Overwatch Mural Timelapse | Melbourne, Australia

Published on Apr 21, 2018
"So much for keeping a low profile."

Watch as the talented artists of Apparition Media mobilize the agents of Blackwatch on the streets of Melbourne.
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  • AWESOME!!!!!

  • They might of spot junk rat there because there in Australia


  • Can you PLEASE do a mural in Seattle?! I’m a HUGE overwatch fan and I would love to see one around the city

  • is it genji sword that big? 0:24

  • if it rained

  • Tf2 will always be life, you may never trick me into this 'game'

  • Wow. I didn't know blizzard did paintings like that. It would be nice to have that here in central Europe.

  • Couldn't you make this mural in italy? it would make more sense than australia -.-

  • Exact location

  • Gaze mm-hmm liberty critical turn lawn history freeze.

  • I didn’t know that was a painting! I thought it was a tarp omg

  • I agree with lots of the other commenters, we need a Jeff Kaplan mural!

  • where is the mural i wanna go see it!

  • So glad I got to see this.

  • Man, we really need more events.

  • Fire Jeff Kaplan

  • When is the anniversary event is gonna come

  • I walked past this on day 1 or 2 before the black watch was painted over

  • Hey blizzard, I was wondering if you could perhaps make the hero concept 'rescue' a playable character, as either hero 28-29? It is a very interesting concept as it is a dog, I liked the idea of how it could deliver health packs to teammates and a passive as speed

  • Someone tell me why Brigitte gets a golden shield but sym doesn’t get a golden teleporter?🧐😐😭

  • We want HERO 27 Emre Sarıoglu....

  • there are too many hackers in this game jef fix this

  • TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2 TF2

  • omg ! I want that painted on my wall in my house !!!

  • verynry good event because from 60 loot boxes I got 2 legendaryes and only one was from the event. overwatch team pls fix


  • Someone even lagged out of one of the games and still got higer sr than me like whattttt

  • I just did my season 10 placements and won 7 out of 10 ye through the games i played sym and mercy and i still got placed low plat atleast like mid plat it thats lower then my season 9 season high like what i did like 18k and more healing and still got placed on low plat like just because i didt get kills dose not mean i was not doing my part. And my friend did less . Less healing and he died so many times yet he got placed in mid dimonds like so unfair

  • I really want that sental skin for genji and I wasn't here for the event

  • Please make a year two event

  • Nerf briggite

  • Please New game name pokewatch

  • Umm Mr.kaplan I got banned from. Comp because my brother is a thrower my name in ps4 is ironcreeper and I'm seriously triggered by it please do something


  • Remember liao overwatch

  • Hey im a huge fan of the game! I'm almost at 700 hours on console. But is there any plans to do a video about the trickling problem in overwatch? If not as a big fan of the game I would really appicate if you could spread more information about this problem. I'm very tired of getting cussed at and watching my team die.

  • Love it!

  • Please don’t change symmetra’s auto lock gun. Please!!!! That’s what makes her unique. She doesn’t deserve a zarya copy gun. Don’t take that away from her

  • Can you add czech launguage to overwatch?

  • I dont know if this is outdated or not but i wanna ask. Who ir what started the i need healing genji meme

  • Oh come on, now I have to drive all the way to Melbourne just to see this!

  • I cant verify my account cause I have the wrong email in and I want to change it but I cant figure out my secret answer my blizzard name is FatalSwag974#1897 and if you can figure it out send it to me please :)

  • Overwatch is there a way we can stop spawnkilling It gets on peoples nerves

  • Wow that's incredible I wish I could see it in person 😍

  • Avengers infinity war with overwatch anyone. Cause that would be dope af

  • Come to WA

  • cool

  • What street is this on?

  • “I feel no remorse for the fate of these criminals.” -Genji Shimada