half of this entire episode is just irritating cause how crap he is at the game, learning how to play is one thing but still being that bad after an hour just starts to piss you off.

  • GTA 5 or red dead redemption 2 like for gta and if you prefer rdr then like

  • 2:48

  • "I got a nice hat" Yea because thats your hat....

  • There’s a boot in my snake

  • As Mark was talking about how romantic it was around 1:15-1:20 A Thousand Years started suddenly playing 😂

  • nvm

  • Mark the person laying on the table with bullet wounds, blood, and a mask was john marston from the first game, once you complete the whole game you can play as him. TAKE NOTE!

  • Ugh.

  • Come On Mark Who Beat Resident Evil 7 You Who Beat That 20 20 More Fnaf

  • Took him 10 minutes to put that mask on lol

  • I randomly skipped ahead and landed on Mark saying "salted pig testicles".

  • Mark I love that you are playing this game, I’ve played this game once and I am on my second play through I hope you enjoy this game like I did :)

  • Mark be careful your fanboy is showing

  • MARKI: I could have kill you but I didn't cuz IM KIND!!! Me: DAMN what a thug

  • 1:58:00 dirty mind test

  • Wouldn’t the tracks get pelted from snow

  • Is anyone else just impressed by the snow physics?

  • New fan fic idea: mark and Dutch laying in the stars. *PERFECT*

  • X is run


  • Micah = Fitzgerald from “The Revenant”

  • west of loathing 2

  • Just a fun fact that you may have already found out. But John was after Bill Williamson in RDR1. Not Arthur. You'll find out why at the conclusion of the game.

  • I bet they spent a LOT of time on the snow mechanics

    • Well they spent 8 years on the whole game

  • So we already know that Dutch, John and Bill can’t die, since we kill him in RDR 1. But anyone else is fair game.

  • that was your fault mark

  • He does the cinematic camara the whole video

  • Ya know how when something is said over and over and over again and then it no longer sounds like a word or a phrase? Boss no longer sounds or reads like a real understandable thing to me.

  • Of course you have to do a cowboy voice... im just waiting for you to akt like Woody from Toy Story

  • My best friend is addicted to this game and I’m very curious to see what it is.

  • 42:32

  • 2 hours

  • Have some god dam faith

  • Taking the lead, game clearly states to look at Dutch and give orders. Oh well, Mark being Mark I suppose.

  • Did they just take Rafe Adler’s last name

  • 🅱️OSS

  • I have already finished this game and in love the pixels on this game

  • Stop saying boss plz

  • so nice to see you happy marki!!!

  • “So pretty” Mark 2018

  • Ep:1 Its so pRETTY Ep:13 ITS STILL SO PRETTY

  • After hosea died everything fell apart

  • I like how rockstar games made red dead so good, all other companies avoided the genre.

  • Play it online with your friends

  • press x to john

  • 1:46:00 absolute hatred of the controller begins

  • If there's one specific lesson to be taken from this video, it's "Don't Poke The Bear..."

  • 48:26 The horse is wearing shoes.

  • 58:30 blew his hat right off. Lucky.

  • I had to like this video if not for the western accent, then for the Skyrim joke

  • markiplier is talkin about da map and da thing dat gets me is da penis part

  • 1:23:14 _im fucking dead bro_

  • 1:28:41 if only he knew

  • If you like hunting mark play hunter call of the wild


  • triggered

  • Anybody else think Micah seems like Kenny from The Walking Dead game?

  • Never aim for the head or neck when hunting deer btw, The heart makes sure they will die quick, and clean

  • You said in the beginning red redemption 3

    • No, he said red dead revolver 3 ;)

  • 20:54 Aww Mark you spared him your so nice

  • Are you eating my ass. Not now but soon

  • Mark's reaction to cinematic camera is the same when I saw it in Star Wars: Empire at War

  • *press L2 to JOHN*

  • *”you ain’t ever gonna do me wrong, boss!”* oh the irony

  • Xd when u were one the mountaim yelling for john I thought u said Dawn so I turned on captions and you did say DAWN

  • 31:00 brace your self for orgasm

  • Everyone asks why it hasn't come out on PC, but given the way the controls work in this game esp. horse riding and dead eye its very hard to imagine this working on PC without a controller... Idk maybe its just me

    • Games are ported all the time lol, not to mention ps4 controllers work on pc's via USB. All of rockstar's games end up on pc eventually, including gta5, it just takes a while. We'll get it some day!