Once-A-Month GROCERY HAUL APRIL for our LARGE FAMILY. THM, budgets, 4 stores!

Published on Apr 7, 2018
Here is our once-a-month grocery haul for April! As always, we go back to the store halfway through the month for more fresh produce, milk, and eggs.
This haul includes Sam's Club, Walmart, Aldi, and Trader Joe's and is what we will be feeding our family for all of April.
If you want to know how we plan for a month's worth of shopping at a time, check out our MEAL PLANNING VIDEO...
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Sarah - 36 weeks pregnant
Judah - 14
Belle - 12
Luka - 11
Micah - 9
Tori - 7
Eli - 5
Noelle - 3
Hope - 1


  • she probably takes up two carts😂😂

  • There’s a lot of stuff I wouldn’t trust if it doesn’t go bad within a month 😂😂

  • What a huge family... wow! Incredible

  • My grandma had 9 kids...my mum plus 3 girls and 5 boys I just got a glimpse of what life was like for her xx you've an amazing family thankyou for sharing xx

  • Sorry for strange question but if does anyone know if you can keep chest freezers outside?

  • My mom was the youngest of 11 children. Never thought about grocerys omg!! Feel bad for whoever had to put that away.

  • 1 question why so much bread though ?

  • I work at Aldi & we’ve never cut people off for buying a certain amount of things!

  • That would be so annoying to be in the line behind yall at the store 😂

  • I'm sure there is a deep freezer for all that good food

  • where do you put all of this things

  • Geez, how do u survive eating such a small amount of cheese?

  • Wow I saw this one today and somehow I thought it was this weeks, and was like how is she that pregnant when she just had a baby. I am new to your Channel so I got a little lost. But I have loved your videos, I only have one child but I am A single parent and don’t have a lot of money so your tips help me a lot. Thank you..

  • So Much Cheese 😵

  • My mom lets me eat what I want

  • Is it bad that I’m only in a family of 6 and we buy this much food?😂

  • I was out of breath just watching that. Sheesh.

  • That’s a lot of sugar to eat each month

  • There is Aldi in the USA ? lol 😂 They are literally everywhere🙈

  • Love this. Adorable kids.

  • Breathe ❤ your doing great 🙂

  • You did your THAAAANG!!!

  • I love how your older son walks in and then sees you filming and turns right around and walks out. Lol teenagers.

  • 😂💝😍😍

  • So this lil bag of "avocado fruit" will last ya for one month!

  • It's crazy how cheap food in the US is. In my country the majority of people make less than 1000 dollars per month and the food costs roughly the same

  • How can you shop four dairy once a month? That stuff is perishable. I guess you can freeze cheese, but what about milk?

  • This was so calming

  • go girl, that's all i can say! great job with everything.👌

  • Hi....your shopping looks very expensive..but it's worth it coz you have a large family...am looking for a white man..am Kenyan like your husband..hehehe..I use like 5000ksh for my shopping a month which is lyk 50$....I live alone and am a college student....

  • Hey I just have a question, no hate. I think your amazing!! How do you keep your milk/ all your dairy good for the whole month?

  • Enjoy

  • You are an amazing woman!

  • Wow

  • You are prepared for a zombie apocalypse lol 😄 no hate much love / also did you know they have eggs in 60

  • You must have a HUGE fridge to fit all of that in there.

  • I group in a family of 8, and this is literally what my parents do !! It's so much easier, and cheaper. I love it ahaha xx

  • This was fascinating to watch! It’s soooooo much food, I would love to live in your house! Lol. Your fridge/freezer must be jumbo sized!

  • The D must be real good to have so many kids like that. Wow. 36 and child free. I had to raise my 5 siblings as a kid (parents ran a business on the road and I was the oldest) so I know what is involved and didnt want the same thing in adulthood.

  • Um doesn’t the milk expire 😂

    • You freeze it and it will last longer.

  • How do you make the Salad, last 2 weeks without its getting bad?! :( Your fresh produce in general...my fresh stuff starts to go bad the sec. i bought it..at least it seems like it. Sorry for my bad english. Anyways, best wishes from Germany :)

  • Super random, but did you know some dollar stores carry cheaper coconut milk of good quality? My favorite is Caribbean joy, which I buy for $1 vs the $2.38 for Thai Kitchen coconut milk.

  • so beautifull kids. so much food. i hope that the new baby is ok

  • Once a month shopping is the best

  • Buy flour in the massive bags at Sam's club!

  • 3M also makes a cheaper option for the "Swiffer." I also did cloth diapers, agsin, OdoBan

  • Sam's club sells it $40, 5 gallons.

  • You can SAVE a lot of money on cleaning products by buying a 5 gallon bucket of OdoBan. I use it for laundry and all my cleaning needs. Those wipes are the biggest waste of money. ODOBAN!!!!

  • I remember these huge grocery hauls growing in a family of 13 (same parents, 11 kids). We were always excited when Mom and Dad came home from shopping, they were usually gone for hours (understandably). We had two refrigerators for all of the food! This brings back good memories.

  • You’re so organized I wish my parents would have been like that growing up. Never got food in the house, never had scheduled family meals together, I feel like we missed out on so much.

  • You give a well deserved meaning to the phrase "Wonder Woman". I bet you're a great mom. Congrats.

  • Did you know that Aldi's is a family German owned company and when the father passed the two brothers disputed about selling cigarettes in the markets....they split the business...one is called trader joe's, the other is still aldi's....we're the only country that has both, in Europe it's either one or the other

  • Only thing I seen edible was the eggs, meat and macaroni

  • Wow that's a lot of dairy 😧

  • Your home is always lively I bet😄great haul!👍

  • TILAPIA is REAL bad for you. Saves money now.. but will pay cancer bills later. Do your research on this one.

  • Please tell me you have a recycling bin!! Love your vids xx

  • You have healthy and well balanced diet and you look well too. Im puzzled as to how you keep a lot of those things fresh for a month, I shop twice a week . Carrots I bought on friday are soggy and black by Monday, kept in the fridge. Do you freeze everything?

  • I only wanted 2 kids but for some reason, you’re kinda tempting me to have more🤔🤔

  • Wow bless yall you definitely have your hands full

  • Why once a week?

  • Im subbed💋🌹💚💜 your great video great content if we can please support each other I'm a singer on US-tv and I also did an unbagging as well I'm going to be trying out for the voice in 2019 and I was just wondering if you would check me out God bless and lots of love

  • I get really surprised everytime by all of the sugar and other sweeteners, peanut butter, jam, e.t.c. Americans seem to consume. Also why so much snacking? It's just really shocking to me, we are a family of 4 and a quilo of honey last us all year round, probably use another quilo of sugar per month (2 is we bake a couple cakes). And we would definitely not be able to eat half of the cheese I've seen there in over 6 months. Loaf bread isn't really our thing neither, like idk, we eat two baguettes per day maybe tho. We definitely do way more pasta, rice, lentils, meat and WAY MORE fish, and veggies (for some reason we crave for zucchini and green pepper lie daily?) and a lot less nachos/tacos/burritos/you-already-get-it, precooked, breakfast or snacks. Pizza isnt our go to at all neither. It's just shocking to me. However you could be feeding them 5 cereal bowls a day and I would be so impressed about you pulling it off, like so many children I swear. And yet you still have those like "on Thursday we do pizza dinner and cottage cheese toast breakfast", we can't even get everyone to eat at the same time so each person will cook their individual meals? I really admire that level of organization!

  • I'm kenyan, and i love your video and that you make sukuma wiki

  • Why ? Why ? So many kids? Jeez

  • Okay I gotta say it. I LOVE THAT YOURE SHOWING US WHAT YOU REALLY BUY LIKE THE MAC N CHEESE AND THE JELLY AND ALL THE STUFF THEY SAY WE SHOULDNT HAVE! Gosh I'm so sick of being put down by everyone because I still buy processed food like I can't afford that natural stuff where I live it's just NOT feasible! I don't make enough and I don't live anywhere near all the market stores and GOSH. I'm so glad that you don't go out of your way to be overly healthy. I love that you have all these kids and you LET THEM experience all the good stuff that's "so unhealthy" lol fuck it those kids EAT GOOD! Where I'm from food that tastes good is the number one concern, NOT health food! Haha a real mom with HUGE family who eats allll the same stuff I do

  • How do you keep all the milk from going bad?

  • Wow, how do you afford having so many children? Im genuinely curious as I would have 8 children if I could afford that..it is so nice have many siblings and such a big family ❤

  • Where do you store it all!? :)

  • Please tell me you have at least two refrigerators... lol!

  • I hope that the eggs were free range. If not is barbaric do you know how much caged chicken suffer. You wouldn't like your kids to suffer in cages. Otherwise it's a good idea bulk buying

  • wouldnt the food go of abit and that food in my house would go i 1 hour lol

  • Does this not all go out of date?

  • Go vegan love 😘

  • Holy God. That's a ton of food. But my heart feels warm knowing they have all this food. I wish I could organize and budget like she does. It only me and my daughter. and I never know what to buy at the store.

  • How did she store all those food. How big is her freezer? Damn... lots of food... mini grocery at home.

  • Wow, that's a lot of stuff! I need to shop once a month too. I dislike the grocery store. I aleast go 2-3 times a week😑 p.s try the NEW bona mop it come with a bottle of cleaner for $32 at target.

  • I honestly found the best thing to clean your house with because chemicals honestly make me sick so I had to find something that wasn't chemically and something that is Affordable blue Dawn dish soap it cleans everything and it doesn't make you sick

  • Her food budget is my nearly my entire month pay

  • What do you all do as far as jobs? Like what does hubby do? Do you just US-tv?

  • Hi! I would recommend cloth diapers for the tinny ones. they are cheaper and reusable :)

  • Please, from the bottom of my italian heart: don't put Parmigiano on pizza

  • She can't even breathe, shes so out if breath.

  • I ran out of breath just watching this

  • Do you know trader Joe's and Aldi is the same

  • Wow. Just... wow.

  • Aldi has a limit on milk?! Not fair to people like you. You would probably buy more if you could.

  • Bananas last like a few days. I can't imagine eating a month old banana. How do you keep them from going bad?

  • So quiet. Amazing.//Sorry I should watched all through first, but overall peaceful. Bravo.

  • You are super hero mum 👏🏼

  • WoW. That's A LOT of sodium.... Like a lot. Just a suggestion, but for my family of 4, we eat a lot of fruit and veggies, and the organic, non GMO can be pricey at Whole Foods, but a farmers market is soooo much cheaper. Especially for a large family like that. Plus it's a great experience for the kids if you wanna bring them along to understand how real food is made, and how it is in its natural state.

  • You need to switch to cloth diapers please.

  • Your video was recommended to me and I watched this video all the way thru without stopping or fast forwarding. (That’s good for me.) I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE YOU 💗 & YOUR FAMILY. Your spirit just jumped from the screen & hijacked my spirit. Your a beautiful soul. So of course I just subscribed. God bless. I’m about to go on a spree of watching your videos. 😊💗🙏🏾👍🏽👏🏽

  • Keepin' outta grocery stores is a good idee t'save all kinds'a money!!

  • This takes real skill, time, and planning. Beautiful family!

  • I also have a large family 8 kids plus my husband and my self, have you tried Walmart's larger eggs they come with 60 eggs it is cheaper? we also get the large container of mayonnaise it last 1 to 2 months and it is huge. Hope that helps.

  • Whoa its really hard to be a mother

  • All that food gives me a headache. Bless you and your family.....

  • Our little family of 3 would be set for like years. I’m sitting here like, girl what’s yo budget ?!

  • Pregnant again! :O