Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!

Published on May 12, 2018
I can't believe I got to meet Ryan Reynolds and play Deadpool with him!! This was a dream come true
Deadpool 2 is out in theaters on May 15th
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  • What...?

  • I Like Ryan Reynolds, but truly how do we know, as he under the mask, it's truly HIM !!

  • Is that an Xbox controller😑

  • So cool !

  • I love video when Jack plays with other people! It even looks much more amazing! 😀

  • I saw the tittle and I was like, BITCH WHAT!!!

  • I am almost 30 seconds into the video and i forgot that i'm fasting......

  • my mom and dad are divorced just today i spranged arm at school.

  • my mom and dad are divorced just today i spranged arm at school.

  • No offense

  • My favorite US-tvr with my favorite actor and they're both psychotically insane, this is the best day of my life.

  • Ask Ryan Reynolds if he aculy had to fuck the women in the movie Deadpool

  • im probably the only person who is like this, but when i feel like im the only person in the world with a certain problem, i think to myself "no one else can help me through this. well, that just means i need to try to get through it that much harder." and i work 2x as hard to solve my problems.

  • Why do u have a wire on your controller

  • "I feel like I'm the one with the three year old" - jacksepticeye

  • I love deadpool I'm only seven years old

  • My friend wishes that she was the controller that you used

  • This was awkward af. I had to dislike sorry. Then I realized it's Jack's channel. Sorry Ryan Reynolds.

  • Now I really want to watch deadpool 1&2 all star wars movies and infinity war

  • He should make a joke about Green Lantern in the next movie.

  • Lucky

  • so if we get Ryan Reynolds after Deadpool 2 then when does jack get to meet Chris Pratt? After Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

  • The ending tho😂😂😂


  • regarding him as Jesus....smh

  • Jack: "You can also teleport." RR: "Why wasn't *that* in the damn movie?" 😂😂

  • I wish jack will give me a like it's like a dream to me I love you jackaboy and i hope you will have 20m subscribers soon

  • Fab Show as per

  • Fag

  • I can see Ryan being Sean's friend like omG! They can be amazing friends!

  • So he actually confirmed there could possibly be a 3rd?!

  • Highly doubt he played see it but god sooo jealous of you jack and I’m glad I got to watch and hear all of this

  • How fuckin cute!!!!!!!

  • Jack: I'm not the best at video gamez *Kills 3 dudes Me: o rlly?

  • Still on trending in sweden!!



  • ryan is such a nice guy theyre like best friends as well

  • The two of then match really well both crazy 😂😂

  • All I hear is deadpool

  • Mi nombre es ryan

  • You look like you were about to fan girl and freak out.

  • Aint deadpool awesome

    • Both glthe movie and videogame

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS IS AMAZING Edit: The One Way To Kill Deadpool Is to Destroy His Memories, Wolverine too, Thx FilmTheory!

  • Ryan Reynolds doesn't play Deadpool but he plays Deadpool

  • I love these two people so much. This video is a blessing.

  • The conversation of ass went longer than needed

  • ryan’s so fuckin funny i can’t


  • holy crap!!!

  • I just came here because of the ad

  • best vid ever @_@

  • This is so cool! I love Deadpool, comics, movies...but to meet and bs with Ryan would be extraordinary. Plus he truly seems like a nice, down to earth guy. Love this!!!


  • How do u ...... How did u get Ryan Reynolds on your channel

  • Holy hell this is the greatest thing I've watched this year

  • Just started following this channel, the first video i have seen from you, and i really enjoyed. Amazing what kind of convo starts out from playing a game.

  • Shame you did not start the game with slapping Wolverine and meeting Cable :D

  • my mom says Ryan is hot, but I like him in deadpool

  • if deadpool was ripped ferfectley in half he would would become on half wade and one half mad cap

  • Stay back or Justin Bieber dies - Fire Fist😂

  • I wonder if Ryan watched this video already

  • Lol love it jackaboy

  • Hey Jack and Ryan, thank you, you guys entertian us with your style and energy, and give us amazing advises.... but I gotta ask, I expected that The actor of Deadpool+The most energetic youtuber will = the funniest video of all times... Just to be clear I'm still happy about that video thank you, but I really thought it will be funny and crazy... still thanks :D

  • Wow Sean did great. Lol my name is Sean too. I’m from Athlone in Westmeath where jack is from

  • wow

  • I'm not gay in any way. But dude. C'mon, I have a man crush on Ryan. I envy the dude!

  • OMG it's Steve rogers

  • I love these guys No homo :)

  • Watching this while on my way to see Deadpool 2.

  • Gee, I wonder what happened after the recording session jack 😏

  • Ojalá tuviese subtítulos en español

  • Ryan renaleds is such a good actor ps sorry if I spent your name wrong it’s hard to write comments on a phone

  • Awesome both of you should come to trousdale county in tennessee and ask for solomon cannon

  • Oh yeah, now thats some fan fic. Any one willing to do it?????????

  • Ryan looks like he's distracted or wants to do something else other than video games? I'm Confused? Watershelons?

  • My gosh, it will be so cool if Tom Holland could play any spider-man game with you, man xD ♥

  • Great video haha

  • He's so nice what

  • *looks at phone* oh fuck Same

  • i would have fainted if i was there with deadpool

  • Deadpool playing Deadpool....god damn!


  • Sorry I un subscribe to you but I'm back😘

  • OMG this is amazing!!!!

  • When I 1st watched this vid is when this vid came out, now I'm watching this again after I watched dp2, I can relate more in this lol

  • Jack looks like a gay librarian😂😂😂 still love you though.

  • Deadpool 2 was SO freaking good

  • I wanna see Tom Holland play a Spider-Man game.

  • playing a game is like the last thing I'd wanna waste my time doing if I had my hands on Ryan Reynolds...

  • what a great interview Jack so genuine i loved it my favorite youtuber interviewing my favorite actor and doing a fucking amazing job too wow

  • This is nice video, very chill. But a man meets his Icon, and speak about a symbol of there personification :D

  • Way better interview that Markiplier’s with Jack Black.

  • Castle fuckin vania

  • Finally not yelling all the time

  • He and sammuel are gold

  • This is awesome

  • Natural friends

  • Get to Ben Affleck and play arkham city or knight.

  • It astonishing to see a person that plays games for a living meet a celebrity and it shows me that I can accomplish things buy doing what I love,thank you Sean for every day since the start of 2015 when I started watching you