Overwatch: PRO Bastion on ATTACK! - Seagull's CLUTCH Strat!

Published on Oct 13, 2017
Team Envyus aka the Dallas Fuel for the Overwatch league proved why they're a cut above the rest upon taking Overwatch contenders handily. They showed a lot of different team compositions, especially flexing around their wild card substitute and fan-favorite pro a_Seagull, they close out the last map of the Grandfinal with a bang, showing how to utilize Bastion on attack impeccably. What did you think of Contenders and did you enjoy this breakdown? Let us know and be sure to leave a like!
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  • nV are basically an unstoppable force in the western pro Overwatch scene. Their flexibility comes from their mastery of the game and it's great to watch. Truly one of the best teams in the world. Today we focus on a hype part of the last map, but also dig deep into the entire map. Let me know if you like these long-form videos, I can cover a lot more pro OW this way if you guys like it! -F

    • Your Overwatch That analysis was off the charts. The 20 minutes flew. There’s another school of thought in the OW community that toxicly berates throughout their videos ; refreshing to see the game as is.

    • Can you do a VOD analysis on the Junkertown for China vs France? The bastion strats were awesome.

    • Its a good video, i wish that you covered Taimou's Widow play that dominated the Final.

    • I LOVE THIS!

    • man the level of analysis you put into these videos is so deep that it enbiggens my own plays when i'm in comp

  • Pro bastion ?? xDD Noob bastion u mean

  • Pro bastion? Nice joke

  • Their both pretty bad

  • Thsts not seagull in the thumbnail

  • Effect would have flipped the table at the end if it wasnt nailed down.

  • Please make more videos like this! What an excellent breakdown!

  • More like this pleaseeeeeee

  • 6:17 Whiffed

  • What fucking strat mate?! They literally said they wanned to troll, taimou switched to widow and seagull said why not bastion so he just said fuck it and switch to bastion. Why you make a big fucking deal of every fucking thing Jesus...

    • Literally making a big deal out of a title while accusing him of making a big deal out of everything. You a hypocrite mate.

  • Very nice break down of that game

  • "one lane" There's actually four entrances leading to the same space

  • That noreg at 6:25 tho

  • Didnt mercy get changed in the world cup time?

  • i dont think it was heroic play by the faze u can see around them.. that it was 1 hp winston and dva didnt shoot him thats na player btw.. Clearly they got cocky and didnt cordibatw at the end

  • Awesome video do more like them

  • When will one of u guys be in the tournament

  • It's called the Payload, not "the cart"

  • I wish we got to see SDBurn Genji v Seagull Genji.

    • LukePlaysGames Me too m8

  • To what you said around 7:36 they couldn't keep spawn trapping as the flankers died at the end of the previous fight.

  • This was a horrible idea I mean this was a risk that envyus ahem the best team in Overwatch (even though I love C9) could have been blown out by faze of one of the great upsets by going bastion. Though I don't judge him he knew what he was doing

  • I was actually excited about this video until I found out Freedo was narrating it

  • NA plays hurrr durrr

  • To pro genji to troll strater

  • Quality content

  • Taimou did 2 mistakes on the first point , because of the nerf he recived bastion is a better hero when used in mid range taimou was setting up for half a minute + on sentry mode far away from payload and enemis , if faze would have push he would have been destroyed or just not helping cus of the large spray

  • Where can i watch those games?

  • Seagull's game sense is insane he called for the bastion that almost pushed the cart all the way on overtime.

  • everyone making fun of faze is actually stupid. their pro team is insane, and SDB, Carpe, and Spree are three of the best players in the world. i don't even like the team that much, but they were one of the three teams to take a map from NV in the main tournament. that alone is impressive. they're stacked with players, they have good coordination, and at least 4 of them are getting picked up to OWL teams. they lost the championships to a team who can easily take out korean teams. boohoo. but people need to stop acting like they're only good at COD and CS:GO, it's annoying and kind of stupid

  • I thought u meant justin seagull

  • This video was amazing. Please do more content like this. Solid analysis

  • good analysis!

  • Bastion isnt pro he takes no skill whatsoever, hes so op and it really sickens me how anybody could probably get to GM by using bastion and camping in turret form, he should honestly be removed from overwatch. Nobody would care except for the level 12 noobs who play him

    • LOL, Bastion OP? Genji is a hard counter, Tracer runs rings around him, Reaper at close range will shred him, All the Snipers and Hanzo have the edge on him from a distance. I love it when people can only use bastion in turret mode as it usually makes him easy picking.


  • respect lol how long do you think you can spawn trap envy before they can pop off and team wipe.

  • Faze clan at 13:44 holy crap they are insane. Each of them clutched that last hold

  • Love these thanks cheeto

  • i watched it live it was amazing

  • These pro breakdown vids are wonderful. More like this!

  • I enjoy these pro match breakdowns!

  • EU grand finals >> NA grand cringe

  • Watching the series out of order was really disorienting for me. Maybe it's just because I'm sick right now, but, either way, I think keeping the matches in order would make for a more coherent video!

  • clutch my ass even if they lost this map they'd win 4-1 and the knew it

  • Wow that's what I do as Bastion and called and Idiot even when we win they are like report him for being a troll... PPL in this game dont understand strategy for the most part... Im like they have to pay more attention to me and it opens the door for you to rekt them and they start with you are stupid get off attack bastion... my winrate says other wise!!!

    • You play solo queue, meaning that a playstyle which requires coordination will likely be far less effective. Also, don't play like Taimou. He actually isn't that good at Bastion, he is just in general a good player. For Bastion specific knowledge, check out some of KolorBlind's videos. He goes over healing between shots in tank modes and more advanced techniques. If you can play like Taimou, then you're a really good player who needs to start focusing on hero specific skills. If you're not, it doesn't matter so much who you play so long as you put effort into playing better. Think about everything you do, make sure you have a reason for every action. You may start losing and performing worse, but understanding the game better. Once all of that thinking becomes automatic, you'll being performing very well. Professional fighters don't have to think about which arm to block with because they've reduced all of that thinking down to muscle memory. You're looking to do the same.

  • I absolutely love these breakdown videos! I need someone knowledgeable like you to look at these fights with such detail. Plus it's a great way to keep up with some of the best competitive overwatch

  • Love the breakdowns

  • i am very sad to say that i just ininstalled ow i swear i m serious and i just installed gta 5 well but now i gonna unsub to evry ow channel accept muselk ow was a good game buzt to evrything there is an end goodbye

    • Ferox Gaming no one cares

  • Faze cant any other game except cod there dumb get good faze :P

  • Fuck bastion

  • Go bois in Blue!!!

  • Is it me or wasn't Seagull in another team?

  • Why basic skins?

    • In pro play they're required to use the basic skins

  • Loved it


  • Where can i find the whole stream?

  • 20 minutes of Freedo hell yes

  • Hype for overwatch league intensifies?

  • Bastion mains unite! o7

  • old mercy LUL

  • I dont think enough people understand how good chipshajen actually is

    • Jensenn agree, his sombra, mcree and soldier is very good too.

  • I don't usually comment on your videos but this one was fantastic! this is the kind of OW content I'm definitely most interested in and would like to hear more of.

  • 5:45 w8 Did he just say Shadow *porn* xD

  • I still don't get why FaZe doesn't shine on there OW team.

    • Enter Name: They do shine? They made it all the way to grand finals. Envyus is just better.

    • Enter Name: because this isn’t COD

  • This is great and all but what happens when your team has a hanzo widow genji tracer and no healer. This is my typical comp when playing on PS4. Not to mention my teamates have the hand eye coordination of a sloth. I've quit playing because stupid teammates were to much to bare.

  • Keep the good work

  • Watching this makes me realize how much better the game was with old dva and old mercy. It's a fucking fuckfest of damage and spam and infinite rezzes now ugh.

  • I wish I could play the old version they are playing.

  • Old mercy, can we get a LUL in the chat please?

  • guys today is Friday the 13 ( yesterday)

  • Why is the mercy using old rez

  • Nothing called Pro Bastion

  • Faze could of countered bastion EASY with a sombra shes in no danger of being punished for running thru Envy (invisibility) she can sneak around and hack him since he was playing so far from his team. They could of also picked Ana and Zen, Ana to sleep the lone Bastion and focus the rest of Envy or Ana to sleep bastion discord and let Sombra focus him or support. 1 EMP could of saved a lot of distance.

    • MoH H yes but if more than 1 person has to focus on sombra that alone gives an advantage to faze. And no shit this isnt plat lvl but Fazes inabillity to adapt (running the usual dive) is why they had so much trouble. Plus like i said 1 EMP could of won them the fight especially since Sombra gets her ult so fast.

    • plzwork plzwork you are speaking like this is plat level gameplay. These pros have good awareness and will know if a Sombra come to the back line they will focus her and she can't do anything. Even If you try to emp Envyus would spread up (look at first point they used emp) and they either emp tanks or bastion and pros always try to emp tanks and focus them. Also, bastion is not the only threat there is a junkrat and a tracer.

  • If only solo queue was even a sliver of this..

  • Old mercy lols

  • Mickie T-T

  • Lets be honest the strat was smart but its not exactly clutch cause it wasnt as if this was a huge pivotal decision that decided whether or not they won the series.. Envy was already up 3 maps there was no chance they were gonna loose.

  • Enjoying these pro commentaries! Helps get more insight and understanding of the pro strats, especially when people like me forget to watch them. :P

  • faze just isnt that good compared to envyus.

  • This was an EXCELLENT analysis!

  • Taimou was struggling cuz Roadhog freaking sucks

  • Can you spoon feed us the video/match/stream of PRO matches you analyze?

  • Roadhog is shit now.

  • Too bad Blizzard sucks.

  • Envyus deserved to completly wipe off Faze. I don't get how those guys got so far. It seems the only comp they played was dive mixed with terrible ShadowBurn's Pharah. I love when teams don't get how this game works and milk the only comp they know and can play with. And if the players do flex (im sorry i prefer much more to watch envyus's players streaming than any of faze) then why the hell do they stick to this comp when envyus plays so many counters????? I just don't get that.

    • They flex on matchmaking but you NEED to be on your best heros while playing in a tournament and Faze can't play that many heros at that high of a level.And felxing is not as important as in matchmaking as everyone already has fixed roles. Carpe on many occasions has played mcree to counter the enemy pharoh in other tournaments.Faze were tricking in on to the point , they were probably panicking as they were down 3 - 0 in the series.

  • Hey guys, we're just a small channel started by two friends, please take some time to take a look at at least one of our videos it'd mean a lot to us(they're mostly POTG - 20 sec.)

  • -Lol-

  • 1:47 lmao rip winston

  • How many times has shadowburn’s tram come in second by being stomped in the finals, World Cup 2016, MLG Las Vegas, and Overwatch Contenders Season 1

  • Ahhhh old Mercy, I will certainly not miss you at all!

  • 13:45 - 15:30 Bruhh! That was 🔥.

  • where’s mickie

    • Ryan Parker seagull played instead of minkie

  • U know envy we're kind of trolling the whole lan.

  • Proof that bastion is a cheap and terrible hero. CRT + ALT + DEL

  • Can we just admire that amazing D.Va ult escape at 8:04 ?

    • D Carrier His game sense is so fucking good

    • D Carrier yes

  • Shadowburn in faze clan is wasted talent...

  • LOL HAHAHAHA KNEW IT! Faze can't handle other games that isn't cod.. Scrubs...

  • Why is it old mercy

  • Wished the ow commentators could do something like this LIVE

  • taimou plays bait perfectly. all his heros share same quality.

  • PLEASE make more videos like this -- EXCELLENT analysis and review of tactics, while most other tournament voiceovers are just loud and state the obvious.

    • We are trying to bring this kind of stuff once or twice a week, it does take a loooong time to make :)