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President Trump holds a post-election press conference

Published on Nov 7, 2018
President Donald Trump holds a press conference the day after the Midterm Elections.
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  • this MF CRAZY

  • Everyone with a moral compass praying Individual 1 gets impeached.

  • Good job Tump I will always be on your side ur like a part of my family dosnt matter what goes on Im on your side remember that

  • MAGA ! T R U M P ! !

  • He seems awfully agitated for someone who claims the midterms were a huge Trump victory lmao.

  • Vote for Republicans who aren't for Trump views 2020. Secondly, never a lazy liberal law makers

  • He is like a parent having to control his children that are not being good.

  • Great President, in his own mind. No so much to an objective observer.

  • Today 20-11-2018 last news that makes Trump a little boy, the ,or a Judge have said that Trump must let in the refugees , Hahahaha what,s the use of having a president ,Trump is just a formal puppet on a string, i do hope there will be a huge lot of criminals among them , you reap what you sow.Take a look at President Orban Hungary ,now that is a heck of a preisdent a real one.

  • I thinking persione than letther hise with hand true come hise intruducsione to talk wive subjack positif public tacson

  • President Trump when I see your family I see adults that grew up with class, manners, beauty, even the men ha thank you for your love of America!!!!!

  • I love how proud he is of himself for getting „midterm“ right after messing it up in the beginning




  • CNN = Counterfeit News Network

  • This clown is OUT OF HIS MIND!!!

  • Just for the record seeking asylum to another country means you have crossed the border illegally, and expecting to be loved for this. Coming into a country the correct way involves a series of procedures that begin in your country of origin. At the very least if what you stated is true that seeking asylum means you were once here legally is true then add in the clause that they are here temporary legally or they would be citizens..

  • If you want to define the Democratic party. Just listen to Janis Joplin ball and chain song ball and chain. A 60's song the same old playing game of of you know who. That's all I have to say.

  • what a weirdo!

  • Trump only Trump. America it President Donald Trump

  • this stuff is more entertaining than snl

  • Why isnt fake cnn airing Trumps Veterans Memorial speech?

  • Acosta tried to finish his question Trump kept interrupting. If you pay attention Acosta kept trying to get the entire question out. That orange child on stage is embarrassing. What kind of pedantic child says those who don’t embrace me lost. Those of you who don’t see the danger in shutting down a reporter would be wise to remember that one day your beliefs won’t be fully represented at the pulpit and should your voice be silenced?

    • he time was up...he spent all the time trying to debate the president

  • Haha, that tan line around his eyes tho. Love it

  • Cowardly media. I don't care if I'm the last one to vote for Donald Trump I am not giving up on him not unless he gives up and I don't see him giving up.

  • Are they going to continue who is backing the caravan movement? Too many innocent folks got scooped up in that planned movement. Soros is behind so much of this...that man is evil in my book. Still waiting for more stats on "the invasion." Joanne

  • 45 is a thug.

  • Your president is a litteral baby. Im glad im not american. I know more about not being american then anyone else.

  • This conference was amazing and what he said at the end is painfully true

  • I love this video more than i would usually bcuz it's trending while no CNN, MSNBC or any late night host hacks are

  • Heck, the media all sound like hecklers here ;)

  • To identity politics: if you want to stop being treated as a seperate group, act as individuals!

  • What a great guy! Just fantastic!

  • This video has more likes than dislikes....


  • oii

  • Trending!!! Yay FOX!!

  • Trump endorsed 75 candidates, of whom 21 or 28 percent won. This was the lowest win rate of the other national figures-nearly 50 percent of Vice President Pence’s endorsements won, and over 50 percent of Obama’s and Biden’s endorsees won. Sanders does the best, as his endorsees won 66 percent of the time.

  • You need a better make-up artist.

  • Bonald has the opposite of butthole eyes

  • TRUMP, Donald. Please, please have lots and lots of these press conferences. The people need to see YOU, not what the media tell them you are. Get it. IF people hear you talk, because you are just you, honest and if they see you speak they will get to know YOU and stop believing the LIES of the media. Trump HAVE MORE PRESS CONFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CNN is complete trash. Wipe them out!

  • Who is Turks? The reason of Great Wall of China. (Mete) The government who begged Europe. (Atilla) The government who defeated 200.000 soldiers while it has only 50.000 soldiers. (Alparslan) The government who chased 500.000 crosade while it has only 2.000 people. (Kılıçarslan) The government who stand against China with 40 soldiers. (Kürşad) The government who drive the ships from the ground and start a new era. (Fatih) The government who took its government back while everyone says "Finished" (Atatürk)

  • In Canada we have a CNN but no Fox news...... Think about that.

  • Trump 2020 🎈🎈

  • LOL Trump dealing with children like a teacher in a classroom.

  • Now he wants to work with Democrats!! Together!! Haha.

  • CNN is not fake news and really don't know where you got it from, I really love CNN and talking bad about CNN, CNN gives a very good news, the press isn't nasty, and never be nasty, some people don't know what they are talking about, some people are talking any kind of way, which is not good at all

  • I Hate you Donald trump


  • Guys I see a llama northeast 123°

  • Im just waiting for black friday cause I wanna buy America at a cheaper price.

  • god bless whoever chose this videos thumbnail

  • Love and support, to trump and family

  • I love how CNN cocksuckers come out of nowhere in the comment section. It's hilarious! 😂

  • Yeah yeah, make america great again. 😔 Whatever going to sleep. 😴

  • CNN,is shet

  • he lies so blatantly you can see hes lying and yet half of you are dunb enough to believe him its wild like were in a fantasy novel but without magic and wonder.

  • Ok. Everyone knows Fox News IS mainstream media right?

  • Can't wait until the next MAGA rally. Does anyone know where it will be held?

  • "midtown and midtern", what is he talking about? "We need essentially 10 votes from democrats", no, you don't. Republicans had already the majority in the House and the Senate. Incoherent nonsense.

  • The tanning marks around his eyes is getting frankly ridiculous

  • Where the beef at??

  • *tan chamber has entered the chat*

  • What are we going to do about the obvious cheating? No matter how small or who does it, left or right, the punishment needs to severe enough that no one ever tries it.

  • CNN is fake news and totally in the tank for the democrat party. The mainstream news media are all in the tank for the democrat party.


  • It's amazing how many of you guys are brainwashed and take this fool's vomit as truth.

  • Trump supporters work really hard... at being professional trolls infesting every comments section with Faux News propaganda.

  • Liberals/progressives are destroying this country.

  • Cult of personality 101

  • Before i hate donald trupm and his followers but now i start to see the fear him and the people behind of him are so scare and use the fear to make people fight and lost the control. Just one thing i see is all the followers of trump have scare they can't see more of the litte bubble around. My stablisment

  • how is this real life?

  • *Bolsonaro President 2018*

  • He's so orange. 🍊

  • Trump is completely correct about the softer tone issue if the media and people in general would cover him fairly he would probably be a much more pleasant person

  • Yeah republicans, good job at the mid-town election

  • *Trump would be second or third best president of America after Lincoln and Kennedy*

    • Obama was the best. Trump will be the worst in history.

  • This funny u see how he gets uncomfortable when the media asks questions that he doesn't want to answer and wats up with his tan around his eyes lol

  • None of these questions had any content

  • احي منسق ملابس ترامب 💝💝💝

  • Did he say he can't understand Islam . haha

  • حض موفق الرىيس ترامب اتمنى تفوز لي ولايه ثانيه👒👒👒👌👌👌

  • Intercepted TOP Secret transmission to the Furhrer...

  • Potus, please get the person who is doing your makeup to tone it down. It makes the skin around your eyes look very pale.

  • Such a hypocrite to call someone rude then go on to insult the person you’re calling rude.

  • Nice Kanye, very cool!

  • And I thought they were joking when they said he was orange.

  • I love Trump and he does the best he can do just like anyone In. Office I don't vote I just pray for who ever is in office lives by the Lord and does the right thing...amen stay blessed friend

  • Trump did a great job in this press conference. Cool, collected, good answers. He is extending a hand to the Democrats to work together in a bipartisan way. Best wishes to all on the new Congress, working together, getting things done.

  • As fake as his tan

  • Thanks Mr Trump for campaigning so hard. Take a rest. Your energy is so impressive.

  • I am sorry... but how can you take a person seriously when he looks like a pumpkin???

  • People must understand that President Trump is not “Robin Williams”, - he’s cross all the time because the media goads & tries to humiliate him all the time, they dump on all what he’s achieving for the US. Who will you pick as your heart surgeon - the “Robin Williams” - who makes you laugh? & has a 10% success rate or the “Donald Trump” who you don’t like because he’s surly & people say he is was a womanizer in his younger days but has a 90% success rate?

  • احمق انت بل الفعل

  • When Fox is done helping tRump rip-off the nation, I wonder if they will then try to reinvent themselves as a real journalistic organization?

  • Fox news, CøvfēfĘ

  • T H I C C P R E S I D E N T

  • i'm a chinese, i just believe the journalist is a little bit rude,no respect for a president.

    • just think do you have a prejudice when you are questioning to a person

    • some people are manipulating a personal attack in the name of people.