Published on Oct 26, 2017
Halloween is around the corner, so we do a Pumpkin Carving Challenge! Plus, once we decide who carves the best pumpkin, WE SMASH EM!
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  • look at Keithes face at 4:20

  • I was cracking up during this whole vid

  • Shayne is so hot in these videos😂

  • LOL I love Noahs unicorn hat or horn

  • wait cortney said she was using her least dominant hand when she was using her right hand..... so shes left handed????

  • This was published the. Day of my sisters birthday

  • He said he has three awards


  • This whole vid was a shartney conferment

  • At the end when Keith was supposed to hug the winner and everyone was like "I think Noah gets the hug" and Keith was just "I thought that Courtney" makes me think he wanted to hug someone else 😂😂❤️

  • Pumpkin carving originated from Ireland and they used turnips and when Ireland bring Halloween to America, America changed the turnips to pumkins because they are more plentiful

  • When Courtney was talking about what would happen when she trick or treated shayn was soooo jealous

  • Did u know that in Ireland, they used to carve turnips to ward off bad spirits.

  • Fuck noer

  • Where is IAN

  • You let Shayne use a knife? That's not safe..... (X﹏X)

  • I sped all the way to the end to see got the big hug 🤗

  • You guys always briten my day thank you

  • Glad to know I'm not the only one who does that 4:16

  • 1:57 Shayne is so focused on that pumpkin

  • Courtney uses butt .... it's very effective

  • Ian says he has 3 awards but he has 4

  • tape the picture to pumpkin then take a tool called a poker and poke the out line of his face then remove the picture and start carving. i know all of this and i'm 12

  • Omg i thought it was so cute when Courtney told her story about getting hit on was like “WHAT!?” 😂

  • dude courtney’s looks like one of my teachers no joke

  • marry chrismas

  • I study Mormonism and Courtney doesn't follow the "rules", Mormons are very modest with their clothes and I don't ont know if Courtney is, maybe her family, but she is not.

  • I ship Shayne and Courtney.

  • What sting is I'm the end? I've had no luck trying to search visa sounds clips.

  • 🐶🐕🐩

  • He looks like a superhero @ 12:56 with the shaking and everything

  • for me the video what rly blurry

  • Lol Read more

  • Top 10 anime betrayals 2018?

  • You guys make me laugh so hard that I start choking

  • Shayne looked a little upset that some guy tried to pick up Courtney on Halloween *noticeable wink*

  • Shane is funny Courtney is talented Olivia is cute Keith and Noah is a stick but him and Shane r my fav

  • 1:05 *your welcome*

  • My favorites are Courtney and Olivia

  • Noah: How did you do your eyebrows? Keith: I just made some holes *everyone laughs

  • 1:59 tell me that doesn’t look like Dominic Sherwood. TELL ME IT ISNT

  • Who else saw a Barak Obama in Kieths pumpkean.

  • Where the frikin hell is olivia

  • No but cortnys right there's a law about people past sixteen and I think it's really stupid and it sucks

  • Shayne is literally the most talented being i have seen in a long time and no joke really attractive like, hOW-

  • So um anyone else notice keith disappeared until the lights came on 😂 im joking i love you all

  • Noah wanted a hug from keith so bad at the end he was like "I got all the awards so I get a hug" He was so cute

  • Ian hows it going man *stabs I to pumpkin*

  • Keith stop complaining! OH MY GOD..... but Shayne and Courtney are so CUTE

  • Hi

  • Man I realised that everyone is pretty mean to Noah lol

  • Keith's looks like a fat Obama.

  • How sad is it when u can’t see Keith in the dark....

  • smosh pit is my favourite pizza place

  • He died and people made jack-o'-lanterns to keep his ghost away

  • I thought Shayne said dad is twerking

  • If you switch the n and a in Ian you get ina which in Dakota means mother

  • my.....favorite...one...is..........SHAYNE!! WELL THEY ARE ALL REALLY COOL BUT SHAYNE IS HILARIOUS..........X3 If you read this.. HIII SHAYNE!!!!!!!

  • 2:57 I'd call shayne daddy 😘😘😘😘

  • This is like watching my grandma on her deathbed passing away very slowly and painfully

  • I love you ❤️💕😘 way

  • Do people say bad words in this channel ?

  • In Russia we say: KHAPPY RED OKHTOBAR

  • I love you guys

  • courtney just crushed them

  • I think shayne always looks hot... i may have a problem

  • Noah’s is awesome, like a detachable butt what else do you need. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bloopers the camera man is seen on set

  • 0:00 Courtney was having so much fun but then Shayne stab her beautiful pumpkin that she was so scared😂😱

  • at 5:16 Courtney just randomly started to act like a 5 year old girl

  • 2018 yall ??

  • I can only see Keith's eyes and teeth in the dark- *wheeze*

  • Noah looks like ness from earthbound

  • i think shayne is the funniest the and probabaly 60%of smosh fans like him...

  • Keith is so judgemental, he thinks he's the best in everything


  • Keith made George W Bush

  • Courtney i would smash

  • I was born into a morning church and I'm still Mormon I feel so close to courtney rn

  • The truth is Shane and Courtney are the same person just different sex

  • I think Shane and Courtney like each other

  • its squash blogs

  • his nickname was stingy jack boi

  • Where’s Ian and Anthony


  • lol

  • i think that Olivia got her soul taken by one of the pumpkins.. Edit: man noah i feel so bad for u ;( but i wove u :D ( im a gurl using my dads email 2 post on videos :) im weird. Thank u)



  • A jack o lantern was named after a guy named jack o lantern

  • I know that sucks😏🙄

  • @Courtney I'm lefty too 🙂

  • I was Harry potter for Halloween

  • Everyone is laughing sat like 2 mins when shayne looks like picasso

  • Corny and Noah sitting in a tree k I s s I n g

  • zorgo dffiues 4:48

  • Still cant believe cortney and olivea kissed

  • Kieth where'd you go? Oh well theres his teeth 11:40

  • Good job Courtney!

  • I love how Noah’s on the thumb nail with a good pumpkin because you feel bad for his pumpkin