Overwatch - Blizzard World, Moira, Reinhardt Cinematic Short (BlizzCon 2017 Crowd Reaction).

Published on Nov 5, 2017
Wasn't able to make it into the main hall this year, so this time we film from the Overwatch Arena!
This video is the entire Overwatch portion of the opening ceremony, including Blizzard World, Moira's reveal, the epic Darin De Paul, and his Reinhardt cinematic!
(Sorry for the occasional mic bumps, it was a pretty tight seating, and I am a big guy, lol).
Time stamps:
Blizzard World: 1:40
Moira: 4:19
Darin De Paul: 7:45
Reinhardt Short: 10:29


  • 2:13 Blizzard World 4:52 Moira 10:41 Reinhardt Cinematic

    • Just read the description it has all the time stamps already

    • Mvp

    • 503leafy tyyyy

  • All those people....wonder how many ive slayed ingame?

  • Man, I love Darin De Paul.

  • “I have been called, I must answer... always” Go fuck yourself that’s amazing

  • 8:18 Don't we all?

  • The guy laughing like a horse somewhere near is annoying as fuck,ruined the whole video for me

  • “I have been called, I must answer” God fucking dammit somebody stop the chills

  • Moira is the best healer, for these who know how to use her!

    • haha as a moira main, it pains me to see someone autolock moira and see her throw purple orbs throughout the entire match, while using her powderpuff ult only to DPS- with the end result being me as zenyatta getting gold heals over her -_-. I love playing moira in a triple tank comp. her ult charges soooooo fast.

    • She IS really solid, she's my go-to healer most of the time (Though I'm currently loving Brigitte too).

  • Man, why does Blizzard like assaulting my feelings this much?

  • Envy:Now what have you learned Reinheardt

  • this blizzcon was so fucking dope. they delivered on every important front. WoW: Classic server announcement, new xpac feature trailer AND cinematic trailer. OW: New Map, New Hero, New Cinematic. holy shit. HotS: 2 new heroes with a cinematic and more game changes. Hearthstone with a new expansion. I had a solid 1 1/2 hour nerd boner. I'm just afraid the next one can't live up to it especially cause WoW is now all out of ammo. unless they surprise us with more trailers or hot announcements.

  • 15:34 크~~ *영광스러운 죽음을 스승님* 크~~

  • 11:12 that crowd reaction on seeing young rein's face was priceless

  • That nerdy laugh in the background lmfao

  • 10:46 "Reinehardt I love you"

  • 5:52 that guy has some evil plan using Moira I think

  • The dude laughting at Moiras spells is pure evil and i love it. You can tell he is going to enjoy destroying people with her :P


  • 15:53 Reinhardt mains whishing that was their new ult

  • 3:37-4:07 wonderfull

  • s/o to the dude in the background who legit LAUGHED THE ENTIRE WAY THROUGH

  • "Now I know you don't know what "payload" is... Everyone turn to the Zenyatta main to your left; you'll figure it out!" This is why I like live reveals.

    • Kaplan was extra snarky at this ceremony, rofl.

  • The giddy laughter of that grown man is soul warming

    • It's like he doesn't know what's going on, just laughing at everything lmao. Probably stoned af

  • Fuck Orisa's and OR14's

  • Can anyone link me the twitch video of Moira reveal?

  • Darin fucking De Paul!!!!

    • watch his guest appearances in Geek & Sundry's channel. he's played a goblin, a mad scientist, an old gnome, a vampire and surely many others I don't know about. Sprigg the gnome, he would make you cry.

    • He very quickly became my absolute favorite video game voice actor. Reinhardt, Blackhand, Samuel Hayden... and with his warm personality, the dude is a legend.

  • Couldn't make it main hall but you made it into the Arena which is kickass.

    • Yep, if I had panned the cam to the left a bit, you would have been able to see the scoreboard.

    • Yeah, and in retrospect, I actually think I like it even more. Since it's seated in the round, the sound is coming from everywhere, so the crowd sounds really good. There are a couple other people that film from the main stage and are fantastic (and usually have far better seats, lol), so it also feels kind of cool being able to have another crowd and perspective to capture. I may have to film from there from here on out!

  • i must cry every time if i see that Reinhardt Cinematic :( best Cinematic so far ^^ And i love Crowd reaction more as this Cam Reactions from US-tvrs :P


    • He did the same thing last year at the voice actor panel. Darin is hysterical, lol.

  • "Allow me to heal you" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Everybody was waiting for a line like that

  • they have an arena for overwatch. mmk

    • It's usually been the stage for Starcraft the past several years, but this time Overwatch got it. Almost every game got its own hall and tournament stage this year (Diablo excepted).

  • Thanks for this awesome video!!


  • That small applause for Balderich at 17:14 had me bawling. Everyone agrees that he deserved his place on that throne

  • 11:17 You can hear the panties drop.

  • I love this. There's lot of talk how Video game industry doesn't give enough credit to Voice actors with the recent SAG-AFTRA strike, but Blizzard clearly values their VA's. They really do care.

    • Uhm what's a sagaftra? sounds like Zangief

    • Speaking of which, SAG-AFTRA strike was resolved with agreement. Sad thing that it had to come to that, but it was the only way. I love games, but no chance in hell should VA's be pushed so hard that they literally cough up blood because their vocal chords can't take the strain. That just isn't right!

  • I love crowd reactions so much it' becoming an addiction please send help

    • We are one of a kind

    • I can't stop watching crowd reactions video. My favorite was The last of us Part II.

    • So true m8 :-)

    • humans like to share emotions with others, i always get very emotional, i think its people being empaths you know? i find crowds yelling gives me an adrenaline rush, like playing powerful music in a big group gives a rush and makes you teary eyed, i think thats why people like reactions so much. its fun to drink it in and feel.

    • im stuck in an endless loop, just as you are... sigh

  • I'm watching all crowd reactions lol

    • I'm just going to pretend I'm sitting in the crowd when I watch the reactions lol

    • Wispy SAME

  • Best Recording of people's reaction on these Blizzcon stages!