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Published on Oct 26, 2017
On this episode of "You Sang My Song," Pink watches US-tv fan covers of her songs "What About Us," "Perfect," "Try," "Who Knew," "Just Give Me a Reason," "Sober," "U + Ur Hand," and "Get The Party Started." Fans then react to P!nk watching their music.

Check out the covers below!

"Get This Party Started" (2001) - Shirley Bassey:
"U + Ur Hand" (2006) - Recovery Music:
"Who Knew" (2006) - Isaak Guderian:
"Sober" (2008) - Branko Koprivica:
"F*cking Perfect" (2010) - Eva Ricci:
"Try" (2012) - Jayesslee:
"Try" (2012) - Michaelasmusic:
“Just Give Me a Reason” (2013) - Johnny Orlando:
"What About Us" (2017) - Davina Michelle:

From fun guitar renditions to soulful acoustic covers, it's awesome to see how differently her fans interpret her music. You can check them all out in the video, above, and watch Pink's incredible reactions.

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Pink Watches Fan Covers On US-tv | Glamour


  • i love you pink

  • Omg I’m so bad at sinning she inspires me too but I like it 😀

  • Is that Stormy Daniels singing Sober?

  • Love her humility

  • her best song was scurvy on the spongebob movie

  • Now all I have to do is that get a great voice and post a cover and wait for her to react at my still horrible voice :-(

  • Ahh johnny Orlando was in this video


  • Get the Party Started singer reminded me of Eartha Kitt. What's with the little fruit stickers on Pink's chest?

  • 08:13 He is so cute 😊

  • I love Pink 😍😍

  • I wanna meet Alecia Moore

  • omg the first girl was so awesome

  • Pink with a Spongebob pendant awesome. Last cover is the best.

  • The first one 😳😳 omg kill it !!

  • Her comments are the best out of all the artists. She is so genuine. Love her!!!

  • I saw Johnny in this video!!!!

  • DUUUUUUUDE!!! The first one gave me so many chills down my spine!!😍

  • I love P! nk so much 💕

  • the name of the first girl is davina michelle. she is Dutch

  • Her little move and face thing at 6:00 is THE BEST

  • "Okay, well that was jus rude" lol that was the best part

  • Пинк, обожаю! Мало таких настоящих артистов на эстраде.

  • As a proof how good can manipulate a siger a hole public.... she was so deep and emoción on the “try “ song like I really believe it when was come out ... and now she treat this song like it was just a next song to complete her album... no feelings ... if it was my song definitely I was write a hole movie about that feelings....

  • I love little Johnny’s video his reaction is funny

  • Please Ariana Grande cover.

  • I do not think Pink could possibly do anything that I don't like..... Love her!!!!!

  • "Whoever she is, let's go beat her up." Classic P!nk. I love it!

  • The 1st one was the best

  • hi this is beautiful!

  • Davina Michelle flipping Rocked!!! Wow so amazing!! Best ever!!!

  • Alecia Moore, could you POSSIBLY be any more modest? Everyone she has watched is so very talented, but the truth is, this lady wants to promote talent, and is so very secure with her own being!! Thumbs up to all of you!

  • Pink is so humble.

  • You are so inspiring you’re my role model

  • Omg how sweet!!!

  • little juan ortiz awwwwww

  • the first girl gave me CHILLS

  • I lovepink. As an artist ... and a person... she's amazing....

  • I saw Jonny Orlando!!😍

  • I love her she is so humble and nice.

  • ❤❤

  • I would love to see these Artists performin'


  • P!nk you are the best singer/song writer and my teacher went to watch you live😺

  • I lked Pink doing this but not Katy Perry

  • I love her laugh, Pink is the best 😍

  • Davina Michelle!! Girl!!! Awesone voice!!! Eva!! Just beautiful!! Get This Party Started....I love the cover on that one! SO much talent out there. I want to buy albums of these guys!!

  • Who Knew to me, reminds me of my (then)fiance that died when i was 17, we met at 14 and he died at 17, 3 years. it always reminds me of him


  • i love pink's songs so close to reality. what life really does to u.

  • My favorite cover was sober

  • Yo didn’t do FUN HOUSE!!

  • 8:30 Looks a bit like pink

  • Reaction video watching Reaction video? wouldn't that break the universe?...

  • Pink ❣️

  • She said to Jonny that she want him to be her daughters Boyfriend❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I love watching these kinds of videos

  • Everyone Go check out Davina Michelle, she Just covered Queen B!!

  • Over the sound hole

  • That first girl is named davina michelle

  • Pink is just awesome, she’s the best!

  • Pink can do no wrong.

  • let's get this party started indeed

  • That 2nd cover of "Try" Lol

  • divina is such a talented person.

  • “Yes, I’m a rock opera”

  • how does she exsist?

  • You

  • Vy our are the best but I’m a kid no bad you know

  • “ That’s better than I’ll ever sound” - Pink. Pink is so humble.

  • Pink is the best! I didn't listen to her much to recently but I missed out on a lot I'm gonna catch up on her albums

  • The Girl with the piano wow

  • P!nk should be a judge on one of the talent shows. She is amazing and unique. And would be fun to see her judge talent

  • it's so weird to hear a guy singing u + ur hand 😂😂😂😂

  • Aww Davina was so adorable 😍

  • Johnny orlandoooooo YEAHHH !!!! 🤪😍

  • I love that she's wearing a gold SpongeBob necklace

  • I'm trying to learn english thesedays. And I just love the way pink talks. She doesn't use any difficult words and it is very easy to understand what shs'e saying. I love her tone, accent, and her way of saying sentences.

  • lol, I was NOT expecting the Shirley Bassey cover at the end AT ALL!!!

  • Pink is so humble I just love her

  • I wonder what his reaction was at 7:55

  • I love how she just appreciates all the peoples voices no matter how different they are

  • Does she have stickers in her cleavage

  • wow so both pink and I are jewish, play drums, and IFRICKING LOVE HER VoICE

  • Omg just got chills when she said pretty pretty please

  • Wiat wait wait I did not know that, that little boy was johnny orlando

  • Omgggggg Johnny I love him so much he’s my celeb crush ( Johnny is first the Zac Enron still ilysm Zac) And ilysm too P!nk

  • Strangely the 11 year old girl sounds almost just like Christina Grimmie

  • I love Pink ❤️❤️❤️😭

  • I love her laugh.

  • Lmao Shes so passive aggressive.

  • Pink:” Now I know how it’s supposed to sound” 👏🏻👏🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • I love pink🙂🙃

  • That first girl is a super star and effortless

  • I have chills

  • Welp , I know now am trash :,)

  • that davina girl has to be a recording artist

  • lol, Shirley Bassey's version of Get The Party Started at the end was brilliant.

  • That's just rude . Lmao !!

  • Wow that was Jhonny Orlando.....😁