REACH FOR THE SKY | Red Dead Redemption 2 - Part 1

Published on Oct 27, 2018
Red Dead Redemption 2 is FINALLY OUT!! So let's play this incredible game together!
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  • *USES AUTO AIM* i'm not a bad shot

  • Doesn't. Markiplier remember that jhon died in rdr1 so he won't die in rdr2

  • Ur story @ the start is how I am currently. Got a serious spine injury back in 2015. 1 dr claims spinal fusion is the only way. Im now seeking a 2nd opinion. Bc of it I cant seek better employment. So im fightijg to keep a ins...cellphone bc well...we need them. We've beeb homless since mid 2010 after both grandparents passed away. My then gf took me my mom nd bro went with a nice lady from our church. My bro got married after he moved closer to his job(bout 15 mins away from us now with ny nephew and upcoming niece or nephew and his wifey. Mom came to stay with us. We moved here in 2015. Its been downhill from there. The mom dun mind. But my ex...the girl is idk messed up...she has a strange mood disorder. Or hates us. I dun c how. We do much of the cleaning and upkeep. Pay to keep the lawn done right. Nice. Help wheb able for bills. She had her mom kick us out last wk bc she tryin to move someone in she "talking" to. We been teyin over 2 years to move. She chose to park where my mom parks and then makes her move on purpose to get out after 1030pm. When ppl r tryin to rest n get comfy. I dont take disrespectful shit towards me or def mom lightly. She and brofam is all I have. The womans on disability for her heart...kidneys stage 3/4 i think...abd same spine issues im starting earlierthen she was....i feel worthless. I can't get us a home...i cant get a better job. Cant always feed us. I work part time...16-20hrs at best...8 hurt now so all opportunities to excel have evaded me. Im not stupid...just the best i can do sadly. Everything honestly feel like shit. Im sick as hell with...something flu like freshly on antibiotics. Runnin a near 100 temp. Just feelin misrable. Stressed out. Tired of tryin but I must try for her. She felt that since 08 when my gmom passed. Tried to kill herself with pills like I did. I am my mothers daughter...either way...wanna say...tho I cant always see the lives or participate..last i tried was iPod give ways. B4 we moved. U may bot see this. But ur videos really cheer me up...keep me distracted and docile. I just started the game myself. Tho Ive seen you play. 😂 ur a massive hero in my eyes

  • E

  • 2 hours of : Oh my gosh thats so pretty Look how pretty that is

  • It wasnt Arthur Jhon was looking for in the first game it was Bill Williamson. "BILL! BILL WILLIAMSON!" "Go away ... JHOOOOOOOON"

  • Like legit no joke, when you were breaking free of the train dude, I literally thought he looks like abraham Lincoln and not even a second later you said it too 😂😂 I'm deddd

  • Man I wish I could do that good fo a western accent

  • Mark doesn't complete the story...... just a warning to those about to waste their time. I really enjoyed this playthrough but what's the point of even rushing through it rarely doing side missions because you dont want to prolong the main story but if you're not even going to finish the main story anyways, why bother even playing the game, mark?

  • You will cry so much in the ending

  • Morgen Yu?

  • I wish to live in the old daes to skin animals

  • all i can hear is Nathan Fillian XD

  • I love mark but this was a little bit hard to watch...

  • One of my first favorite video games of all time was Red Dead Redemption. Everything about it was amazing, and that's why I had no doubts that this game was going to be the best one I'd ever played. It's definitely one for the ages.


  • It's been so long since I last watched Markiplier's videos that I forgot how funny he is and I just creased with laughter at his comment "oooohh I'm gonna shove my shotgun so far up for your butt!"

  • *51:07** u sure bout that*

  • I'm a huge fan of you, Mark, and I think you are a very good gamer, you are smart

  • I'm pretty sure that every body has ran into michas horse and think he is evil you see later on

  • 20:00

  • Mark is kinda like my dad with looks and humour and I can’t thank God enough.

  • "Ah, you're awake..."

  • Oh and arther is my horses name

  • I love the game and I play on ps4

  • hehe he he "And LENNY tell ya" 8:14

  • There's a snake in my pants

  • arthur dies before boss

  • no first game arthurs dead

  • micahs a pyromaniac

  • dont trust micah

  • I struggled with the bandanna too

  • The lights behind him look like a wolf's eyes

  • Marky moo my guns are f*** huge your the best

  • The Davey moment reminded me about soap from mw3 when he was on the table

  • well i missed the first 10 minutes because i've been reading comments (^:

  • Why doesn’t mark play with an Xbox

  • my name is Micah

  • Finally finished the main story and epilogue of the game. Now I can watch Mark play this without spoiling it for me. 😝

  • dont trust mika

  • Did anybody else realize that deer opened and closed it’s eyes before he skinned it?

  • Wait, didn’t they kill the people driving the train? How is it going to stop at the station?

  • Was that a heavy rain reference?

  • mark did the "thats the cutest thing ive ever seen.. *_dies_* " meme before it was even a thing. 1:20:58

  • “I’m not gonna do it all stupid like” Falls off twice in 10 minutes

  • arthur morgan , john marston , jack marston

  • Mark kind of looks like Dutch XD

  • I actually studied a lot on the Donner Party and Its very gruesome but its very interesting just like the missing settlers who carved "CROATOAN" in the tree beforw going missing

  • Who just finished the game?

  • Can't a guy NUZZLE?! 😂😂😂

  • You think this is beautiful? You should play God of War 4... now that's one helluva game


  • 1:31:00 The twitchy deer scared the piss out of me.

  • This sequel to West of loathing took a dark turn

  • Yeah, mark died in the snowy mountains. Some say you can't hear him whistling to this day. Others say it's just a legend.

  • Can i play this game on pc?

  • Apparently you forgot ALL of Dutches scenes in rdr1 since you call him "leader guy" 😂

  • I’m on episode 6

  • I think Dutch is going to kill u for those gay remarks

  • Why hasn’t jack septic eye made any videos on this game at all?

  • I do horse riding ever Sunday and these bois make it look easy, I've only learned to jump high jumps and these bois be galloping around like a rocket😲

  • dis is me 1 day in sweden and this is meih in sweden FO I HEVEDE DETTA ÄR JA SOM SKA DÖRDAR DIRG I SWEDEN

  • In the fist game John looked for Dutch,Bill and Javier. sorry I’m late xD

  • "don't ask you don't want to know" is is sad I kinda want to know?

  • Keep up the great work Mark ☺👍

  • 51:07 SPOILER ALERT! Lol, Mark has no idea how wrong he is right now 😂

  • that moment when Mark is turning on A/C and im here turning up the thermos

  • 12:11,space is cool starts playing

  • cj could not keep up with the train

  • I hope he does the first one next since this game is a prequel to the first one. Make sense.

  • I love Last Pod and I thought the exact same thing. 😂


  • Unpopular opinion I think Arthur is better than john

  • Why dont he just plug a keyboard into his ps4

  • Mark "classic out takes" *oatcakes*

  • Too bad Rockstar isn't as good at making online games as they are at making singleplayer games. To be honest, the difference is just way too alarming

  • The love for Dutch is strong in this video XD

  • I have played through the whole game and it is soooo good

  • Seeing mark as a noob at being a console player makes my heart warm lmao

  • bru them horse like thanos

  • "Bad at shooting"-realises theres auto aim


  • It was Bill John Marston was after, Mark, not Arthur

  • *YEE HAW*

  • U should try dutches voice

  • *E*

  • I love you 😍😘😙

  • Rockstar Games Presents: Skyrim

  • Don’t forget about the spittoons, Mark 😄

  • P L A N

  • Rewatching all 25 hours of game play and I’m so fucking ready. I adore Mark playing this game, he seems so happy ;^;

  • I love this game so much. I’m only 40% through but I definitely recommend it. This game is amazing

  • 32:20

  • What I loved to do in the first game is to lasso someone and put then on train tracks then wait for the train

  • 1:26:14 markiplier is such a bot

  • Why am I just now getting a notification

  • Mark has helped me through my parents divorce. He was there when my dad left . So thank you mark your the best .

  • Mary-beth? My sister's name is Mary-beth.

  • Add me on ps4 my name is kyle220906