[NOW AVAILABLE] Blizzard World | New Hybrid Map | Overwatch

Published on Nov 3, 2017
Epic fun detected: Welcome to Blizzard World.
See your favorite gaming memories come to life in Overwatch’s new hybrid map as you attack and defend the payload across Azeroth, Tristram, the Koprulu Sector, and beyond!
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  • Beautiful graphic... very dynamic... this graphic can be very interesting for WoW.

  • Yo Blizzard make it happen

  • What if we had april fools skins. Like Spacejam zen which would be zenyatta w/ a jursey, bb shorts, and bb orbs. And what about a woody mcree. I think you would know that one.

  • Can this please be a real place?

  • This is just so doggon cool. I love Blizz

  • Huh. Looks like the RMC T-Rex will have become huge by 2076. (Roller Coaster enthusiasts will get this reference)

  • OmG diDNE WORL

  • So...this implying Bastion joined the team cause he’s in the room with three veteran Overwatch agents

  • make it happen blizzard

  • Blizzard make this a real park please

  • 1:11 FOR THE HORDE

  • It should be called Loser World. Not because it is, but because no matter what, I am cursed to lose in this map all the time I play on it.

  • Has anyone noticed that this is only the Alliance side of the map? If you look across the lake, there's a Horde side. Im sure that would have to be in the works.

  • 1:11 whaaag! Orcs!

  • This really has to become a real thing.

  • Torbjorn, basically a dwarf, who comes with a Magni skin, yells "for the horde". /facepalm. Typical Blizzard promoting this battlecry since 2004. Creating fanbois only for one side.

  • Absolutely fantastic Map i love it. Been Playing Blizzard Games for 20 years and this is amazing.

  • I wish Blizzard put a skylanders reference in this. It's made by the same company anyway.

  • If you hate me you ain't me

  • 3 months and its still not in competitive...

  • Visually stunning but i dislike the map to actually play in. Just please create more simple maps please.

  • You guys have no idea how I would visit the eff out of this place

  • Where's the big Diablo statue?

  • someone should make this in planet coaster

  • I think I found a Sombra clue!

  • S N A X X R A M A S

  • Is this a proper theme park, or an Overwatch map? confused...

  • oh baby the feels 😢

  • Thought this was a real theme park at first!

  • "Epic fun detected... NERF INBOUND." ... but seriously.. I wish that was a real place.

  • Its too bad the Warcraft movie bombed, Universal Studios would've had a field day building something like this.

  • I have detected a ULTRA COPY of Jungle Inferno

  • like for the tracer

  • Apologies to anyone that made this trailer, but, in the last seconds, when someone yells "For the Horde", the first thing I said unwillingly is "F*ck you." I feel like you guys at Blizz are degrading the alliance now more than ever, and a big part of an Overwatch map doesn't help.

  • It's not here for console 😢

  • Amazing

  • It's basically just World of Warcraft World.

  • Advertising other games in your own game?

  • Sombra Cheteng in the defend sown (smb st1 score 9999

  • No love for horde;-;

  • "Where you never did anything of the sort because the only Blizzard game you own is Overwatch." oops

  • Lel I don't even play those games

  • *Epic fun detected* Blizzard : Prepare the N.E.R.F hammer

  • Blizz need to open this Park irl !

  • Has anyone else seen THEME PARK written all over the place?

  • Can this become a reality!!! ❤️

  • No Horde spots.

  • Beautiful video :)

  • Reminds me of the good old days in World of Warcraft. Beautiful memories.

  • this will become a pârk in reality over about ten years it will be , mark my words ;)

  • You think this map will come to Heroes also? 🤓

  • How to join

  • For the whored ?

  • It would not suprise me if blizzard would make real fun park

  • Cool

  • And the Dwarf says "For the Horde !" ? Seriously that is the most epic fail, how is Blizzard ever going to prove they do not favor Horde ? Epic Fail. Though the map looks fun, I would join Tracer riding all the rides :)

  • The maps in Overwatch means nothing to me at all. Unless they can turn Overwatch into moba heroes of the storm mode, where there are creatures in the maps, towers, canons, mercenary camp, etc. So there will be lots of interactivity with the map which only makes the map IMPORTANT! or else its USELESS!

  • started to cry.

  • Why isnt this a real park yet? I think we all need this...

  • My dreams... Yes Torb, FOR THE HORDE!

  • I f*%#ing love Blizzard!

  • I rather go there than Disney land

  • Blizzard should honestly contract the designs for this place and build it. Disney, 6 flags, and busch gardens would all die.

  • Worst map in the game.

  • in a perfect world, this would exist and it could, plenty of open spaces in Irvine California where Blizzard is located, the only downside is you are a few miles from that OTHER theme park

  • This kinda gives an idea what World of Warcraft 2 would look like (graphics-wise).

  • 0:27 Debian Logo.

  • You need to create this as a real theme park! I really want to go!!!

  • This should be real...