Noah Centineo from 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' Plays 17 Questions

Published on Sep 7, 2018
The internet's boyfriend and star of "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" and "Sierra Burgess is a Loser" Noah Centineo stopped by to dish all his deepest darkest secrets. He spilled on everything from his idea of a perfect date, to his celeb crush, and more! What he says about Lana Condor is soooo sweet. One thing I still wanna know: Who would be a better boyfriend, Peter K from "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," or Jamey from "Sierra Burgess is a Loser?"
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  • Ok so pick JUST one: Noah Centineo or puppies?

  • Okay Noah might be cute but I can't stop looking at the puppy

  • soft boi

  • Omg I can't decide who's cuter

  • He in not handsome and talented

  • Noah Centineo: biting dogs ears since 2018.

  • I LOVE U NOAH !!!!!! ❤️🔥

  • January.18.2019 ?

  • Can't choose

  • Omg Noah is so cute if I had to choose out of Noah and puppies it would be Noah he is my life

  • I swear whenever he’s with puppies he eats their ears 😂😂

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  • Wish I had been that puppy 😍❤️

  • imaginé adopting the puppy he’s holding😍😍

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  • Homosexuality is a mental disease

  • Puppy is soooo cuteee 😍😍😍😍 So is Noah ❤️

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  • Why is this garbage in my suggestions? MAGA GO DON USA USA USA USA USA

  • Have you ever noticed that Everytime Noah has a puppy with him he tries to eat their ears?

  • Who else knows him from “Jesus” from fosters?!

  • That face at 2.28 😭😭❤

  • I ligit geussed Selena Gomez right before he said it no joke! Like if you beleive me (you dont have to i don't care)

  • Nah I know you from Austin and Ally

  • Omg Noah is the cutest thing ever

  • This guy seems like he couldn't pour water out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

  • Am I the only one who just realized how beautiful Noah's eyes are??

  • I clicked on this video because of the puppy, no idea who's that guy and he can just stop talking...

  • Don't bite dogs!!

  • Most people call me Lana Because my name is alana

  • As soon as Noah picked cupcakes and mentioned cutting them in half and flipping the bottom onto the top I started freaking out...ahhhh!! Me too Noah, me too🤪

  • Is anyone watching this while struggling to get to sleep? 😫 I feel so lonely

  • Omg the puppie is sleeping all time

  • The beginning made me die

  • The dog is my mood 24/7

  • Trump 2020

  • Did anybody else notice when they spelled “Burgess” wrong? lol

  • I have him on My phone screen!! I love him🥰he’s the most beautiful boy in the whole entire world 🌎

  • Seventen: noah centineo

  • Noah looks so familiar... Almost like a curly haired Brendan Fraser? 😹

  • noah and me have something in common i love reading just like him

  • OK, 1 2 3 go for ,Selena Gomez

  • Hjj

  • "i was fifteen" ..i just turned sixteen and i got no boyfriend, no first date and first kiss dhdjdh

  • Puto

  • Ok' I'm getting annoyed! Why? Because in every US-tv video, I see him wearing that same shirt!

  • 2:23 awwww

  • That do was so chill awww 😍😍

  • That puppy doesn’t know how lucky he is

  • His favorite rom com is serendipity?! I’m sold!!😍❤️

  • Why does he always eat something from the puppy?! Lol

  • oh god I'm in love with him

  • Amiga selena, date cuenta

  • his voice is so attractive


  • if i were this puppy i would be super happy

  • ladies hes kinda ugly

  • This is the cutest video ever This is adorable thank you so much for making this

  • Aiiin meu DEUS que fofura 😍😍😍

  • While everyone was hypin up Noah I was really into that puppy ! I want to adopt

  • Idk he feels fake and tries to hard to be cute

  • Por Diosito a Selena les encanta los perritos jijiji..


  • 2:25 - I do that too. Anyone else?

  • Noah centineo 😍❤

  • He's so freaking inspiring!

  • all the comment 50% the puppy is so chill 50% i wish i was the puppy

  • I see 2 puppies😂

  • Before peter kavinsky there was Jesus Foster....

  • Lucky dog 😒

  • 5:08 everybody tried that tbh

  • And the fosters

  • How many times he wears the same shirt on the different interview :v

  • *googles how to be a dog*

  • The answer to your question is Noah Centineo 😍😎

  • Wasn’t he on Austin and Ally when Ally has a crush on him?

  • The 1,2,3.. thing is a steve-o thing. That's what he does to do stunts and shit in Jackass

  • When noah says "I think Selena Gomez" i was like : You got me jumping like... boomm shakalakaka aaahhh 😁😁😁OMFG YASSS MAN !!! Selena gomez is one of his celebrity crush!!! I'm happy 😄 🤗🤗🤗

  • how i wish ,i was that puppy, haha,

  • Poland?

  • no se ingles pero me da igual mientras sea un video de noah entiendo vengo a verlo

  • El que quiere que noa salga con Selena denle like

  • Puppie

  • Both cutiesss on one video

  • I'm picking the puppy

  • are also there in havana that match up was cute

  • Is it just me or in every interview I see with Noah he is wearing that EXACT shirt ??????

  • can i adopt you instead?

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  • 🦄

  • 🤦‍♀️ picks someone that breaks men because she doesn't know self love yet. Disappointed.

  • I know him since the fosters. I love him, of course like a 'fan'

  • **Noah says Selena is his celebrity crush** *Me: Selena, IM COMING FOR YOU*

  • Please tell me he's not real..Aww hell..he's killing my heart!!

  • You are also in SPF-18

  • Me: _sees thumbnail_ Also me: *The cutest picture I've ever seen* ❤❤❤

  • If anybody is going to get divorced. Don't give it away. Like George. Sings. Take all things make a big pile In front yard. And burn will get more enjoyment watching it all burn. Crack open a beer. Look at your ex. And say this one is for you.

  • Both!!

  • taking your advice like: One...Two...Three... Hey Noah--- And it was in that moment before i asked that i realized i'm a complete freak, nerd, and potato. So i back out and never show my face again...

  • 5:02 in my head. I thought i was the only one who did that