Overwatch Best of Calculated Plays - Best Moments Montage & Top Plays of Calculations

Published on Jul 9, 2017
Overwatch Best of Calculated Plays - Best Moments Montage & Top Plays of Calculations
Overwatch Highlights of Calculated Plays - Overwatch Moments - Funny Plays
Overwatch wtf moments, pro plays and epic moments gameplay of Calculated
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  • 5:30 this kill.......

  • TimthePLATman

  • They arent calculated theyre aciddents

  • You have to understand there is a difference between calculated and lucky

  • 3:36 yep, that is 100% POTG

  • *dies while laughing*

  • lucky random shots :/

  • 3:57 not calculated just luck

  • 1:35

  • That 2nd one is fake

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-Xqc5GZroj7Q.html

  • Why is the thumbnail so creepy?

  • I love dafrans typical tracer bomb orgasms 1:00

  • This days, if you cannot do geometry, you cannot even play a game well

  • calculated or fluked?

  • Came here to see "Best of Calculated Plays" and gets a best of luck plays... Do you even know what Calculated means? Anyhow, that earned you a thumb down.

  • You dont need to calculate really when playing junkrat

  • Its called predictions :)

  • 2:18 _It was at this moment that the enemy Reinhardt knew, he fucked up!_

  • 5:55 that Pharah just steal Tracer play of the game

  • 5:32 WTF?!!

  • 3:36 D.Va double killed Lucio

  • almost none of these are calculated, but just lucky plays. interesting, but just lucky.

  • Guys how did the payload keep moving when ge got a team kill at 9:50

  • This is called:ABILITIE

  • the outro is a yikes react

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-gz5gbhRM5Ts.html&feature=youtu.be

  • The most badass one (Ana nade) is the most un-calculated thing I've ever seen.

  • That's what we soundsmith Bois call a hard read

  • What would you do if an Ana slept you as you used your ultimate

  • 6:01 I wouldn't call that calculated. Call it lucky. That person playing reaper got lucky.

  • my left ear enjoyed that outro

  • 4:42 omg that tuber lol

  • there is nothing calculated about most of these plays...a lot of lucky shots...still good plays though

  • 5:50 I’ve done that before it’s very satisfying

  • 9:46 nope give the potg to generic 2 man genji kill because fuck your potg

  • shittest outro on youtube

  • somthing wrong with the sound... o_O I can only hear it in my left ear ?? o_O

  • That first dude's plat! lmao! holy shit what a lucky god, or someone who should climb fast.

  • HahahHAhah LUL

  • us-tv.org/username-its_decs

  • who else mains actimel

    • nah im a lurpack main but ur cool to btw liked my own comment

  • video name-calculated plays, shows junkrat in thumbnail

  • In 2:00 minutes that match I was in there

  • Overused music overshadows this overwatch video.

  • Ryū

  • 8:19 roadhog is a bitch

  • 1:33

  • I am the 666 dislikes...

  • 666 dislikes

  • 0:24 music?

  • Hey can you watch the last vid i uploaded to my channel i made a play with Junkrat, i think you will like it

  • 7:12 This is cool.... you hear it... you don't see it for a while. You see hanzo behind you suddenly and then the ult arrives... great play

  • 4:27 solo noi italiani possiamo

  • 5:00 Loserfruit?

  • I can day happy when I get a team kill with a dva ult

  • Some are ... "Calculated"

  • 95% of this is just pure luck

  • Yeessss Loserfruit!

  • Spam Shooting in the genral direction of the enemy isn't a "calculated play"

  • TimThePlatMan?

  • 1:01 time to orgasm😂😂😂

  • yea calculated plays in that gold game for sure

  • some of these wernt even caculated

  • most of these aren't even calculated

  • shit quality

  • 5:53, it said the lucio killed zarya not pharah

  • Dropped a like. I have a gaming channel too.

  • for the retards: he is sarcastic when he says calculated

  • 1:33 that laugh had me in tears

  • اهلن

  • How much did Timthetatman pay you to be on this video LOL

  • 1:26 "I just got sludge from Africa"😂😂

  • The footage is as good as the music is bad

  • Most of these are luck

  • but these are not play of the games or are they

  • 8:17 WTF was that?! He got his own team killed, how was that “calculated”?

  • Define calculated

  • This is why people call hacks XD

  • oi

  • 8:34 that disgusting mc-right click. I dont even play mcree but i think if you flash a target under 250 hp your right click should be disabled. Save the people from dying to trash players

  • .... "best" ... "calculated"... What?

  • 10/10 thumbnail

  • Who is watching while playing overwatch

  • Calculated or lucky?

  • 7:27

  • I had a very stupid ana nade....

  • A lot of these are just luck

  • I’m in this video, that’s dope! Minute 6:09

  • 1:35 lol before Tim was master's

  • Great last POTG but that wasn't "ez" it was luck! And I'm tired of that BS talk! That's not nice at all! It ruined it!

  • 8:17 that's bad isn't it?

  • 5:00 that was loserfruit

  • Both those Ana plays were probably hacks.

  • 8:42 How has a level 300+ diamond only just got that?

  • Was anyone else disgusted to see the diamond Mcree fan the hammer?

  • Nothing better than a teamkill ult.

  • 1,000,000th view

  • Not trying to hate. . . but most of these clips aren't calculated lol

  • Anyone else try the reighnhardt one at 1:50?