Published on Apr 30, 2018
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Shoutout to Laura lee! I believe she was the one who started this challenge! If i'm wrong then let me know in the comments below!
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  • greyssss anatomy is the bestttt

  • #birdbox

  • your so freaking pretty ugh i wish and so much make up im in love!!!

  • Sylvia Gani did this too

  • Açaí is pronounced (ahh) - (sigh) - (e)

  • The og birdbox

  • thats a hhuge sponge

  • riverdale is on netflix

  • Riverdale is on Netflix❤️ Great video first video I’ve seen of u and I’m prob gonna keep watching keep doing what ur doing and u will do great(ur all ready doing great) but yeah❤️ps I love riverdale to.

  • I thought you were Cathrin from the ace family at the thumbnail

  • Really like how your makeup turned out. Eyeshadow n lipstick looks beautiful. But you cheated. You can’t pick two products for everything haha! But I’m surprised to see how you managed to pick right things ! You truly are a genius

  • Holly cow at the makeup...

  • Casey Holmes my wife watches you all of the time and said that if you want to get rid of any makeup that you don't want you can give to her lol.. she is trying to build up her makeup collection but we don't have the money to go out and spend on it.. I'm pay all of our bills and my wife stays at home to take care of our two year old son and he has heart problems... But she loves watching you...

  • Wentworth is mine and my wife's favorite Netflix show and orange is the new black

  • Greys anatomy

  • BORING............... You have no expression, you have no talent, you don't even look good at the end! what a LOSER!

  • Sylvia Gani started this challenge !

  • I binged watched (past tense) the 100 and i am so sad that they don’t have season five and six

  • You guys definitely should definitely try the pink drinks!!! It’s the strawberry açaí refresher with coconut milk!!!! It’s to die for😍

  • Safiya

  • Safiya starded this

  • Please do a military ball look! I have the marine corps ball coming up and I have no idea what to wear. It’s the first one I’m able to go to

  • What's her sponge???

  • Don’t you think it’s cheating when you feel them and search for a particular item?! 😩

  • Is it just me or was her beauty blender big

  • To all the boys I loved before

  • On Netflix shameless, the 100!

  • I'm hooked on lost girl, the originals, and vampire diaries right now! And honestly, I love all of you're videos! Including you're favorites videos!❤

  • Safiya Nygaard starting this challenge and tons of people did it before Laura. Do your research sis

  • Why is her sponge sooo big

  • I'm watching orange is the new black and the end of the f**king world they're both really good

  • Did anyone else notice drugstore was spelt wrong on the foundations?

  • I think Sylvia gani started this challenge

  • 9:00-9:40 made me laugh so hard! I love seeing y’all together. He supports you like a husband should! I’m digging the bandana on you! ☺️

  • Love the organization of your makeup!

  • Hey girl love your vids. Just FYI tho... for some reason in this vid your neck kinda looks like it's aged a lot. Idk if it's tanner or just dry skin but girl you gotta take care of that neck. No shade hun I swear. I still love all your videos.

  • I wish you didn’t fast forward a lot of footage choosing the products

  • Wow your beauty blender is huge where did you get it?

  • i know you posted this months ago but i loveee lost in space!! i def know who you’re talking about being frustrating 😤

  • Casey you look stunning !.

  • I’m beng watching h2o just add water

  • I looooove the last Kingdom ! Such a good series, kindda like game of thrones

  • Pretty little liars

  • What is the sponge your useing

  • Please do more of these!!! Lauren Luke used to do lucky dips all the time and its amazing to see what y'all create.

  • He should do asmr 😂

  • What beauty blender is that

  • I so wanna do this n lety 5 year old film lol would be great

  • That sponge is HUGE!!!!!!

  • Your beauty blender is so big

  • Riverdale is on Netflix. Season 1 and season 2. I've binged it twice and got my fiance into it! He binged it and was done with both seasons in a week! I can't wait for season 3!

  • jealousy

  • Rn I’m binging The 100 on Netflix 😂

  • Queen of the south is amazing!!

  • Looks fantastic!

  • You should try to do your makeup in the dark or with your eyes closed

  • Lol as you was doing your into, you kept eyeballing the foundations lol! So cute. Tying to cheat

  • Are you married?

  • U should do an asmr video

  • I love the bandana tied to hold back your hair. You pull it off!

  • my sponge never gets that big 😓

  • What beauty sponge is that? It looks gigantic

  • Lol when you primed your eyes you said it was a lip primer. Or maybe that is what it was... idk 😂

  • i am wachihg the foster

  • I feel like you were looking because you had to open everything before you could choose it

  • And yes a get ready with me to the ball!!!☺❤

  • Vampire diaries

  • That was great together and she was blindfolded! Omg

  • Totally do the podcast!!

  • I’m going to Gorgia

  • riverdale

  • Is that the real techniques sponge? It is huge mine never gets that big lol I love your videos and I love you

  • Stranger things

  • 13 reasons why

  • I was binging Riverdale got done and now watching criminal minds on season 7 episode 13

  • I love the makeup!! You looks so pretty!!

  • Riverdale


  • what sponge is that?

  • Grey’s Anatomy

  • Vampire dairies is amazing

  • Santa Clarita diet

  • Have Davis pick your makeup!

  • You look just like Alyssa violet

  • That beauty blender is big

  • what sponge does she use?


  • What song is this?? The first one


  • Yeah I also love Riverdale soooo much

  • aww sweet end

  • I love this eye look! Those two colors are what my ballroom team have always used. We do a deep purple outer eye and then a bright gold inner eye! I love that you used those two colors!

  • So for Netflix I’ve been watching anything documentary. I just watched Evil Genius and it was so crazy but so so good. Also highly recommend Inside the American Mob, Keepers and The Making of a Murderer. And for Amazon I love love love Bosch. It’s based on the Harry Bosch novels from Michael Connelly.

  • You look so so pretty

  • omg girl I loveee Riverdale

  • Same I have finished watching all of them (riverdale)

  • I have been binge watching Nikita.

  • I think the lashes make ur eyes look droopy

  • What sponge are you using???? I love you

  • I love all of ur videos soooo much