Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017

Published on Oct 10, 2017
The fright for the future returns: blizz.ly/OHT2017
This Halloween, explore the haunted streets of Eichenwalde and Hollywood, expand your collection of spooky seasonal cosmetics, and team up to fight the forces of evil once more in not one, but two Junkenstein’s Revenge-themed brawls! We’re also re-opening our crypt so players can unlock their favorite Halloween-themed items from last year along with over 50 new tantalizing treats, including legendary skins like Corsair Ana, Van Helsing McCree, Dragon Symmetra, Cultist Zenyatta, and more.
It’s time to face the night, heroes-gather your friends, and revel in wicked delight!
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  • Oh boy have we waited very early for Dr. JAMISON JUNKENSTEIN TO COME BACK!

  • so crazy

  • his laugh gives me life

  • 2018?

  • I only got 1 skin during this event 😟

  • Had so much fun this event I got 10 skins

  • *S C A R Y*

  • Dear blizzard you should make a Halloween skin for sombra called zombra it's sombra as a zombie

  • Junkrat - i have new surprise for you Mei - Gaa y :)

  • Loved the event but I got more non event legendary skins than event legendary skins. 7-2 to be precise

  • I wanna see doomfist Halloween skin next year

  • no SKINS for me yep I didn't got anything for the event Plus I didn't got anything for the summer games event What happened to overwatch First:how come you tubers get legendary in a row all the time And how come us never get anything Second:what happened to people's brain Like what the heck are these DVA and genji animations why do they exist. Third:why is widowmaker getting all the friggin SKINS

  • sad af didn't get torb or Sym or Junkenstien monster

  • It’s Nov. 2nd and the event’s still going Come on Blizzard

  • Its November 2nd and i still have the update

  • Nov 2

  • The following story is based on true events. Reader discretion is advised. So at the end of September I got a 1 month ban from PSN for using the n-word in a private chat with a friend. That in itself sucked already, but I knew that the Halloween event was gonna happen during that 1 month, which made me even madder. But there was nothing I could do, so I just wait. Then the skins are revealed and it was then that I first layed eyes on the Van Helsing skin, the objectively best skin in the game. I knew I had to have it, but I also knew that that wasn't going to happen this year. I only had a day to get the skin and it was a tuesday at that, so I had to go to work as well. I'm not wealthy enough to be able to buy lots of lootboxes, so I bought a pack of 10 and hope for the best. So I get home and start opening them. Box after Box. They had some good loot. 2 legendaries in total, the Junkenstein's monster skin and the Industrial skin. Not bad. But not what I was after either. So I had to rely on my arcade loot boxes. I start grinding the arcade, open box after box. Together with a level up I got doing that, I had a total of 4 new lootboxes, so I begin opening them too. Nothing, not even an epic. So I accepted my fate. It was almost midnight and my next level up was 7k exp points away. But I start playing anyway. Gotta try something, right? So I play about 3 matches or so and Bam!, one more loot box is mine. The last Halloween box I would be able to get that year. I almost started crying when I saw the golden glow of the Van Helsing skin shine upon my eyes. My faith in destiny and in god was reignited with that spark of hope. So yeah it's pretty good

  • This was my best event yet. Eight out of twelve legendary skins lol

  • It's November second but the event hasn't ended lol

  • Its November 2nd and it has not ended at least I still have some Time

  • Jeff Kaplan pls watch

  • Pls watch

  • I'm not the only one seeing the gmod style animation at 0:32 on McCree, right???

  • I’ve got no legendaries

  • My friend wasted more than 24 hours grinding for a skin he wanted, the skin was the Val Helsing one, he got really diassapointed that he didn't get the skin after opening lootboxes after lootboxes that were hard earned

  • Im sad this is about to end😩😩

  • Seriously!?!? I get no new skins through like, 26 lootboxes.... BLIZZARD, FIX MY LOOTBOXES

  • Hey guys if you like overwatch please go follow my brother on twitch. He's Gelastic_Yackles.

  • Why's Darth Talon in OverWatch now?

  • make saudi In Overwatch


  • doomfist is fail thats why he didnt get any skin🤔

  • Hey why does overwatch and tf2 have to fight? Listen no bodys getting replaced! No ones gonna Be number 1 (i like call of duty more than tf2 and overwatch) listen why dont we make overwatch 2?

  • Does this stay on November 1st?

  • I need mccree skin!

  • Compared to Uprising this was a MAJOR let down. You could have done so much better, Blizzard. I hope you step it up, soon and I mean VERY SOON! ♥♥♥

  • Custom Overwatch Junkrat Xbox One S Giveaway

  • mei's skin is amazing!!!!

  • i just thought of something comp mei ball and if you see this and like the idea like it so they see it


  • I want the pumpkin reaper back in his cutscene not the weird Dracula one

  • dear jeff kaplan and overwatch team this good ı love overwatch I made the overwatch picture and where is overwatch mobile device anway happy halloween muhahahahahaaaaa

  • Junkensteins back?! This isn't good, well here goes nothing! (Just an endless month of hard-core zombie battles...)


  • Blizzard Overwatch season 6 is the worst

  • lol, thanks

  • At 1:13 they used the last year Halloween reaper skin

  • Chismas

  • I have a skin for china's it's a d.va skin mech is Santa and baby d.va can be a elf

  • Got tired of Junkrats laughter

  • Who wins? Brawl mode or Mann vs. Machine?

  • Hey, Jeff. How about don’t make placement rankings be based off of how we finished the previous season. Kinda defeats the point of “new season”

  • My account won’t login, all it gets to are the play, practice, options, ext and a black background. Anyone got any suggestions? I’ve already tried switching regions, (America to Europe/Asia)

  • don't bother going back to try and beat it is way to hard even on easy mode

  • Scream Fortress 2017 is going to be ep- wait what

  • Sym's new dragon skin is the best in game. True or False?

  • New character idea: Maria Romali Age: 35 Weapon: Flamethrower Role: Defence Purpose: To counter Mei Affilation: Phoenix Corps

  • Overwatch ist scheiße

  • Overwatch is garbage, ima shoot up thier office in irvine

  • Fix your game, childrens !

  • I had so much fun with this last year.

  • Reinhardt mains: y-you realize we’re still a thing right blizzard?

  • Hey guys plz go sub to my boi Tez. He’s a great US-tvr who needs more support😁

  • Give us Junkrat as a permanent narrator. Also that Symmetra skin is the best!!! I want it so badly!

  • Can the next skin for the teams pls be Boston?

  • Make a South African character

  • I don't upload much. but show some love and support to motivate me to do so :)

  • Can u do another animation of other hero’s or villains

  • nice

  • better than paladins