Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!

Published on May 12, 2018
I can't believe I got to meet Ryan Reynolds and play Deadpool with him!! This was a dream come true
Deadpool 2 is out in theaters on May 15th
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  • Ryan Reynolds is so chilled. It's like he and Sean are best of friends

  • Boo Im the scary zghost whoooooohoho im see in your future Ryan you will be doing toon blast ads whooohoho.

  • WTF!?

  • Jack didnt do his intro

  • I really hope the two of you get to hang out again, you're both such nice boys

  • Why aren't you playing too blast

  • Jack=that's my dad. Ryan=oh I thought that was my mother in law. I'm dead 😂

  • I just can’t 😂 2:36

  • I had a toon blast comershial in this video lol For you who dont know hes in the comershial

  • Oooooh holy jeeze he met ryan Reynolds (Whispers to himself) Who the heck is ryan reynolds?

  • I only know Ryan because toon blast ads

  • "I'm not that good at video games" WTF YES YOU ARE literally thats the reason I watch jacksepticeye, because he's actually good at games so I don't have to watch him fail all the time when I want to see a game I like

  • Speaking of asses I am late.

  • ryan reynolds is just the most wonderful man. i hope he continues to do exceptional things in his life

  • Hey cool game

  • Thank you

  • Rayen renold is the guy from the toon blast add lol

  • omg its ryan in the adds

  • This was one of the, if not THE best interview ive ever seen. Its just so chill and natural. Like 2 friends meeting after 5 years not seen and just chill out, talking what happened.

  • I know we all joke about how bad Green Lantern is, but let's be real, I'm sure Ryan Reynolds doesn't regret it. If it weren't for that movie he never would have met his lovely wife Blake Lively 😊

  • Since Ryan sold out from now on I’m only calling him toon blast man, I mean you tubers can sell out since they don’t make a lot of money but actors like him make millions

  • I want more of this. Sean is a fantastic interviewer.

  • Love this

  • ryan reynolds is in toon blast adds

  • I love how Ryan’s version of a “cool sendoff” is whipping it out 😂😂😂😂

  • I love the moment at: 8:42 where he's like: "I find peace in my family..." and then: "What is he doing?"

  • Yeh Ryan, deadpool is a fighter not just in combat but in a terrible sickness I loved this talk about how some people are going through bad things and they feel alone. But there is allways someone out there for you. At one point I felt like that and the person that helped me was my mom, if you have ever felt alone comment on my comment and say who helped you. Trust me I read them

  • Ok I would love it if someone cosplayed the half robot guy from deadpool 2

  • He advertised toon blast

  • Boneless deadpool.

  • so we got a 4th wall breaker and a green energetic boi

  • IT BE DA DUD FROM TOON BLAST. *you'll only know dis if u seen da ad*

  • Ok, now play wolverine with Hugh Jackman

  • Ryan looked so salty when Jacky boi killed the monster xD

  • Oh damn that’s crazy

  • Ryan Reynolds is a noob but I love him

  • Ryan Reynolds is my hero

  • Sean you cute but those glasses need to go.

  • i like when he cut his hand off and flipped the big giant dick off


  • Jack: "you died as Deadpool" Me: BItCh hE cAN'T dIE

  • Worst movie ever

  • Awsome as always but it seams ur not as loud as usualy are lol

  • I loved Ryan Reynolds in Guardians of the Galaxy

  • spiderman game....tom holland....i needn't say more.

  • Cable has rabies confirmed

  • you should of let do the tutorial

  • Is it sad that I only know Ryan Reynolds because of that annoying friggin toon blast add?

  • it turns out to be a great interview jack is really good at it.

  • You should change the title to: playing Deadpool with Deadpool

  • What was the goddamn joke does it have anything to do with anti-semitism. Im at half mast i need to know. 😡

  • coming to this again after watching the Valentine video Jack posted make me feel so proud of him. And also knowing that Ryan Reynold is his celebrity crush and meeting him. awwww

  • Wooooooo! Ryan Reynolds

  • Dude this is epic

  • I’m a bigger fan!

  • Jack's not even that good lol

  • Hes kicking your ass, hes kicking the avengers ass, hes kicking everyones ass lately 😁

  • Avengers Infitiny War: *exists* Jack and Ryan: *h o l d m y b e e r*

  • Ryan minus lantern equal dp

  • Oh look, this guy is the guy from the annoying toon blast ad...

  • Never would have thought I'd have gotten advice about life from a J.S.E video 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Toon blast guy is back

  • How the actual fuck are you meeting all these cool people and playing there games!

  • I know Ryan Reynolds he's the toon blast guy

  • Is he the one that is in deadpool

  • What about philswifts butt hahaha

  • Hmm for some reason Ryan Reynolds sound like deadpool...

  • put jacksepticeye or even his voice in deadpool 3

  • Well now he is busy toon blast

  • Hey cool video reynolds

  • Jacks list: -playing with the deadpool actor- -making him die as deadpool- -talking about ass-

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  • 2018??? also isnt the deadpool actor now in ads like toon blast

  • Jack you lucky mother fucker i am a big fan of deadpool 1and 2 and the comic books

  • I know im stating the obvious right now but.... OMGosh, its Ryan Reynolds!!!!!!

  • That’s awesome, Sean. He followed YOU :) congrats. Two of my favorite personalities right there and I kind of feel envy at both :)

  • Hi Ryan.

  • sucks how this didn't become a series. jack was so natural at this.

  • Ryan is funny as always

  • Aww you too got along so well :D

  • I forgot to say “light” after green

  • Is it just me or is there a green reflecting of jack’s right glasses lense

  • There are not enough like buttons for this video.

  • Hey he is the guy from the toy blast ad

  • OOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • And theres ad of him playing toon blast

  • I love this so much

  • There is someone called deadpool in one movie from the X-Men wolverine and he didnt came up again in X-Men

  • Wait is Deadpool 2 legit family friendly if so then like so feckin excited. Tell me now if it is

  • Jack better come to Canada.

  • Ryan Reynolds... who? OH WAIT! Isn’t he that guy who played Superman in like... the 8th Jaws?

  • Omg Deadpool 2 had me laughing so hard!😂

  • Ryan makes great films better every time

  • Best US-tv crossover

  • Dang you lucky I have always been a deadpool fan CAPTAIN DP for the win

  • 1:54 I don't know how to play this ILL TEACH YOU

  • havent watch till the end but did they talk about logan at the eng of deadpool 2?

  • ...... This was never a fair fight.

  • 16:54 Yeah scar them early

  • Lol