Poppy "Time Is Up" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Published on Oct 10, 2018
US-tv star and Mad Decent singer Poppy returns with her sophomore album ‘Am I A Girl?’ on Oct. 31, 2018. She released the robotic second single “Time Is Up” in late August, and it has resonated with fans, picking up nearly 1.8 million US-tv views to date. The track features Poppy’s label boss Diplo, who also co-produced the song with Vaughn Oliver, and serves as a commentary on the destructiveness of the human race.
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  • How is this a song this need to a poem not a song

  • How is this a song this need to a poem not a song

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  • The way I saw this song was from the perspective of a robotic Poppy after being wiped for not acting exactly as she should. In a little rage against the humans, she reminds us we will all die soon and she will still survive. The pauses and little hints she gives in this vid confirm it for me

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  • us-tv.org/tv/video-1GGD9tufApk.html

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