Once-A-Month GROCERY HAUL APRIL for our LARGE FAMILY. THM, budgets, 4 stores!

Published on Apr 7, 2018
Here is our once-a-month grocery haul for April! As always, we go back to the store halfway through the month for more fresh produce, milk, and eggs.
This haul includes Sam's Club, Walmart, Aldi, and Trader Joe's and is what we will be feeding our family for all of April.
If you want to know how we plan for a month's worth of shopping at a time, check out our MEAL PLANNING VIDEO...
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Sarah - 36 weeks pregnant
Judah - 14
Belle - 12
Luka - 11
Micah - 9
Tori - 7
Eli - 5
Noelle - 3
Hope - 1


  • Crockpot meals are best

  • Garden helps budget ... Fishing hunting too

  • I didnt see hot dogs lol...

  • We can't buy massive bags of stuff here, like the string cheese and babybel, biggest we can get is 12 I think


  • Why do very large families always homeschool their kids though??

  • I know this video is old, but I just stumbled upon it. I’m curious if you have a GFS (Gordon Food Service) near you? I am an employee there and we sell food for big families or restaurants. We do not have a limit on anything. Also, we have a system where you can order online and we can “shop for you” and all you have to do is pick it up. Kinda like Walmart does now. I noticed that you have a lot of kids and you seem like you’re a super busy mom. Maybe if there is a GFS near you, you would try it out. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Almost unlike this because they bought so many pre made stuff and frozen...why. She also talks so much how she will make pizzas

  • I wonder what happens next to those paper and plastic wrappers, plastic bottles, jars/glasses, and fruit nets. 🤔 Do you have any recycling plan?

  • O my goodness 😮I’m shook Why so many kiddos 👶

  • Homegirl said she needs to stock up on 100 lbs of oatmeal at a time!! What a gorgeous family and a saint of a mother. 9 months preg and making sure everyone's taken care of so she can focus when the new baby arrives!!❤ I subbed!

  • 7:02 aye I’m Kenyan 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪❤️💖

  • Future reference, Wal-Mart sells 60 count of eggs for $3.48

  • Get some hens so you don't have to buy eggs, and you will have extra chicken to eat.

  • Holy CHEESE Batman!

  • What part of the country to you live - - I am wondering if it is a low, average or high cost of living area.

  • 10 10 wowowoww

  • No toilet rolls?

  • Why do people come on here hating on big families? You are not paying their bills, nor supplying their needs in any way, shape or form. I think it would be very hard to be pregnant and still have one in diapers, but it's her body, her husband's job paying for their large family lifestyle. If large families is not your thing, then just bless them and move on. Keeping your hate to yourself. Learn to live and let live. God bless!

  • “17 loaves of bread” 😱 I can’t 😂😂

  • jeusus why so many kids can't relate oh god

  • wow!! How many children do you have ??

  • Not really healthy tho

  • All i see is plastic !! hahah

  • I think you guys should adopt me 😂😂😂😂😂 jk lol

  • I also have 8 kids❤️👶👣

  • This is my first time watching you and I am so impressed! What a great mother you are and I pray for God’s favor over you always. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  • How many kids do you want to have? Or just as many as your body can possibly create?

  • How does that all fit in ur fridge??

  • Omg I just found your channel and subscribed! I have a 2 year old, he is turning 2 in November 29... in just 24 days. We want a second baby but can’t afford it right now. How do you afford so many kids?

  • If you like meat you can get a cow from an auction and have it butchered you can get a whole cow butchered anyway you want for like 1000 bucks and it usually comes out to $1 lb just thinking same with pigs and stuff..they make sausage and ham steaks and bacon.and chicken .I know ppl don't eat meat but my friend has 9 kids and they do this and it saves a ton everything is fresh and it's really good..

    • they bought half a cow last year and it lasted them for almost a year..if you watch her other videos, shes mentioned this and and theyre going to buy a cow again this year...

  • How do you keep your produce fresh for a whole month? Here in Texas, it's hard to keep a banana good for a whole week, much less a month! I am interested if you freeze any of your salad mixes or anything alike?

    • she doesn't freeze her salad mixes she eats a lot of salads, and her they eat a lot of lettuce aka her kids. her kids also eat the fresh produce so quickly thats why she rebuys them every 2 weeks--fruits, milk, eggs.

  • I was tired for you LOL 😂

  • Wow nine kids what a fast breeder. My two daughters are 14 months apart ;)

  • Hm, im 10 and watching this.... :\

  • That was beautiful you go super mom!!! Love and blessings from another super mom❤️❤️❤️

  • Lots of cheese.. Great haul

  • So why are you having so many kids?

  • Beautiful kitchen! What does your husband do for a living if you dont mind me asking

  • A little trick I use to keep my banana's fresh for longer is covering the stalk with tin foil, works a treat! 😁 Hope mammy and baby are doing well 😁

  • you have a lovely family and this is a great video!!

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!! You must be Wonderwoman!! How could any woman cope with this much work and organizing unless she has super powers? Plus have 8-9 children?! Do you ever sleep?!!?!?!!!?!!!!

  • U are really a super mum.

  • Is it a lot cheaper buying like this or is it just a convenience thing? I really want to start planning meals ahead and shopping this way. I guess you freeze a lot of it? I didn't know you could freeze cheese and stuff!

  • Could you do a what we eat in a week type video? Would love to know your meal planning tips too

  • How in the world is your house so clean? Lol I have 3 boys and my house is messy an hour after I clean.

  • اللهم زد وبارك لهم من عطاياك

  • مشاء الله اريد بيتا مثل بيتك

  • حلوه جدا

  • do yourself a favour and try washing your floors with 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and a small skirt of dawn blue dish soap. Much cheaper and my floors have improved. They look good for old floors.

  • I wouldn't want fresh fruit or vegetables that were around for a month. Yuk.

    • her kids eat all the fresh fruit within the first 2 weeks which is why every 2 weeks she goes buys fresh fruits and veggies, milk and eggs every two weeks. if you watch her other videos she mentions this all the time

  • You impress me. I used to shop once a month because my job paid me once a month, and I loved it. It was so much more convenient - I was a single mom at the time and it worked out perfectly. Great job!

    • I also keep my bread, potatoes, and onions in the fridge, it lasts a lot longer. Again - great job staying organized!

  • OMG how on earth do you know a month ahead! I so look up to you!!!

  • How do you pay for hair care for your children? Ethnic hair care can be expensive I know. - coming from a biracial daughter and single child :)

    • they use a lot of conditioner she said this in a previous haul.

  • I love your family. Beautiful. I think I teared up. You tweeked my memories of my grandmother. She just passed. I miss these days. House full. Lots of groceries. Family time. The stuff a good life is made of

  • Shortness of breath. Almost ready ⏰

  • ...also I have breast cancer. I noticed your organic options. Do you juice? You seriously convinced me to subscribe. You're awesome. Super Mom ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • I love this. I only have one child but you remind me of how my grandmother used to shop each month. She was an avid coupon Queen back then before couponing became like a "thing". Great ideas for me and my daughter too for meals and snacks.

  • Great haul too. Lots of similar items to what I get, especially for my son's school lunch and after school snacks and stuff.

  • $1,200 for a family of four... where!! That's insane. My.mom has 5 people living at home and does less than $500 monthly,plus including snacks for 11 grandkids that sprinkle through, it have a family of me plus 3 boys and it's less than$600 monthly...I don't know anyone that spends $1200 a week, I wonder where you read this information I think I missed it.

    • they don't waste food or buy unnecessary junk because her family eats healthy and low carb. thats whys he buys a lot of fruits for her kids to snack on. its impressive

  • Omg I love you ! & your channel 😩💛

  • Wow..I look up to u in so many ways ..I'm a mother of two and I don't know how u do it ( the groceries the kids and the cooking ) lol I'm so impressed and stunned u are amazing at what u do and seem to be a wonderful loving caring momma ...I wish the best of luck to u and ur wonderful family😀

  • There so much plastic

  • Question...How do you keep all your produce fresh for an entire month? I purchase by the week and we still end up throwing stuff out.

    • she rebuys her produce and fruit every two weeks along with milk and eggs

    • I just saw your comment at the end, but how do you store it so it won't go bad? :/

  • Doing the math, I guess i do pretty well - I spend $200 per month at Costco and a small grocery run for $50-60 for two!

  • Too much plastic . smh

  • I’m not being rude to this lady and it’s great that she’s organized but all these comments about how comforting this video is confuses me. I got here from watching mason jar crafts (???) lol so go figure. Anyway, I don’t think that just because you CAN do something, you SHOULD do it. If someone can pay for meth then that makes it ok, right? I’m not standing in judgement of this family I’m merely saying there’s a whole lot more to raising kids than feeding them. As a parent, we have to pour all we can into those little developing people to help them be grounded, whole and happy. It is virtually impossible to do that with so many children.

  • Was that her kid that is named Solo? ironic if so

  • Chobani? Name brand? Buy store brands. Just as good, less expensive.


  • For your next video...please show where you put all of this stuff..also I hope you have help dragging it in the house...

    • Lilly VonShtup she has a video on that. If you search you will find it.

  • Do you cloth diaper your babies?

  • I shop once a month I get food stamps every month and it's not easy cuz food or food stamps don't last long

  • All those boys. .....yep. eatting you out of house and home. Woo lawd.

  • Aldi generic brand is just as good if not better then the name brand items.. I feed 2 adults and 4 kids off $250 per month. You and your husband took grocery shopping to a new level. I admire this video

  • Save more cloth diapering

  • Black + white = black

  • But how do you keep your house so neat and tidy!?

  • ohh my gooooodnesss. my heart cannot take the butterball you are holding @0:01 ! lol beautiful family

  • That's when I would have the older children participate is searching ads and discounts...another freezer......and fridge. And once a week meal plans to pre-make meals, and freeze to use especially with a new baby soon

  • $1200 a month..... I only have $600 a month

  • Mam.... total how many members do you have in your family? And how many kids only you have ? Thanks 🙏

  • Wow! How big is your freezer? LoL

  • Very Inspiring

  • WOW. How do you do it?❤ You're an amazing mom & wife!!! I only have 1...can't even imagine 9. #NewSubbie ❤❤❤

  • Hey Boo.

  • Not sure how I found your video but am a mum to a little boy and pregnant with my second. We live in the UK and must do a good shop 2 or 3 times a week. I loved seeing how well you have planned your meals but have one question! Where on earth do you store all that food????

  • I only do every two weeks shop. But it’s all organic base ingredients I make everything from scratch. Bread, tortillas, pizza crust, baguettes, hotdog buns, burger buns, sauces, soups, some of the cheese I use I make like ricotta and mozzarella, pasta noodles, and a lot more. It’s hard and super expensive, I only have 2 kids so with the 4 of us we are currently at about 1500usd a month. This however is INSANE I couldn’t imagine doing what I do for even one more kid let alone your lot! Do you have a local co-op? I am a member at my local and we order in bulk and get a pretty sweet discount.

  • when she said her family loves cheese.. she wasn't fooling around

  • $1,200 a month still seems like a lot of money!!!

  • MY mom is great with budget, She gets 10 lbs of chicken and 4 lbs of goat also 40 lbs Jasmine rice and many cans of spinach fresh peppers and shallots.

  • Omg 3 of us in the house cost us $500 week for grocery and household, not include take away and dinner.

  • I wish I could buy massive pack sizes like that in the uk

  • Wow these r all frozen n processed food even the veggies are frozen..only thing thats fresh r oranges grapes mangoes bananas et a fruits

  • Does it mean you have several fridges?

  • cheese for a month?? you are kidding me

  • Food challenge time!

  • Just an idea, I put my syrup in a microwave cup and half it with water and heat it up sometimes I put butter in it as well so I don't waste butter and it is less sweet and it will go twice as far and it reheats the pancakes or waffles when you pour hot syrup on them.

  • Costco has sprouted bread 3 loaves for $7.50. The slices are larger than Aldi's and tastes great.

  • This is amazing to watch!! I hope someone or everyone helps you when you shop!