Once-A-Month GROCERY HAUL APRIL for our LARGE FAMILY. THM, budgets, 4 stores!

Published on Apr 7, 2018
Here is our once-a-month grocery haul for April! As always, we go back to the store halfway through the month for more fresh produce, milk, and eggs.
This haul includes Sam's Club, Walmart, Aldi, and Trader Joe's and is what we will be feeding our family for all of April.
If you want to know how we plan for a month's worth of shopping at a time, check out our MEAL PLANNING VIDEO...
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Sarah - 36 weeks pregnant
Judah - 14
Belle - 12
Luka - 11
Micah - 9
Tori - 7
Eli - 5
Noelle - 3
Hope - 1


  • 🧡

  • my mom always switches the meals up every week

  • I am not having no kids this world already have overpopulation issue. 😯

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  • I have always shopped once per month. You truly save money.

  • Pregnant again?

  • Can this mom get an award

  • I grew up in a family with 15 kids. I'm number 14 🙄 Breakfast and lunch was fend for yourself. (But no eating the younger ones.) Dinner was the big meal everyday. 😂

  • I love ur channel sarah, im a mom of 8 also!! i mostly do grocery haul, ditl, and clean with me videos!! this is so encouraging.

  • Eating cheap but look at that HOUSE!! It’s a freaking mansion

  • What about those perishables that won't see a week?

  • I saw this video a few months ago on my feed but never clicked it until today ..... glad i did ! Amazing job ! Seriously

  • I like grocery shopping something comforting about it

  • You have a beautiful family

  • You are so,sweet. I love yiur videos.

  • No no no and no

  • most of them are cheese

  • I liv on bread everyday

  • Great haul and awesome family god bless you tfs💛👍💚😃

  • you are one beautiful lady 😍

  • You have a beautiful family ❤

  • What you need is a fridge that is dedicated to cream cheese regular cheese and things that dont freese well. And stock up when they go on sale.

  • New sub. I like that your so organized to plan put meals & looking at healthy options too plus budgeting, wow! Cooking at home is much healthier & cheaper. Your kids are too cute!

  • Good 4 u

  • She turn the screen between food n her , that makes me dizzy, actually I dont mind only filming only on food

  • Please do not buy Aldi brand medicines. If you buy store brand meds (and there is nothing wrong with that) only buy Walmart, Sam's, Costco, CVS, or Walgreens. Smaller chain stores (not saying Aldi is small but they are in comparison to the others I mentioned), buy old or even recalled recipes of popular meds. Its not worth the risk. I used to work in the medical field and I learned this at a conference. I like Aldis and other local chain stores but buying generic meds from these stores is a big no no.

  • i enjoyed the video great ideas, and you have cutie babies.

  • Coconut milk-mmm!I do'nt enjoy food shopping,BUT i love watching videos of what certain families and individuals bought,when they were out shopping,much earlier on!I tend to buy lots of discount food items,as i am not so rich(!),so £30 is a big monthly shopping price total for me,most times!Love your kitchen-the way you neatly presented all your family shopping foodies-and really good verbal presentation,also.Good luck with your new born-he/she will not go hungry-that is for sure,and certain!

  • american food is very expensive compare to asian which you can just have at the bacyard

  • A mother who isn’t afraid to say she uses off brand or wants a bargain 😌

  • Did u adopt kids

  • Zebras 🦓

  • very unhealthy eating from the shopping.

  • This was actually really cool to watch!

  • ‘’Once a week”

  • That's a lot of cheese lol

  • Nice 😊😉😍

  • Omg idk how you can do grocery shopping only once a month, my mom used to do that too, but stopped doing so because my siblings and i would clear the stock in about a week 😂 and we're literally only half the number of yours 😂😂

  • Wtf thats a full bag of little half breed oreos wtf is wrong with you

  • You’re so beautiful and your family is as well!!! Keep doing an amazing job mommaaaa!!! Xoxo From New Orleans! ❤️

  • Theres only my fiancee and i in my house and ive tried to do a budget of 20 to 30 dollars a week for us but i have a bad habit of splurging lol.

  • Why in the world do you want sooooooooo many kids!!!???Like one is enough! Wow...you must have some patience girl!

  • 😳

  • Total respect for you!! I’m 51, single & live alone. I can literally barely feed myself! My food budget $150-$200 a month depending on season & I shop once a month too. I’m not a fan of grocery stores either! Bless u an ur family! 🙏

  • Omg my respects to you. I don't know how u do everything and been pregnant on top of everything. I have a 5yr old and a baby and im losing it lol

  • Omg I can even pay my tuition fees and I’m only child

  • Thanks for showing.I am envying you for your large family.Hope your husband is nice and a good father.Thank the Lord for giving you those children.

  • How does milk last a month? Doesn’t it expire after about 2 weeks?

  • Having a large family is not that unusual nowadays. I know many families with 11 or more siblings.

  • What a fun house! I find that Aldi's and Save-a-Lot are the cheapest along with the rollback and about to expire items at Walmart. At times, 50% or more of my cart will be expired items.

  • Why do you have so many kids?

  • why don't you eat bread during your last month of being being pregnant?

  • pampers isn't good for newborns at all. their skin is so delicate and once they pee the layer inside the pamper sticks to their delicate skin and can lead to a rash. Huggies is better.

  • Lady who cares. How much you spent. Damnnnnnn.

  • Hope is ADORABLE!!!!

  • Industrial food. Don't you care about the planet?

  • You ma'am are an amazing woman!! Kudos to you!! You are so well organizing and I love the fact that you and your family cook together, and that Solo pitches in to help as well. You have such a big family and instead of taking an easier way out and buying everything premade or frozen dinners you cook them good heathy food. You deserve a medal!! Super mom for sure!! God bless!!! 🏅🏆💜

  • Try rice cakes! The flavored ones, like chocolate and caramel are cheap alternate sweets! Plus, they’re low cal :)

  • Lots of stuff for so little price

  • Naaa thats all (wic food ).???🤔🤔

  • Nice to see a mom with a big family who isn’t a crazy vegan religious nut. Your amazing!

  • I ordered my syrups from Amazon, from Vermont, such a convenience. Most even have subscription discounts

  • Food stamps are handy wish i could get them

  • Is that romain lettuce?

  • That butter would never last my family of 4 for a month

  • How do you make your granola ? Could you do a video

  • Shopping once a month does not save you money, if anything it costs you more, as you miss out on potential sales and you have more product that gets wasted, such as eggs and milk, which will not last a month. 1200 dollars is 1200 dollars regardless if it's once a month or 4 times a month. It's clear from this right away, she is fucking brain dead and has no clue of how the real world works, except for spreading her legs of course.

  • You should consider getting your kids into gardening! Indoor even! It's a fun family activity and you could have fresh veggies on hand. That would help offset the environmental impact of your meal plan.

  • This is what i always wanted to buy a full load groceries. But cant afford it. 🙁 salute to you mother for making your groceries on budget. And for taking care of the kid's needs. God bless you!

  • I noticed that you purchased Tyson chicken . Tyson is such a cruel & greedy company you should look into a healthier chicken for you and your family and also for the animals the way they are treated is awful I'm not saying this to make you feel bad I would just like you to know and do the right thing there are other options out there you cannot use cage-free because they just cram them into a room where they breathe in the toxic fumes of their own waste. You have to get free-range and then you know they had some life and freedom before becoming our sustenance.

  • Omg still standing while preg

  • I need to know how big your freezer is >.> idk where I would even put half of that stuff

  • She has a small kitchen compared to mime

  • Breathe mama breathe! 😂 baby won’t let you get a sentence out! And you should get the bona mop. We sell it at Bed bath and beyond and you can use a 20% coupon. Plus we price match if it’s cost less somewhere! 😏

  • But why so many kids ...

  • Hello I really enjoy ure video i have a question for u what is ure secret of having many bundles of joy? I am trying to have a baby with my husband and it’s been five years and we are not meeting a joy yet

  • God bless you i have a family of five three girls and my husband and i . I love going food shopping its so much fun.

  • Are my kids the only kids on the planet who hate raisins?

    • Erato IsYourMuse probably not. 😉. I hate raisins, too!!!!😂. Only my kids like them.

  • I'm a teen and I love Learning about saving money 🤣

  • I don't know if you have a Kroger in your area but right now they have a 10 for $10 deal on canned organic black beans.

  • Bowing down to you super mom i go lupy with my 1 daughter ..... Go 👧 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😍👍😘🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💃

  • My local aldi's fresh produce seems to spoil very quickly. How do you keep it fresh even for 2/3 weeks?

  • So many products in plastic ☹️

  • You mentioned a few times that the kids eat a certain item once a week or twice a week do you have a specific menu that you plan out for every month? Is it the same every month? Or do you like to switch it up

  • 8 kids? Holy sh*t, I commend you for that lol

  • YOU ARE SUCH A GODDESS))) So inspiring and so beautiful - WOW))

  • Soooo many cheese stuffs out there

  • I just stumbled across your video and i'm wondering:if you shop only once a month, whaf do you do with the fruit so it doesn't expire? Do you freeze it all? Love the videos, they're super interesting 😊

  • Lame

  • congrs having a big family I hope they help with,clean,wash,cooking.its good to kids chores it teach them to work as a team and not leave everything to mom to do.congs on the baby hope it healthy.god bless to your family.

  • How does your produce last a month? My kids demolish fruit in a week.

  • That whole table with the wheat bread on is from the wic place trust me I have the same items

  • You are blessed

  • I think it would drive me crazy to eat the same thing for breakfast the same day of every week.. but love you guys!!

  • Good Hi

  • Is it a boy or girl I hope it's a girl I am new yes sub

  • Wouldn’t the bananas and bread expire and go out of date ? They will start to rot so how does that work? I’m a bit confused

  • gave me so much stress looking at the volume of food and the kids being active in the background. Lady, that's an entire mountain. Respect from me for not freaking out. I'd have a mental breakdown on month 2. Having lots of kids sure isn't for everyone! For myself on average I spend about 200€ on food if I cook at home and don't go out, but I get to have anything I want without looking at the price.

  • new sub, i'm definitely a saver, business/pre-law major, SUPER scared of debt and my s/o is a spender so i'm usually his financial advisor 🤣. he also wants a big family so i've been doing research to see how much my wallet will cry HAHAH :')

  • So what about fresh fruits and vegetables every week?