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Personalize Your Adventure in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Published on Sep 10, 2018
Secret Techniques, exclusive moves, sprawling cities, and…more hairstyles?! Check out some of the ways you can make your Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! journey your own:
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  • This might actually be pretty good, but there's one thing we ALL need... MORE EEVEELUTIONS!!!

  • Does people are really going to buy this? 🤮

  • Can I evolve the partner eevee Cause I want an umbreon

  • Hehe this gym is great! It’s full of women!

  • I actually like the names of the moves

  • Just update all your previous games with these graphics and you're good.

  • So... Can you evolve your starter or are they perma-stunted for those 'unique elemental moves' ?

  • (me now) WOOOOOoooo...(heavy breathings)...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-

  • You should make a game based on Ash's story from the first season of the Pokemon Show.

  • At least it isn't Pokémon GO

  • **Pikachu used Flashy Flash!* **It' s not super effictive...*

  • Is This the Music there is going to be inside the games? Im getting that wonderfull feeling of nostalgia

  • i still want this even if it seems silly in some aspects, though i hope they dont strip the more serious tone of some of the games. I think this is just because its pokemon being introduced onto a new console, and of course the targetted audience is, at the front, kids

  • They could have just said surf. Pikachu can learn surf

  • Dwaddy and Mwommy could u pwease get me the game with the pokemons that go spwishy spwash and buzzy bwuzz?

  • ''Gulps soylent down'' KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • This game looks worse by the day

  • Kanto remake without Red...ok...

  • 5117 9078 2347 Se volete questo è il mio codice amicizia

  • I left at splishy splash. Somebody tell me if theres something good after this, cus i cant take the trailer anymore.

  • Why does every trailer make the games look worse?

  • Magikarps Splishy Splash instant KOs all types.

  • They're really out here advertising HM's. Wow.

  • Hmmm Eevee's 3 moves they showed are Water, Electric and Fire... Will it evolve based on how many times you used each move?

  • Look, we should have a hardcore mode

  • Its babyifying this series which is why I don't watch the TV shows, looks like I won't be playing the games now either......and I nearly got a switch too....

  • Pre ordered, saw the new trailers, then cancelled the pre order. This game looks terrible. What is this? Pokémon Go on console? Splishy Splash? A flying Eevee? No more abilities, held items, babying the gyms with requirements that give you an edge? This game is honestly garbage and will not be buying this. The first Pokémon game I’m not playing. This is sad. Guess I’ll wait for gen 8... unless it’s trash like this.

  • Well hey, at least there will always be smash. And a core gen in 2019 :)

  • Yes Pikachu can learn surf

  • Pokmon

  • Pokemon company make real Pokemon movie

  • I really hope they rename those moves especially Pikachu's. All this time and Magikarp just needed a little splishy.

    • Join DaSheep Killer and others in the war for magikarp to get splishy splashy. The comment should have 1.1k likes

  • can i evolve eevee to be not complete garbage?

  • "Splishy Splash" you say...

  • if this game costed like 30 or 40 dollars id buy it immediately... but fromw what I see 60 dollars are a no no… I ll think about it and if I have the money I ll consider purchasing the game :/

  • Gotcha!

  • The amount of salt people are getting over this cute little spinoff game is obsurd, its made to get kids, pokemon go players, and old fans back into the game, if its not for you, its not for you, but even as a long time player i wanna enjoy this cute little adventure because i actually like go and want to get my favorites from it into the main games, but half the community is angrily screaming because its not the next gen even though its on its way..... complaining at a spinoff wont make the next core game release any faster

  • The names were meant to be cute, and were references to the surfing pikachu, and eevees original 3 evolutions, yall are just hating on this cute little go spinoff, when its not even a core game and your not required to buy it....

  • i believe pokemons that are rarely used in battle should have a mega evolution!

  • Evee’s buzzy buzz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Join us on the war for magikarp to get splishy splashy Recruitment center at DaSheepkiller's comment

  • Im going to be honest. Don’t beat me up. Okay, got it? So, I think if this game isn’t 75% tutorial it could be actually good. If it is 75% tutorial though ┻━┻︵╰(‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

  • Yep, I've made my decision. I was originally flip-flopping on whether or not to buy it, but... now I know.

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  • Ok, the new moves could get better names, but I'm still very exited for the games to come out. I'm also probably going to buy them right away!

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  • Wow que bueno el ¿¿juego?? No entiendo nada de inglés pero bueno si es un jugo esta bueno,les recomiendo que hagan los gestos que ha el maestro de pikachu

  • game freak, i'm gonna keep it real this is lookin' like *hot water garbage* bro

  • I hope i can play it on my Xbox one 😀

  • The only thing to be excited for is Surfing Pikachu

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    • Also,what's your team? Pikachu or Eevee?

    • Vote for Pikachu to he become japan's New president

  • I like this so

  • I have a wish it is please upload this game to mobile version

  • Pokémon wanna learn how to get people to by your games? Put it on a Nintendo 3Ds

    • dude they already said thousand times is not coming to the 3ds, please realise this.

  • God! Just call it surf like it was on N64!

  • In my opinion i like the graphic style it gets better with every game they make. Catching pokemon mechanic is just a punch in the gut. I get it that pokemon is aimed towards the younger people of our generation but most of us grew up with pokemon and still play it today. Atleast have a feature that allow you to set the difficulty of the game based on age. For example 6-10 is kids mode and above that is the regular Pokemon experience. Having classical features removed (wild pokemon) and the gym mechanic that i cant fight Brock unless i have a type advantage takes out the fun in the game. Imagine if Red from Generations went into Brocks gym and Brock told him to leave cause he has a Charmander and that he will not win in any way possible... I was hyped about buying this and buying a switch for it but ill just wait untill gen 8 comes out. This game had alot of potential as the first switch pokemon game by remaking the kanto region but theres alot of bad design choices that could have been avoived with a few simple fixes.

    • Join us on the war for magikarp to get splishy splashy Recruitment center at DaSheepkiller's comment Oh wait you're the air platoon squad leader

  • i'm cool with it just not that... excited

  • Nothing will ever stop me from being a Pokemon fan, but Pokemon Let's Go is looking pretty awful at this point. Why are they suddenly going back to a 5yo demographic? Aaaargh - please come soon, gen 8, and please don't have Pokemon go mechanics or any of those god-awful moves.

  • I wanted An new region but this is too ok 😘

  • -sees Splishy Splash, Buzzy Buzz, and Sizzly Slide- Can someone gimme a link to Smash Pre ordering? I think its time for K rool to obliterate of the market forever

  • Splishy Splashy & Buzzy Buzz... *Is this game made for like toddlers?!*

    • Like all of pokemon before....yes. yes it is

  • I am so excited to play this with my boyfriend when it comes out! :)

  • Still holding onto hope that GF add an option for returning players


    • +ピカチュウ怒ったな Yes, everything is an excuse. The point is many people think like that. Honestly not everyone dedicated their time to the Battle Frontier. That's why they're even making a Casual game now.

    • +Duplighost Nero you know some convenient "masuda minded" ppl, everyone that i know and play pokemon got upset when he said it. He said it as excuse to the cut, BF. Less work to sell it for the same price. GF started to get greed in older generations with a 3rd instalment game being the same as the firsts ones, but that time they got some work to male it worth, but nowadays they figured that a lot of pokemon fans are blinded sheeps that buy anything, that explain the drop of the quality in the mains series, they get the same amount of money for less effort. Thankfully now ppl are realizing that and are deciding to not buy more shit with the price of gold.

    • +ピカチュウ怒ったな Fans thought that. I know plenty of people that agree with that. I think like that too. The same thing must be happening in Japan too. He won't say it just to say it.

    • +Duplighost Nero this quote was what he thought, not the fans speak itself

    • Oh no it started long before that. People are just now starting to wake up.


  • Add some sort of beginner and advanced modes. Where advanced let's you battle wild Pokemon. Beginner being what the game already is. I was planning on buying 2 Switches, Let's Go Pikachu and Eve this November. One for myself and another for my daughter. I will not spend a dime if this is not implemented some how. I know I'm not alone on this

  • THANK YOU POKEMON MAKERS!! I love and appreciate what you have done, its a dream come true for me. I really don't get the immense hate. I LOOVE that you have chosen to follow the style of the 3DS games (they are gorgeous) best idea EVER, it looks like an absolutely AMAZING world to walk around in - and with friends? Let me faint why don't you! The free moving Pokemon's almost made be scream of joy - riding your own pokemon? Yes please!! Take my money!! Yes some abilities were removed, I also mourn the old ways of battle but the rest more than makes up for it to me, and the held items ? (They were annoying anyway in my opinion), and yes many of the currently existing Pokemon are not in it (more games to come). The comments about "The moves sound childish" doesn't make any sense to me.. Pokemon were made for kids? Its about a 10 year old for christ sake! Kids should be able to play. I am late 20's and grew up with Pokemon and I don't expect them to change their target audience just because I age.

  • It’s true... *They have surfing and flying pikachu (presented in the manga and Pokémon cards)* _Wonderful_

  • When you dont have a nintendo switch 😭

  • I’ve been defending this game since the beginning but bc of stuff like this makes me regret it 😭

  • Am I the only veteran Pokémon gamer who likes the fact they got rid of random encounters and HM moves? This is the first Pokémon game that got rid of two of the most annoying mechanics the series has had and yet all I hear is complaints about the names of new moves. Seriously?

  • people already judging a game that didn't even come out yet🙃👋🏻

  • Surfing pikachu strikes back!

  • So Eevee can now use like every move in the game.

  • Watch out, Ground-types. Pikachu now has a move that is super-effective against them, and they're gonna get wrecked real good. Also, I can't wait to try out those 3 new moves for Eevee. And YAY, still no HMs in Let's Go. ;)

  • Pokémon for babies

  • I love it

  • So now we have nakama power in Pokémon

  • Eevee lost dig attack i think so

  • Pokémon Casual & Normie

  • I'm probably going to get this just for how nice the animation looks. Have always wanted to see Gen 1 in all its glory.

  • Pickachu splishy splashy...... my mind was on the edge of insanity.

  • You guys need to study. If this game had come out when we were still 8 year olds youd all be going crazy for this.

  • I dunno, man. GameFreak isn't dumb. I think they are kinda trolling us, showing the bright and maybe most boring sides of these games. Then, while playing them, we will realize our rival isn't friendly, grinding is impossible and Team Rocket is eviler than ever. I have this feel and I really can't let it go away. Maybe I'm wrong, but... who knows. Just a sensation.

  • U guys could name the move better

  • I feel like this was game was just made for does who crave some sort of Pokémon game on their switches and to a attract does Pokémon go players .. nonetheless if find the game for half price off I’ll buy it I been craving some Pokémon on my switch

  • buzzy buzz is so cute omg

  • Woww

  • New moves huh? Interesting sounds good to me goes along with the tcg

  • im liking the pokemon sounds i hope that every Pokemon gets this treatment for the next gen, same for the customizing your Pokemon's appearance i want that for every Pokemon next gen.

  • I used to be kinda hyped for this game, but after all the recent trailers I think i'll just wait another year for gen 8

  • So there just making pikachu learn surf so now he can take on one of. Electric types few weaknesses. And eevee gets a move for each of it's gen 1 evos. I'm honestly regreting buying a switch. If gen 8 isn't good I'm done with pokemon.

    • you know there's other games right? open your eyes a bit please.

  • The people who are still supporting this garbage should be thrown into an open pit and fed to the lions

  • I cant get myself to buy a different gaming system especially bc this game is soooo extra

  • Are they replacing HMs with Pikachu and Eevee? I'm fairly interested in this game, but I feel like trying getting the Pokemon Go audience back when it's no longer popular is a bad idea. When something popular dies down, there's a bucnh of backlash, and a number of people hate it. This can get their attention, but it will be hard to capitalize off of Pokemon Go through this.

  • You'd think Buzzy Buzz would be a bug-type move, but NOPE!!!

  • I know the game are for the players that doesn't know what is Pokémon, but this...

  • Why did they bring back the bobblehead 3d models from XY

  • So me and my two other friends watched this trailer and we were all very disappointed on how childish the names are. Like come on, these names are so dumb, what’s next? Burny burn? Crunchy crunch? We were all gonna buy this game but now out of 3 of my friends. I’m the only one who’s gonna still buy it. This trailer made you lose 2 buyers Nintendo and a lot more. Their gonna buy the next Pokémon game in 2019 (Gen 8). Tbh I don’t blame them after watching this trailer.

  • Pokemon yet again ruined by a "Z-Move" alteration. Wish we would get back our games without "mega evolution" or "power-ups"

  • it looks so childish.... y’all know imma buy it anyway

  • Is this for 3ds???

  • I cant wait for exciting moves like splishy splash, buzzy buzzy. What's next? The hoke-pokemon