People Living With Disabilities Review Characters With Disabilities

Published on May 10, 2018
"...when they cast someone who actually has a disability, almost always we get a more dynamic story."
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  • This is insufferably prescriptive.

  • Well, if you guys are going to talk about Characters with disabilities I see it as a minor problem that no one brings up Katawa Shoujo. XD

  • "Is it because I'm too intimidating?"

  • As a disabled person, thank you so much for this. People always forget or ignore us. If we're having a bad day, we're pitied and told "I could never be disabled like you". If we're having a good day, we're inspiration porn and ablebodied people tell us how lovely it is to see us at the supermarket or how proud they are of us for...something? I just want to see people like me and I want other people to see young disabled people in media so they stop coming up to me and asking me what's wrong or talking to whoever I'm with instead to me (I'm not deaf, I just don't walk good!!!). Growing up, I never had any kind of representation of disabled people, beyond a few token examples, almost all of whom were in wheelchairs. And then as I became disabled myself, I had to deal with all of these thoughts and ideas in my head about disability because all the media showed me were people in wheelchairs (I use a walking stick), people with mental disabled, people who were deaf or blind, people who didn't dress fashionably and needed constant care. And there were basically no role models for me to look up to. There still basically no famous people who use a walking stick that aren't elderly. I just want to see myself. I want to go to the cinema and see someone like me, played by someone like me. I want there to be a role model for younger people who are growing up disabled. I want someone who is successful AND disabled, not "in spite of". So thank you for amplifying the voice of the disabled community. It would be cool to see more disabled content from Buzzfeed. It might even make me subscribe!

  • no matter what you do people will cry cry cry. just shut up and let creators create. you gotta problem with it don't watch or make your own show.

  • I dream about flying like Superman. Just because I wake up and can't fly doesn't mean I'm disabled. I treat people like people. Yes... If you are attached to some kind of Borg-looking device, I may stare a little to figure out how it works because I think it's cool... Warning... I'll probably ask questions and try to convince you to let me try it out.

  • she has down syndrome in real life??! ya don't say

  • All types of people feel alone, people that are healthy and normal can feel the same way or worse for other reasons.

  • Don't forget Jamie Brewer, she's amazing.

  • I loved how in a quiet place the daughters disability turns into the only way to fight the monsters and without that they wouldn’t have had a chance. Also the actress is actually deaf and very happy to support her community through this film.

  • Glee is a terrible show anyway. Full of typecast and stereotypes

  • "You can dance in a wheelchair" Yeah but not like that. Come on lady, don't be dense

  • Who literally cares what these gimps think?

  • Too bad that almost all their reactions are if characters with disability aren't played by actors w disability then it sucks. They should've review it based on the actors performance, and how the characters w disability is portrayed on screen not based on if the actors who played the role have disability in real life or not.

  • Its glee...... if youre looking for good writing and not just random dancing and singing, youre not in the right place.

  • 2:16 "she also has down syndrome in real life".... huh, I never thought about it before.... guess she's right.

  • 7:11 same, Peter Dinklage is high key hot

  • 6:10 You know what's incredible, Kids in the Hall recognized this pattern happening and did a sketch on just such nonsense happening in the 90s. Here's the link, it's fantastic!

  • Who care what these people think? They don’t speak for everyone disabled.

  • I’m autistic and I get that people want actual autistics to play these characters but I’ve done background acting in commercials for fun and the lights are BRIGHT AF and it can be noisy and chaotic and doing the same scene 40-60+ times. Now imagine that’s a TV series or a movie. The same thing almost every day for hours and hours and hours. Imagine the sensory overloads and meltdowns.

  • Omg!!!! My sub teacher is there!!!!! Oh my holy mountain!!! Christopher my..... Sub teacher!! He is the best!!!!! That is so cool he is there!!!!!

  • Best horror flick of 2017 portraid a disabled person (unhearing). =) Recommending "Hush" to anyone who wants a really good scary flick! More power to people in the perifery, good on ya'll for being in this buzzfeed video and giving some great input =)

  • "struggle"

  • you could've just said retarted

  • Wtf. Who goes to a movie to see themselves? I go to the movies specifically to escape my life.

  • Jamie Brewer in American Horror Story? She was one of my favorite characters in Coven

  • I don't know if it was intentional, but I liked the paraphrase of the "hard to kill" line from the Hound in Game of Throwns.

  • George R. R. Martin included that Tyrion had been trained to perform. He later regretted that, but in the books it was too late and he ended up using it for the plot. Peter Dinkledge refused to include that aspect of the character though. I respect him even more for it.

  • The actor from Breaking Bad has Cerebral Palsy, but not as severe as the character. He worked with experts to exaggerate his own real symptoms in an accurate way. He did an amazing job, not just at portraying the disability, but at every aspect of his job.

  • the movie is based off a book... the award was given to him in the book... the book's pretty good

  • oh please i have disabilities and i dont' cry like this girls for such pety things like "he dream he could dance"...i also dream sometimes that i surf like i used too

  • So much butthurt in one video

  • uuuuhm!? forest gump? maybe?

  • Godammit I ended up on a buzzfeed video

  • It seems like it’s hard for the people on the video to accept the fact that most able people, like it or not, do feel sorry for a lot of people with severe disabilities and the families who also live with it. Not everything can be about empowerment, equality, rainbows and sunshine. The Artie character is a great example of this.

  • Dwarf guys are so hot! 🔥 😍

  • I did not enjoy the Wonder movie, the book was way better

  • If you disliked wonder as a movie, you'd probably like it more as a book, because being in pov of auggie makes it 10x better. For example, in the scene where auggie gets the metal in the book he does mention that this doesn't even really mean much to him, as he sees it as an award for just being him, which mirrors the sentiment in this video.

  • Buzzfeed: Always offended.

  • I personally think theyre just looking for things to complain about

  • I hate seeing hearing people play deaf. The signing is terrible and there's always misconceptions.

  • Totally off topic but I love the girl with glasses' blush

  • Matt Murdock from Daredevil, Shaun Murphy from the Good Doctor? I wish you'd do a video with people reacting to them too!! Thanks for this!

  • The biggest part of dancing is having legs. You can’t dance in a wheelchair.

  • The dude with the disabled arms was the best one out of all of them

  • Tirion is no doubt my favorite character on GoT. P.S - Not gonna lie. The girl with the glasses is super cute.

  • "It's lazy writing," AMEN!!!

  • This is exactly why I became a writer and story coach. Because storytellers have a responsibility to create safe spaces for ALL people to explore themselves and the world without feeling excluded or judged. Because everyone should be able to see characters similar to them represented. That's the gorgeous thing about the world, right? That every single person is different and adds something wonderful and unique? xx

  • Simon Birch.

  • You can definitely portray that in a dance sequence in a musical

  • The worst disabled character ever was Felicity on Arrow

  • Is Peter disabled? Shorter then average granted but he has accomplished more then most ever will! I'm six feet three inches and yes I can reach higher physically but Peter has a reach that spans the world and without wanting to seem flippant I'm sure if we were to test this out we would find a lot of things Peter is more able to do physically then I. What I'm trying (and probably failing miserably) to say is that we should stop viewing each of us on our differences and more on what each of us can bring to the table as it were!

  • It is not at all offending to show a scene about someone wanting to walk... Not every disabled person has went through the exact same experience

  • Come thruu Tyrion

  • Don’t act so high and mighty, some of these things were made because they’re relatable for disabled people and non-disabled people or the actor was legitimately talented or the story actually actually centered around the disability. Seriously, stop looking for ways to be unsatisfied. It’s not all mocking or pandering, don’t act like a lot of disabled people don’t struggle with being disabled.

  • 6:45 I didn't feel bad for them... I was just viewing the story. Honestly they seem really biased... But I guess people would be mad if any char is played by someone that's not their race/disability/etc... I dunno... I thought Leo was good and respected the part...

  • As a person with a disability, I also agree that we don't have to date others who also have a disability. We can be with whomever we choose as long as the two of you can build a stable relationship. Yea Tyrion! 😁👍

  • I love how the director and producers made "Wonder"! Not only did you get to see Auggie's side of the story & the others involved in his life, but you also got a chance to take a look at what their motives were for choosing how to act the way they did! 😊👍

  • I think if they balanced Artie's desire to be like others with accepting who he is and follow it up with a dance sequence celebrating while In the wheelchair, then it could work. Also, maybe instead of dancing in the mall, he could be imagine a world of disabled people being the norm and "normal people" being treated like a disabled person is on a day to day basis.

  • They should have discussed American Horror Story/ freak show for their portrayal of disabilities. I was excited about Mat Frasier since he was amazing in his depth of character having phocomelia of the arms. My daughter has that diagnosis but more limitating to where she is a foot user as well to using her pseudo arms. Looks like the dude could have related to that character the most as well.

  • "down syndrome in real life, too"...of course she does...

  • I am just saying I dont care about his disabilities I care about his strength and ability to over come no matter what I was not born disabled it came later in life the disability does not define any one.

  • I like what ps eating Gilbert grape and dicario’s performance because it’s the most accurate movie to my life. My brother acted exactly like Arny and although it would have been grate if he was portrayed by someone with a mental disability I can understand why that could be unreliable for these kind of shoots. One thing I do hate about this movie is the same reason I hate rainman which is that whenever I tell someone my brothers autistic they recommend those movies to me. Or worse just go “ he’s good at math”

  • i feel like this is saying that if you have one type of disability of any type, you know the struggle of all kinds of disabilities. like. i have a disability but i think we should let people talk about their own disability experiences not just group it as all who have a disability

  • Ha retards

  • You should have done Raven from the 100

  • Also well, this is buzzfeed

  • What’s eating Gilbert grape is such a beautiful well done movie, I have a sister who is mentally disabled and I take no offence to Leo’s character what so ever. I truly believe Leo deserves an oscar for it, he really researched he spent time with people with disabilities, he made sure he got it right. If you’re offended by his role then you might as well me offended by Forrest Gump.

  • So glad they didn't bring up casting an actor with a disability for Wonder. Had they actually cast a child with Auggies condition it would risk the child's well-being, they kind of had to use make up and I HATE when people act like casting someone with a disability ALWAYS has to be the case, sometimes it's too dangerous to Do, y'know?

  • Why is someone with one type of disability talking about other types of disabilities?